Thursday, April 8, 2021

(ALERT). The Economic Meltdown Is AGAIN Getting Worse. PLUS! Important Updates in the [pre-war] Ukraine ...are the two gonnected?

Gregory Mannarino

Good morning readers.  Today I received an e-mail from regular contributor Dennis with the attached three links, including the video above.  This is all about the economy.  Gregory Mannarino is an expert and says that the economy is in freefall.  Why?  Because it it is being deliberately imploded [under cover of the Scamdemic] by the Federal Reserve Bank and other economic institutions.  Here is Dennis' e-mail:


Dear greencrow:

I've always said these people are evil, but they sure as hell are not stupid. 

Three links for you this morning that reinforce one another. Perhaps not for your blog but they fill in the puzzle. 

In the video linked above, Gregory Mannarino says:

"There is a total disconnect between our markets and our freefall economy..."

"Dollar going to take a "staggering" move downward..."

The Economic Meltdown Is AGAIN Getting Worse. PLUS! Important Updates. Mannarino

This man is one of the best market analysts out there. He knows in detail how they are manipulating us.

53% of Canadians on the brink of insolvency: MNP survey

How many will beg the government to FIX their lives for them with Universal Basic Income?


IBM Colluded With Hitler, Now Makes Vaccine Passports

They know that they cannot stop now. If they do they will all face trial for High Crimes Against Humanity. So it is full speed ahead. 

Thank you for all you effort to help stop this madness.


Greencrow concludes:  Mannarino thinks there's going to be some "event" in the Middle East that will make "crude oil" which he calls the engine of the military industrial complex...go higher.  I say perhaps this "event" is actually going to take place in eastern Europe, with the threatened flare up of the Ukraine "civil war" that Putin solved with the "Minsk Agreement" back in 2014/15.

"On March 24, Ukrainian President Zelensky, for all practical purposes, signed a declaration of war against Russia, via decree No. 117/2021."

Here is what Pepe Escobar has to say about the possibility of another War between the Kievian Ukrop Nazis [NATO proxies] and the Peoples Republics in the Donbass...who are supported by Russia.  In case readers have forgotten...Russia gave all the citizens of Donetsk and Lugansk Russian passports.  Escobar says while Russia will likely not get directly involved in the fighting, the threat that Russia will use its unequalled array of high tech missiles...should sober up the Ukrops.  Actually, according to my war correspondent Russell Bentley "Texas", the Ukrops do not want to fight but are being sent to the slaughter by NATO--which wants to throw a monkey wrench in the pipeline now being constructed between Russia and Germany/Europe.  According to Escobar...even if Ukraine is reduced to rubble...NATO still wins.  Escobar says:
"...A series of informed discussions – see, for instance, here and here – is converging on what may be the top three targets for the hegemon amid all this mess, short of war: to provoke an irreparable fissure between Russia and the EU, under NATO auspices; to crash the Nord Steam 2 pipeline; and to boost profits in the weapons business for the military-industral complex."

Same old, same old.

And, finally, this just in from regular contributor Simon Hicks who relates the experiences of a Canadian Forces Veteran [not himself] who was stationed in Berlin, Germany during the Cold War:

Simon Hicks

"Me being a Canadian Forces veteran who served in the cold war, I have a few things to say to you. The majority of my career was in Lahr Germany. I was a real "front line" worker not an expendable employee such as retail and health care workers. ( I wish they would stop calling them front line workers) What is happening here in Canada is nothing short of what the East German people experienced while behind the iron curtain, How do I know this? I met several people after the fall of the wall and here is what I have learnt from them.

The economic divide between East and West widened considerably over the course of East Germany’s existence, as “structural deficits had a strong bearing on everyday life”. It was therefore a “lack of readily available goods”, and a not a lack of personal funds, that “stopped people getting hold of what they needed”. For those who lived close to the Berlin Wall, invasion of privacy was common place as “many houses were equipped with electrical security systems” and some citizens experienced soldiers coming in “every night” to check “the cellar and the attic”. As some wished to pursue a life without the all-seeing eye of the state and impending economic meltdown, many East Germans decided to flee, with over “three million citizens” escaping to the West before the Berlin Wall was erected, with an average of “seven people a day [being] imprisoned” at one point. Despite the eventual benefits for the average citizen in East Germany, the fear of the paranoid and Soviet-backed state meant that no-one could live fully at ease.

Some people of the Eastern Bloc countries were less happy about this than others as “civil rights were limited, legislatures were less powerful, and social institutions lacked autonomy against the government”. Such was the case in Hungary; the linguistically unique nation was one of the most progressive countries within the Soviet sphere and discontent within its people had risen high by the time of 1956. Inspired by the Polish uprisings in June of that year, Hungarian protesters, many of them “fifteen, sixteen, seventeen year old kids”, took to the streets, cutting “the Communist symbols from a Hungarian flag” and “toppling a large statue of Stalin in downtown Budapest”. The politically active population of Hungary began “to organize their own authorities and armed groups”, taking power away from the Communist government who struggled to hold onto it. However, for the everyday citizen this popular uprising was a terrifying, life-changing ordeal that eliminated any attempts at sustaining a normal life.

So when someone calls me a conspiracy theorist because I will not wear a mask or I am against all the lock downs measures, all I can say to them if "Go To Hell" As you have no idea. Even some former service members are now sheep. Guys I served with are just bending over taking it. We were taught to hate the east. We were told our jobs were to stop the communist oppression and secure the west, but yet some high ranking officers and NCO's I met are even sitting on the liberal side of the aisle. Guys who were so gung-ho to "Kill Commies" are now bending over and ridiculing me for standing up for my rights and not wanting to live like my friends behind that iron curtain. I will not stop speaking my mind and I am prepared to fight in anyway I need to against what is happening. Make no mistake. This is not about a burden on the health care system. This is just like 1939 when the Nazi party created a crises and took sole power. They had the Reichtag Burnt down and called a nation emergency. They restricted movement, shut down businesses and controlled the media. Do you people not see that this is happening right here right now? Nuff Said."


Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

I beg to differ...

The economic time bomb was started when Federal Reserve was created in 1913.
It was at or near implosion in early 1970's when the US pivoted to Petro Dollar.
Rockefeller was aware of this and began to pivot into REAL ASSETS.

It actually imploded in the financial crash in 2008, the benefit to masses was the system was bare -ass naked exposed and many of us received a crash course on the Federal Reserve and made aware it is an UNaccountable PRIVATE BANK. To delay this crash, they simply created even more fiat currency out of thin air, as one's "dollar" has lost over 95% of its value due to this.

Many have warned that last gasp of such exotic instruments such as quantitative easing and derivatives were long overdue to implode...

I've said to many that my gut feel was the aforementioned implosion was gonna happen very soon...they have run out of wriggle room ..and it did. The only difference is they wouldn't dare have a repeat of 2008, there would be riots in the COVID was created as a masking agent.

However, the double edged sword is this is all being weaponized to cull the herd and further consolidate wealth and WW3 for all the marbles.

greencrow said...

" WW3 for all the marbles...."

Yep! Russia is ready and just like in a hockey fight has thrown down the gloves and taken off its helmet. Putin will be delivering a very important speech on April 21...where IMO he will draw a line in the sand.

CanadianNotCommunist said...

Interesting that the Hungarian uprising began with teenagers.

My father's generation were the ones that fought in WWII. Many in our community seem to have been used as guerilla fighters - where it was kill or be killed. Eavesdropping in on some of their conversations as a kid I learned they truly believed in freedom, and thought it no sin to kill a communist, which they considered as less than human. Though they somewhat intimidated me as a kid, those tough-as-nails men certainly had my respect (in a good way) as I grew into adulthood myself and began to realize in some small way what it must have been like for them.

I look around at the young men today, and wonder what happened; where has all that testosterone gone. How come the youth aren't rising up ? I don't even hear about bike gangs or inner-city gangs having run-ins with the police or health officials - are they all being paid off ? Is the social programming/psy-op mind control stuff really that effective?

Even my own generation, here in Ontario, as a youth, we did sit-ins and walk-outs, and a few other things I won't mention.
I also remember the Vietnam war protests south of the border.

Is life just too comfy playing video games in their parents basement ? How bad does it have to get until our youth are motivated to make some political change for themselves ?

They're not stupid - there are a lot of really decent young people out there; but where's their spunk ? Why don't they start something...