Wednesday, April 14, 2021

FreakedOut Reports on Chris Sky's Journey West -- and other News

H/T FreakedOut

Good morning readers.  It's a fabulous spring day in the Pacific Northwest.  Not a chemtrail in the sky!  Yesterday I had an hour and fifteen minutes Skype conversation with regular contributor [and American GCATCF Bureau Chief] FreakedOutIt was the first time we chatted face-to-face and I must report that FreakedOut looks nothing like his photo, shown below:


We updated one another on the Plandemix Hoax Roll Out in our respective communities.  He's a couple of miles from the Atlantic Ocean and I am a couple of km from the Pacific Ocean so there's a lot of territory between us.  We agreed that the masking has fallen off in the local populations...and only the die-hard Karens still wear their masks, even while driving alone in their cars.  These Karen's are even more obnoxious than ever, unfortunately.

FreakedOut and I discussed Canadian activist leader Chris Sky and his exploits, driving across the North American Continent from TO to Calgary after being "grounded" by the PerpZ with a totally illegal "No Fly" order.  I said that Chris pretty well HAD to drive to Calgary, or concede defeat to the criminals.  Here is the e-mail exchange between FreakedOut and I regarding Chris's perilous drive out west:


Subject: Chris Sky Update....

"Chris had a tire blow-out on the highway. He’s OK, just a totally trashed 5 day old $600.00 tire!?!  Many of his supporters think sabotage. I think: hmmmmmm...."

Greencrow:  "Is he back on the road? If he had a go-fund-me I would contribute to it. That would really piss off the PerpZ."  

FreakedOut:  "No mention of a go-fund-me." 

This morning, FreakedOut sent me a couple of posters off the Internet updating folks on Chris Sky's schedule.  I have printed them below.  Guess I will be driving into Vancouver next Tuesday to attend the "No New Normal" Rally at Sunset Beach in the downtown Vancouver West End.  I wouldn't miss hearing Chris Sky speak for the world!  I'll try to report comprehensively on the event.  When at the rally, I will make a financial contribution to Chris's Journey West on behalf of myself and my readers.  This rally has the potential to be the BIGGEST ONE YET!!!

Here are the posters sent by FreakedOut.

Double click on Image for larger view

Double click on Image for larger view

The PerpZ here in BC have just received their latest Satanic, Globalist Orders from Davos, Switzerland...or Hell, or wherever the PerpZ congregate to drool human blood from their fangs.  Yesterday, they extended the British Columbia indoor restaurant dining closures indefinitely.  That means they have now moved on to the project of completely destroying the BC/Vancouver Tourist Industry.  They want everyone in BC vaxxed and on the "social credit score" slavery dole by the end of the year.  

My opinion is the BC PerpZ have moved into desperation mode after the Open Letter from Dr. Hoffe went viral yesterday.  The Calgary doctors' press conference also put them on the back heel.  Rather than even report on these two seminal events...they turned the MZM smoke and mirrors machine to "high".  And...of course...the Sheeple are munching on the devastating news of the completely illegal, immoral and insane it was the tender grass shoots of Spring!

That's it for now...will check in with more news later.

So True!!!!!  I have made this face several times lately.

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