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Exclusive RAH Report: BOooooooOOooMM! Dr Hoffe UPDATE: Discusses his meeting with "Vaccine Specialist"

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Hi gc: 

Just caught this.  BC hero Dr Hoffe reports on his meeting with "Vaccine Specialist" via a letter dated April 16, 2021. If you recall, Dr. Hoffe is a medical doctor in Lytton, a small town in interior BC. He drafted an OPEN LETTER dated April 5 2021 to BC Chief Public Health Officer Dr Bonnie Henry aka Dr BULLSHITE.

He was, in essence, sounding the alarm re the adverse impact of the COVID vaccine, of which 900 doses have been given in LYTTON. 

As a physician for almost 30 years, and in a small town...i.e., everyone knows their neighbours, word gets around fast...clearly what is unfolding is "off the charts" bizarre, with some parties either dead or have dire health impacts for rest of their lives.

He felt a professional and ethical duty to report it to Dr. Henry and, to his surprise, received a reply via an invitation to discuss the issue with a "Vaccine Specialist" earlier this week. 

Many of us found this intriguing, as what he submits is what many of us have researched and concur with him..this Covid issue is NOT a major epidemic, but the vaccine rollout is THE danger. Thus, what use would a "Vaccine Specialist" be, except a propaganda arm of Big Pharma...with some added concerns that Dr Hoffe may get blackballed???

IMHO.....after reading the least any/all uncertainty and ambiguity re: US versus THEM  is GONE. Lets get NUREMBERG 2.0 rolling asap!!!

BELOW is Dr. Hoffe's report to his supporters - please SHARE WITH OTHERS



"Dr Hoffe UPDATE: Discusses his meeting this week with "Vaccine Specialist"


Thank you all very much for your prayers, and for your wonderful messages of encouragement.

I thought that I should give you all some feedback, with regard to my meeting yesterday, with which you have been indirectly involved, through your prayers.

I did not expect a response from our provincial health officer, Dr Bonnie Henry, which is why I made my letter open. However, as you know, to my great surprise, she did respond, by referring me to a vaccine specialist in Vancouver.

Sadly, my meeting with her [Vaccine Specialist], was entirely unproductive. The doctor remained emphatic that the side-effects that I have attributed to the vaccine, are either from poor injection technique, (i.e. giving the shot too high in the shoulder), or were mere coincidences.

This makes absolutely no sense at all, as the neurological changes began within the first 24 hours after the shot in every case.

I stressed to the specialist, that this is an urgent patient safety issue, and should be a high priority, because the vaccine is doing much harm. But my concerns were simply shrugged off. The authorities are simply determined to believe that the vaccines are completely safe.

So I left the meeting, feeling rather numb, like I had been doing spiritual warfare. It made me question myself, and my own observations, and wonder whether it was perhaps me that was crazy, not her. I went and sat by the river for a long time. And I thought about the suffering of my patients, since they had the vaccines in January, and I was reassured that simple truth is on my side. The evidence is clear to see.

Furthermore, I have been unable to find a neurologist either in Kamloops or at Vancouver General Hospital who is willing to see my three most seriously vaccine injured patients on an urgent basis, to even establish a diagnosis of what disease process this vaccine has started in these unfortunate people.

I am quite astounded. As soon as one mentions the “Vac……” word, a wall goes up, and the lights turn off. It is absolutely amazing. The topic of vaccines, is holy ground, where only angels, the foolhardy dare to tread. It seems utterly unacceptable to even question them, or even to suggest that vaccines, (like every other medical treatment), might sometimes cause harm.

Just like the management of this whole pandemic worldwide, this makes no medical or scientific sense what-so-ever. It is as though a blindness comes over some people, a veil over their eyes, so that they cannot see what is perfectly clear to others. The fact that almost every nation on earth, has followed the same utterly illogical and unscientific path of destruction in this pandemic, clearly indicates to me that the same deceiving power guides them all. And it is very dark.

So the vaccine specialist, remained emphatic, that all of the neurological symptoms that have appeared in my patients within a day of their vaccines, and have continued to evolve since that time, are pure coincidences. She remains convinced that most vaccine side-effects in general, are either from poor injection technique, or were simply coincidences.

And of course, they have the safety data from the manufacturer of the vaccine, to prove it. Furthermore, they have all of the “post marketing research”, or reported vaccine injuries, to show that these side effects are vanishingly rare. The simple truth is that almost every major pharmaceutical company has an appalling record of scientific fraud and dishonesty in marketing their products, and that only somewhere between 1 and 10 percent of vaccine side-effects are ever actually reported. Obviously, any delayed vaccine side-effects, makes causality very hard to prove. So the “side-effect” is often considered to be a simple coincidence. “Sometimes bad things just happen to good people.”

Nevertheless, there are some safe and effective vaccines, that have saved no doubt saved many lives, even though some may have been injured by them too. There is a risk-benefit ratio, to every medical treatment.

What people need to understand most, to break free of the fear, is that the mortality rate from Covid is the same as the flu, in every age category. And the average age of those who have died with Covid in North America is 81 years old. The median age is 85. New strains will continuously appear, just as they do with the flu. And simply taking vitamin D3 3000 iu daily, reduces your chance of dying from Covid, or the flu, by 60%.  And the only side effect, is better health!

So I thank you very, very much for your prayers. Thank you for the flood of wonderful emails of encouragement that I have received. I cannot explain how much they have lifted me up.

Charles Hoffe"


Greencrow comments:  Thank you very much, RAH, for bringing this exclusive report to the attention of our readers.  What Dr. Hoffe described took place at his meeting with the "Vaccine specialist" is typical handling of dissent and dissenters under communist rule.  Remember during the era of the "Soviet Union" how those who dissented were sent off to "re-education camps"...or even psychiatric facilities?  They were sent for "re-education" because, according to the occupying tyranny, the fault was always "in their head"--and never the fault of "the system".

So, this is what was and will continue to happen to Dr. Hoffe. The tricky thing is that so many doctors and medical practitioners are now stepping up and speaking out. Remember the UK whistleblowing nurse that I posted about only a day or so ago?  She said virtually the same things as Dr, Hoffe about the medical profession...and I just posted earlier today that Dr. Roger Hodkinson said those doctors who say the vaccines are safe are "committing mal-practice".

IMO, in the end it will all boil down to how the police, the military and the judiciary respond to this communist take-over.  From what I read in the news...the police in Ontario at least are beginning to defy the illegal and anti-Charter of Rights and Freedoms HELLth Diktats of the corrupted politicians.  If the perpZ can't get the "enforcers" to go along...well, they might just have to bring in millions of brainwashed, zombified military/stormtroopers from foreign lands--such as China.

Incidentally, or not, The Federal Government of Canada recently removed the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms from its website. Coinkydynk?  Or not.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

Dr. Hoffe story is going viral/global...

FreakedOut said...

GC says:
"Incidentally, or not, The Federal Government of Canada recently removed the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms from its website. Coinkydynk? Or not."
Next thing you know they'll be putting in a link to "The Communist Manifesto"!

On another note: Dr Hoffe is totally awesome!! Lots of support and love from the States!

AB said...

It's not the police or military we need to fear - It's the zombies. There's way more of them than us and whilst the MSM continues the brainwashing they will never wake up.