Friday, March 5, 2021

Professional Media/Political Asset Liars/Co-conspirators are Struggling to "Stay Ahead of the Truth Curve"

Minister of Hellth, Adrian Dix, Bullshit "Dr" Bonnie Henry
 and British Columbia Premier Whore-Gun
H/T John Kaminski

Good morning, readers.  As I said yesterday, in the Blogosphere these days it's an embarrassment of Riches.  So many valiant war-correspondents doing their duty to God, Humanity and their country...scouring the putrid MZM and Internet...coming up with gem links and stories.  I can barely keep up.  Last night while waiting for the Canucks Hockey Game to start [spoiler:  Canucks WON a rare game...and it was against the Maple Laffs] I surfed through the NewZ channels and was absolutely gob-smacked by the obvious panic and desperation shown in the eyes, demeanour and words of the talking heads and their professional liar newZ subjects.  BC Hellth minister Adrian Dix in particular was virtually catatonic while furiously protecting WHO underling Bullshit Bonnie from the growing accusations that she....Wait for it....Wait a little longer.....was guilty of mishandling...wait just a little longer....the vaccine roll out with her new pronouncement that there could be a longer time period between the two Experimental mRNA Gene Altering Injections!

No, The Dickhead doesn't care about British Columbians taking such a life-altering toxin into their bodies. He just cares that people are "attacking" the Bullshitter for her "decision".  Folks.  Let's be utterly frank here.  Dickhead doesn't give a shit about what the public, medical professionals or anyone thinks.  All he cares about is mouthing the distraction prattle that he's ordered to fill the airwaves with.  He doesn't even know or read what he's supposed to SAY anymore.  He just opens his mouth before the cameras and pure, steaming shit comes out. Job done!

Here's an e-mail I received this morning:


H/T renate (Mission bc) posted from Tracey Wiggins

"I just spoke with my insurance company Manulife, I was curious if I get the vaccine for covid-19 and pass away from complications, would my life insurance policy be valid...well guess what? Confirmed they would NOT pay out policy because the vaccine is experimental!!!! Wake up Canada! Do your research! Share, share, share..."


Greencrow continues:  Yes, folks, the wheels are coming off the Plandemic Bus. Imagine a hurried teleconference amongst the desperate shysters/co-conspirators...that comes up with this solution...REBRANDING!  that ALWAYS confuses the Sheeple...and provides another pile of shit to steam up the CHEK news nightly airwaves with:

Health Canada approves Johnson and Johnson vaccine against COVID-19

Health Canada approves Johnson and Johnson vaccine against COVID-19 (


Greencrow:  Wait!  What's IN the Johnson and Johnson "Vaccine" shit?  More mRNA?!  Who gives a shit...just bring it on!  Here are several more e-mails and links I received in the last two days about what's REALLY happening.  Please read and I will have final thoughts to follow:



H/T Simon Hicks

The Great 2021 Bimodal Cusp Catastrophe – what will prevail? – Freedom or Tyranny?... | GoldSeek excellent but lengthy analysis written by Clive Maund.  H/T Henry Makow

Quarantine hotel in Toronto accused of running out of FOOD & WATER as guests let loose on staff (VIDEOS) — RT World News


RAH says

FYI:  BTW  [...] haven't processed the videos we did last week yet of the Vancouver CovID hotels.  However, this popped up on radar screen re Richmond COVID Quarantine hotel.  Rebel News reporter Drea Humphrey reported on which you posted. this a union decertification precedent in the making that will resonate throughout BC ?

I tend to be neutral re: unions, but I 100% believe in fair play. Horgan?? Trudeau???? where are you???"


Greencrow comments:  For the record, greencrow is very Pro-Union and belonged to the biggest union in British Columbia, the BCGEU for over 18 years.  Whore-Gun and the NDP [and the Trudeau "Liberals" for that matter] were elected on the platform of being pro-union.  All these existential threats to the Union Movement/Concept coming during their electoral mandates are proof positive that they are NOT pro-union--as they pretended to be.  From every single thing they have done/diktat they have imposed they are ONLY globalist/Communist union-busting infiltrators.  


25 Elderly People Dead in Alicante After Getting Vaccinated – Europe Renaissance

More this morning from RAH.  He believes the shell game the PerpZ are playing vis a vis the "Hellth" costs and who is paying for the PCR tests is pivotal in following the money to the criminal source. He recently questioned an earlier response from his Member of the BC Legislature Assembly [MLA] that:

“...BCCDC public health lab operates with a global budget and we don’t charge MSP for testing..." .

Yesterday, he FINALLY got his MLA's office to agree and to "push the matter forward".  See the letter the MLA sent to RAH below:


"Hello [RAH]

Now that you have sent this request...I want to know these things too! I have sent your questions forward and hope to receive word from my colleague [Minister of Health, Adrian Dix?] shortly.  I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sherrill Gullickson
[Administrative Assistant to 


Greencrow:  I then asked RAH to explain the significance of getting to the bottom of the Test costs and here is his response:


Hi gc:.

IMHO they have hung themselves...why dig further? I am shocked at what I read. NOTHING in life is free...the BCCDC giving a PCR test "freebie" implies they have zero local oversight and can BS the PCR COVID tests and manipulate the results. This global freebie is COMMUNISM pure and simple:

BC has had approx. 82,000 COVID cases...and this does NOT mean 82,000 tests. "Cases" have very low thresholds...i.e, the multiplier effect of "contact". Let's say they did 82,000 tests @ $100/test....that equals $8.2 million.

The cheapest vaccines I have seen is around $10/dose. That equals $50 million for 5 million BC citizens given [that the Trudeau Federal] government is simply buying in bulk blindly. So cost of $8.2 million versus gross of $50 million leaves a huge profit of over $40 million. 

The funder of the "free" tests are likely Big Pharma, Bill Gates etc. Private firms charge between $350 and $395 for these tests. Something is seriously wrong here.

Dr Bullshite is a minion of WHO, so all the ducks line up for BC Government to defer to BCCDC and Dr Bullshite. They simply ramp up Fear Porn and have BC citizens line up for Big Pharma and Bill Gates vaccinations. So cost of "free tests" of say 10,000 daily is easily covered/absorbed by cost of  5 million+vaccines being purchased for BC citizens. In other words, the free cost of bogus COVID tests has huge fiscal leverage and equals mega vaccine profits.

My MLA's office seemed pretty clueless but on board with my inquiry. I hope I made my point.



Greencrow:  Hope RAH hears back further from his MLA on the money trail but of course, we all know that having your elected representative "on board"--and $3.00--will get you a cup of Starbucks coffee. [in other words, MLA support means NOTHING!].

Meanwhile, the Adverse Reactions beat goes on.  Regular contributor Dennis writes:


"Trying to keep accurate track of the adverse reactions (err...victims)."

or, gc says:  try this LINK to the same data more condensed.  Here's another link provided by Dennis:


Greencrow concludes:  Had a look at the PDF link above and the numbers of adverse reactions to the mRNA Gene Altering Injections are nothing less than shocking.  In an earlier era this would would stop the relentless roll-out in its tracks and lead to high level investigations and legal prosecutions.  But this is WAR folks.  This is an existential Species War.

As I said at the beginning of this post, while the PerpZ and their underlings are getting more and more desperate regarding the Vaccine Roll-out catastrophe, there's no turning back.  Billions of dollarZ are in the balance.  Their entire economic "ReZet" is predicated on the Sheeple following the political and media Judas GOATZ up the vaccine Slaughter-house ramp.  But...the ramp is beginning to sag and twist in the wind.

Stay tuned...there's tons more info where this came from--my immortal warriors!


Anonymous said...

It seems to be that the rats starting to be scared;

Re: locked up pastor in Edmonton
"In an unusual move, the prosecutor asked to appear by her title, rather than her name, citing “security” concerns. Alberta ministry of justice did not reply when asked to elaborate on those concerns Thursday."


Karmellis said...

Greetings to our most wonderful Greencrow!

It also mentions that the kill rate below 65 is 260x greater than what is claimed to be the virus. Their narrative aside (blaming the wrong suspects for this situation), the information is another example of how the 'cure' is far, far more dangerous than the problem.

greencrow said...

hi S75p

I have been watching this case, plus the one in BC I reported on earlier in the week. The perpZ know they don't have a legal leg to stand on once the Charter Rights and all the Science nonsense is brought to light in a court of law. So they are furiously "making hay while the sun shines" by keeping the Pastor locked up.

Their vaccination nonsense is also starting to stink to high heaven. What kind of "Health" department tells citizens they must take '2 doses of "A" vaccine', or they will die of the dreaded "CovID-19". Then, after a few weeks of NOBODY showing up at their huge, expensive, taxpayer-funded vaccination centres...they announce that citizens only have to take '1 dose of "B" vaccine.' Vaccine taking is being rolled out like a bargain basement "going out of bidness sale!" Even the brain-dead Sheeple must see from that 'bait and switch' that they're making it all up as they go along!


greencrow said...

Hi Karmellis:

If I'm so wonderful at this...can I get to go home early? This is very Sisyphean work!

Yes, horrifyingly, the vaccine has now killed enough people for a very productive Nuremberg 2.0 trial I do believe.

CanadianNotCommunist said...

Hi Greencrow;

Yes, there is a clue in how they changed the time period between doses from approximately 3 - 4 weeks apart to 3 - 4 months apart.
In a real pandemic you would want to fully vaccinate as many people as possible; what it appears now, by trying to get as many people as possible to get their first shot, is they hope to initiate vaccine damage in as many people as possible, before the wheels come off the cart. This way they will still get to sell their remedies for all the various side effects for years to come.

Anonymous said...

That brave pastor is causing them more derailment than they can handle and best is yet to come. Demons are trying but they wont prevail.
They are producing evidence against themselves as they go, does dr BB think that once her role as useful idiot expires she will be still riding her high horse?
Her latest stunt about "no science" puts her in a position where it might be possible for every BC citizen to sue her personally. Very stupid woman.

Here is another little juvel, I oveheard this:

"I just spoke with my insurance company, I was curious if I get the vaccine for covid- 19 and pass away from complications, would my life insurance policy be valid...well guess what? Confirmed they would NOT pay out policy because the vaccine is experimental!!!!"

Outcomes of all of this might be monumental.
Just saying

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:


"I just spoke with my insurance company Manulife, I was curious if I get the vaccine for covid-19 and pass away from complications, would my life insurance policy be valid...well guess what? Confirmed they would NOT pay out policy because the vaccine is experimental!!!!


I am going to research this further and encourage others to as well.

Your insurer is often way ahead of the learning curve.
They likely won't be active in making this public...but are obligated to inform you upon request.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X]

Makes you wonder WHY the Insurance companies aren't speaking up. Paid OFF to keep their traps shut?!

I remember back after 9/11 there was a big scandal surrounding the controlled implosions of the WTC and Building 6 when the Insurance Adjuster Kevin Ryan [who went on to become one of the most courageous of all the 9/11 whistleblowers] spoke up and said the buildings could not have collapsed the way they did. Well, the Insurance Companies threw him under the bus and played along with the False Flag atrocity that killed 3,000 innocents.

Is this going to be the same thing???


Anonymous said...

We reached point where its pointless to evaluate anything based on economiscs.
The current financial system is being dismantled and even rich people have credit and they call it assets. Nearly anything on this planet is posession of 0.001%.
Ownership of anything is long gone that includes your paychek or air you breath even your spirit and soul.
Try to claim ownership of "your" house when you skip paying lease to your municipal government.
Yes, we may score little covid victories but in reality establishment is marching us to slaughter house.
Now, imagine unlikely scenario when people would prevail over their covid agenda, would we learn anything from it while we forgot already events that happened 20y ago.
Other side is well organized and well financed with old agenda.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:


".....Makes you wonder WHY the Insurance companies aren't speaking up. Paid OFF to keep their traps shut?! "

My understanding is insurers are obligated to list situations and circumstances they do not cover, and that by default all others not listed imply coverage.

Re Covid Vaccines: perhaps still early, but it makes sense that actuaries cannot yet assess Covid vaccine risk and by default deny coverage till more data is obtained. However, IMHO, they will ultimately deny coverage as the VAERS lists unfold, given the collateral damage continues to expand.

Insurance companies are not in business of cutting cheques, but THEIR actions and inactions re COVID Vaccine may be OUR early warning system.

Everyone should contact their insurers and compare notes.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X]

It's up to the policy holders to learn what's covered and what isn't.

Check out my latest post [refresh your page] to see the cumulative vaccination damage so far in Portugal...shocking!