Wednesday, April 28, 2021

BC Overdose Crisis Swept Under Rug in Desperate Media Effort to Hype CovID HOAX in order to pump up mRNA Experimental Injection Numbers

Families of Overdose [Suicide] Victims
Demonstrate on Steps of BC Legislature

B.C. paramedics respond to highest-ever number of overdose calls in a single day |

Good morning readers.  Today is my disabled brother Paul's 63rd birthday.  As I informed you last month, Paul was injected with the PfiZer Experimental mRNA Genetic Tampering injection in the middle of March.  Subsequently, I have noticed a steady decline in his cognition and respiratory health.  I telephoned him this morning to wish him Happy Birthday and to arrange to visit him this afternoon with a small cake and small gift.  Paul's cognition [which I have been acutely trained to assess all my life ever since he was a baby] has declined sharply and his respiratory system seemed in distress...constant wracking bronchial cough, which sounded like the early stages of pneumonia.  He has had pneumonia in the past, and so this cough is a serious red flag to me.

FreakedOut sent me a good link yesterday wherein a former computer technician Clif_High discusses a new post "vaccine" phenomena called "Vaxxidents" whereupon those who receive the Experimental mRNA injections suffer sharp, sudden cognitive decline and are prone to mistakes...which if they are, say, medical professionals or, say, truck drivers operating heavy equipment...can be very costly.  When I was assessing my brother's cognitive abilities over the phone this morning, I thought about what Clif had said about post "vaccine" cognitive decline in that video...and shuddered.

But the main topic of this post today is the skyrocketing numbers of "opioid overdoses" that took place in British Columbia last week.  Last Wednesday, which, coinkyadynkally, was the day the BC government announced new, draconian travel restrictions, had the highest number of overdose calls in a single day in British Columbian history.  Here is the story below:

B.C. paramedics respond to record number of overdose calls in a day (

I am sure any sentient worth his or her salt can connect the dotZ between the announcement of extreme lockdown measures--to the point where families in two adjoining communities can no longer meet--and the deadly uptick in overdoses.  As someone who was afflicted with suicidal ideation for over a year...I can say with some authority that most, if not all, of the "overdoses" were likely suicide attempts.  Most people want to kill themselves with drugs...and so let's not dance around the topic.  IMO, these were suicide attempts!  The government and the mass media are just trying to cover up the hopelessness, terror and despair behind the dismissive and vague word "addiction".

The PerpZ and their government/media assets want the sheeple to believe that those who attempted and/or committed suicide were just throw-away humans...deep in addiction and worthless to society.  No.  They were just as likely to be people with the capacity to know what's coming and don't want to be around anymore!

All of this government corruption is being led by the nose by the Mainstream Media and its Global purveyors of mammoth lies.  As Jon Rappoport says in his op-ed below, The Plandemic is mostly an illusion, a hologram, played out by the co-conspirators in the MZM.  It could never be perpetrated otherwise.  As James Corbett told us a month or two ago...there are deep psychological operations going on through the media airwaves.  They are boring into our heads and replacing our brains with concrete.  They are replacing our wills and freedom of thought with an addiction to slavery.

The Pandemic on Television « Jon Rappoport's Blog (

Yes, British Columbia is headed for another record-breaking year of suicides via drug overdose...but the HELLth officials like Bullshit Bonnie keep prattling away demonically about masking, social distancing, and "vaccine hesitancy" [aka prudence and common sense]. The taxpayer-funded "community services ads" on TV have ramped up exponentially and have thus accelerated the process of sucking out the brains and injecting the concrete. 

Paramedics Treat Overdose Victim in 
Downtown Vancouver Alley

Covidian Anthem of America

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"Canadian Doctor Defies Gag Order and Tells the Public How the Moderna COVID Injections Killed and Permanently Disabled Indigenous People in His Community"