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UPDATED: What Could Possibly Go Wrong???!!! - How the Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Works

UPDATED:  March 21, 2021 I have updated this article to clarify that although, unlike ModeRNA and Pfizer, AstraZeneca does NOT use synthetic mRNA it its Experimental Gene Therapy, it does use "harmless" chimpanzee "adenovirus" to deliver DNA into the recipient's cells.  Folks, it matters not to me whether it is aborted fetus mRNA or chimpanzee "adenovirus"....with a 98% "covID" recovery rate...why would ANYONE do this to themselves???

Dr. Hari Harini, Rest In Peace ️ 26 years old, died following a covid-19 “vaccine”. She felt unwell and her doctor husband administered pain medication for her, but she passed hours later at the hospital.  H/T FreakedOut for photo 

Good Morning readers.  Just a short post today.  I want to get sewing dresses for my granddaughters.  We're going over to Vancouver Island for Easter and I promised their mother I'd make them matching party dresses.   As regular readers know...I have been stressed to the max with worry about my disabled 63 year old brother, Paul who lives in a group home and has been told he will be getting the AstraZeneca vaccine next month.  I did not approve this injection so the Group home went around me and got my two siblings who live in far off places to approve the injection.  

This morning I decided to read more about the vaccine my brother will be getting [unless a miracle intervenes and, like 24 other countries around the world, Canada joins in and "suspends" the "roll-out" of the vaccines.  I beg anyone who is able to write their MP and ask them to suspend the vaccination.  I have gone on Twitter and other forms to make this request.

In the meantime, here is an explanation of how the Astra-Zeneca vaccine works that I found in the New York Times.  What could possibly go wrong? I have bolded and added emphasis. Please read the following brief description, then the New York Times article and I will have final comments to follow:

The AstraZeneca option is a viral vector vaccine, which uses a harmless chimpanzee adenovirus to deliver DNA into our cells. [WTF?] This technology is also new to the world of approved vaccines.
How the Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Works

How the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine Works - The New York Times (

By Jonathan Corum and Carl ZimmerUpdated March 11, 2021
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The University of Oxford partnered with the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca to develop and test a coronavirus vaccine known as ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 or AZD1222. Clinical trials found that the vaccine had an efficacy of 82.4 percent when two doses were given 12 weeks apart. Despite some uncertainty over trial results, Britain authorized the vaccine for emergency use in December, and India authorized a version of the vaccine called Covishield on Jan. 3.

A Piece of the Coronavirus

The SARS-CoV-2 virus is studded with proteins that it uses to enter human cells. These so-called spike proteins make a tempting target for potential vaccines and treatments.



Spike protein gene

The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine is based on the virus’s genetic instructions for building the spike protein. But unlike the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, which store the instructions in single-stranded RNA, the Oxford vaccine uses double-stranded DNA.

DNA Inside an Adenovirus

The researchers added the gene for the coronavirus spike protein to another virus called an adenovirus. Adenoviruses are common viruses that typically cause colds or flu-like symptoms. The Oxford-AstraZeneca team used a modified version of a chimpanzee adenovirus, known as ChAdOx1. It can enter cells, but it can’t replicate inside them.

DNA inside an adenovirus

AZD1222 comes out of decades of research on adenovirus-based vaccines. In July, the first one was approved for general use — a vaccine for Ebola, made by Johnson & Johnson. Advanced clinical trials are underway for other diseases, including H.I.V. and Zika.

The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine for Covid-19 is more rugged than the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. DNA is not as fragile as RNA, and the adenovirus’s tough protein coat helps protect the genetic material inside. As a result, the Oxford vaccine doesn’t have to stay frozen. The vaccine is expected to last for at least six months when refrigerated at 38–46°F (2–8°C).

Entering a Cell

After the vaccine is injected into a person’s arm, the adenoviruses bump into cells and latch onto proteins on their surface. The cell engulfs the virus in a bubble and pulls it inside. Once inside, the adenovirus escapes from the bubble and travels to the nucleus, the chamber where the cell’s DNA is stored.

ADENOVIRUS Entering the cell


Virus engulfed in a bubble

Leaving the bubble

Injecting DNA





The adenovirus pushes its DNA into the nucleus. The adenovirus is engineered so it can’t make copies of itself, but the gene for the coronavirus spike protein can be read by the cell and copied into a molecule called messenger RNA, or mRNA.

Building Spike Proteins

The mRNA leaves the nucleus, and the cell’s molecules read its sequence and begin assembling spike proteins.


Spike protein - mRNA - Translating mRNA

Three spike proteins combine

Spike Cell nucleus

Spikes and protein fragments Displaying spike protein fragments

Protruding spikes

Some of the spike proteins produced by the cell form spikes that migrate to its surface and stick out their tips. The vaccinated cells also break up some of the proteins into fragments, which they present on their surface. These protruding spikes and spike protein fragments can then be recognized by the immune system.

The adenovirus also provokes the immune system by switching on the cell’s alarm systems. The cell sends out warning signals to activate immune cells nearby. By raising this alarm, the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine causes the immune system to react more strongly to the spike proteins.

Spotting the Intruder

When a vaccinated cell dies, the debris contains spike proteins and protein fragments that can then be taken up by a type of immune cell called an antigen-presenting cell.

Debris from a dead cell Engulfing a spike

ANTIGEN-PRESENTING CELL Digesting the proteins

Presenting a spike protein fragment


The cell presents fragments of the spike protein on its surface. When other cells called helper T cells detect these fragments, the helper T cells can raise the alarm and help marshal other immune cells to fight the infection.

Making Antibodies

Other immune cells, called B cells, may bump into the coronavirus spikes on the surface of vaccinated cells, or free-floating spike protein fragments. A few of the B cells may be able to lock onto the spike proteins. If these B cells are then activated by helper T cells, they will start to proliferate and pour out antibodies that target the spike protein.


Activating the B cell

Matching surface proteins



Stopping the Virus

The antibodies can latch onto coronavirus spikes, mark the virus for destruction and prevent infection by blocking the spikes from attaching to other cells.



Killing Infected Cells

The antigen-presenting cells can also activate another type of immune cell called a killer T cell to seek out and destroy any coronavirus-infected cells that display the spike protein fragments on their surfaces.


Presenting a spike protein fragment



Beginning to kill the infected cell

Remembering the Virus

The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine requires two doses, given four weeks apart, to prime the immune system to fight off the coronavirus. During the clinical trial of the vaccine, the researchers unwittingly [ unwittingly?] gave some volunteers only half a dose.

Surprisingly, the vaccine combination in which the first dose was only half strength was 90 percent effective at preventing Covid-19 in the clinical trial. In contrast, the combination of two full-dose shots led to just 62 percent efficacy. The researchers speculate that the lower first dose did a better job of mimicking the experience of an infection, promoting a stronger immune response when the second dose was administered.

First dose

Second dose

28 days later

Because the vaccine is so new, researchers don’t know how long its protection might last. It’s possible that in the months after vaccination, the number of antibodies and killer T cells will drop. But the immune system also contains special cells called memory B cells and memory T cells that might [might?] retain information about the coronavirus for years or even decades.

For more about the vaccine, see AstraZeneca’s Covid Vaccine: What You Need to Know.


Greencrow concludes:  Looks like they've pulled a lot of their conjectures out of their asses on this one folks...a lot of unknowns and sheer happenstances.  Just GET SOMETHING TO MARKET! was the order of the day in the labs where this was cooked up.  They still don't really know whether to give one dose or two.  Whatever.

Anyone who takes this concoction deserves what happens next.  Anyone able to make an informed choice, that is.  Those vulnerable elderly and/or disabled who are not able to make an informed choice are being exploited and deliberately put in harms way.

Please share this as widely as possible and send it to your Member of Parliament with a request that the roll out be suspended until some REAL scientists [who are not monetarily dependent on Baal GateZ and/or Big Pharma] can have a look at it and give us some HONEST answers!!!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

The abyss draws nearer...

Observance from my perch and via various sources are the PerpZ are now going after the children, newborns and pregnant women with the vaccines....err gene therapy...even though studies have shown their risk of COVID infection is near zero.

BCTF is a disgrace, they should be charged with child abuse by propagating fear porn and literally demanding ALL students...even K - 7 ...wear masks.

My suspicions were verified when I saw it had nothing to do with childrens best interests. Teachers seem to want get on WorkSafe benefits and get paid to stay home, which begets the question of what criteria does WorkSafe use to verify/justify a claim.. a simply POSITIVE PCR test ?...which we know is BULLSHITE?

News said approx. (125) K-7 teachers are on WorkSafe pogey...approx. (30) Grades 8-12 teachers are on WorkSafe pogey. QUESTION: Is BCTF in cahoots with Gov't and Big Pharma so our Youth get herded into vaccines....err gene therapy ???

IMHO they cannot allow any age group to be would expose the fraud...they need everyone to be at lowest common denominator of Vaxx compromised as it is the perfect crime scene cover up.

Rebel News has a report re Pfizer...and the buzz is a THIRD vaccine....err UNtested gene therapy will be deemed necessary. I think its fair to say we will never see an end to vaccines ....err UNtested gene therapy... unless we make a stand asap.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X]

Thanks for watching the we don't have to. :[

I don't blame the teachers for tapping out...who wants to wear a mask all day long for the rest of their lives?

Re vaxxing the children...That, is what their primary goal always has been. They want to get that gene "therapy" in--doing its programmed destruction--during the formative, growing years. The only "vaccination" goal for us old buzzards is to "press delete".


Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

Watched this Laura-Lynn video...she had Rosa Koire on at start...and Koire lays out very clearly how AGENDA 21 and COVID scam align to drag us into FABIAN SOCIALISM aka slower path to Communism...9/11 was re security...COVID is all about surveillance

More important locally here in BC is this person who outlines a horror story of having to go to Peace Arch Hospital with VERY PAINFUL recurring Kidney Stones...the Hospital was near empty...yet the staff were more concerned re BULLSHITE COVID protocol as this person much of this is going on ???

Scroll to 1:25: 54 mark

This is getting waaay over the top.

Truly UNbelievable.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X]

My two years older brother has been in hospital for a month now in Ontario. No visitors allowed...horrific negligence by the medical staff. He now wants to die.

Welcome to the new HELL care system.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

Time we ALL...Germanic descent or otherwise...organized NUREMBURG 2.0
These MoFos are out of control ..time to buy pitchforks..torches and lots rope !!!

Canadians not near death gain access to assisted dying as Senate passes Bill C-7


"....OTTAWA — Intolerably suffering Canadians who are not near the natural end of their lives now have the right to seek medical assistance in dying. And that will eventually include people suffering solely from grievous and irremediable mental illnesses. "


It appears that Gov'ts will not tolerate any facility that doesn't offer assisted suicide(MAiD)