Thursday, April 15, 2021

UPDATED WITH CORRECTION: Rocco Galati wins Legal "Round One" Plus NACI advised--and the Liberal government accepted--all Canadians participate as human lab rats re: COVID-19 “vaccines”.


Correction to the above Tweet:

ARTICLE CORRECTION: No Forced Vaccinations In Canada | Rocco Galati Has a case against forced immunization regarding covid in Canada that is currently in progress | the case is not won yet as previously reported |





Canadian Sentient Alert!

H/T L. Cote from the Website - :"Trudeau buried this National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) policy document that was adopted June 2020. NACI basically advised and the government accepted that all Canadians participate as human lab rats for the COVID-19 “vaccines”. Wow I must have missed this important news flash on CBC, CTV or Global TV? Oh wait, were the Canadian people ever informed of the government policy enrolling all Canadians into the clinical trial? 😳 Not unless you read the NACI policy papers.

This document discusses all the inclusion criteria – such as “healthy volunteers…pregnancy-specific safety data arising from participants unknowingly pregnant at the time of vaccination…stratification of age groups is recommended to determine the relative immunogenicity and efficacy of the intervention…” They even breached their own ethical standards for “research involving humans”. I really appreciated that they cover “Considerations for late phase clinical trials and post-market studies:”.

Yes folks our government really “cares” about us…we should trust a group of distant folks sitting in Ottawa who signed up the entire Canadian population to take part in this clinical trial for the Big Pharma. Not only that we, the “lab rats” paid and continue to pay millions of tax payer dollars for this privilege. Well maybe not."😕

See more…
Archived: Research priorities for COVID-19 vaccines to support public health decisions –

National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI): Statements and publications - this BREAKING NEWS VIDEO TESTIMONY FROM A UK NURSE WHISTLEBLOWER

*Share This Everywhere* Senior NHS NURSE Involved In UK 'Vaccination' Programme Calls it Genocide (

H/T Northerntruthseeker


And watch this Press For Truth video where real journalist Dan Dicks reports that "fully vaccinated" individuals are still getting "the Covid" and ModeRNA saying that "booster shots" will be required on a yearly basis!


Greencrow comments: Re the criminally secret agreement between the Lil Turd Jr and the NACI.   How much more Toxic Bull Shit...before all Canadians rise up as one and scream...ENOUGH!!!???


Anonymous said...

I can't find any such announcement on Rocco Galati's Twitter page. Do you have a link, please?

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

I looked over at this site:

But did not see any announcement either. I will shoot him an e-mail and ask for a clarification. Thanks for the heads up.


greencrow said...

Hi Again Anonymous:

I have sent an e-mail to Mr. Galati asking about the Tweet but, in the meantime, I found a retraction on the site as follows:

So I have updated the post and await hearing from Mr. Galati. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.


Robert Smith said...

Hello gc.

From this site AFP/Fact Check Canada

Quoting excerpts:

"Social media posts claim a Canadian lawyer won a case against “forced immunization” and the result now has the force of federal law. This is false; vaccination is not mandatory at the federal level in Canada, provinces that require proof of immunization for school attendance allow exemptions, and two vaccine-related cases in which the attorney is involved remain unresolved."

------“Rocco Galati won the cause against forced immunization in Canada. It is now a federal law,” claims an April 7, 2021 Instagram post.

The article mentioned in the Instagram post now includes a correction that says “the case is not won yet.” It cites two statements of claim filed at the Ontario Superior Court:

More at the fact check link.

Robert Smith said...

Hello gc.

I noticed the retraction post after I had posted.

greencrow said...

Hi Robert Smith:

I am now so cynical that it would not surprise me at all if this was "Fake News" planted to smear Mr. Galati's name. Hey...if they're going so far as to close the Ontario interprovincial borders to block Chris they say

The Sky's the Limit!

To what they will do in their imploding war on Humanity.


Robert Smith said...

Yes, that is a big 10/4, I mean, that is understood. To keep us all confused from understanding 'who' is doing 'what' to 'who'.

Karmellis said...

Hey Greencrow!

Would this mean that a lot of nursing homes are in serious doo-doo right now, since they went to a lot of trouble to forcefully inject these death jabs in as many elderly as they could without their consent and in the presence of armed cops/military/whoever was brandishing the guns?

greencrow said...

Hi Karmellis:

Yes, the "Crimes Against Humanity" are adding up exponentially as this HOAX Plandemic carries on. It boggles the mind and takes the breath away to think that these people think they can get away with such atrocities!