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Moral Competence - What is it? Who has it? Why is it NOW more Essential than Ever!?

Moral Competence - Who would impede a
 child's ability to breathe?

Good morning readers.  I'm going to tackle a very difficult and complex topic today.  Tackling such topics does not come easy to the greencrow, whose forte is rising high in the sky and getting a "birds eye view" and then connecting seemingly unrelated dots in a straight line..."as the crow flies".  I do not do well closing in on a topic and messing with tiny details and slight colour gradations.  But here goes:

Last Sunday I posted a video interview with Reiner Fuellmich wherein he said something that made my ears perk up.  Here is the post:

Greencrow As The Crow Flies: Two Stunning Video Reports: Dr Reiner Fuellmich says "they've made mistakes" but a "wounded bear still dangerous" and Ezra Levant on vaccinating 6 month old babies with mRNA!!!

Fuellmich said [and I'm paraphrasing here] the PerpZ must be getting concerned, because the level of "moral competence" is rising within the general population.  What is moral competence and why is it such a threat to our mortal enemies in this existential war for humanity being currently waged across the globe?  Here is a small snippet from a long treatise on Moral Competence written by Ewa Nowak:


What Is Moral Competence and Why Promote It?

Ewa Nowak

335339942.pdf (

"...human minds are equipped with potentialities which need to be 'enacted' within interactions with others: visual, emotional, verbal, experiential, or conscious. Developing them, one learns how to be the subject of moral decisions and actions. One even learns why to be moral, and one creates a self-representation as a moral agent among other agents. One gets networked in practical and moral communities. That is the most progressive approach to socialization today. It squeezes out the old-fashioned approach based on the Ewa Nowak 323 conviction that a child's mind is a vacuum, a tabula rasa. 

But does the person we are becoming in our personal self-development (including sociomoral development) come from outside, i.e. from social, cultural and educational surroundings? Is everything that moral agents are just imparted into their empty minds? Are we, as moral individuals, copies of a single social and cultural pattern? If it is so, how can we explain such phenomena as making a choice, taking autonomous decisions, having moral objections, following one’s own conscience (an internal voice), behaving in a non-conformist way, being creative, finding enough civil courage to say "no" to social and political injustice, violence, or nonsense? Engaging in civil disobedience? Agreeing or disagreeing with someone else's viewpoint, and refraining from fights when we face other people who act extremely immorally – just restricting ourselves to a demonstration of legitimate moral anger?

Living in an immoral world as well as living in a world which is becoming immoral, dilemmatic, controversial and ambivalent is very challenging from the viewpoint of morality. In my opinion, living in the world is always challenging for morality, for we are constantly confronted with very new problems, conflicts and dilemmas. Yet no one is an experienced and trained expert in this domain here, provided with tacit knowledge and automatic moral competence. Moreover, living in a social world often requires collegial decision-making, the inclusion of others and consideration of the contrary views of other moral decision makers and moral agents..."

So moral competence is perhaps innate, perhaps learned and perhaps a combination of both--it's an ability to detect and then adhere to an inner code of conduct.

....In the normative sense, “morality” refers to a code of conduct that would be accepted by anyone who meets certain intellectual and volitional conditions, almost always including the condition of being rational. That a person meets these conditions is typically expressed by saying that the person counts as a moral agent. However, merely showing that a certain code would be accepted by any moral agent is not enough to show that the code is the moral code. It might well be that all moral agents would also accept a code of prudence or rationality, but this would not by itself show that prudence was part of morality. So something else must be added; for example, that the code can be understood to involve a certain kind of impartiality, or that it can be understood as having the function of making it possible for people to live together in groups.

So now we're getting down to why Moral competence is so essential in today's crisis and why it is so under attack by our enemies.  Those leaders among us who possess moral competence innately and in great quantities are invariably targeted for elimination by the Satanic perpetrators of the coming genocide.  Let us take the case of the deceased President of Tanzania, John Magufuli.  He was killed because he had the moral competence to publicly and internationally call out the CovID fraud and then courageously prevented the society-destroying lockdowns/social distancing...and the health-destroying vaccines...from entering his country.

Such moral competence could not be tolerated because, according to the above first description of moral competence, humans can come by moral competence either naturally and innately like President John Magufuli, Jesus Christ, or Chris Sky [more about him below] OR it can be taught to explanation and example.  As Martin Luther King [amongst others] said:  "The moral arc of the universe is long...but it bends towards justice."  In other words, IMO, humans are genetically predisposed towards moral competence...particularly if they are taught by word and/or example.  This human predisposition to moral competence  is the Achilles Heel of the Satanic PerpZ...they MUST destroy it--if they are to triumph!

This is what lawyer Reiner Fuellmich was referring to in the interview.  Humanity is currently having a crash course in moral competence, taught by teachers such as John Magufuli, and others in all the countries targeted by the PerpZ for destruction: 

President John Magufuli of Tanzania Had It [moral competence]
...and Died for it.

This, therefore, is the main battleground of the war...moral competence.  The PerpZ use the ancient tools of divide and conquer, "majority rules i.e.,.."Everyone is getting the vaccine"...and allow the criminal to flourish under "one size fits all" bureaucratic rules:  An example of this is how the criminals and creeps here in Vancouver are having a field day under the mandatory masking laws.

Masks are used to empower the cowardly and criminal.  They've always served this purpose and they always will.

 Surrey RCMP say this man wanted for assault on pregnant woman | Vancouver Sun

All the cacophony of  "public opinion polls/majority rules and "Orders from Health Authorities" mandatory rules have been specifically designed to drown out the "inner voice" of moral competence.  Are you starting to see what I'm getting at?  Note, particularly, how those with absolutely NO moral competence are hoisted up into leadership roles - ["Dr" Bonnie Henry] while those WITH moral competence aren't even allowed the normal rights of a citizen [Chris Sky illegally put on "NO FLY" list].

NOTE: how the vulnerable and disabled are targeted with immoral conduct.  Look at the immorality exemplified in the photo at the top of this post.  A child's breathing is impeded by the "fashion statement" mask! Don't you want your child to be "trendy"?  It's all about forcing humanity into making immoral/unhealthy CHOICES....going counter to our "inner voices" of moral competence.

Does anyone see the moral depravity of giving the vaccine to those who are too young to give "informed consent"?  See the story below for such immoral depravity:

Teen Diagnosed With Guillain-Barré Weeks After First COVID Vaccine • Children's Health Defense

Is using blackmail and extortion moral?--when forcing professional athletes to put their health at risk--just so they can continue their careers?

Who knows what's really going on here.  All we know is that the MZM is a compulsive, pathological liar and that these guys are NOT playing it a mutiny?  My spideys think so!

25 Canucks players, staff positive for COVID-19 in outbreak involving virus variant (

NHL concerned about Canucks’ COVID-19 outbreak, but confident team can complete schedule - BC |

Moral depravity surrounds us in modern popular culture and threatens to envelop us very shortly in a species-destroying genocide...all because our innate moral competence "inner voice" is under severe attack by the PerpZ and their acolytes in the MZM and "Political class" of thugs and demons.

It is classic war between good and evil and, just like Jesus Christ arose out of the hills of Judea under the Tyranny of the Roman Empire...a few charismatic moral competents have arisen to lead us out of the CovIDian nightmare we are now sunk up to our chins in.  Below is such a person.

Chris Sky - Canadian Teacher and Modeler of
Moral Competence

Chris Sky.  Comparing Chris to Jesus is shocking, even to me. lololol.  But when you think how rare these folks are...and the courage and the toll it must take...for them to stand up to the brute force of the Satanic powers here on Planet Earth...there really are only a small handful of them in any generation.  They are like diamonds buried in a huge dung heap of humanity and they rarely survive for long.  I recommend all my readers listen to the entire interview with Chris on BitChute linked below.  He goes into incredible detail on his motivations and what will happen to humanity if we do not heed his warnings.  This is truly a "must listen" video.  Unfortunately, the interviewer, Scott MacKay, does intrude into and distract from Chris's message...blathering away at length about just fast forward through his spiel(s).

Scott MacKay ~ The Tipping Point on Revolution Radio ~ Interviews Chris Sky (

Flair Airline kowtowed to the Satanic
 PerpZ -- and illegally banned Chris

Greencrow concludes:  The Powers of Evil are terrified of Chris, and rightly so.  He has taken them on--much like Christ took on the Pharisee traders in the Temple.  Now they even break their own laws [Charter of Rights and Freedoms] in an attempt to prevent Chris from spreading his message of moral competence.  Amazingly, the Polish Pastor also took them on at the doors of his church during Easter Week.  He also provided an example of moral competence.  Humans gravitate to such examples as moths to a flame....and the "flame" of moral competence...must be extinguished.  Enjoy having the examples of Chris Sky and the Polish Pastor around folks because they won't likely last long.  I lived during the era of John F. Kennedy and young people will never know the impact that man had during his all-too-short lifetime.

But here's the thing about moral competence.  Once it is taught and modeled, moral competence burns in the hearts and minds of the students and they go forth and spread it exponentially.  That is why it is SO dangerous to the PerpZ,  That is why we must keep our eye on what happens to Chris Sky and to the Polish Pastor in Calgary.  Those with the ability to protect--such as lawyers and the police--must do their utmost to protect these "essential" humans.   

A final word about "moral competence" relating back to Dr. Reiner Fuellmich's comments about its' increase being a positive the midst of such overwhelming Media/Political darkness and lies.  As it is our primary weapon, every sentient must pick up and brandish the sword of moral competence!  We cannot just leave it to our leaders.  It is incumbent upon every sentient human to develop, foster and nurture moral competence.  This is our greatest weapon, both during the war at hand and in the hope for a long-time peace, should we ultimately emerge the victors.  Moral Competence takes courage...courage unto death!  It always has...since the time of Jesus...right up to now in the era of President John F. Kennedy [Nov. 23, 1963 and President John Magufuli [March, 2021].  All sentients must now do some deep soul-searching and decide whether moral competence is worth their own ultimate it has ALWAYS been thus.

Chris Sky and the Mask Mania
This is the jar of Maple Syrup that
sent 30 cop cars to his house later 
that night


Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

Re Moral Competence:

I was brought up under " Turn the other cheek " mantra
IMHO, this has been the virus leading to our downfall .

Pure Evil is increasingly being unleashed on us.

I recall when Romanian dictator Caucescu and spouse were rounded up...justice was short, sweet .... and to the point.

Many of us are entertaining thoughts consistent with what I am inferring above.

aka Memo to all MoFos......NO MORE MR. NICE GUY .

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X]

The point is coming quickly... particularly after this THIRD LOCKDOWN IN ONTARIO...WHERE either THEY will be in jail...or we will.

FreakedOut said...

Another great interview with Chris Sky. IMO, he has great AWARENESS and the ability to get exterior to life and perceive what's truly going on and therefore act with tremendous moral competence. Also, having many like minded friends helps keep one focused.
I also heard him mentioned firearms and it sounds like he has some good....Stuff.... :). Good to hear!
Looking forward to hearing from Chris again! I joined his Telegram channel.
Thanks to Greencrow and all the contributors and commenters sending important data for everyone to ruminate on.

greencrow said...

Hi FreakedOut

And did you notice that he stressed how important the police were/are and how many friends and supporters he has within the police? He mentioned a police support group "Stand on Guard". IMO, when the police "break ranks" with the perpZ like so many doctors already have...that will be huge!

FreakedOut said...

Greencrow says:
" IMO, when the police "break ranks" with the perpZ like so many doctors already have...that will be huge!"

Totally agree! We'll be unstoppable. :)