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MZM Coverage of mRNA Injections is a Pile of Steaming Bull Dung built on a foundation of Pseudo-Scientific Cow Dung:

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Good morning readers...looks like we're going to have an eventful week ahead.  I have draft posts backed up for launch like London's Heathrow Airport before the HOAX.  Some of the demonic players in this Covid Dance of Death are being you read in my last post about the Bullshitter.  Here's another omen that the perpZ are worried that the wheels are falling of their deadly "mRNA" injection bus:

 mRNA vaccine technology could be used to protect against other deadly diseases: experts (

In the piece of steaming bull manure linked above you'll see they're trying to brainwash the sheeple into believing that mRNA is a lifesaving medical discovery with multiple applications for human health....and not the mass murdering gene DNA-destroying mutating toxin that it actually is.  I have highlighted in yellow all the lies in the following copied below from the MSM link above:


"How do mRNA vaccines work?

mRNA vaccines work by delivering the code for a virus' protein into a human body's cells so that it can make the protein on its own, Dr. Matthew Miller, an associate professor with McMaster University’s department of biochemistry and biomedical sciences explained.

"So these proteins are just one small, tiny piece of a pathogen that on their own don't do any harm," he said. "But what they do is they teach our immune system what the pathogen looks like so that if we ever encounter it, our immune system is ready and can protect us before the pathogen can make us sick."

While no mRNA vaccines had been approved for use in humans until 2020, work to develop the technology has been ongoing for several years.

Miller said the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines were developed so quickly because the technology had been tested and studied against other viruses, including the deadly MERS coronavirus, which causes Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. [gc:  Tested on animals and the animals ALL DIED!]

He said the SARS-Cov-2 virus, which causes the COVID-19 diseases is "very, very closely related" to MERS. [SARS-Cov-2 has never been isolated in a laboratory and/or subjected to Koch's postulates and therefore DOES NOT EXIST!]

"And as a result of that, it was relatively easy to translate the technology to be used for the current SARS-Cov-2 pandemic."

Protecting against other diseases with mRNA vaccines

Does that mean the technology could also be translated to treat other diseases?

Miller says "absolutely."

"One of the big barriers to having mRNA vaccines work well was figuring out how to protect the mRNA and get it into cells efficiently," he explained. "And so now that we have a vaccine that's been really successful in doing that, mRNA, in general, is a platform that can be fairly easily adapted to be tested against not only other coronaviruses but potentially other infectious diseases altogether."

Miller said he would not be surprised to see a "really big increase" in the number of mRNA vaccines available for other infectious diseases "in the coming years."

"Things like malaria, potentially tuberculosis, HIV, influenza," he said. "There are mRNA vaccines that are also being tested against cancer."

Dr. Isaac Bogoch, an infectious diseases faculty member at the University of Toronto, echoed Miller's remarks, saying this is a "big deal."

"You can think about applying this to other significant infections like malaria or dengue or Zika or chikungunya, like the list goes on and on and on," he said. [Humanity will become pincushions for incremental Zombification!]

"There's a ton of applicability to use the mRNA technology to really combat other emerging infectious diseases."

Miller said mRNA vaccines are also "very easily amenable to updates," meaning they can be adjusted or changed quickly, which is helpful as the virus mutates over time.

"It could be updated very quickly to address, a changing or mutating SARS-Cov-2 virus," he said. "But also a potential new coronavirus outbreak or epidemic in the future as well."

Both Miller and Bogoch agreed that now that successful mRNA vaccines have been developed if another large-scale outbreak were to occur, researchers could lean on the existing technology and it could cut down the time it would take to develop vaccines.

Increasing manufacturing capabilities

One of the things that had been "most preclusive" to mRNA vaccine development, is that they require "somewhat specialized manufacturing facilities," Miller said.

However, he said now that the mRNA vaccines to protect against COVID-19 have been so successful, we will likely see an expansion in the manufacturing and production infrastructure required to make the vaccines.

"So if they're needed, we're able to produce more doses more quickly, because there will be more places around the world capable of supporting the production," he said.

Bogoch too, said he expects to see more facilities built to manufacture mRNA vaccines, not just for COVID-19, but for other infectious diseases too.

"You can't go back -- this technology has proven to be very effective. We've clearly seen very effective vaccines that were created in a short period of time and mass-produced quickly, he said.

"It's such an obvious win."

Greencrow concludes: Folks, the above "report" in MSM falls loosely under the heading of "Fake it, until you Make It."  The "experts" [Lying Shills paid off by Big Pharma] are pretending it's already a done deal.  The vaccine has been proven effective...never once referring to the exploding cases of adverse reactions that I reported on in my three part series over the past weekend.

This dangerous lying will get everybody killed if it's not stopped.  The authors and "experts" involved in the steaming pile of bullshit above need to be arrested and charged with reckless endangerment and negligence causing harm.

To further understand the methodology used in the MSM [Microsoft] article above...please read the following analysis by Joseph Mercola that appeared this morning in Childrens Health Defense.  In his analysis, Mercola describes how Big Pharma and Big Tech hide behind Public Relations Firms that insert lies and misinformation about their products in the mainstream news.  These public relations firms are also hired to anonymously and covertly undermine/silence opposing viewpoints.

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