Wednesday, April 21, 2021

UPDATED: Chris Sky at Sunset Beach April 20, 2021 PLUS Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland was looking into "immunopassports" to be used as early as April 2021

UPDATED:  April 22, 2021 FreakedOut has this update from Chris Sky who just posted on social media:  HERE IS THE LINK TO TWITTER:

"The Canadian government put a warrant for my arrest and tried to set me up with the RCMP. But I knew their plan and used a DECOY to fool them while my lawyer got the warrant rescinded.  They can't stop you when you stay 3 steps ahead!-Chris Sky”.  

Greencrow responded to FreakedOut's e-mail accordingly:  "The Lil Turd Jr. Is a criminal by nature.  He has had three serious “ethics charges” for corruption lodged against him by the Parliamentary “Ethics Commissioner”.  One ethics charge is normally enough to cause a resignation.  One of his biggest projects is to cause the RCMP and the military to become corrupted.  He works full time on that!"  Setting up the RCMP to attempt an illegal arrest of Chris Sky is just the latest example of this attempt to corrupt our law enforcement and military/ gc

Good morning, readers.  Before we get into the main topics of the day here are a few news updates from Twitter.  I belong and use Twitter because I want to provide breaking news on this blog and Twitter is, for better or worse, the top source of breaking news.  I thoroughly expect to be booted off...probably sooner than later...already been suspended/warned once.  But until that happens here are two headlines that caught my eye this morning. 

Above is the excellent crowd that showed up at Sunset Beach on English Bay last night to hear Canadian resistance leader Chris Sky speak.  I would have loved to attend but considering that I thought the police might be stopping traffic on the Barnet Highway and because I didn't want to be wandering around the Vancouver West end alone in the evening...I decided not to attend.  But there was quite a good crowd so it's all good.  I look forward to the videos that others took and will present them here when available.

Above is a Tweet showing how fake this entire Plandemic is. George Soros asset Liberal Party Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland was looking into "immunopassports" [what a catchy name]. last year and wanted to roll them out this month.  Well, that ain't happening!  And I can pat myself and my other truth bloggers and our sources for THAT...pat...pat...; )

Now below, from The Truthseeker, we have a snippet from a very recent interview with Baal GateZ where he absolutely let's it all hang out what their agenda is...just as I have contended on this Blog for well over a year's all about the biometric vaccine identification...enslaving humanity in perpetuity.  That's why I always refer to it as the CovID.  Read this and wonder how this guy is even opening his trap anymore...he must think nobody is smart enough to follow what he's saying!

Bill Gates – Lockdowns are Required to Sell Vaccines

In a recent candid interview, Bill Gates outlined that, despite the comparatively small threat of Coronavirus, he and his colleagues “don’t want a lot of recovered people” who have acquired natural immunity. They instead are hoping we become reliant on vaccines and anti-viral medication.

Shockingly, Gates also suggests people be made to have a digital ID showing their vaccination status, and that people without this “digital immunity proof” would not be allowed to travel. Such an approach would mean very big money for vaccine producers.

Did Bill Gates Just Reveal the Reason Behind the Lock-Downs?

by Rosemary Frei – (abridged by

On March 24 Bill Gates gave a highly revelatory 50-minute interview (above) to Chris Anderson. Anderson is the Curator of TED, the non-profit that runs the TED Talks…

At 33:45, Gates drops this bomb:

We don’t want to have a lot of recovered people […] To be clear, we’re trying – through the shut-down in the United States – to not get to one percent of the population infected. We’re well below that today, but with exponentiation, you could get past that three million [people or approximately one percent of the U.S. population being infected with COVID-19 and the vast majority recovering]. I believe we will be able to avoid that with having this economic pain.”

It appears that rather than let the population be exposed to the virus and most develop antibodies that give them natural, long-lasting immunity to COVID-19, Gates and his colleagues far prefer to create a vast, hugely expensive, new system of manufacturing and selling billions of test kits, and in parallel very quickly developing and selling billions of antivirals and vaccines.

And then, when the virus comes back again a few months later and most of the population is unexposed and therefore vulnerable, selling billions more test kits and medical interventions.

Right after that, at 34:14, Gates talked about how he sees things rolling out from there.

Eventually what we’ll have to have is certificates of who’s a recovered person, who’s a vaccinated person […] Because you don’t want people moving around the world where you’ll have some countries that won’t have it under control, sadly. You don’t want to completely block off the ability for people to go there and come back and move around. So eventually there will be this digital immunity proof that will help facilitate the global reopening up...” [continue at the link above]


Reading between the lines said...

Gates really put his foot in his mouth and disclosed the whole plandemic scam .It is now on the record and we are waiting for the courts to finally put this psychopathic criminal behind bars where he belongs so he won't be able to do damage to humanity ever again.

Reading between the lines said...

On another note GC ,you might want to share this very good link with the group of readers .It is so well done !

Anonymous said...

Oops - I posted my comment to the wrong article!
Just wanted to point out that the video interview of Bill Gates is from March 2020, not 2021.
It is absolutely stunning though. So weird the way he is completely honest sometimes about what he is trying to do, then gets cagey again.
I find it incredible that people are so brainwashed that after hearing these words from Gates' mouth, they still think he's well-meaning, a good guy and that we should do as he wants. Insanity.

greencrow said...

The interview with Baal GateZ IS FROM MARCH, 2021 AND NOT 2020, The source article got the date wrong but the video is dated correctly--March 2021.