Saturday, April 17, 2021

Maddie's Story - A Vaccine-injured child told repeatedly that it's "All in her head". Someone should go to jail for this assault on a vulnerable human being

What'sHerFace with the Sad Story of Maddie

Greencrow comments:  This video was sent to me separately by both FreakedOut and RAH.  Talk about a holocaust!  Can you imagine the potential for harm that these mRNA Experimental Gene Tampering Injections are capable of?  The alternative doctors and scientists have said all along that the so-called "vaccines" wouldn't have adverse effects until 14 to 18 months post injection [at which point the recipient will likely die].  Yet we have this disaster immediately post injection!

And the Big Pharma manufacturer/perp is completely absolved of liability!  The parents should go to jail for this!  If Maddie survives to adulthood...she should sue the pants off both her parents.  As a former Child Protection social worker I am appalled that society is condoning this horrific abuse and exploitation of a child.

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