Wednesday, March 10, 2021

War on Humanity Sitrep: The Netherlands Report - They're Attacking our Children

German Gestapo Drag off Teen at Demonstration

Good morning readers.  Folks, I never thought I would live to see the day when our children were treated with such hatred, viciousness and reckless endangerment.  It's the most anti-human aspect of this entire Species War on Humanity/effort to cull billions of humans off the planet.  If you were the planner of such a diabolical agenda…wouldn't YOU go after the children and parents first?  It's happening outright as shown in the photo and video above...but it's also happening everywhere on earth in countless acts of micro and macro aggression.  Please read the the latest missive from JM, my Granny War Correspondent in The Netherlands:

JM "Granny" War Correspondent
from The Netherlands 

Kids Exposed to Adult Nude Bodies
this is an act of Aggressive Child Abuse...these
kids don't even KNOW these Adults...why do they
have to look at their bodies???!!!

JM Says:  Hai gc: 

I hope you are doing well, although it's hard to keep sane these days don't you think.🤪

Until last Friday, with a little effort, I could do my shopping without a mask. When they ask me to put on my mask I told them that I was exempt, which I was, because everyone else had a mask on. But then I had to show them (her) my card that I don't have. I pretended not to hear her and walked on. That of course was a big mistake! I had already put some groceries in my basket when the manager approached me and asked me for my card, which of course I did not have. Because I did not want to put on a mask, I was thrown out of the shop without my shopping. So, next time  let's see how it goes with a card. 😁  

More and more the ugly and perverted head of the Beast is getting visible, as you can see in the video that I send you.  This is a program on national tv made specially for children. It is called "Nude just ordinary" or "Bloot gewoon". In this video as you can see, there are adult people showing their nudity in front of children by the age of 11/12 years old.

The children are allowed to question these people about their body. One man has a piercing through his penis and on seeing it, one of the children asked why he had done that.

You can clearly see that the children find it very uncomfortable.

I find it so disgusting and a violation of the children's own dignity. You and I very well know where this is going and it makes me sick to my stomach. In the meantime, things are moving very fast now.  The passports, vaccinations, the apps, are coming very close now. 

A few days ago, a new movement was launched under the name "Moederhart" (Mothers hart) Mothers who disapprove of the policy of testing, vaccinations, keeping distant and so on. They wanted to let everybody know by writing a letter a so called "Brandbrief" (see 

Have you received my mail about the whistle-blower from WHO?* I got this from the site from David Icke. Very interesting about Bill Gate. 

That's it for now, 

Kind regards,


[I believe this is the link JM is referring to - gc]


Greencrow says:  Readers, child abuse is now the routine order of the day rather than something I was trained, hired and paid to root out of society.  Every day I wonder how my colleagues still in Child Protection are feeling about their jobs.  Every day I see children out in the local park wearing face masks...which is such an overt act of child abuse that in days gone by a parent would have their child seized if the child was seen outside routinely with a mask on.  Just a week or so ago I told a mother to her face that she was abusing her child by making the child wear a face mask.  If I were still employed by the Government, I would probably lose my job for doing such a thing.

And then, what can we say about the video that JM sent above about the Dutch children being exposed to adult nudity to "make them feel comfortable".  Is this not what they used to call "grooming"?  Folks, I couldn't watch the video myself...why would I let my child watch it?  It is a parent's sacred task to protect their child from premature sexualization...which could lead them to becoming victims of later sexual exploitation.

When I was raising my own two sons I respected their privacy and taught them to respect mine.  Neither I nor my husband paraded around in the nude.  When they were in the bathtub I taught them to clean themselves with a wash cloth and, after they were past toddler years, I never touched their private parts.  This is just common sense and mutual respect/trust...which should be the foundation of all sexuality and, much, much later, sexual relations.
Here's the entire video of Max Igan's latest...which contains the video of the German police assault on the female child.  I highly recommend the entire video:

Finally, arising out of the now systemic abuse coming from governmental institutions, we have the growing lack of respect and trust for Global Public Health.  How can we respect our Health Officers and their Departments when they lie constantly...and are in full-frontal co-ordinated attack mode on humanity and our most precious possessions...our children?

The Collapse of Trust in Public Health

Plus:  H/T Dennis: "Father is denied custody of his children due to his CovID-19 beliefs":

H/T Dennis

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

"....Have you received my mail about the whistle-blower from WHO?* I got this from the site from David Icke. Very interesting about Bill Gate. "


Came across a couple of Web Sites which allude to an olde "get out of jail" legal trick.
Recall private corporations manouevered designation of "person" status.

Bill Gates has apparently been designated as a "nation state" and via this legal treachery has acquired "diplomatic immunity" . This effectively makes him immune to prosecution and concurrently allows him even more treachery to unleash.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X]

Funny. Not too long ago, corporations were manipulating and corrupting the law in order to get "person" they could acquire all the rights an individual has vis a vis the law.

IMHO, Baal GateZ has already been tried in the "Court of Public Opinion", been found guilty of Crimes against Humanity. All that needs to happen now is for him to be run out of town on a rail.