Thursday, March 25, 2021

War on Humanity SITREP: Dan Dicks Press for Truth...trying to save one future vaccine victim at a time... PLUS More Vaccine Bullshit From "Insiders" and Professional Con Men

One of the more perfidious aspects of this Bizarro Twilight Time for Humanity in the Covidian Mass Death Cull is the switching of roles.  Doctors have become panderers of death.  Hospitals have become Death traps for the unwary mildly ill who go to hospital on a fairly routine complaint and then get murdered by the incompetence [deliberate] that is running rampant recently happened to a dear relative of mine just last week RIP.

Conversely, ordinary men and women take on the role of healers and saviors of those who are too stupid and to brainwashed to see the nose in front of their face [more about that at the end of this post] and try to snatch them from the Globalist Trap laid out for their impending doom.

In the above two videos made by Press for Truth video blogger Dan Dicks, we have an example of one such good Samaritan.  Dan carefully, as if walking on eggshells, tries to pry open the rusted-shut minds of two young late teenagers and, ever so gingerly, stuff in a nugget of truth and common sense.  Watching the videos--it is like watching a brain surgeon laser-boring a hole in their brains in order to extract a highly malignant tumour.  It's a white knuckle experience, even to watch.  Can you imagine how Dan felt performing such a risky procedure?  Terror...that the patient might get up in the middle of surgery and bolt.

Unlike a brain surgeon, Dan gets no high salary for his skills.  If you believe in his his blog...I highly recommend that you do.  In the two videos above...just possibly...Dan saved two young lives.

The fog of war against humanity lays heavily over the land this morning folks.  The Perpz have begun to fight the final battle for the bodies, souls and minds of humanity.  The disinfo, like shrapnel, streams upwards against the black sky...fanning back and pre-emptively take out any random penetrating foreign truths.  Who knows what to believe about the vaccines anymore?  The lies crisscross the night sky, exploding the truth--or strangling it in its cradle.  Is the information from the Surgeon below yet more disinfo?

Surgeon Warns Vaccinating People Infected With COVID Could Cause ‘Avoidable Harm’ • Children's Health Defense

In the cold morning light comes the air raid siren, screaming the "All Clear" ..."Move along, nothing to see's the all "natural" in the "new normal". 

It’s natural to be skeptical, but vaccine IDs are here to stay. Get used to it | Montreal Gazette

Finally, there's the back-handed insider joke at the stupidity of the sheeple...laughing up their CBS sleeves...."Watch how many imbeciles we get to follow this latest trend...Somebody's gonna make a fortune on this!


The battle side fighting against the frail...all too human...reality.  The other side forced, one arm tied [censored] behind its back, to battle the fog, smoke and mirrors of ever more lethal, diabolical lies.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

Covid scam update:

Carbon Tax deemed "constitutional" by Supreme Court( more proof our courts are infiltrated)

BC Gov't considering paid time off to allow all employees in BC access to death..errr vaccines ...err experimental gene therapy. (Folks...this smacks of desperation)

Over 1400 UNemployed hospitality and tourism workers given employment at BC vaccination centers(Again...more desperation )

ONE BC ferry worker on the Northern Route deemed to have Covid...the entire sailings cancelled and ship to be "cleaned".

= More Fear Porn ramped up

Karmellis said...

Following up on Anonymous(X)'s post on the carbon scam. The supreme court (which I say quite loosely, given the farce they proved themselves to be) voted 6-3 in favour of the carbon tax, despite them admitting that this violated provincial jurisdiction.

And given we just had an episode of the lieberals being caught red-handed paying for people (with public funds, yet another example of the contempt they have towards us and the fraud/theft they continue to perpetrate without accountability) to promote our federal mishandler of health Hadju... Well, I think investigations on the 6 judges that voted in favour of this should be in order, mostly to see if they received any incentive from the *cough* government.

At least one judge couldn't stand to see this blatant fraud go without some form of challenge. Justice Russel Brown (A brave man, considering what's likely to be done to him) issued a statement regarding how utterly and completely wrong this ruling was.

We also have a victim of bill C-16 in BC who is locked up in jail right now, likely for the rest of life, because he refuses to call his daughter anything BUT his daughter, even though it was the state that have been pushing his daughter into becoming something else without his consent, from ID rewriting to massive indoctrination and forcing toxic drugs upon said person. The father had no control over the matter and when trying to assert himself as the parent, he's locked up over it. I don't see how he is not a political prisoner, given he challenged the opinion of the state.

... 'time off to allow all employees in BC access to jabs'? Really? If they were so popular, people would find ways to make time for them. This says plenty about how unpopular they are, despite what the handlers direct public opinion to be.