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Exclusive RAH Report on Dr. Hoffe interview with Rebel News Drea Humphrey PLUS: The furor over the "Shedding/Transmission" of the "Spike Proteins" to unvaccinated people

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Good morning readers, I was driving in my car the other day and the above favourite song of mine came on the radio.  It was written by Canadian First Nations songwriter Robbie Robertson and the lyrics have always spoken to me.  When I heard them this latest time I thought about all my sources for this blog and the little "open source" dynamic we have here and the lyrics described the meeting of minds and wills that we have "moving across the waters" and lands.  Enjoy.

Now, on to the topic of the day and the topic of the rest of our lifetime...the CovID Hoax.  Below is a sign that our regular contributor FreakedOut sent me:

H/T FreakedOut

Last evening I watched a video Zoom conference call between five doctors.  They were discussing this new concept of "shedding".  Shedding is more appropriately called "Transmission" according to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny who was one of the five doctors.  This is the newly discovered phenomena side effect of the vaccination where those who are unvaccinated but who come into regular contact with vaccinated persons develop negative health symptoms such as clotting, bleeding, CovID itself [whatever that is] and more.  An example of this given by Dr. Tenpenny was a person who lived with his/her aged mother who was unvaccinated.  S/he got the CovID injection and his/her mother died of "CovID" shortly thereafter.

This transmission of the evil ingredients of the "Mark of the Beast" vaccine was first described by Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche.  I dismissed it at the time as "disinfo".  Now I am still not convinced that it is related to the mRNA injections but am more open to the idea as more and more doctors come "on board".  I am still waiting to hear what Judy Mikovits, Mike Yeadon, Andrew Wakefield and others think about the theory.  The ramifications for humanity are stupendous.  If this is the truth...then those already vaccinated need to be quarantined for the rest of their lives!  This is what one of the doctors in the Zoom meeting said. He also said it was a bioweapon that could wipe out humanity.  Here is what Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi said along the same lines on April 16, 2021.

Alex Neuman – Bitchute April 21, 2021 Interview with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi - "They are killing people with these vaccines and they feel good about it!"

Watch this video.  This is what I believe is the absolute truth about the CovID-19 Vaccine.

When I consider the ramifications of what the five doctors said in the Zoom conference linked again HERE and what Dr. Bhakdi says at the link above...I believe it is long past time for the Nuremberg 2 trials to begin.  Here is a planning whiteboard for such trials

Nuremberg Code - Very early stage whiteboard (

Exclusive RAH Report

Battlefronts in this existential war on Humanity have opened up all over the Western World.  Here in British Columbia the conflict centers on the lockdowns designed to destroy the local economy...and the vaccinations...which have been specifically targeted against certain racial, age and other demographic groups.  Please read what RAH has to say in his latest report and I will have final comments to follow:

BC Patriot RAH

Hi gc: 

Drea Humphrey of Rebel News interviews BC Hero, COVID Vaccine Whistleblower Dr Charles Hoffe from LYTTON B.C. CANADA.

Rebel News Drea Humphrey Interviewing Charles Hoffe

Not too much new per se that hasn't been reported in his earlier letters posted, but he discusses the points made.  In-person interviews, however, often  add much more meat-to-the-bone.

Dr Hoffe states that ALL those (6) parties that suffered adverse effects (one died) within 72 hours after getting the MODERNA injectione in January were First Nations members. First Nations members in his community over 20 years old were also advised to get vaccinated as well. 

Dr Hoffe was out of Canada for 6 weeks and upon his return the nightmare unfolded as COVID vaccinated patients exhibited  neurological damage.  Dr Hoffe states that, on the other hand, no one in the community was hospitalized over COVID 19. 

He seems to believe in vaccination i.e.,  FLU...but says this COVID vaccine has created health impacts he has never seen before. Dr. Hoffe correctly states this vaccine rollout is an UNtested experiment.

Dr Hoffe submits what other honest medical experts state--the Covid vaccine will NOT prevent one from getting Covid, NOR stop one from transmitting it.....IT IS SIMPLY "SYMPTOM" REDUCTION. [gc comments:  since most "cases" are asymptomatic...i.e., without ANY symptoms...what does a "reduction in symptoms even mean?] So, then WTF???....WHY TAKE IT ???? even while ignoring the mounting drastic side effects.

Dr. Hoffe discusses his meeting with a HELLth Authority-appointed vaccine "side effect" specialist.(which he described as a waste of time).  Then he described the nightmare of having no specialist in British Columbia willing to take a referral--the Government of British Columbia has no interest in investigating this matter any further.  Can you say cover-up?!?

His concerns have had him reprimanded by his Health Authority to basically STFU.  [gc comments:  I would like to know more about the shape this "reprimand" is taking]. 

Watching the video, one can observe that Ms Humphrey is personally concerned as a black person.  Humphries voices her suspicion that persons of color (i.e., First Nations and Blacks) are being targeted.

RAH shares this suspicion. I agree...the vaccines are targeting certain groups--either by genetically engineered in bulk by design, OR not all vaccines are same.i.e., many different vaccines are present at vaccination centers where the correct/custom dose for "you" is selected).  [gc comments:  In the Zoom meeting between five doctors reported on above, Dr. Tenpenny said that over 80 additional "vaccines" are being readied for marketing in the near future...IMO, this is to further "tailor" the transhumanizing modification operating systems for the intended "target"]. 

Dr Hoffe said that Covid vaccines deaths that are recorded within approximately 48 hours can be  attributed to vaccine, but beyond that "other" factors are often blamed. Drea Humphrey and Dr. Hoff  also delved into what is becoming overwhelming evidence that VACCINATED people are creating, spreading/shedding "something" (i.e.,  the spike protein Bio-Weapon) that is affecting UNVACCINATED parties....i.e., such as dramatically impacting women's physiology, resulting in miscarriages, disrupted periods, fertility issues--even men's physiology is becoming affected.  

RAH Concludes:  Via process of elimination. there are no other suspects except Covid mRNA Experimental injections. (NOTE: more and more people are waking up......I posted previously that VACCINATED parties may become the societal outcasts--NOT the UNvaccinated.  ) If this is true...the process is irreversible, idiots who swallowed the Covid Vaxx Kool Aid are SOL. 


I recommend the interview....Dr Hoffe is still "alive", clearly not intimidated, perhaps even more emboldened to sound the alarm and upholding his Hippocratic Oath which is #1 patient-focused and not capitulating and genuflecting to the scumbags in charge of  Modern Medicine and Big Pharma.  

I do see hopeful signs around the globe whereby people are waking up and NO WAY IN HELL will they ever take this evil, toxic, satanic, Frankensteinian witches' brew...we are HUMANS.....not Lab Rats.  Let HOPE PREVAIL and FREEDOM REIGN !!!!!



Greencrow concludes:  Thank's very much for this RAH.  The main dynamic that connects all the CovID dotZ around the planet is the absolutely uniformly dismissive response from all governments, federal, provincial, local...even medical clinics,  It is truly lockstep!  What is the lever that is so powerful that is driving all these authorities to kowtow to the main perpetrators over in Davos Switzerland?  What is the blackmail against these leaders going on?  What is the extortion?  What is the corruption?  This should be the next focus of our investigations.


Anonymous said...

It's getting increasingly more difficult to even maintain objective perception of this bizarre reality. Am I alone in this observation? What's next is beyond our wildest imagination.

Ps: thx GC for all the info

Anonymous said...

M.R. here ...

Before I listened to the new-to-me song, Broken Arrow, here's what came immediately into my head. A "Broken Arrow" in military terminology is an accident involving nuclear weapons or materials which doesn't present a risk of war. The US has quite a quiver of broken arrows and Russia has too.

Anyway I enjoyed the song and the final line, "Turning my whole world around", is still reverberating in my head. My whole world has indeed turned around in the past year.

I am also concerned about post-injection "transmission" which the five good doctors discussed in the video and if that wasn't enough I found a Slovak microscopic investigation into those nasty PCR test swabs (they call them test sticks). I can only hope that somehow a good number of us will be able to dodge both swab and stab.

greencrow said...

Hi M.R.

I'm glad you enjoyed "Broken Arrow". I was aware of the double meaning with the nuke/military and feel this ties in with out geopolitical focus on this blog. When I heard it again the other day...considering the past year we've all been through...the song took on a whole new relevance...particularly the last verse about "iron walls" and "mountains to climb". Bravo to Robbie Robertson one of the best songwriters Canada has ever produced!!

Here's another one of my favourites "Somewhere down the Crazy River".


Anonymous said...

M.R. thanks for the very interesting link