Sunday, March 21, 2021

Freedom Rally Report - Vancouver Art Gallery March 20, 2021 - Where Sentients gathered, hugged, spoke and marched for World Freedom!

Video Of VAG Freedom Rally March 20, 2021

Good morning readers!  Still recovering from the Freedom Rally yesterday so this will be a brief post just to put up the two short videos and some of the signs/activists at the rally.  As usual, it was like a blood transfusion [in the old days before WHO destroyed healthcare] to a severely anemic person to be in the company of so many other sentients.  We called one another "heros" we hugged each other we stood shoulder-to-shoulder like normal human beings, without harmful and psychotic masks on.  We listened as usual to fabulous speakers.  Some quite funny.  A "Covid Comedian" told us that when he's asked by "authorities" why he's not wearing a mask he replies:  "Because I have "CS".  When they ask what that is he replies:  "Common sense". lol.

We saluted all our brothers and sisters in cities and towns all around the world who were also rallying for freedom...particularly our courageous fellow warriors in The Netherlands...and specifically our new Canadian Hero...Chris Sky!  Please watch the short videos and view the photos below and I will have final comments to follow:

Video Of VAG Freedom Rally March 20, 2021

Greencrow took the following photos of fellow warrior/resisters:

The photo of greencrow below was taken by a young mother who was there with her eight year old son.  We sat on a bench during some of the speeches and she told me her story in her broken English [she is oriental...probably from Hong Kong by her accent].  The young mother told me she was there because her eight year old son has autism which she believes he got from vaccines.  Her voice broke as she told me she blames herself because friends had warned her not to let him be vaccinated.  I told her not to blame herself because I also allowed my sons to be vaccinated and one of them has lifelong ADD which I trace directly back to the MMR vaccine he received when he was two and a half.  We are all victims of these vaccines--and now they've come to kill us all off with them.

Greencrow at Feb 20, 2021 Rally

But, folks, judging from the crowd I mingled with yesterday, the sentients in humanity are on to their plot.  We are fully aware--and steeling and strengthening ourselves for the final battle...the mass, mandatory vaccinations.  Some of our regular leaders weren't at the rally.  We were told they had fanned out to the BC Interior and to other parts of the province to help manage the rallies there.  

A final comment.  This was the eighth rally that I've attended so far.  It will definitely not be my last.  During each of those eight rallies I mingled closely with thousands of others, none of us wearing masks or social distancing.  Yet I have not even caught a sniffle!  I am sure if there was any "outbreak of CovID cases" from any of our Rally participants--it would have been shouted from the MZM rooftops!  


Yet, nary a word.  Nary an outbreak, nary even a "case"...and finally, nary even a sniffle!

I rest my case.

Stay tuned.


janny said...

Well done Gc
and your fellow warriors.

greetings jm

greencrow said...

Hi Janny:

The Netherlanders gave us a boost of adrenalin when we watched and read about what you guys had done. You had the police beating you with sticks and setting dogs on you. We did not have that...yet. But even had I known that was going to happen...I STILL would have gone.