Sunday, April 25, 2021

Dan Dicks Press for Truth Covers the Chris Sky Rally at Vancouver Sunset Beach PLUS: Kids As Young As 12 To Receive Covid Vaccines By September

Chris Sky Speaking at Sunset Beach in Vancouver
Chris' Speech starts at 2:39:00

Good morning readers.  It's a grey, rainy and cool day in the Pacific North West and our spate of three week glorious, sunny, warm weather is definitely over for the immediate future.  I will be visiting my disabled brother at his staffed residence this afternoon and will need to bundle up to sit outside on the deck as we still need to do over one year since he had to lock down for "two weeks to flatten the curve".  I was told by the staff on the telephone this week that my [now vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine] brother has come down with "respiratory issues" ["allergies"] so we will see what that is all about.  

I haven't been putting up as many posts lately and this trend will likely continue as my husband and I complete the paperwork and then the move into our new "downsize" property on Vancouver Island over the summer.  This miracle "find" of the perfect property--after over a year of looking and disappointments--has lifted my spirits immeasurably.  My suicidal ideation which I've battled since the CovID started has totally abated.  But I will always appreciate knowing what being suicidal feels like because it has raised my empathy level to those similarly afflicted.  It's like the old saying..."Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

Chris Sky came to Vancouver last week and gave a barnburner of a speech which you can watch in the Dan Dicks video above.  Go to 2:39:00 the way through to see and listen to Chris speak.  Chis is our savior here in Canada and is probably the most important Canadian of his generation.  To think that someone so wise, so good and so motivated can come out of that "tear down", zombified generation is a true miracle.  To think that he takes all the tools of zombification like the social media and turns them into tools of liberation is astounding.  I've said this before and I'll say it again...Chris Sky is like how Jesus Christ must have been...travelling around from village to village in ancient Israel and motivating the people...with the same reaction from the "authorities" unfortunately.  Now he's in a huge convoy of vehicles travelling east...gathering momentum and followers in every city he travels through.  He's talking about hitting the Manitoba/Ontario border and confronting the police who have set up a roadblock there.  Stay tuned for that--which should happen within days.

God sent Chris [named for Christ] just in the nick of time.  Look at the headlines/links below and see how close we're getting to vaccine Armageddon:


 Kids As Young As 12 To Receive Covid Vaccines By September « Aletho News

Kids As Young As 12 To Receive Covid Vaccines By September

By Richie Allen | April 23, 2021

"The Sun newspaper is claiming this morning that it has seen “core planning documents,” which lay out plans to vaccinate children from September, in a bid to prevent a third wave of coronavirus.

A government source told The Sun that vaccinating children as young as five years-old is also being considered. The source told the newspaper that;

“Plans are in place to vaccinate children aged 12 upwards, and senior government officials have been briefed. Though controversial, it is deemed necessary to stop the UK regressing in its remarkable fight against Covid.”

The core planning documents also suggest that everyone over 50 should be offered a booster jab in the Autumn.

Children are virtually unaffected by coronavirus, but government scientists believe that they can pass it on to elderly relatives or vulnerable people. There is absolutely no evidence to support this claim.

Transmission rates did not increase when schools were reopened last Autumn, nor when they were reopened last month. There is zero evidence to back up the claim that asymptomatic people can spread the virus.

Why is the government hell-bent on vaccinating children for an illness that doesn’t affect them? Where are the paediatricians? The silence is deafening. The media, typically, is absent."


US vaccination sites are closing from California to Texas, Ohio to Mississippi as demand for Covid shots plummets across the country - despite less than 28% of the population being fully inoculated - Madness Hub

Nurse launches petition to opt out of mandatory Covid-19 vaccination at Texas hospital as it vows to FIRE those who refuse the jab — RT USA News

MASS MURDER: 3,486 DEATHS in the U.S. Following COVID Injections in 4 Months: More Vaccine Deaths Recorded Than the Past 15 Years COMBINED (

Greencrow concludes:  My spideys came to me the other night and told me something absolutely shocking.  They said that the Deagel Forecast which is written about in the link below...

Doug Casey On The Shocking 2025 "Deagel" Forecast: War, Population Reduction, & The Collapse Of The West - Activist Post Not a Forecast at all.  They said it is a Quota System.  They said that the evil perpZ behind the CovID-19 Plandemic/Scamdemi HOAX Agenda 21 Globalist "Economic Re-set" or, however you want to call it, have determined that all countries MUST reduce their populations according to the "Deagel Forecast numbers"  Or else!  Perhaps that was what Doug Ford was referring to when he bleated out the amazing excuse for locking down Ontario:  "If I don't do what the Health Authorities tell me to do...I might as well tie a rope around my neck and throw myself over a bridge".

Perhaps all the leaders have been threatened with death of themselves and their families if they don't comply with the Deagel numbers by the end date which, according to WHO, is March 31, 2025.  Perhaps they have been promised that they and their families will be "spared" if they DO comply!  Perhaps they have been promised huge riches when the PerpZ divide up all the assets and property of the billions who will be genocided by the vaccines.  The spideys don't give me the minor details...just the basic outline and the principles.

Well, so far, humanity has thrown huge roadblocks [pun intended] up before their diabolical plan as follows...after 28% of the Western population sheeple getting they've hit bedrock...nobody is getting the vaccines, contrary to what you hear 24/7 on the criminal MZM.  So the vaccine scam is a bust.  Now we have Chris Sky awakening the people, motivating them to action to end the lockdowns.  The PerpZ are going to have to pull something BIG out of their @$$es...and soon...that's for sure!

Stay tuned.


Karmellis said...

Hi Greencrow!

While this is unrelated to your post, I wanted to get this out here because I still found this concerning for important users of blogspot such as yourself and others like NTS and Penny.

Just to post a quick summary of the article:

'A judge in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia has ordered tech giant Google to hand over information linked to a blog critical of the far-left extremist group Antifa after allegations of cyberbullying.

The request comes after a complaint from a Nova Scotia couple, Darius Mirshahi and Sakura Saunders, who the blog had previously alleged were leaders in a Canadian branch of the far-left anarcho-communist Antifa group.

The blog "Antifa: Exposed" has since gone offline after previously being hosted by the Google-owned platform'

While this is a far-left example of harassment, I would be more concerned of the precedent this sets, courtesy of another bought-and-paid-for judge: Opening the door to attacks against legitimate criticism. Of course, with the target being Google and with any chance they are given to clean up their rather dirty name, they will throw this sucker under the bus.

I would also entertain the possibility that this is a total, 100% inside-job, given:
- Ministry of Truth covered this (Specifically CBC).
- The ease in which the alleged suspects had access to such personal information about the people they are targeting.

I figure this is designed to do exactly as I described: Set this up for a crackdown of legitimate criticism, especially in light of our censorship-promoting *faux* government.

greencrow said...

Hi Karmellis:

You say it was a set up "inside job"? Kind of like how Vince Li did an atrocity on the Greyhoud bus in the middle of Canada a decade or more ago [and was released from jail with an absolute discharge thereafter]...thus creating a "security issue" that ended ultimately with the cancellation of cross-Canada Greyhound bus service?

I see.

Karmellis said...

I can't speak for that, since this is the first I have heard of it, but I look at that atrocity that happened in Nova Scotia last year and the fact that politics were played long before anything resembling an investigation happened telegraphed to me a total inside job.

Also I did not say "I said", but "I would entertain the possibility". These days, stuff like this that looks like a setup for something more nefarious down the road, especially in-light of C-10 being shoved down our throats to combat any news of *COUGHgovernmentCOUGH* incompetence (which is the only thing we can rely on them for), this gives me that same warning �� in the back of my head.

Good timing is never a coincidence when politics are involved.