Friday, April 30, 2021

Haligonian speaks out PLUS: Lil Turd Jr. Puts Canadians into "VaXX Certificates" Choke-Hold, ICU nurse speaks out about CovID...and MORE!

Haligonian Speaks Plainly about
where the Plandemic Hoax is Headed

Good Friday morning, readers.  It is a grey and rainy day in the Pacific Northwest.  A good "inside" day.  Things have been moving so fast in the CovIDian Communist Takeover and Occupation of the formerly free and democratic nation of Canada that I can barely keep up.  Yesterday, I came across the excellent video linked above.  A young woman from Halifax, Nova Scotia obviously has her fingers on the pulse of the PerpZ and knows what they've been up to so far and where they are going.  She talks about the imposition of martial law.  I believe that's their next step as well.  Dan Dicks of Press for Truth also agrees and his latest video is linked HERE.

The headlines below taken from this morning's Vancouver Sun outline the plot for medical martial law.

Can you imagine how all the people and families with expensive recreational vehicle equipment or those dependent on the Tourism industry feel upon reading the above report?  Folks. I have been living in the same house in the same neighbourhood for 33 years.  Over that time, I would guess I might have heard an average of three police/paramedic sirens during the course of a bad week.  Now, I hear three or more sirens in the course in one night!  The other night I counted seven incidences of police/emergency sirens.  Yes, there IS a crisis going on, but it is all government-manufactured despair and preparation for even MORE despair and terror.  I reported last week that the BC provincial record for overdose reports in one night had been broken on the very day that the BC Whore-Gun NDP government announced it would be bringing in travel restrictions again.

I would like to know the suicide rate in BC so far for this year.  It must be out of sight!  It must be way beyond any fraudulent numbers for CovID "cases" and deaths!  but there's no stopping them now.  They have pulled out all the stops to bring in this Technocratic Tyranny and mass genocide that has been on the planning books for decades.  

The only surprise for me is that I am still able to post about what's going on.  But it appears that will soon end as the Turd has brought in draconian legislation to end free speech on the Internet.  But the sheeple still munch on their tender shoots of green grass and chew their cuds.  They have truly had all the brains sucked out of their heads by the MZM TV brainwashing.  Their brains have been replaced by solid concrete.

Below is a report from Henry Makow about a Canadian who naively and stupidly got himself ensnared with one of Lil Turd Jr's schemes to see how much the sheeple will take.  Please read and I will have more comments to follow:

"After he was hired by Canadian Natural Resources in Northern Alberta, Corey Hagopian was deceived, tested and quarantined in primitive unsanitary conditions, against his will.

by Kinsey Nordlund

Imprisoned - blacklisted - unemployable - lines - mind games - terror tactics - lies - nondisclosure agreements - rotten food - submit - signing documents under duress - you don't have a choice - snitches.

What do these words have in common? A worksite in Northern Alberta.I had the pleasure of speaking with a wonderful young man last Sunday. Corey Hagopian and his girlfriend sold everything they owned in Ontario for the promise of a better future in Alberta.

What he encountered at on a job site in Northern Alberta was nothing short of a nightmare. Trained in electronics engineering as a technician with a specialty in non-destructive testing and ultrasonics, he was hired to work at a [oil company] Canadian National Resources (CNQ) site in Northern Alberta.

He was told he would be working 40 minutes from Edmonton; they failed to mention that was by plane. When Corey found out he would be flying into camp he asked about being Covid tested. He was told no he wouldn't be tested; that they could not force him to be tested.

He got on the plane and at the other end of the ride, he was told to line up for a test. He managed to avoid being tested then but they came looking for him the next morning demanding he be tested. He managed to escape that test to get into the field to work but that evening his trainer insisted he needed to be tested. Corey responded by repeating that he was told he wouldn't be forced to test.

The trainer said that he couldn't force Corey to test but they could force him off the site if he refused. Corey thought about it and decided that if he was going to be forced to test then he didn't want to work there. He was told he couldn't get off the property by bus, car, or plane without being tested. He was trapped. He agreed to the first test; he spoke to the nurses explaining he had a sinus issue and to please be careful. The nurse was anything but careful, the next morning when he bent to tie his shoes his nose began to bleed and proceeded to ooze blood for the next few days.

Although he was upset and angry about the violation of his person and his personal rights it appeared to be a one-time thing and he could get his months shift in and go home. Before the first week was out the one-time test turned to every 72 hours; then every 48 hours, then by the end of the week it was everyday.

Not agreeing with their protocols, he said once he was paid for the first week he was leaving. That first weeks pay was withheld. He continued to put up with procedures trying to get to the next payday so he could leave.

On the 11th day in camp being tested everyday, he was told he had a positive result. When he asked to see the results, he was denied. He was ordered to pack his things he was being moved to an isolation unit.  [Report continues at the link]."

Greencrow continues.  Can you imagine a young man so highly trained...but still so to travel to such a remote region without first checking on what the job was all about?  He should have asked for some references to other workers and asked them about it before taking the job.  But what happened to him reminds me of the bureaucracy that I faced as an 18-year employee of government.  They bait you with a great job.  But that "great job" always comes with totally demeaning and humiliating circumstances.  I remember an office I once worked in while in child protection.  I had my own office which was extremely tiny.  At one point, our office was moved to another location and another branch of government services was moved into our premises.  I was shocked to see that TWO HUGE MALE SOCIAL WORKERS were told they had to move into my tiny office! They each had a desk butted up against the other--so that their faces were no more than six feet apart!  Can you imagine what it must have been like in that office when both of them were on the telephone?  I came to the conclusion that the government wanted one or both of them to QUIT!

You see, dear readers, the branch of social services where those two men worked was a much easier job than my job--which was child they punished the social workers who chose this easier service, by forcing them into untenable working conditions.  They would never have done that to me...because I was in the most difficult and emotionally wrenching service.  I was moved to a space where I again got my own tiny office!

So that is what they were doing to the young man trapped in the remote government-paid job.  He probably got a very good salary--so that is what they were using--to tempt him into intolerable working conditions...that is ALWAYS the way government works.  Ask anyone.

So, according to the young woman reporting from Halifax and Dan Dicks, we will soon be under martial law.  I knew this was coming months ago due to the constant smear campaign going on against the military leadership by the Lil Turd Jr...via his controlled MZM.  The PerpZ are "softening" up the military for the job ahead.  They want some sort of "catalyzing event" such as a "general review" of the make it impossible to continue a military career and maintain ethics and morality.  They want to use the "review" to weed out any recalcitrants.

Sajjan announces review of military sexual misconduct, plans for independent reporting system |

And if they can't do this soon enough, like the Haligonian woman says...they will be bringing in the UN...due to some other crisis and "shortage of soldiers".  Lil Turd Jr. is in some sort of egotistical contest with his fellow lackey world "leaders"--to see who will be the first to bring in the mandatory vaccine certificates.  See story below:

COVID-19 vaccine certificates ‘to be expected’ as part of pandemic, Trudeau says (

Folks, that's how these human vultures get their jollies.  Seeing who can implement the choke-holds first.  Who can circumvent the laws and the constitution FIRST.  Who can use smoke, mirrors, lies and terror to suck all the vibrancy out of a population...rendering it into cud-chewing slaves FIRST.  Below, we have a story about Lil Turd Jr. downloading all government responsibility for sick leave to Employers.  Watch for this "downloading" to broaden and extend--particularly to the mandatory vaccines--required by all before being allowed to work.   Why?  To circumvent the constitution and the Charter of Rights.  The slight of hand is all about this:  "It's not the government that is oppressing you--it's your employer".  But, of course, your employer would not be allowed to remain in business UNLESS it forced you to prove vaccination to maintain your employment..dontchaknow.

Trudeau says Ontario sick leave should be delivered directly through employers (

Meanwhile, whistleblowers keep coming out of the woodwork and testifying as to the massive fraud that is taking place under the noses of the sheeplified/Zombified masses:

Toronto area nurse "Andrea" speaks out about ICU Covid issues:

ICU Nurse Speaks Out Against Sensationalized Third Wave –


Greencrow concludes:  All I can say is...we're down to the final moments and seconds of our democracy, folks.  Once they bring in martial law.--the Lil Turd Jr. just yesterday announced bringing in the military in Ontario--it's game over.  We will then be in Chinese-Style Communism.  The only thing that could possibly save us at this, the eleventh a massive show of non-compliance by the police and military.  Barring that, dear readers, we are well and truly fucked.


Brian said...

Here is suicides up to Mar.31st

greencrow said...

Thank you Brian:

Important to note how the suicide rate is being covered up by the Drug Overdose statistics.

FreakedOut said...

Military Hospital Isolation Tents set up in Hamilton Ontario?

With empty hospitals, do they know something we don't know? ISOLATION tents.

greencrow said...

Hi FreakedOut:

Thanks for this heads up. It's all part of a long-planned agenda to put Canada under PERMANENT MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW. Only those with cement in their brain cavity can't see it. Sadly, the cement brained are now in the MAJORITY!

Anonymous said...

There was emergency message in alberta

Brian said...

interesting thread on cases vs jabs with graphs

greencrow said...

Hi Brian.

Are you the Brian I met at the last big VAG rally and gave my business [greencrow] card to? If so, will you be at today's rally? I'm going and will be there around noon. See ya there! If not, thanks for the link!


Brian said...

No I'm in Ontario

greencrow said...

Hi again Brian:

Thanks for letting me know you're not the "Vancouver" Brian. Now I think I know who you are. Are you the Brian with the Twitter account? if so, could you please respond to Penny's request below?

GC- can you do me a favour
I don't have a twitter account and there is a pdf I'd like from the information left by a commenter brian- it's excellent stuff, really

threadreader- if you could get it can you email it to me?

would appreciate that so very much!
PS I'm hoping to have my weekly death and injury post done for tomorrow
thanks again