Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Dante's Hell: Emergency Room Sees Surge of Seniors AFTER CovID-19 Vaccination - PLUS Stephen Lendman on "The Mother of all False Flags"

Dante's Hell

Good morning readers.  Yesterday was truly a hellish day in the blogosphere.  The revelation that the perpZ are attempting to take over the national militaries using the WHO Emergency "Hellth" Act was a demonic twist that I didn't see coming.  After writing my last post about this yesterday, I needed to lie down as if I had just completed a triathlon.

How do we know we've reached the outer rims of hell [as depicted by Dante in the drawing above]?  Well, we know we're in a war when the oldest and the youngest [the low hanging fruit] in society are finished off first.  Please glance at the headlines and links below for proof of this: 

Emergency Room (ER) Sees Surge of Seniors After COVID-19 Vaccination, Says Nurse Whistleblower

Emergency Room (ER) Sees Surge of Seniors After COVID-19 Vaccination, Says Nurse Whistleblower - Global ResearchGlobal Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

Children as young as four months can wear masks without respiratory distress, study suggests

Coronavirus: Children as young as four months can wear masks without issues, study suggests | CTV News


Truth blogger Stephen Lendman has written a good summation of where the war on humanity is right now.  The CovID-19 HOAX pin has been primed and the bubble(s) are about to burst:

The Mother of All False Flags - Stephen Lendman

The Mother of All False Flags

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

State-sponsored 9/11 held the dubious distinction until garden variety seasonal flu/influenza was renamed covid last year by US-led Western dark forces.

Analyst Doug Casey called the new reigning mother of all state-sponsored false flags “the most ingenious distraction ever created.”

Countless millions of people have been manipulated to self-inflict short and longer-term harm on the phony pretext of self-protection not gotten. They’ve sacrificed freedom by allowing themselves to be duped by the mother of all scams. What’s gone on over the past year has nothing to do with protection from a killer virus. It has everything to do with social control and shifting public wealth to privileged interests at the expense of ordinary people. It’s about transforming free and open societies to ruler-serf ones — a diabolical scheme planned long in advance of its unveiling.

Casey explained Machiavellian events over the past year as follows:
“Historically, whenever a dramatic governmental shift to collectivism has been intended, the very first move is to lock down the people.”

“Convince them that only the government can or should have the power to decide whether its subjects may get on a plane, attend school or even go out for a sandwich.”

Getting most people in the US, Europe, and elsewhere to accept draconian lockdowns and quarantines, face masks that don’t protect and risk harm, worthless PCR tests, social distancing that destroys normal interactions among people, and inoculations that don’t protect and risk serious adverse events or death transformed free and open societies into controlled ones worse than Orwell or Huxley imagined.

Accepting subjugation by diabolical dark forces advanced totalitarian rule in the West to tyranny, heading toward becoming full-blown. Unprecedented harm has been and continues to be inflicted on ordinary people so privileged ones can benefit hugely at their expense. What’s gone on will worsen ahead as long as there’s no public awakening to how we’ve been mass-manipulated, duped, and inflicted with unprecedented harm.

Besides the above, Casey and David Stockman sounded the alarm about what they call an “economic no-man’s land,” adding:

“There is a stock market bubble, a real estate bubble, a bond super-bubble…an Everything Bubble.
It’s the BIGGEST bubble in human history” that can only end very badly for most people. Looking ahead, they see hugely dangerous “financial, economic, political, social, cultural, or military…instability.”

Events unfolding include the greatest ever public health scam, social unrest, and a coming stock market crash. They believe the “Everything Bubble…found its pin.”

“We are heading for the double whammy of a political crisis and a thundering financial breakdown at the same time.”

What’s already unfolding in real time is bad enough. Brave new world dystopian rule is happening in plain sight — facilitated by state-sponsored/media supported fear-mongering. What was inconceivable pre-2020 is the new abnormal in the West and elsewhere.

The Great Reset unveiled in January is an updated new world order, a diabolical socioeconomic “revamp” worldwide. If achieved, life as once existed will be replaced by Dante’s Hell. What’s happening includes mass-jabbing with toxins that infect and don’t protect, digital mass surveillance to control our daily lives, and empowering privileged interests at the expense of ordinary people.

Selling the worst of all possible worlds is facilitated by media-supported mass deception.

Nothing going on aims to improve public health, welfare, safety and societies fit to live in — just the opposite.

Reject and resist are the only options.

The alternative is Great Reset New World Order enslavement by a higher power that’s hostile to a safe and fit-to-live-in world.

stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

Greencrow concludes:  All the above Hell on Earth, sadly, we already knew about.  What I learned just yesterday was evidence of a whole new onion skin layer on the hell agenda.  Our militaries are being blackmailed, highjacked and set up to be neutralized ...by the Globalist, Communist Big Pharma and the Technoligarchs.  More about that in my next post.


Thinking....... said...

As for cloth masks Has anyone ever looked at the lint screen in either a washing machine or cloths dryer. Breathing in lint is nasty among other things.
Paper masks may also shed particles like lint. I know for bathroom tissue, paper towels etc they to do shed. You have to bang them around in a ray of strong sunshine to see them. I once bought a pillow and boy did it shed stuff. I took it back. It was massive with the stuff it billowed out if you banged on it. No one wants to breath those particles.
Paper masks probably so the same thing. Not sure. I never have bought a bag of them and then banged on them in front of sunshine. Most packages do say or should say they do not protect you from Covid. As reports come in it seems in places where they wore the most masks they were the ones that had the most sick people or so called cases. Case number mean nothing of course.
Del Bigtree is going to a toxic thing on them in the near future. He is going to examine if masks produce any toxic chemicals etc.
When they do these so called experiments to see what happens they never look at everything. They cherry pick stuff. They did not look at the bacteria build up, the oxygen levels the kids breath in, the fungus, tooth decay etc. That is what I call a bad study. They also never looked at the mental problems mask wearing causes.

THE AMERICAN JOURNAL (3rd HOUR) Tuesday 3/2/21 • DEL BIGTREE, News, Calls, Reports & Analysis
Dels work is very credible for the most part. So his report on masks will be interesting to check out.

greencrow said...

Hi Thinking...

Any person with one single brain cell should know that inhibiting our ability to breathe fresh air is harmful. That they have turned the most basic law of human life on this earth completely on its head is proof of their Satanic agenda.