Friday, April 23, 2021

FreakedOut Report: Max Igan, Chris Sky, Amandha Vollmer, Christine Massey, Reiner Fuellmich The reality vs. the Matrix


Max Igan's Latest video
H/T FreakedOut

Good morning readers.  It is a grey, overcast day in the Pacific Northwest.  The sunshine of the past two weeks is now gone and rain is expected for at least a week.  I have been totally distracted by the Vancouver Island property purchase and unable to stay on top of this bucking bronco that we sentients call the CovID-19 Plandemic/Scamdemic HOAX [amongst other things].  Luckily for me and my readers...while I was thrown off the of my trusted stalwart sources, American bureau chief FreakedOut, jumped right on and is bucking his way around the corral.  Here is a post he's been working on over the past couple of days featuring many of our heros in this existential battle...Our generals such as Max Igan, Canadian Resistance General Chris Sky, Naturopath Truth Teller Amandha Vollmer, Relentless researcher Christine Massey and Lawyer Top General Reiner Fuellmich.  Without further ado I turn you over to FreakedOut:

US Patriot

Here are some important Update Links from the battlefront:

HOME - Real Chris Sky Official Website - Motivational Speaker

Unused Covid vaccines piling up across US as those rejecting offer increase - Bloomberg -- Society's Child --

San Francisco Overdose Deaths Far Outpaced COVID-19 Deaths in 2020 » San Francisco Overdose Deaths Far Outpaced COVID-19 Deaths in 2020

Good Morning gc:

Just wanted to pass on that [Canadian Naturopath] Amandha Vollmer’s Telegram channel is chock-full of great info with much of it concerning Canada. Lots of good heads-up health tips! Very nice!    Here’s a post from Amandha Vollmer she pinned at the top, much we already know of:

“YumNaturals Emporium Amandha Vollmer, [19.04.21 12:12]

[Forwarded from YumNaturals Emporium Amandha Vollmer]


[Canadian hero and independent researcher] Christine Massey has since received another response confirming that the covid-19/corona virus does not exist.  This one is pretty big news as it comes from the U.S. CDC, the corporation that Dr. Henry's office claims they follow the "science" of. 

"Trust the science" you all say?  Yes, yes, we do trust the real science.  Why don't you?

There is a very succinct definition of insanity: "Unsoundness of mind sufficient to render a person unfit to maintain a contractual or other legal relationship..."  Given that the word "person" means corporation, and corporation describes the Province of British Columbia (according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's website - see link following), the word "insanity" is a perfect word to describe the current state of the Government of the Province of British Columbia. 

When will one of you - including the media - stand up to the huge lie and do the right thing?  Already you all have buckets of blood on your hands with regard to the plethora of deaths and injuries resulting from these experimental mRNA gene therapies!

We are aware that the bogus "state of emergency" is what allows you to push these experimental death shots!

The Nuremberg Code trials are already happening.  Were you aware that the Nuremberg Code is actually part of Canadian law?  “Canada is the only western country, [where] any international treaty rights must be incorporated into Canadian domestic law; court said any treaty right is a minimal constitutional protection and standard.” In other words, the standards in the Nuremberg code are not mere guidelines in Canada, they are actionable constitutional guarantees." 

In case any of your were unaware, Rocco Galati is one of Canada's premier constitutional lawyers.

To the media, are you even reporting that the Nuremberg Code lawsuit put forward by the good people of Israel has already been accepted for trial? 

Were you aware that world renowned lawyer, Reiner Fuellmich, is setting up a class action lawsuit under the Nuremberg Code that will be available to all Canadians?

FreakedOut Continues:  Here is the latest from one of the Generals in this War for Humanity...German Tort Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich:

4 days old, 1 hour 8 minute  video with lots of SPECIFICS on his case against the PerpZ:


Reiner Fuellmich 60-minute Foundation for the Defense of the People's Rights and Freedom 19/04/2021 (

Amandha Vollmer concludes:  Either you rise above the gag order you have been placed under or you rise up for the good people of B.C., Canada and the world.  It's your choice: to be the hero of the people or someone who stayed silent.  Do you all truly believe you will escape the sharp sound of the gavel?"

Marcie Crozier and family”

Can’t keep up with all this hard hitting info!

I actually have it loaded in my phone to show others like my barbershop and grocery store clerks. It’s hard to refute this official info! Hello sheeple!? Wake up!! Of course, the sheeple, as you’ve said often, WILL NOT want to hear it!

FreakedOut ends with Max's latest video 

Max’s latest video [photo and link also posted above]:

It’s a good one!

Wait until you see the “HAND PHONE”….”I am the phone”…WTF!?!  Hellooooo….The Borg!

FaceBook Video Showing What's Going On
Right Now on this Planet - H/T Max Igan

Greencrow concludes:  Thanks very much FreakedOut for providing our readers with all the essential information above.  These links and the information they contain are "truth" weapons of battle in our righteous war against the purveyors of evil lies and death.  This morning I have the feeling that we are reaching the CUSP of this battle!  With Chris Sky's huge convoy of regular people in their trucks and cars heading east...probably to Ottawa to confront the Lil Turd Jr's snake's nest of evil...I feel that the final battle is looming.  I note that the MZM is full of more smearing and vilification of the Canadian military leaders again this morning.  That means that the Lil Turd Jr is not getting his way and forcing the Canadian military to oppress the people contrary to our constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  Stay tuned!!!


Karmellis said...

Hello to our most wonderful Greencrow!

Here is another article that recently came out on Signs of the Times. I know I have seen this sort of info before, but it's always good to see someone else post this.

The image especially is worth noting. It highlights all the drawbacks, including more urgent issues like 'immunosuppression'.

It highlights that the purpose of the masks is to keep us in a perpetual state of being ill and vulnerable to infection, not to help prevent illnesses. The masks attack us on multiple fronts and prolonged wearing will cause this sort of damage. In addition, this whole stay inside order to keep us away from the sunlight needed to improve our immune system and kill (what is supposed to be) this killer plague tells me that their goal from the start has been to kill us. The constant suppression of any and all factual data that goes against the people-killing agenda is more than enough proof for me.

On one good note: It's nice to see our political system always wearing their 'diapers' (as said by sott) them since only s*** comes out of their mouths.

Penny said...

I watched and listened to Chris Sky in BC via Dan Dicks, He made very good points- One about remaining unified? A sentiment I understand very well.

Meanwhile I'm in the process of writing to my witch hunting regional government..
They'll ignore me, but, that can only go on so long.

Unknown said...

If you are a gate, sad, disconcerting but at least your tiny mic may have a small audience