Friday, April 2, 2021

Pro Vaccine Doctor spills the beanZ on the MZM - Says necessary to keep lockdown screws tight...or "hesitants" won't fall for vaccine scam

This "Doctor" failed her "subtlety"
 courses in Medical School

Eddie Zipperer on Twitter: "A "medical analyst" on Cuomo Primetime says that states should not reopen because it's easier to control people when they can't enjoy their freedoms:" / Twitter

Greencrow comments:  This clip shows the perpZ are in desperation mode now.  They are pounding the message.  Most people don't like the "hard sell"...particularly when it's a matter of their personal health and safety.  


FreakedOut said...

I don't know Greencrow, what do ya think.... does she compete with your Dr Bullshitter for the Top Spot on the "keep on BS'ing til they drop" agenda? She's pretty bad. :-O

Anonymous said...

RAH here:

I am currently perusing various information that has either been sent to me or which I have serendipitously "stumbled across"(often THE best part of rabbit hole journeys)

IMHO the General Public's current "Clear and Present Dangers" have uniforms comprised of white coats , stethascopes and major egos.

I am currently reviewing Eustace Mullins "Murder By Injection" audio and just finished "VACCINATIONS" and "CANCER" sections and I will soon provide OpEds and links.

I will submit that anyone that listens to these will have any doubts immediately erased re: much of Modern Medicine as nothing but a top- down death cult and a racket the Mafia would envy, as I knew it was corrupt but was not aware of the depths of this medical cesspool.

MD's had best choose sides asap...the General Public is waking up exponentially and has had enough. Modern Medicine intervention is the 3rd leading cause of death, but like Vaccines...has legal immunity if one follows the death cult protocols.

Stay Tuned.....upcoming expose' is not for weak of heart.

greencrow said...


Looking forward to your expose of modern medicine...especially since the hell my family has been thrust into due to the recent sudden passing of my brother.

greencrow said...

Hi FreakedOut:

The US Analyst isn't quite so unctious...but twice as stupid. Both of them should be up on the dock for Nuremberg 2.0. How about that?