Saturday, April 3, 2021

Are Hockey Players being subjected to blackmail/extortion--forced to either take CovID-19 "vaccine" or... never play professional Hockey again???!!!

Canucks Rookie Nils Hoglander

There's a fishy stench emanating from the Rogers Hockey Arena that the Vancouver Canucks Hockey Team call home.  I can smell it all the way out here in Coquitlam.  Over the Easter Weekend...all the Canucks Hockey games have been mysteriously cancelled [a huge financial blow to the sports bar/restaurant business] donchaknow.  

I keep thinking back to what that Chinese doctor said in the video posted yesterday about keeping everything under lockdown so that the Sheeple suckers will knuckle-under and take the Experimental mRNA Gene-Tampering Injections.  Back in the day those kinds of tactics, particularly where personal health and welfare were concerned were considered crimes of blackmail and extortion.  Not anymore, folks!

Please read the following announcement from the Canucks Web Page and I will have final thoughts to follow:


"Canucks games at the Edmonton Oilers on Saturday, and at the Winnipeg Jets on Sunday and Tuesday, have been postponed, in addition to the home game against the Calgary Flames that was postponed Wednesday.

Canucks have three more games postponed due to COVID-19 protocol (

Vancouver is next scheduled to play April 8 at Calgary. The Canucks cannot return to practice before April 6. Rescheduled dates have not been announced.

Forward Adam Gaudette, defenseman Travis Hamonic, and a member of their coaching staff are in NHL COVID-19 protocol.

"I guess there's always reminders as far as the importance of your safety, and following the guidelines and the rules that the League has set forth," Vancouver coach Travis Green said Wednesday morning. "And not just the League, but the government."

Gaudette was added to the protocol list Tuesday after what Green said was a positive test for the virus. Hamonic was officially added Thursday.

Vancouver has not played since last Wednesday, a 5-1 loss to Winnipeg after being shut out by them 4-0 two days before.

"We've had six days off prepping for a game here," Green said. "We've tried to just stay focused on that task, and let the people in charge that advise us on the protocols let us know if there's anything else changing."

Calgary remains scheduled to play at the Edmonton Oilers on Friday.

Vancouver's road trip ends with scheduled games at Calgary on April 10, and at Edmonton on April 12 and 14.

"Whether we have someone that gets it or not, everyone is trying their best to abide by the protocols," Vancouver forward J.T. Miller said. "The timing is obviously not great -- there's no good timing -- but it doesn't change anything. No matter what the circumstances, no one wants to get it, not one wants to spread it, nothing changes."

Miller and Vancouver defenseman Jordie Benn were sidelined at the start of the season due to COVID-19 protocol. Benn missed six games; Miller missed three.

"It's not ideal, obviously," Miller said. "Everybody is trying to do the right things to not have the situation happen. [Adam's] is different than mine. I didn't have it. I don't know 100 percent his situation, but in the sense of having to sit out and be away from your team, especially in a hard time of the year, it's not ideal, but everybody is trying to do their best to make sure they are following protocol and make sure we don't spread it. ...

"Things like this are probably going to happen over the course of a season with a lot of players, and hopefully we can minimize the damage here, and hopefully [Adam] isn't feeling too poorly."

Eight games in the Scotia North Division have been postponed this season, all since March 22. The Montreal Canadiens had four home games postponed due to COVID-19 protocol from March 22-28.

There have been 50 games postponed since the NHL season began Jan. 13, including 45 because of protocol. Five games have been postponed because of weather-related issues. independent correspondent Kevin Woodley contributed to this report."


Greencrow continues:  Yep.  It stinks to high heaven!  The youngsters, who've spent their entire lives training and preparing their bodies for one of the most intensive and physically taxing careers on the planet, are now blackmailed, threatened, bullied and being extorted to become Guinea pigs for the CovID-19 "vaccines".  That's what this is all about, folks.  Make no mistake about it!

It doesn't matter that not one person under the age of 30 has died in British Columbia of CovID-19.  It doesn't matter that there is statistically less than a "0"% chance that these youngsters will even come down with the "disease" [from a virus that has yet to be isolated in a lab or subjected to Koch's postulates].  For them to be "vaccinated" and then, even more importantly, for their "vaccinations" to be publicized...will be a coup beyond measure for the Big Pharma/Industrial Complex.  It is an absolute MUST HAPPEN!  

The Alternative, that these heros to the youth in Canada reject the "vaccines" would spell a death knell to the entire CovIDian FrenZy.  It can't be allowed to happen.  So we need to soften up the players with a few cancelled games so they get yet another taste of the non-career that their lives will experience if they DON'T KNUCKLE UNDER TO THE "VACCINES"!

My spideys are going nutZ with inklings that there might be some anti-vaxxers on the Canucks Hockey Team and THAT'S WHY THE GAMES WERE CANCELLED.  IMO, we'll never know...they cannot afford such a damning truth to ever get out.  Thus, the silence and mystery surrounding the cancelled games...and the recent threat of the cancellation of the entire season reported in the MZM a couple of days ago.

"Forwards Travis Boyd, Jayce Hawryluk, Bo Horvat, Tyler Motte and Brandon Sutter, defenceman Tyler Myers, as well as goaltender Thatcher Demko were the latest players added to the list.

Defencemen Alexander Edler and Quinn Hughes, forwards Zack MacEwen and Antoine Roussel, and goaltender Braden Holtby entered the league’s protocols yesterday, joining Adam Gaudette and Travis Hamonic, who entered them earlier this week."


Greencrow concludes: NOTE: is the above list of players "code" for all the "vaccine" refuseniks??? If so, my advice to the Hockey Players is this: Never submit to blackmail and/or extortion! Put your careers "on ice" for a few years, guys, until the evil CovIDians are defeated and their Wicked Eugenicist Empire/agenda is dismantled. We have them on the ropes now. Shouldn't be long. Hang in there guys! Save your health and your lives. Live to play another day. We don't WANT to watch games played by genetically-modified and life-limited Extortion/crime victims.


Anonymous said...



"....Defencemen Alexander Edler and Quinn Hughes, forwards Zack MacEwen and Antoine Roussel, and goaltender Braden Holtby entered the league’s protocols yesterday..."

Ah yes..."protocols" in "Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion".

I would submit that they are unfolding in rapid fashion as we speak.
Pro Sports was a major weapon in the celebrity arsenal under Protocols chapter under "distractions".

Now...their usefulness is about to implode.
Pro athletes either get the jab, or at least "Judas Goat" mimic it as career sacrifices to Baal/Moloch.

We see recently MLB getting involved in the state of Georgia election governance.
I say to MLB(and other Pro Sports) STFU and play the game.

What I foresee is Pro Sports will soon have a short shelf life as the economies implode and people resent overpaid athletes trying to preach to us as their own lives implode.

Bye Bye Pro Sports....time to join the rest of us in the real world.
Your implosion is part of the Protocols agenda unfolding.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X]

Sports have been with us since the times of the Greeks...and earlier. Sports and athletics is part of who we are as a species. I respect the Athlete's discipline and dedication to their skill set, whatever it may be.

I enjoy excellence...whether it be in music, art, crafts such as woodcarving...or sports. I love to watch a good hockey game and have for 70+ years now. I wish the young men and women who dedicate themselves to physical strength, speed, agility and endurance all the best. I hope they survive this diabolical effort to corrupt and destroy sport--in service of Satanic ends.

As I said in the post proper...Hang in there guys, NEVER submit to blackmail and extortion!


Anonymous said...


Hi Greencrow

Don't get me wrong...I love sports as well.
I've played them...coached them ...and my children (now adults) participated in them.
Some of out best memories are those days.

FYI: Trivia my son(Goalie)once played with ex Canuck Troy Stecher and against #1 overall NHL pick Nugent - Hopkins.

All I am submitting is pro sports are now at an apex in history and being leveraged by elites as weapons against the masses.

Simply an analysis from my perch.