Thursday, April 1, 2021

Bombshell!! Another Exclusive RAH Report - Turdster's CovID Hotel and Tests - Cui Bono??? PLUS: Henry vs Henry on Mask Advice and Friday City Hall Protest

Henry Vs Henry on Mask Advice
WARNING:  Facile Liar Alert!

Good afternoon Readers.  I hope you didn't miss this morning's post on the Grand Scheme behind the CovID Plandemic/Scamdemic/HOAX nightmare.  It is, has and always will be about chipping and enslaving humanity.  The Death Mask Cult, social distancing, Lockdowns are all peripheral side shows to distract and occupy humanity over here...while they're rolling out the "Great Reset" over there.  If the majority of humanity [sheeple] are catching on to the scam it's very slow and perhaps not in time.  Here is an example of some good news pushback in Finland.  Hey, finally dragging out the constitution...after over a year...what a concept!

Finland’s govt backs down on plan to lock city dwellers in their homes as proposed anti-Covid measures deemed unconstitutional — RT World News

Here in the Communist Tyranny of Lil' Turd Jr. we have the Turdster supporting the hotel industry by turning hotels into minus -Star Internment CovID Camps...for those who have the gall to travel instead of shivering terrified, in their homes.  Below is a Boots on the Ground Bombshell report by BC Patriot and War Correspondent RAH:


RAH BC Patriot
RAH says:

This past week...spouse, 86 year old mother in law (recently COVID vaccinated) and I did a "staycation" in North Vancouver.

Very interesting 3 days.  We stayed at the Lonsdale Quay.

I met a fellow who was just checking out and we had an intriguing conversation. He was from India and was enrolled at Capilano College. However...he had to go through the obligatory 14-day quarantine upon arrival.

Here is where this gets interesting. When he arrived, he had to quarantine at a Canadian Federal Government-approved quarantine hotel, which ended up to be at the Fairmont located at YVR.

Cost was $1,800 for 3 days--as well as a "COVID TEST" which turned out to be NEGATIVE.

(Note: Canadian Resistance Leader Chris Sky has explained how Canadian citizens can avoid this, either outright or more cheaply)

The person then told me that after 3 days at the Fairmont, and NEGATIVE COVID test...he sourced out a cheaper option of $1100 for the remaining 11 days of quarantine (i.e., quarantine upon arrival in Canada requires a total of 14 days of self- isolation).

Hence, his quarantine accommodation cost for total of 14 days is almost $3,000.

He then submitted a 2nd COVID test as the methodology was interesting.


He had to open the kit...stick a swab up his nose by a short distance (thankfully not up to cribriform plate)...then break off the swab and deposit it into a test tube.

Then..... this was placed in a courier bag to be picked up and taken to a lab...all this, while the advisor observed him via ZOOM call.

I then asked what the COVID test cost was....and HE TOLD ME IT WAS FREE ....NO CHARGE.

This 2nd COVID test was also NEGATIVE.

I am now quite confused....more so because people are herded into outrageous hotel costs, yet COVID test is free.....even to Non-citizens???


I previously submitted via inquiry to BCCDC re cost of COVID testing to BC Government, with reply from BCCDC that there is NO CHARGE to BC Government.  This is because a "Global Fund" covers the test cost. (FYI...I also found out that cost to an individual for a COVID test is between $350 - $400)

In addition...this person was under quarantine in the same hotel we stayed at....and this "mix" of quarantine guests and NON quarantine quests also happens elsewhere.

You be the judge, ............

RAH submits:  At minimum, the fact that COVID tests costs...even for non-Citizens...are covered by foreign entities is very suspicious and perhaps begets further investigation as to CUI BONO motives and agendas etc..



Tucker Carlson on the Canadian Covid Hotels
See YouTube Video below - or watch on Twitter

Tucker Carlson on the Canadian Internment Camps.  It is important to NOTE that Tucker Carlson is very on board with the vaccine project...failing Trudeau for being "slow" with the roll-out. Hey, I wonder if Tucker's been VAXXED yet. Someone should ask him.


Greencrow comments:  The Lil' Turd's future biometric "RFID" chip is gonna LET HIM DO ANYTHING!!! after he pulled off this Covid Hotel Boondoggle on behalf of the international Globalist PerpZ.  How much organized crime is involved in all this payola?  We'll never know.  

It is just sheer insanity...from the public taxies that ferry these potentially contaminated travellers from Airport to the mixing of Covid quarantine hostages with regular hotel the pay-to-play CovID Tests--the tabs for which are picked up by some mysterious, international deep-pocketed CENTRAL DATA STORAGE HUB.  Perhaps this is all done just to collect DNA for future genetic manipulations. [are the Rockefellers/Rothchilds paying for the tests directly?]

Folks, Trudeau is certifiably insane.  We're so beyond tired of seeing his ugly puss on the TV and computer.  He's spending our tax dollars like there's no tomorrow...and perhaps that's the biggest clue of all...that there will be 'no tomorrow' [i.e. the big "Cull"].

Finally, Yesterday, there was an urgent call to action for all activist in the Lower Vancouver Mainland.  Please read the following notice put out by Activist Leader Odessa Orlewicz.  This is for tomorrow,  Good Friday.  Be there or be Square:




PLEASE PLEASE support these business owners who are sick of this shit and  THEY are putting this on!! 2pm! Just show up these business owners are taking care of everything already. This is NOT about masks so DO NOT show up with your mask signs! Make signs that say "open small business" or "open indoor dining" or "Bonnie destroys restaurants." This is not about ANYONE OR ANYTHING other than the business owners!!!!!!!! Every business owner and person from BC needs to show up to this to support the business owners!!! Big opportunity for BC to grow the movement! See you there! 

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FreakedOut said...

Just in from Dan Dicks @PressForTruth:

When push come to shove. :(

Nice work Dan!

Anonymous said...

Re; "He's spending our tax dollars like there's no tomorrow...and perhaps that's the biggest clue of all...that there will be 'no tomorrow i.e. the big "Cull"

Thats a good wording for Tshirt.

Just a thought, why people protest end beg the Behemoth for permition for their God given rights? Why they stay detained at their expense and obey a janitor armed with a mop?
Such situation endorses the authority of the "janitor's" newly and falsely aquired power, this must be strongly rejected.
Protests should be in defense of the wrongfully punished.
A firm stance is needed.

In my area people tell me that masks are mandatory but they are not because I dont subscribe to that sect of religion so I am excempt by degault because I never submitted to that synagogue.


greencrow said...

Hi FreakedOut:


We'll see you in court! Whenever our lawyers get through jaw jaw jawing and start LAWYERING!

greencrow said...

Hi S75p

This CovID Plandemic/Scamdemic/HOAX is looking more and more like an old time Bankster con every day. Did you watch the interview with Aaron Russo? He called it back in the early 2000's...exactly what they're trying to pull off now!

Anonymous said...

Thats right GC.
The cabal is at it since biblical times.
They hijacked technology and science to further their evil plans.
They took over money and gold, they own everything there is to own on this planet including those compliant humans.
They are cooking a major multipronged war on all fronts, extinction event has begun.
Even sensational alarmists such Alex J doesnt come adequatly proportioned to depict gravity of our situation while masses are preocuppied with getting vaccine brand and snitching on their neighbours.
Give praise for every minute you draw a breath.
Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

From Global, a great write up on Magufuli, the President of Tanzania who just died mysteriously. He threw Monssanto out and their testing, as well as Barrick Gold and Glencore, nickel mining contracts. The WHO, masks, and vaccines.
A true Hero.

the good news;

Garuda sends bows of Thanks