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Canada Post suspends mail delivery to 2 Toronto highrises after some residents seen without mask--the long term ramifications

Masks have Always been a Sign of Repression

Good Sunday morning Folks.  It's a very rainy, blustery "Inside Day" in the Pacific Northwest today.  Today, I am going to post the epitome of Government Oppression/Tyranny/Petty Intrusion in the live of formerly free and sovereign citizens.  Please read this from the Perp-Owned-and-Operated/but Taxpayer Funded CBC. This story illustrates the strategy now being used by the Globalist/Communist PerpZ...whereby illegal and unconstitutional Tyranny jams it's foot in your door [forced masking] under the guise of an "emergency".  Later, if successful, it barges its way in, throws you to the floor and handcuffs you [vaccination]. I will have comments to follow:


Canada Post suspends mail delivery to 2 Toronto highrises after some residents seen without mask

Service will resume once all residents wear masks in common areas, Crown corporation says

Posted: Feb 28, 2021

Canada Post suspends mail delivery to 2 Toronto highrises after some residents seen without masks | CBC News

Canada Post has suspended mail delivery to two highrise buildings in Toronto because it says some residents who live there are not wearing masks in common areas that postal workers must use to drop off mail.

In an email to CBC Toronto on Sunday, the Crown corporation said mail delivery has been suspended at 100 and 150 Graydon Hall, near Don Mills Road and Highway 401. Residents must now pick up their mail at a Canada Post depot at 70 Wynford Dr., roughly an eight-minute drive or 27-minute bus ride away.

"It's very frustrating," May Aboayda, one resident, said on Sunday. "I'm going to move from this building. It's too much."

Aboayda said residents are following the rules. "Everyone is wearing a mask. We don't have any cases in the building. So many people are waiting for their documents. I hope they will solve this problem soon," she said.

Canada Post said the service suspension is due to safety concerns as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

"Within the areas of the buildings delivery employees must access to deliver mail, some individuals are not wearing masks," Valérie Chartrand, spokesperson for Canada Post, said in an email on Sunday.

"This is a safety risk and we have advised the buildings management. Wearing masks in public areas is recommended by public health and is a common courtesy to others, especially those working to provide a service."

Residents in apartment buildings and condos in Toronto are required under a city bylaw to wear masks in common areas, but there are exemptions to the requirement, including children under two and people with medical conditions.

GH Capital Corp., the property management company that owns and maintains Graydon Hall Apartments, said it was advised on Feb. 4 that mail delivery to the two buildings would stop immediately.

Canada Post said direct mail delivery service to the mailboxes inside the buildings will resume once it is safe to do so. It reminded residents that masks are mandatory inside Canada Post buildings.

"We understand this is a difficult time and we appreciate our customers helping to keep our employees safe, which will also help keep our local communities safe."

Iulian Stanciu, a resident at one of the buildings, said the decision will be inconvenient because he has to drive now to pick up his mail, which he believes is not justified. He learned about suspension of mail delivery on a wall in the building.

"I think they are using it an justification not to do their job," he said. "To me, It's a unilateral decision. They didn't consult or give us an opportunity to talk about it. They just said: 'We're done.'"

Stanciu said most of the residents wear masks in common areas and he noted that there are exemptions to mask wearing under the bylaw. He said there is no question that the building is safe.

"I don't see this an excuse for them not to deliver the service."

Muneeza Sheikh, a labour and employment lawyer and partner with Levitt LLP, said Canada Post is well within its rights to suspend delivery under these circumstances.

"If you have employees who are saying, 'I don't feel safe making deliveries into this particular high rise'… it is entirely appropriate," Sheikh said.

"No Canadian employee should ever have to put their health at risk to do their job."

Still, Sheikh said, some further investigation is "definitely warranted." If Canada Post looked closely at the high rise and found that "for the most part all safety protocol is in place," then the refusal of employees to go into the building could be considered an illegal work stoppage.

"We just don't have enough information yet," she said.

Property management company to contact MPP

GH Capital Corp. told residents in a letter dated Feb. 5 that it plans to contact Canada Post management and MPP Michael Coteau, who represents Don Valley East, to discuss the issue.

"The reason Canada Post has given is that our residents are not wearing their masks in the common area," the letter reads.

"Although we know this [is] not true of 95% of our residents, we do know that the 5% who think they should not participate in MASKING is a very deep concern to us all."

In bold in the letter, the property management company urged residents "PLEASE wear your masks at all times when leaving your home...even to put out the garbage; we do not want to miss another day of mail."

It also encouraged residents to contact Coteau and MP Yasmin Ratansi, who represents Don Valley East, to voice their concerns.

GH Capital Corp. reminded residents to wear masks when doing the following activities:

  • Taking the garbage to the disposal room.
  • Taking out the recycling.
  • Doing your laundry.
  • Answering your door.
  • When anyone who is not an immediate member of your family enters your home.
  • Always when you leave your home.

With files from Ieva Lucs and Thalia Daragon-Giguere


Greencrow concludes: The net is closing in ever tighter, folks. Now they can stop delivery of your mail to your home if you don't wear a mask. Next, they'll be forcing us to wear a mask inside our homes "just in case of an emergency, or if someone unexpectedly comes to our door". Once they've circumvented the boundaries of logic...logic that tells us that masking is useless and harmful to begin with...the sky's the limit.

I like to watch the Hockey Games on TV.  Yesterday, I watched the Vancouver Canucks play the Toronto Maple Leafs.  It was an exciting game [we won] and from the TV noise coming from the hometown fans they really "got into it"...cheering and chanting.  Oh.  Did I forget to tell you?  There WERE no fans in the stands.  All the cheering and chanting came from recorded sound tracks from years gone by...when fans were permitted to attend Hockey Games.  No. The crowd cheering and chanting noise was as fake as the HOAX "virus" that kept humans from attendng the game...i.e., doing something naturally part of our human culture.

Fans will never again be allowed back into the sports stadiums--until everyone is vaccinated...strategically turning the vaccinated sports lover against the unvaccinated freedom lover.  That's the PLAN.

And, as the mail stoppage/no masking strategy ominously warns...they're coming in for the kill.  They're getting closer and closer to our homes.  They've already got their Orwellian boot jammed in our front doors--soon it will be forever stomping on our faces--once they mandate the vaccine...and drag those who to their covertly prepared and, of course, taxpayer-funded, gulags.

PerpZ Mask Strategy


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Hah. I am just going downstairs to do my laundry, garbage disposal and recycling chores. Mask? Hah. Every day when I open my door I look to see if there is a letter of complaint from someone that I was not masked doing my stuff. You cannot look anywhere without seeing a mask sign at eye level, three of them in the tiny elevators stating only one person at a time can use them. Sadly, most tenants follow these rules.

Yesterday, standing outside waiting to get in to the pool, I was listening to conversations around me. Several folk were so terribly excited to get their letter for the vaccine. Now, the two old folk in their mid 90's are so excited. Sigh. I did not join in on that conversation; I would have been jumped on and come out of it bruised and battered.

I will be honest however; when I lived in Toronto, granted it was decades ago; the buildings and area referred to here were high rise semi slums. They were where immigrant families moved and lived very tightly together. I know because my ex's family started off there after coming from the Philippines. They began in one small apartment, then two, then three. Then they all bought houses because they worked so hard; great Canadians still proud of their roots.

However that area went from manicured to neglected over the years as people with no stake in orderliness and care of surroundings moved in. Thing is, covid is possibly the most minuscule problem ever brought in by these Third World folk. TB and so many others. That they choose "covid" to fuss about...

I smell a skunk dead in the August sunshine...

greencrow said...

Hi Noor al Haqiqa:

The Covid HOAX was originally set up primarily to distract from and provide cover for the inevitable implosion of the economy.

IMO GateZ got on late in the "game" to profit from vaccines...and to activate his life long wet dream of culling humanity and Zombifying the control.