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Haligonian speaks out PLUS: Lil Turd Jr. Puts Canadians into "VaXX Certificates" Choke-Hold, ICU nurse speaks out about CovID...and MORE!

Haligonian Speaks Plainly about
where the Plandemic Hoax is Headed

Good Friday morning, readers.  It is a grey and rainy day in the Pacific Northwest.  A good "inside" day.  Things have been moving so fast in the CovIDian Communist Takeover and Occupation of the formerly free and democratic nation of Canada that I can barely keep up.  Yesterday, I came across the excellent video linked above.  A young woman from Halifax, Nova Scotia obviously has her fingers on the pulse of the PerpZ and knows what they've been up to so far and where they are going.  She talks about the imposition of martial law.  I believe that's their next step as well.  Dan Dicks of Press for Truth also agrees and his latest video is linked HERE.

The headlines below taken from this morning's Vancouver Sun outline the plot for medical martial law.

Can you imagine how all the people and families with expensive recreational vehicle equipment or those dependent on the Tourism industry feel upon reading the above report?  Folks. I have been living in the same house in the same neighbourhood for 33 years.  Over that time, I would guess I might have heard an average of three police/paramedic sirens during the course of a bad week.  Now, I hear three or more sirens in the course in one night!  The other night I counted seven incidences of police/emergency sirens.  Yes, there IS a crisis going on, but it is all government-manufactured despair and preparation for even MORE despair and terror.  I reported last week that the BC provincial record for overdose reports in one night had been broken on the very day that the BC Whore-Gun NDP government announced it would be bringing in travel restrictions again.

I would like to know the suicide rate in BC so far for this year.  It must be out of sight!  It must be way beyond any fraudulent numbers for CovID "cases" and deaths!  but there's no stopping them now.  They have pulled out all the stops to bring in this Technocratic Tyranny and mass genocide that has been on the planning books for decades.  

The only surprise for me is that I am still able to post about what's going on.  But it appears that will soon end as the Turd has brought in draconian legislation to end free speech on the Internet.  But the sheeple still munch on their tender shoots of green grass and chew their cuds.  They have truly had all the brains sucked out of their heads by the MZM TV brainwashing.  Their brains have been replaced by solid concrete.

Below is a report from Henry Makow about a Canadian who naively and stupidly got himself ensnared with one of Lil Turd Jr's schemes to see how much the sheeple will take.  Please read and I will have more comments to follow:

"After he was hired by Canadian Natural Resources in Northern Alberta, Corey Hagopian was deceived, tested and quarantined in primitive unsanitary conditions, against his will.

by Kinsey Nordlund

Imprisoned - blacklisted - unemployable - lines - mind games - terror tactics - lies - nondisclosure agreements - rotten food - submit - signing documents under duress - you don't have a choice - snitches.

What do these words have in common? A worksite in Northern Alberta.I had the pleasure of speaking with a wonderful young man last Sunday. Corey Hagopian and his girlfriend sold everything they owned in Ontario for the promise of a better future in Alberta.

What he encountered at on a job site in Northern Alberta was nothing short of a nightmare. Trained in electronics engineering as a technician with a specialty in non-destructive testing and ultrasonics, he was hired to work at a [oil company] Canadian National Resources (CNQ) site in Northern Alberta.

He was told he would be working 40 minutes from Edmonton; they failed to mention that was by plane. When Corey found out he would be flying into camp he asked about being Covid tested. He was told no he wouldn't be tested; that they could not force him to be tested.

He got on the plane and at the other end of the ride, he was told to line up for a test. He managed to avoid being tested then but they came looking for him the next morning demanding he be tested. He managed to escape that test to get into the field to work but that evening his trainer insisted he needed to be tested. Corey responded by repeating that he was told he wouldn't be forced to test.

The trainer said that he couldn't force Corey to test but they could force him off the site if he refused. Corey thought about it and decided that if he was going to be forced to test then he didn't want to work there. He was told he couldn't get off the property by bus, car, or plane without being tested. He was trapped. He agreed to the first test; he spoke to the nurses explaining he had a sinus issue and to please be careful. The nurse was anything but careful, the next morning when he bent to tie his shoes his nose began to bleed and proceeded to ooze blood for the next few days.

Although he was upset and angry about the violation of his person and his personal rights it appeared to be a one-time thing and he could get his months shift in and go home. Before the first week was out the one-time test turned to every 72 hours; then every 48 hours, then by the end of the week it was everyday.

Not agreeing with their protocols, he said once he was paid for the first week he was leaving. That first weeks pay was withheld. He continued to put up with procedures trying to get to the next payday so he could leave.

On the 11th day in camp being tested everyday, he was told he had a positive result. When he asked to see the results, he was denied. He was ordered to pack his things he was being moved to an isolation unit.  [Report continues at the link]."

Greencrow continues.  Can you imagine a young man so highly trained...but still so to travel to such a remote region without first checking on what the job was all about?  He should have asked for some references to other workers and asked them about it before taking the job.  But what happened to him reminds me of the bureaucracy that I faced as an 18-year employee of government.  They bait you with a great job.  But that "great job" always comes with totally demeaning and humiliating circumstances.  I remember an office I once worked in while in child protection.  I had my own office which was extremely tiny.  At one point, our office was moved to another location and another branch of government services was moved into our premises.  I was shocked to see that TWO HUGE MALE SOCIAL WORKERS were told they had to move into my tiny office! They each had a desk butted up against the other--so that their faces were no more than six feet apart!  Can you imagine what it must have been like in that office when both of them were on the telephone?  I came to the conclusion that the government wanted one or both of them to QUIT!

You see, dear readers, the branch of social services where those two men worked was a much easier job than my job--which was child they punished the social workers who chose this easier service, by forcing them into untenable working conditions.  They would never have done that to me...because I was in the most difficult and emotionally wrenching service.  I was moved to a space where I again got my own tiny office!

So that is what they were doing to the young man trapped in the remote government-paid job.  He probably got a very good salary--so that is what they were using--to tempt him into intolerable working conditions...that is ALWAYS the way government works.  Ask anyone.

So, according to the young woman reporting from Halifax and Dan Dicks, we will soon be under martial law.  I knew this was coming months ago due to the constant smear campaign going on against the military leadership by the Lil Turd Jr...via his controlled MZM.  The PerpZ are "softening" up the military for the job ahead.  They want some sort of "catalyzing event" such as a "general review" of the make it impossible to continue a military career and maintain ethics and morality.  They want to use the "review" to weed out any recalcitrants.

Sajjan announces review of military sexual misconduct, plans for independent reporting system |

And if they can't do this soon enough, like the Haligonian woman says...they will be bringing in the UN...due to some other crisis and "shortage of soldiers".  Lil Turd Jr. is in some sort of egotistical contest with his fellow lackey world "leaders"--to see who will be the first to bring in the mandatory vaccine certificates.  See story below:

COVID-19 vaccine certificates ‘to be expected’ as part of pandemic, Trudeau says (

Folks, that's how these human vultures get their jollies.  Seeing who can implement the choke-holds first.  Who can circumvent the laws and the constitution FIRST.  Who can use smoke, mirrors, lies and terror to suck all the vibrancy out of a population...rendering it into cud-chewing slaves FIRST.  Below, we have a story about Lil Turd Jr. downloading all government responsibility for sick leave to Employers.  Watch for this "downloading" to broaden and extend--particularly to the mandatory vaccines--required by all before being allowed to work.   Why?  To circumvent the constitution and the Charter of Rights.  The slight of hand is all about this:  "It's not the government that is oppressing you--it's your employer".  But, of course, your employer would not be allowed to remain in business UNLESS it forced you to prove vaccination to maintain your employment..dontchaknow.

Trudeau says Ontario sick leave should be delivered directly through employers (

Meanwhile, whistleblowers keep coming out of the woodwork and testifying as to the massive fraud that is taking place under the noses of the sheeplified/Zombified masses:

Toronto area nurse "Andrea" speaks out about ICU Covid issues:

ICU Nurse Speaks Out Against Sensationalized Third Wave –


Greencrow concludes:  All I can say is...we're down to the final moments and seconds of our democracy, folks.  Once they bring in martial law.--the Lil Turd Jr. just yesterday announced bringing in the military in Ontario--it's game over.  We will then be in Chinese-Style Communism.  The only thing that could possibly save us at this, the eleventh a massive show of non-compliance by the police and military.  Barring that, dear readers, we are well and truly fucked.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

BREAKING NEWS: Canadian Police Take Government to Court over Covid-19 Enforcement Duties

Finally!  The Police are beginning to Push Back
against the Tyranical government
Double click on photo for larger view

...and in other breaking news:

Randy Hillier
Hearing the same, is isolating due to serious side effects from the vaccine, poor health, looks unwell and can’t be seen in public. #onpoli #wearelivingalie #NoMoreLockdowns is waiting in the wings after her saline shot.
Quote Tweet
Flag of Canada
Replying to @randyhillier
I listen to the chatter outside of Twitter. Rumour has it @fordnation had AZ jab and has been going down hill since. Prognosis is not good according to some sources.


Greencrow says: Is Ontario Premier Doug Ford getting taken down by the VaXX? Stay tuned. This could be the gamechanger of ALL gamechangers!

BC Overdose Crisis Swept Under Rug in Desperate Media Effort to Hype CovID HOAX in order to pump up mRNA Experimental Injection Numbers

Families of Overdose [Suicide] Victims
Demonstrate on Steps of BC Legislature

B.C. paramedics respond to highest-ever number of overdose calls in a single day |

Good morning readers.  Today is my disabled brother Paul's 63rd birthday.  As I informed you last month, Paul was injected with the PfiZer Experimental mRNA Genetic Tampering injection in the middle of March.  Subsequently, I have noticed a steady decline in his cognition and respiratory health.  I telephoned him this morning to wish him Happy Birthday and to arrange to visit him this afternoon with a small cake and small gift.  Paul's cognition [which I have been acutely trained to assess all my life ever since he was a baby] has declined sharply and his respiratory system seemed in distress...constant wracking bronchial cough, which sounded like the early stages of pneumonia.  He has had pneumonia in the past, and so this cough is a serious red flag to me.

FreakedOut sent me a good link yesterday wherein a former computer technician Clif_High discusses a new post "vaccine" phenomena called "Vaxxidents" whereupon those who receive the Experimental mRNA injections suffer sharp, sudden cognitive decline and are prone to mistakes...which if they are, say, medical professionals or, say, truck drivers operating heavy equipment...can be very costly.  When I was assessing my brother's cognitive abilities over the phone this morning, I thought about what Clif had said about post "vaccine" cognitive decline in that video...and shuddered.

But the main topic of this post today is the skyrocketing numbers of "opioid overdoses" that took place in British Columbia last week.  Last Wednesday, which, coinkyadynkally, was the day the BC government announced new, draconian travel restrictions, had the highest number of overdose calls in a single day in British Columbian history.  Here is the story below:

B.C. paramedics respond to record number of overdose calls in a day (

I am sure any sentient worth his or her salt can connect the dotZ between the announcement of extreme lockdown measures--to the point where families in two adjoining communities can no longer meet--and the deadly uptick in overdoses.  As someone who was afflicted with suicidal ideation for over a year...I can say with some authority that most, if not all, of the "overdoses" were likely suicide attempts.  Most people want to kill themselves with drugs...and so let's not dance around the topic.  IMO, these were suicide attempts!  The government and the mass media are just trying to cover up the hopelessness, terror and despair behind the dismissive and vague word "addiction".

The PerpZ and their government/media assets want the sheeple to believe that those who attempted and/or committed suicide were just throw-away humans...deep in addiction and worthless to society.  No.  They were just as likely to be people with the capacity to know what's coming and don't want to be around anymore!

All of this government corruption is being led by the nose by the Mainstream Media and its Global purveyors of mammoth lies.  As Jon Rappoport says in his op-ed below, The Plandemic is mostly an illusion, a hologram, played out by the co-conspirators in the MZM.  It could never be perpetrated otherwise.  As James Corbett told us a month or two ago...there are deep psychological operations going on through the media airwaves.  They are boring into our heads and replacing our brains with concrete.  They are replacing our wills and freedom of thought with an addiction to slavery.

The Pandemic on Television « Jon Rappoport's Blog (

Yes, British Columbia is headed for another record-breaking year of suicides via drug overdose...but the HELLth officials like Bullshit Bonnie keep prattling away demonically about masking, social distancing, and "vaccine hesitancy" [aka prudence and common sense]. The taxpayer-funded "community services ads" on TV have ramped up exponentially and have thus accelerated the process of sucking out the brains and injecting the concrete. 

Paramedics Treat Overdose Victim in 
Downtown Vancouver Alley

Covidian Anthem of America

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

UPDATED: Gestapo again attacking the Church in Calgary! PLUS: More FreakedOut News Reports

UPDATED:  April 28, 2021 - The Alberta HELLth Authority has come back to "take out" dissident pastor" Artur Pawlowski with a secret warrant against him.  Rebel News Has the Details Here.  They are obviously following the federal government of Lil Turd Jr. and are going to make a scapegoat/cautionary tale out of Artur.  Good thing he will now have access to the "best lawyers in Canada" because the PerpZ and their political toady assets don't have a legal leg to stand on...and their only recourse is to delay, delay, delay and for God's Sake...NEVER let it go to trial!  If you can, donate to Artur's defense fund...this is for ALL of us!

H/T FreakedOut

The Gestapo came again attacking the Church!

Good morning Readers.  Above is an important escalation in the War against Humanity.  The PerpZ recently sent their brown shirt gestapo SWAT team assets to the Calgary Church to again intimidate and bully the worshippers.  Communist Bolsheviks hate religion/God.  They proved that in their Russian Red Revolution back in the early part of the 19th century.  Under Stalin's fist, they managed to murder millions upon millions of ethnic Russians.  They managed to turn Russia into a Godless nation for most of the century until Putin restored the status of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Russia.

This is how it ALWAYS starts...showing up unannounced at the door...but, like Arthur inevitably ends with concentration camps and genocide.  This is where we're headed, folks, if we don't stand up...and SOON!

FreakedOut Continues: Just in: 

Dr. Tenpenny comments:

“Pfizer injection  to be the official jab of the upcoming Olympics for people under 50 years old.”


A smart one here:

Dr. Tenpenny comments:

“Some honest to God Real intelligence & common sense!”

 Great sign😊: 

FreakedOut continues:  Haven’t seen it yet, just passing  on:

It's All Playing Out: Taking a Closer Look at a "Leaked" Email from PMO's Office From 7 Months Ago..

(20) It's All Playing Out: Taking a Closer Look at a "Leaked" Email from PMO's Office From 7 Months Ago.. - YouTube


Greencrow concludes:  Thanks for all the broken arrows and bottles of rain, FreakedOut.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, read the last post of yesterday. ; )

Regarding the Olympics being a "VaXX" watershed moment...isn't that what James Corbett told us last year [2020]?  He said that exact thing!  The Olympics would be used to further roll out the VaXX and the VaXX Passport.

And the black athlete standing up against the VaXX is exactly what I said was probably going on vis a vis the Vancouver Canucks Hockey Team recent cancellation of many games.  I see they've started playing hockey again.  Must have sorted that one out--one way or the other.  The goalie Thatcher Demko is still not playing, however...still "down with the CovID".  

I don't think the Olympics will go ahead, somehow.  I don't think the PerpZ will allow that much travelling.  They don't want humans to travel anymore.  Period.  Unless, of course, it's travelling from our homes to the genocide concentration camps, that is.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Exclusive RAH Report on Dr. Hoffe interview with Rebel News Drea Humphrey PLUS: The furor over the "Shedding/Transmission" of the "Spike Proteins" to unvaccinated people

Dedicated to all my contributors to this blog
your links, topics and posts are as unique
as "broken arrows" or "bottles of rain"
I feel quite blessed to receive them, gc

Good morning readers, I was driving in my car the other day and the above favourite song of mine came on the radio.  It was written by Canadian First Nations songwriter Robbie Robertson and the lyrics have always spoken to me.  When I heard them this latest time I thought about all my sources for this blog and the little "open source" dynamic we have here and the lyrics described the meeting of minds and wills that we have "moving across the waters" and lands.  Enjoy.

Now, on to the topic of the day and the topic of the rest of our lifetime...the CovID Hoax.  Below is a sign that our regular contributor FreakedOut sent me:

H/T FreakedOut

Last evening I watched a video Zoom conference call between five doctors.  They were discussing this new concept of "shedding".  Shedding is more appropriately called "Transmission" according to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny who was one of the five doctors.  This is the newly discovered phenomena side effect of the vaccination where those who are unvaccinated but who come into regular contact with vaccinated persons develop negative health symptoms such as clotting, bleeding, CovID itself [whatever that is] and more.  An example of this given by Dr. Tenpenny was a person who lived with his/her aged mother who was unvaccinated.  S/he got the CovID injection and his/her mother died of "CovID" shortly thereafter.

This transmission of the evil ingredients of the "Mark of the Beast" vaccine was first described by Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche.  I dismissed it at the time as "disinfo".  Now I am still not convinced that it is related to the mRNA injections but am more open to the idea as more and more doctors come "on board".  I am still waiting to hear what Judy Mikovits, Mike Yeadon, Andrew Wakefield and others think about the theory.  The ramifications for humanity are stupendous.  If this is the truth...then those already vaccinated need to be quarantined for the rest of their lives!  This is what one of the doctors in the Zoom meeting said. He also said it was a bioweapon that could wipe out humanity.  Here is what Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi said along the same lines on April 16, 2021.

Alex Neuman – Bitchute April 21, 2021 Interview with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi - "They are killing people with these vaccines and they feel good about it!"

Watch this video.  This is what I believe is the absolute truth about the CovID-19 Vaccine.

When I consider the ramifications of what the five doctors said in the Zoom conference linked again HERE and what Dr. Bhakdi says at the link above...I believe it is long past time for the Nuremberg 2 trials to begin.  Here is a planning whiteboard for such trials

Nuremberg Code - Very early stage whiteboard (

Exclusive RAH Report

Battlefronts in this existential war on Humanity have opened up all over the Western World.  Here in British Columbia the conflict centers on the lockdowns designed to destroy the local economy...and the vaccinations...which have been specifically targeted against certain racial, age and other demographic groups.  Please read what RAH has to say in his latest report and I will have final comments to follow:

BC Patriot RAH

Hi gc: 

Drea Humphrey of Rebel News interviews BC Hero, COVID Vaccine Whistleblower Dr Charles Hoffe from LYTTON B.C. CANADA.

Rebel News Drea Humphrey Interviewing Charles Hoffe

Not too much new per se that hasn't been reported in his earlier letters posted, but he discusses the points made.  In-person interviews, however, often  add much more meat-to-the-bone.

Dr Hoffe states that ALL those (6) parties that suffered adverse effects (one died) within 72 hours after getting the MODERNA injectione in January were First Nations members. First Nations members in his community over 20 years old were also advised to get vaccinated as well. 

Dr Hoffe was out of Canada for 6 weeks and upon his return the nightmare unfolded as COVID vaccinated patients exhibited  neurological damage.  Dr Hoffe states that, on the other hand, no one in the community was hospitalized over COVID 19. 

He seems to believe in vaccination i.e.,  FLU...but says this COVID vaccine has created health impacts he has never seen before. Dr. Hoffe correctly states this vaccine rollout is an UNtested experiment.

Dr Hoffe submits what other honest medical experts state--the Covid vaccine will NOT prevent one from getting Covid, NOR stop one from transmitting it.....IT IS SIMPLY "SYMPTOM" REDUCTION. [gc comments:  since most "cases" are asymptomatic...i.e., without ANY symptoms...what does a "reduction in symptoms even mean?] So, then WTF???....WHY TAKE IT ???? even while ignoring the mounting drastic side effects.

Dr. Hoffe discusses his meeting with a HELLth Authority-appointed vaccine "side effect" specialist.(which he described as a waste of time).  Then he described the nightmare of having no specialist in British Columbia willing to take a referral--the Government of British Columbia has no interest in investigating this matter any further.  Can you say cover-up?!?

His concerns have had him reprimanded by his Health Authority to basically STFU.  [gc comments:  I would like to know more about the shape this "reprimand" is taking]. 

Watching the video, one can observe that Ms Humphrey is personally concerned as a black person.  Humphries voices her suspicion that persons of color (i.e., First Nations and Blacks) are being targeted.

RAH shares this suspicion. I agree...the vaccines are targeting certain groups--either by genetically engineered in bulk by design, OR not all vaccines are same.i.e., many different vaccines are present at vaccination centers where the correct/custom dose for "you" is selected).  [gc comments:  In the Zoom meeting between five doctors reported on above, Dr. Tenpenny said that over 80 additional "vaccines" are being readied for marketing in the near future...IMO, this is to further "tailor" the transhumanizing modification operating systems for the intended "target"]. 

Dr Hoffe said that Covid vaccines deaths that are recorded within approximately 48 hours can be  attributed to vaccine, but beyond that "other" factors are often blamed. Drea Humphrey and Dr. Hoff  also delved into what is becoming overwhelming evidence that VACCINATED people are creating, spreading/shedding "something" (i.e.,  the spike protein Bio-Weapon) that is affecting UNVACCINATED parties....i.e., such as dramatically impacting women's physiology, resulting in miscarriages, disrupted periods, fertility issues--even men's physiology is becoming affected.  

RAH Concludes:  Via process of elimination. there are no other suspects except Covid mRNA Experimental injections. (NOTE: more and more people are waking up......I posted previously that VACCINATED parties may become the societal outcasts--NOT the UNvaccinated.  ) If this is true...the process is irreversible, idiots who swallowed the Covid Vaxx Kool Aid are SOL. 


I recommend the interview....Dr Hoffe is still "alive", clearly not intimidated, perhaps even more emboldened to sound the alarm and upholding his Hippocratic Oath which is #1 patient-focused and not capitulating and genuflecting to the scumbags in charge of  Modern Medicine and Big Pharma.  

I do see hopeful signs around the globe whereby people are waking up and NO WAY IN HELL will they ever take this evil, toxic, satanic, Frankensteinian witches' brew...we are HUMANS.....not Lab Rats.  Let HOPE PREVAIL and FREEDOM REIGN !!!!!



Greencrow concludes:  Thank's very much for this RAH.  The main dynamic that connects all the CovID dotZ around the planet is the absolutely uniformly dismissive response from all governments, federal, provincial, local...even medical clinics,  It is truly lockstep!  What is the lever that is so powerful that is driving all these authorities to kowtow to the main perpetrators over in Davos Switzerland?  What is the blackmail against these leaders going on?  What is the extortion?  What is the corruption?  This should be the next focus of our investigations.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Dan Dicks Press for Truth Covers the Chris Sky Rally at Vancouver Sunset Beach PLUS: Kids As Young As 12 To Receive Covid Vaccines By September

Chris Sky Speaking at Sunset Beach in Vancouver
Chris' Speech starts at 2:39:00

Good morning readers.  It's a grey, rainy and cool day in the Pacific North West and our spate of three week glorious, sunny, warm weather is definitely over for the immediate future.  I will be visiting my disabled brother at his staffed residence this afternoon and will need to bundle up to sit outside on the deck as we still need to do over one year since he had to lock down for "two weeks to flatten the curve".  I was told by the staff on the telephone this week that my [now vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine] brother has come down with "respiratory issues" ["allergies"] so we will see what that is all about.  

I haven't been putting up as many posts lately and this trend will likely continue as my husband and I complete the paperwork and then the move into our new "downsize" property on Vancouver Island over the summer.  This miracle "find" of the perfect property--after over a year of looking and disappointments--has lifted my spirits immeasurably.  My suicidal ideation which I've battled since the CovID started has totally abated.  But I will always appreciate knowing what being suicidal feels like because it has raised my empathy level to those similarly afflicted.  It's like the old saying..."Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

Chris Sky came to Vancouver last week and gave a barnburner of a speech which you can watch in the Dan Dicks video above.  Go to 2:39:00 the way through to see and listen to Chris speak.  Chis is our savior here in Canada and is probably the most important Canadian of his generation.  To think that someone so wise, so good and so motivated can come out of that "tear down", zombified generation is a true miracle.  To think that he takes all the tools of zombification like the social media and turns them into tools of liberation is astounding.  I've said this before and I'll say it again...Chris Sky is like how Jesus Christ must have been...travelling around from village to village in ancient Israel and motivating the people...with the same reaction from the "authorities" unfortunately.  Now he's in a huge convoy of vehicles travelling east...gathering momentum and followers in every city he travels through.  He's talking about hitting the Manitoba/Ontario border and confronting the police who have set up a roadblock there.  Stay tuned for that--which should happen within days.

God sent Chris [named for Christ] just in the nick of time.  Look at the headlines/links below and see how close we're getting to vaccine Armageddon:


 Kids As Young As 12 To Receive Covid Vaccines By September « Aletho News

Kids As Young As 12 To Receive Covid Vaccines By September

By Richie Allen | April 23, 2021

"The Sun newspaper is claiming this morning that it has seen “core planning documents,” which lay out plans to vaccinate children from September, in a bid to prevent a third wave of coronavirus.

A government source told The Sun that vaccinating children as young as five years-old is also being considered. The source told the newspaper that;

“Plans are in place to vaccinate children aged 12 upwards, and senior government officials have been briefed. Though controversial, it is deemed necessary to stop the UK regressing in its remarkable fight against Covid.”

The core planning documents also suggest that everyone over 50 should be offered a booster jab in the Autumn.

Children are virtually unaffected by coronavirus, but government scientists believe that they can pass it on to elderly relatives or vulnerable people. There is absolutely no evidence to support this claim.

Transmission rates did not increase when schools were reopened last Autumn, nor when they were reopened last month. There is zero evidence to back up the claim that asymptomatic people can spread the virus.

Why is the government hell-bent on vaccinating children for an illness that doesn’t affect them? Where are the paediatricians? The silence is deafening. The media, typically, is absent."


US vaccination sites are closing from California to Texas, Ohio to Mississippi as demand for Covid shots plummets across the country - despite less than 28% of the population being fully inoculated - Madness Hub

Nurse launches petition to opt out of mandatory Covid-19 vaccination at Texas hospital as it vows to FIRE those who refuse the jab — RT USA News

MASS MURDER: 3,486 DEATHS in the U.S. Following COVID Injections in 4 Months: More Vaccine Deaths Recorded Than the Past 15 Years COMBINED (

Greencrow concludes:  My spideys came to me the other night and told me something absolutely shocking.  They said that the Deagel Forecast which is written about in the link below...

Doug Casey On The Shocking 2025 "Deagel" Forecast: War, Population Reduction, & The Collapse Of The West - Activist Post Not a Forecast at all.  They said it is a Quota System.  They said that the evil perpZ behind the CovID-19 Plandemic/Scamdemi HOAX Agenda 21 Globalist "Economic Re-set" or, however you want to call it, have determined that all countries MUST reduce their populations according to the "Deagel Forecast numbers"  Or else!  Perhaps that was what Doug Ford was referring to when he bleated out the amazing excuse for locking down Ontario:  "If I don't do what the Health Authorities tell me to do...I might as well tie a rope around my neck and throw myself over a bridge".

Perhaps all the leaders have been threatened with death of themselves and their families if they don't comply with the Deagel numbers by the end date which, according to WHO, is March 31, 2025.  Perhaps they have been promised that they and their families will be "spared" if they DO comply!  Perhaps they have been promised huge riches when the PerpZ divide up all the assets and property of the billions who will be genocided by the vaccines.  The spideys don't give me the minor details...just the basic outline and the principles.

Well, so far, humanity has thrown huge roadblocks [pun intended] up before their diabolical plan as follows...after 28% of the Western population sheeple getting they've hit bedrock...nobody is getting the vaccines, contrary to what you hear 24/7 on the criminal MZM.  So the vaccine scam is a bust.  Now we have Chris Sky awakening the people, motivating them to action to end the lockdowns.  The PerpZ are going to have to pull something BIG out of their @$$es...and soon...that's for sure!

Stay tuned.