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UPDATED: More About What's going on Between the Federal Government and the Canadian Military - The Dog That Did Not Bark?

UPDATED:  March 14, 2021 - The Covidian "Lockstep" Mainstream media is now reporting that the Canadian Military Ombudsman wants to report to The Parliament, rather than The Defense Minister.  IMO, this is just another convoluted strategy to undermine the military and strip it of its independence from the Covidian Federal Government.
US Military Recruits

Good morning readers. It's another gorgeous Spring Day in the Pacific North West and I'm still working my way through the avalanche of tips and links I received throughout the past week.  But, first, I want to revisit a topic I started several weeks ago.  That is, the media theatre side show going on vis a vis "corruption" at the top leadership of the Canadian military.  As with everything else that goes on these days...if you didn't watch the MZM probably wouldn't know a thing about it.

If there's one thing I learned in all my fifteen or so years of geopolitical commenting/'s to look at what is NOT happening as well as what THEY SAY IS happening.  This investigatory rule of thumb comes from the Sherlock Holmes particular the clue summed up in the words of Sherlock himself "...the dog that did not bark..." which pointed the finger of accusation at the owner of the dog.

Stay with me folks...I'm going to connect the dots between "The dog that did not bark" and the Canadian military.

The mystery here is why is the gubermint of Lil' Turd Jr. [by way of it's criminal co-conpirator Mainstream Media...specifically the tax-payer funded but perp-run Canadian Broadcasting Corporation] relentlessly hounding, pursuing and destroying the reputations of two successive Chief Defense Officers.

If you browse through the two links below you will see that the evidence of sexual misconduct in both cases is a huge "nothing burger".  So what if, many years ago, one of the generals sent a racy e-mail to another what if, also many years ago, a general had a consensual affair with another soldier.  I frankly don't give a shit:

Sajjan tells MPs he did all he could about allegations against defence chief - The Globe and Mail

I am saying that if every military enlisted person [or politician] was hounded and kicked out of their job for similar "offenses"...there would be NO militaries [or politicians] anywhere in the world!  I suppose if the affairs were homosexual...or the Generals dressed up in drag...or attended parties in blackface...all would be fine and dandy....because those degeneracies are not "no go" in this day and age.

Now we get to the real reason these generals had to be turfed.  Watch the following video from Germany.  Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, the intrepid lawyer who's preparing a huge class action tort case against the Covidian perpetrators is interviewing a Long Term Care Home anonymous whistleblower.  Fuellmich is questioning him about the circumstances under which the elderly care home residents were forcefully and without their informed consent injected with the Experimental mRNA Gene Altering concoctions.  It's a very lengthy video but just watch the first five or ten minutes and you will begin to understand where I'm going with this.

Yes, folks.  The German Military came, dressed in full uniform, to the Long Term Care Home along with the medics who were tasked with injecting all the residents with the Experimental Substance.  According to the whistleblower, the residents were intimidated by the presence of the uniformed soldiers standing so close to the "vaccine" and the medics who were delivering it and were thereby stunned into silence and compliance.  This is particularly egregious in light of the fact that many of these individuals had lived through WWII as children.

Now. Remember back to last Spring, Summer when the Lil Turd was talking and threatening to get Canadian Soldiers to participate in the "roll out" of the "vaccines"?  He even appointed a military "point person" to manage the project.  Where did that initiative [and that appointee] go?  Is this the dog that did not bark?!  You never hear a peep about it anymore.  All you hear about is how the two top Generals in Canada let Canadians down "culturally" by engaging in sexual silliness when they were young and most of the rest of us.

My theory is that the Lil Turd Jr. wanted the Canadian military go all SWAT team on Canadian citizens--both in the long term care homes and...later...on recalcitrant non-vaxxers.  My theory is that the Canadian military, for very good reason..i.e., it is not in their job description/constitution/Charter of Rights and attack their own people...demurred on this order.  It's my theory that Lil Turd is doing the only thing he CAN do to Officers who refuse to follow his patently illegal and treasonous orders...he's smearing their reputations and ruining their careers...both as payback and to act as a "cautionary tale" to generals who are next in line for the "hot seat" appointment of Chief Defense Officer.

Refusing to oversee the forced vaccinations of Canadians is only one strategy coming down the pike in this takeover by the communist Globalist Technoligarchs behind Lil Turd.  Here we have a clue to what is coming soon to a military base near you.  

They plan on forcing every soldier in every army in NATO/EU/5EYES to get the Experimental mRNA Gene-Altering injection.  Please read the following and I will have final comments to follow:


Military to Discharge Soldiers who Refuse Covid-19 Vaccination

Military to Discharge Soldiers who Refuse Covid-19 Vaccination - Real Raw News

If joe Biden gets his wish, the military will soon discharge soldiers who refuse a Covid-19 vaccination, Real Raw News has learned.

Currently, vaccines are scarce and vaccinations are voluntary, except in certain circumstances. Soldiers wanting the vaccine get it at once, if available, or are placed on a waiting list; those opting out, however, are put on a different type of list, a directory of undesirables the DoD will investigate for ties to “anti-vaxxer” movements, a pejorative phrase often used to describe persons who question vaccine safety and efficacy.

An administration source speaking under promise of anonymity told RRN that Biden aims to weed out non-conformists, and Biden believes that anyone refusing a vaccine must be a Trump supporter.

“Biden sees a direct link between Donald Trump and people who won’t get a jab,” our source said. “He sees Trump as the preeminent figurehead of the anti-vaxx community, and Biden has said there’s no room for anti-vaxxers in his military.”

According to the Department of Defense, 30% of enlisted soldiers between 18-25 years old have opted out. That percentage drops precipitously with age, and only 10% over the age of 35 have chosen to not get vaccinated.

Nonetheless, both figures have caused considerable alarm within the administration, our source said.

“The DoD expected some resistance, but nothing like the figures we’re seeing. They’d anticipated like 3-5% among all ages, so these 10 and 30 percent figures have alarm bells sounding throughout the Pentagon,” our source said.

Biden, he added, pitched the idea to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, all of whom reportedly agreed that vaccine denialists posed a health menace to the entire military. But other Joint Chiefs were less receptive to Biden’s agenda, with Marine Corps commandant Gen. David H. Berger arguing that discharging 10-30% of soldiers across all branches of the military would irreparably damage the nation’s defense posture. He also noted the troops Biden wanted to cut—young, healthy persons with no comorbidities–were among the least likely to suffer serious side effects of the virus.

“Gen. Berger asked Biden why he simply didn’t make the vaccine compulsory, so people didn’t get a choice, and Biden absurdly responded he’d have know way of knowing which soldiers were anti-vaxxers or loyal to Trump if he did that,” our source said.

Biden then employed an illogical analogy, likening vaccine deniers to soldiers refused to wear “steel helmets” on the battlefield because they thought they wouldn’t get shot in the head.

“Kevlar,” Gen. Berger corrected him. “It’s called Kevlar. We no longer use steel pots. And I’m not sure that’s ever happened.”

“You make suggestions, I make decisions. I’m the president,” Biden purportedly told him.

In closing, our source said the administration is still figuring out logistics on Biden’s plan, such as whether to have a mass purge, or slowly discharge soldiers to avoid a media frenzy. Also, Biden said he would decide whether discharged soldiers be denied access to VA services, labeling them potential super spreaders."

Greencrow concludes.  I want to think there are a few sentients in the armed forces in the west who can see the big picture here.  Remember the landmark speech of Dr. Simone Gold?  Incidentally, Dr. Gold went to the US Capitol during the event that took place there just before the Biden "inauguration".  Dr. Gold was subsequently arrested in a SWAT team like take-down at her home.  My opinion is that Dr. Gold was "tricked" into going to that event, just so she could be later arrested and publicly smeared/'s what they doooooooo.

Anyhooo....Dr. Gold said something during her speech that stuck in my mind.  She said that the vaccination of all the first responders and the military presented a very serious and perhaps disastrous security crisis for nation states.

Dr. Simone Gold - The Truth about CovID-19
and the CovID-19 Vaccine

I certainly agree.  Given that we've been told by many scientists/virologists/immunologists/biochemists that EVERYONE WHO TAKES THE VACCINE HAS 100% CHANCE OF DYING WITHIN 14 TO 18 MONTHS!

Folks..."the dog that did not bark" the media/political silence on the above warning, the covert hounding/blackmailing/extortion of the military--to contravene the constitution they've sworn to abide by...and most of all...the silent existential threat behind the coming government-enforced vaccination of all our first responders/defenders!


FreakedOut said...

I would say you've called this one EXACTLY as it's happening within the military right now.
With regards to the many active duty military refusing the death jab I picked up this comment from an active duty military individual I wanted to pass on:

Dana Ashlie Chat Group commenter replying to the Real Raw News article you posted:

"I am at 19 years and 3 months and I am going to hit the retirement button before they mandate this. The earliest the FDA will give full approval will be in June, so any other military if they are able should hit the retirement button. Reserve and Air National Guard have more flexibility to leave. I urge others in the military to leave if possible." Jessie Hartel

"We're Not Gonna Take It"
The Who

greencrow said...

Hi FreakedOut:

The long term implications of a mass exodus from the military are catastrophic.

They've always painted scenarios where North America is taken over by the Russians...or, more recently, the Chinese.

These scenarios seemed far-fetched...until this forced mass inoculation of First Responders and everyone in the military with the (((deadly))) Experimental mRNA Gene Altering, Prion Producing injections became a reality.

I can see a day coming when they'll say: "Well, we HAVE to invite the Chinese military in--because all our soldiers/first responders are dead."

FreakedOut said...

From what I understand Greencrow, the perpZ want a One World Military for their Zionist Satanic "New World Order". Headquarters Jerusalem. Makes sense. Begs the question,If they were to give all military the death jab then who would be left for this "New Military Order"? I would imagine the perpZ would want all soldiers under control by way of a Baal GateZ inject-able Operating System. It's about CONTROL...can't have stray soldiers dropping bunker buster bombs on the perpZ mansion/tombs.

On another note, Methinks many of these active duty military who are jumping off the sinking ship will become pissed off Patriots and take up the Cause. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

I can hardly comprehent any chance of RF having any interest to invade Canada excep same reason I have to put a straight jacket on my misbehaving neighbour.
China is different story, Canada has everything China wants. From Vancouver highrises to ontario opossums.

greencrow said...

Hi FreakedOut:

There are no doubt numerous scenarios being "gamed". Vis a vis the "death jab"...IMO it has, and always will be "selectively" given. Old folks will get the short term death [because nobody cares about them] younger folks will get the Prion longer term jab. Friends and family of chosenites/useful idiots will get the placebo...for now.

With an endless schedule of vaccines in the offing [word used deliberately] they can mix, match and switch up as needs be.

greencrow said...

Hi S75p

"...China is different story, Canada has everything China wants..."

IMO, China will just be used as it has been used for decades now...supplier of High End equipment [i.e. legions of soldiers] to the West.

The soldiers they will bring over to rule the Zombified Western former citizens will be like the railway workers brought over in the 1800's to build the railways. They will remain separate and under strict control of their handlers.

They can and will be counted on to "never develop empathy" with the millions of Covidian prisoners.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

My take is a standing military is obsolete. War can be conducted with what amounts to a sophisticated AI video game with drones, missles etc.

The military has often been the employer of the lower classes, as the Military Industrial Complex rapes and pillages Gov't budgets.

Vaccination of military is simply another culling exercise in sync with targetted culling other groups in society.

Anonymous said...

GC, (satire ahead) I dont like that scenario, brrrr. But then as an average Canadian beaver I dont know whether I'm petted or clubbed.
Lets put that ugly chinese scenario aside and lets elaborate on danger of Ivan's mongoloid hordes taking over our country. (evidentially documented in 80' movie "Russians are comming then later fortifying Canadian stance with "Canadian beacon" may Lord bless John Franklin Candy)
Such invasion would have horrific outcome as we were told.
+Our nation leader would be taken captive by all female paradesant elite units fullfilling his feministic slimy dreams then his innitial delight would wanish quickly.
+big bad Vlad would be portraited less big and less bad.
+Our military would be allowed out of their barracks and they woul receive proper millitary training and dignity. Our military would receive copious volumes of rust paint to restore their hardware just in case of military parade.
+vice chief of defense staff choice would be reevaluated.
+All 3 letter agencies operatives would be sent back south with x years ban on reentry.
+all willing canadians would receive vaccine consisting of Saline solution just to make them and Billy happy.
+There would be John Diefenbaker day. Price of rails would skyroket.
+2.000 gender is back
+finally there would be a realistic paralell drawn between Canada goose and F35
+Newfoundland–Labrador bridge would be commissioned by August without provisions for corona checks points. It would strongly ressemble Kerch bridge. Flow again would be westwards.
+new drink would emerge, maple syrup kvas.
+Aero project would be restored and the air frame would be furbished with AL-41 FP trust vector engines also found in SU57.
+Alberta would say ehuh-hey and swaped their rigged up trucks for already rigged up Burans 4x4 they always dreamed of but never knew of.
+Alcohol and weed consumtion would normalize.
+kids would get free tours through TU160
+no more mandatory bicycle helmets.
+sea king replaced by rugged KA # whatever at fraction of the planned cost.
+b-bon would resign and go back to more suitable mop and winkler.
+canadians would learn how to build icebreakers.
+bombardier would be restructured and start produce RD-190 heavy lift rocket engines under licence. All docomentation would be in Russian. Alberta would welcome that as a retaliation for french wording on our cereal boxes always facing with french side.
+canadians would learn more about Arctic
+no more free rides on our destroyers for queen.
+canadians would learn how to grow wheat crops again.
+csia would be put to good use for once and investigate gold theft.

Did I miss anything?
Well its weekend and I hope everybody is in good mood

FreakedOut said...

Anon(X) says:
"My take is a standing military is obsolete. War can be conducted with what amounts to a sophisticated AI video game with drones, missles etc."

Makes me think of the movie:
"Colossus: The Forbin Project (1970)"

Predictive programming?

greencrow said...

Spaciba, S75p

"...Did I miss anything?..." Of Course you Did!!!

+ The Hockey would be Fabulous
+ We'd get to sing THEIR fabulous National Anthem in English

Anonymous said...

Good points.
Lets ask, how Franz Joseph invisioned his figting armies equiped and strategized?
WW1 was first war fought with any measurable high technology. Biplanes pilots were tossing finned and enlarged granates as they flew over enemy trenches, effectivness was good same with Tonka-toish tanks two notches above archers's shield. Franz nor his best generals could invision supersonic strato bomber nor the abraham M1. One thing gor certain they were right is boots on ground.
Technology evolved and military's stratehies with them. Mounted cavallery strategy wouldnt work in space war.
Despite all technology there always will be need for rank soldiers. Ground work can not be done by AI even in high tech war as ground forces are super effective against it.
Todays wars are fought by deception as we are experiencing in this early stage of WW3 as they are softenning the targets.
This is equivalent of besieged city being catapulted with fire and plagued corpuses.
Our adversaries are invisible that is what makes them strong. In forefront they have their agents (b-bon, Billy) and even those agents are clueless of the real situation.
Our adversaries slowly took over military, police, CN police, millitia (by deception we fight) Those will be boots on ground. Population is so morally decimated it is not capable of any meaningfull resistance. So you are right, no need for 200 divisions on our fronts.
They scored victory they just didnt tell us.

Interesting question is, what is the this war fought for?


Anonymous said...

GC, that anthem is reserved only for RF peple, lyrics and history tell us there was dear price payed. In Canada, we dont know value of the motherland because we simply settled on it and with exception of few skirmishes on behalf of Brits this land has not been christened by our blood. That may somewhat explain our acceptance to frivolous emigration. Easy come easy go.
Maybe the coming brush fire will do us good.

Re: russians are comming
+wallmart dress code would change and women and men would be groomed and civilized again. Black friday abolished.
+canadian women would benefit from healthy dose of feminility and competition, men too.
+it wold be cool to actually study again
+concerted effort to convince Big Bad Vlad to consider this vountry a fixer-upper
+return to faith
+second city TV ressurected featuring Sajjan & Shoigu impersonators
+Canada would learn to build cathedrals again
+canadians would learn that in Normandy we faced some dozen of lower grade nazi divisions as oppose to some 200 at eastern front, and we outdid Americans in cases of venerial deseases we brought home.


greencrow said...

Some think that standing armies "boots on the ground" are obsolete. The US tried to expand its Empire in the Middle East in the 2000's ["seven countries in five years"] largely with remote, technological warfare, ballistic missiles and bombing from 30,000 feet. Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria were invaded. They even used proxies in Syria.

How did it go for them? Not well. All those nations are still largely unconquered. The Taliban rule Afghanistan, The Shia [Iran] are ruling Iraq and have ordered the US out. Syria was saved by Russia...AND the Syrian military.

No my friends...technological warfare is a long way off and "boots on the ground" are as crucial for victory as ever. Let me add that the "boots on the ground" must ultimately be supported by the population.

Anonymous said...

"No my friends...technological warfare is a long way off and "boots on the ground" are as crucial for victory as ever."
Truly so

Thx GC, you endorse my earlier comment
"Our adversaries slowly took over military, police, CN police, millitia (by deception we fight) Those will be boots on ground"
There won't be old fashion Brandenburg Gate parade nor we will see chinese troops marching. They simply will use OUR own forces under THEIR command to defeat US.
That is in progress as we speak.
Conspiracy? Not!

Anonymous said...

A most excellent theory dear sir.
I believe you are correct.
This also makes it much easier to Just Turd-oh to be executed when the Military Tribunals start upon Trump's return.

Allow me to add one thing:
The Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and the US includes one important aspect which is almost never mentioned in the press. I think President Trump put this in specifically with criminality in mind.

The FTA allows each member to charge the leader of any other member with TREASON if evidence supports the charge.
With Just Turd-oh's permission of Communist Chinese Troops on Canadian soil and who knows what else, he has just provided the Americans with the proof they need to charge Just Turd-oh with TREASON. And the penalty for TREASON in war-time is DEATH.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing another cluster of puzzle pieces to this table. You sure are right about those FTA criminal proceedings.
I also applaud your rational faith in continuing presidency of Mr T.
Still very courious about what happened to sealed endictments, hmmm!?
Are there any reserved for just-tur-do and his fine collective, namely wicked witch of Kiev?

FC said...

Soldiers in Vietnam fragged their officers when they tried to send the to certain death... That time is approaching again

Anonymous said...

Not sure about Canada but in US, if they relieve all the caucasians because they are white, we will be left with a military of black, asian and mexican men and women. When Biden starts his shooting war and he will, he's trying now, the death toll will be very high for black , asian and mexican soldiers

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

Standing army...of what???

Isn't it clear they want the military to implode with LGBQT2 ??? (aka as Bezmenov warned via DEMORALIZATION).

Recall the Gulf War and the 1000's of guineau pigs...err..standing army... suffering from mandatory vaccinations.

Standing armies will be used as movie props..moreso so Military Industrial Complex can drag out conflicts and rape their economy.

Enough technology exists to win wars asap if that is the objective.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to understand your proposal to this discussion, please bear with me.

If I use covid situation, do you propose that the core of this well thought out machination happens in virtual space perhaps assisted by AI and conveyed to masses through peripherals such MSM, Social media and such and further endorsed by priviliges over surendered rights such covid pass?
As general population under systemic demagogy looses its sense of normalcy and their resistace to "new normal" decreases the already fully running machination kicks into higher gear.
Individual is parallysed at every step of its previously normal activity such shopping for food or going to church thus no need to subdue physically. Forced extermination camps process of the past is replaced by well tenderised individuals screaming for time delayed extermination jab.
Smoltering tiny spots of resistance are easily extinguished by cooperative carens who later will be erased as well.
The whole process would not require boots on ground.

I could somewhat go with such scenarion as it is much of what is hapenning already.
This scenario IMHO applies only to "democracies" as tribal societies would have to be delt with differently as we see in ME where extermination plan is ongoing with use of boots on the ground, DU, finances etc.


This machination receives

Unknown said...

I only disagree with Dr Simone on one main point.
Black people

Dr Simone makes an unarguable point regarding Africa's low figures compared to the West. However, I would argue that black people do suffer more from a number of health issues when they are in a western climate, not e.g. in an African climate (never mind the easy access and use of Hydroxychloroquin. This is related to Vitamin D levels vs melanin levels. In England, black people do get Covid more. Last stats I saw in men was a ratio of 2 black to 1 white.
I have the science on this effect Vitamin D3 has on boosting immunity at a genetic and mitochondrial level.

Otherwise - bloody brilliant speaker and humbles me with her bravery

Anonymous said...

This is my reply to S75p
His questions:
March 13, 2021 at 9:25 PM
Q:Still very curious about what happened to sealed endictments, hmmm!?
A: Most of the US Federal Government has already been arrested, charged , imprisoned and sentenced to long term punishment if not outright execution. The proof of this lies in carefully looking at the current Satanic Democratic and RINO leadership in power.
For example, the real Joe Biden was arrested, charged, sentenced and executed several years ago. The Joe Biden you are seeing now is actually a combination of several people all wearing latex masks together with DeepFake real-time video manipulation software.
Nancy Pelosi has also been arrested, charged and sentenced several years ago. The current Nancy Pelosi character has actually been portrayed by several different woman. Ask yourself, does she really look like an eighty-one year old woman? Of course not.
In addition, both Bill and Hillary Clinton were arrested back in 2018 and executed by military execution squads for crimes against humanity, paedophilia and treason.
So to answer your question about the indictments, they have been served and the trials completed and sentences carried out.
Look back to when those "envelopes" were delivered, that is when the guilty above were first arrested and then charged.

Q:Are there any reserved for just-tur-do and his fine collective, namely wicked witch of Kiev?
A: If you look into the Canadian side of things, you must first look to the British monarchy since the form of government that our country (Canada) takes is a Constitutional Monarchy (USA=Constitutional Republic).
Recent evidence from about 2017 and on-wards, show that Queen Elizabeth II has actually been deposed, dethroned and removed from all political and financial power. Some of the evidence for this is the following:
House of Windsor crest removed from all Royal buildings such as the Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle.
Queen Elizabeth II started parliament without wearing her usual British crown and regalia for the opening of the House of Parliament in London (December 2019). This is the first time this has happened.
Also we have seen videos of the Queen speaking which are obvious fakes and instead utilize DeepFake technology. The same can be said of Prince Charles. Something has happened to them.
On July 18th, 2018 during President Trump's visit to the Queen, he purposely walked in front of her and committed several other royal faux pas. This is further evidence that the President of the United States is no longer subservient to the British Crown as it was with the Act of 1871 (City of London ruling City of Washington D.C.).
Finally, the British Crown's fleet of planes will be sold off in 2022 as part of ongoing budget cuts to the Defence Ministry of U.K.
Obviously something else is going on here.
Back to Just Turd-oh. Turd-oh has said that he will call for an snap election this spring. Further he said that this is something he does not want to do but is forced to because of "our parliamentary system" when you have a coalition of parties agreeing to power.
I will tell you my theory:
With the Queen being deposed and dethroned , this means that the oath that Just Turd-oh took to the Queen (he does not take an oath to the Charter nor to Canada), it is no longer valid and thus the Liberal government has no legitimate standing. Thus an election is required.
I believe that all of this is due to President Trump and the US Military's forcing the British Crown to resign and abdicate all power for the British Crown's involvement in a massive world-wide Satanic paedophilia trafficking operation that the US military and Trump discovered.