Tuesday, March 23, 2021

UPDATED: Creeps Hide Behind Face Masks to Terrorize Women in the Streets - All by Globalist Government Design

UPDATED:  March 15, 2021 Another crime where the creep was emboldened by the government mandate to wear face masks.  Here a creep, hiding behind a black face mask, vandalizes a piece of art at the Vancouver Art Gallery.  The government is a criminal accomplice!

March 23, 2021  Folks, don't miss the BREAKING NEWS interview with CovID Tyranny Resistance leader Chris Sky that I put up this morning.  Every word he speaks is highly important to our cause!

Masked Zombies in Vancouver

When they first started up the Zombie Apocalypse Psychotic Death Mask Cult almost a year ago, I predicted, among other negative outcomes would be an increase in personal assault-type crimes...muggings, sexual assaults, etc.  If you allow creeps to wander the streets with masks on...what the hell do you think is going to happen?  IMO, this is another "War on Women".  The so-called "authorities" knew this would happen and by design...this is yet another element of imposed terror...on top of the fear that we all have now of having one of our loved ones take the vaccine.  Please read the following stories about a creep that is following, stalking and terrorizing Vancouver women with impunity...thanks to the CovID Criminal HOAX:

 Frightening video shows strange man following Vancouver woman downtown | Globalnews.ca

Vancouver stalking victim says ‘person of interest’ in custody is not man who followed her | Globalnews.ca

Alleged stalker at large as reported assaults rise in Vancouver | Vancouver Sun

Canadian law 'offers very little' to women followed by strangers: expert

Canadian law 'offers very little' to women followed by strangers: expert - NEWS 1130 (citynews1130.com)

And here's a newZ story about a man who groped a woman from behind as she was getting into her car.  Also wearing a mask, of course


Greencrow concludes:  Yes, readers, it's all about fear.  The PerpZ who are producing and directing this endless nightmare...all at taxpayer expense, inhale and suck up human fear like vampires suck blood.  They love headlines, like the one in the photo above and in the various links provided.

They force nurturing people like grandmothers and mothers to become traumatized by seeing masked children in the streets, schoolyards and playgrounds...knowing this destroys the health and well-being all concerned.  All by design.  I don't even like taking my dogs for walks anymore...for fear I will see a child in a mask.

Five-year-old's face mask after being worn for
one day at school

Where are our elected leaders who should be protecting us from this nightmare?  Well, folks, here's one of them explaining why he can't stop the hellH/T Anonymous [X]

Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario tells reporters why
he won't do his job of leading and representing
the citizens of that province

From yesterday's comments:  Anonymous(X) here: FYI: The covid scam continually unravels (this time thanks to Doug Ford ) https://www.bitchute.com/video/y2DRHSqFHvgF/

Thanks anonymous [X] for this insight into the twisted brain of one of today's politicians, as they behave like Judas Goats and lead the sheeple up the slaughter-house ramp.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous (X) here:

IMHO, the agenda is to continue to marginalize and demonize Hetero White Males as some sort of toxic entity throughout history and that all the worlds problems will then disappear.

Enjoy !!!

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X]

I believe from viewing the photos that in both cases cited, the males were not "white". I am very pro male...white or any colour. I raised two sons and had five brothers. My battle flag specifically has a male on it [Leonardo da Vinci who, according to historians, was gay] because I believe that the male of any species is the archetype of that species. The lion as an example. When you think of the lion you always envision the male with the mane. If you have to draw just one example of a human I think most people would draw a man...even if it's a "stick man".

This post was about the government encouraging predatory creeps [whatever the skin colour or sexual orientation] to victimize people while hiding behind the psychotic death mask cult. Period.

Anonymous said...

GC, your point is completely spot on, and so is Anonymous{X}.

Any 'wrong action' is automatically blamed on 'White Supremacy'
eg., Colorado shooter, who turned out to be Arab.

White Women (womb-men), are the 'soft' targets.
Look at Europe, Erdogan sends in his jihadists and the rape cases go thru the roof.
Their men who are naturally upset are of course 'right wing' 'White Supremacists'.

Did you catch this from Rebel;

Vancouver man has 2 daughters.
School "counsellor" talked one, at the age of 13, to take hormone blockers.
("your a man caught in a woman's body"-drivel)
He is protesting and gets mugged by MASKED thugs.

Never Surrender
Love from Garuda.

greencrow said...

Hi Garuda:

The Colorado shooter, at first blush, seems to be another CIA False Flag Terror Event. This time with real victims. Personally, I am sick and tired of the trans-sex "normalization" campaign being waged by the MZM against humanity.

All it is is a mass mind-prep for the future Big Pharma neutering, sterilization and Zombification of all humanity.