Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Max Igan's latest Video is One of his Best Ever! - Creating Human 2.0 (bitchute.com) Plus: Breaking News from London?

Max Igan's latest Video is One of his Best Ever!
H/T Dennis
[Greencrow's newest Regular Correspondent]

Dennis also provided the link to this possible breaking news victory:

Screen Shots from Max's Video shown below:

Fe Fi Fo Fum - at the 2012 Predictive
 London Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Doll with Mask - This ain't goin away
during our Childrens' childhoods guys!

Easter Bunnies with Facemasks
Normalizing and Enculturating the 
Torture Strategy on Children

They will grow up never knowing
 what their friends really look like

The Vaccinated and Unhealthy -- will Oppress
the Unvaccinated and Healthy

Greencrow concludes:  Watch this video from beginning to end.  Max really nails it this time...what has happened...what is happening...and what is sure to happen in the future if the Sheeple don't wake up...soon.


Anonymous said...

Max is very astute man, he presents reality as it is with surgical accuracy.
Unfortunatelly since he left dreaded YT for BS I with my limited data access cant affort to burn 150M on a single video.
To my knowledge there is no BS dowloader which would scale video definition.
Many of truth tellers disqualify themselves because their huge files.
I'll take any advice.
Just saying.

FreakedOut said...

Max Igan, as usual, hits another one out of the park!
Good to see what's happening with the London folks and the cops backing down on the COVID enforcement crap.
Claudia @ Cabin Talk is helping out a fellow Vermonter business owner who's being destroyed by the perpZ. I grew up helping out in my families business and it's hard work.
"The government is messing with the wrong guy!!!"


Go Mike and Claudia!

greencrow said...

Hi FreakedOut and S75p:

S75p...FreakedOut is my Technology Guru. Perhaps he has some suggestions.

FreakedOut, S75p lives in a remote rural area with limited access to Wifi as he explains above. Do you have any suggestions how he can maximize his access to truthers like Max Igan?

FreakedOut said...

Hi Greencrow and S75p:
Not sure how to help S75p as I'm not aware of a good video downloader that compresses BitChute video files to get you under budget. I've never had that issue. Maybe someone else has an idea?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your efforts mates.
On another note here is a very IMPORTANT piece of puzzle I came across and it to my knowledge is not being reported yet. To fully report takes more than small screen and my thumbs, ill try my best.
To gain better understanding of establishment's (co-represented by billZ G ) obsession with giving vaccination and long existing sensory nano particles and how 5G, social credit score, digital currency, UBI and such fits together we must insert reality of microsoft patent #WO2020060606 - CRYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA.
In great details it describes our future diabolic interface to the matrix, making us fully controlable peripherals to this mega massive beast while it hints at functional capacities of vaccines.
Id like to draw your attention to [0026] describing the interface to humans.
The whole doc is revealing and I realize it is raw data that needs to be processed by skilled reporter such Max or Corbett for public consumption.
It is dated jun 2019 thats old in todays high velocity world but I hevent seen it reported, perhaps I just missed it.

greencrow said...

Hi S75p

Thanks for that link! I am sure some of my war correspondents will have a look at it as I will. We know about the patents on the viruses and the Vaccines...we knw about the cryptocurrency/UBI/Communist agenda. But we ARE missing some puZZle pieces and this could be one of them.