Tuesday, March 16, 2021

UPDATED: Molecular Biologist Rosemary Frei agrees with Greencrow that Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche's recent "alarm" is yet more deception from Big Pharma!!!

UPDATED:  March 16, 2021 - It's truly a race against time, folks.  According to this Children's Health Defense report, 20+ countries have now suspended injecting their citizens with the AstraZeneka Experimental Gene-Manipulating mRNA toxin.  Canada is still not one of them.  My developmentally disabled brother has been ordered to step up and walk the "vaccine gang plank" to receive the AstraZeneka injection--by his Group Home and my two Sheeplelized siblings.  Will the pressure to halt the vaccine roll-out stop the Canadian Federal Government from killing my brother? Stay tuned.

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UPDATED:  March 16, 2021...BINGO!!!  the greencrow is right AGAIN!  RFK Jr.s site just posted a rebuttal to Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche...where Molecular Biologist Rosemary Frei, MSc says Bossche "theory" is just a "continuation of the old deception".   Just what I SAID!!!  Readers...every once in a while I toot my own horn.  The greencrow is a friggin genius...and you have all of her genius FOR FREE!!! LOLololol

Frei says:

"...But from my experience as a former long-time medical writer and journalist (1988-2016) — particularly a four-month stint with media-relations giant FleishmanHillard in 1994 (yes, I’ve worked for the dark side) — this has all the hallmarks of a drug-company astroturf campaign. It’s another step in the decades-long erasure of the fact that our sophisticated and highly effective immune systems work well and don’t need any assistance from the biomedical/pharmaceutical industry.

There’s abundant evidence that Vanden Bossche has a not-so-hidden agenda. For example, just before the three-minute mark in the video interview of Vanden Bossche by McMillan, Vanden Bossche indicates he’s a long-time vaccine developer. He adds he’s now focusing on vaccines that “educate the immune system in ways that are to some extent more efficient than we do right now with our conventional vaccines.” Clearly he’s got significant conflicts of interest. Therefore he has zero credibility when it comes to advising the public or anyone else about how to avoid negative effects of mass vaccination...."


Greencrow comments:  For those readers new to this discussion, please read the previous post of this morning below:


Anonymous said...

Me too. My spidy senses went up, early on in the interview, when I watched it.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Bravo, young lady...

This solidifies what many have been stating.. The pricks in charge are attempting new disinformation to destroy 'vaccine' dissenters...

greencrow said...


I agree. The most significant element of this Vanden Bossche episode is the insight it gives us into the panic that the PerpZ are experiencing...as the wheels fall of their Plandemic bus. They are desperate to "salvage" anything they can from their catastrophe. Vanden Bossche saying that humanity will all have to be re-vaccinated to survive the mess of the mRNA vaccines is pure insanity. Talk about "doubling down on a busted flush"! Literally.

OMG. What else will they try?

Ms batra27 said...

Cilantro juice water to contain the histidine which will contain the histamine allergic reaction and help in chelation therapy. Second resveratrol as recommended by Dr. Meryl Nass will be important for its property to inhibit reverse transcriptase. Third colloidal silver is excellent as it acts an excellent secondary immunity and tissue regeneration and has excellent capability to inhibit and kill viruses and bacterias. If you can give the combination of these three to your brother your brother will survive the astrazebeca vaccine. Else anticipate more problems.

Anonymous said...

"They are desperate to "salvage" anything they can from their catastrophe."
I tend to respectfully disagree that they are desperaperate.
They have nearly everything commandable whats there to command on this planet, their annonymity combined with human ignorance gives them iron clad confidence.
They might be somewhat eager to adhere to their plan A. If that doesnt work ther plans B, C... Will.
Very sophisticated plan to maximize their goal of harvesting human souls.


Karmellis said...

Hey Greencroe! :)

Unfortunately, they already have that mentally-ill cross-dresser spokeswhatever doubling down, dismissing 20 countries suspending it's use as a lack of evidence that it isn't safe (while it *coughs* murders and cripples our citizens *cough*).

They won't be satisfied until all Canadians are dead and/or dying. The one saving grace is their utter incompetence in obtaining supply of this lethal injection.

greencrow said...

Hi Karmellis:

I heard it's now up to 24 countries that have suspended its use. Hoping that today is the charm when so many Canadians rise up and demand it be removed from the "market" that they will have to comply!

Karmellis said...

Hey Greencrow!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. They 'have' to comply? Seriously? This pathetic oligarchy that attempts to pass for a government has NEVER listened to the public since day 1. No one wanted carbon tax, but we get it anyway. No one wanted false flags in Nova Scotia that murdered a bunch of innocents as part of a agenda to disarm Canadians to make it easier for military to storm houses by the dozens and force injections upon the unwilling, but we got that anyway. Why would they listen now? They only listen to those who fund their bank accounts/foundations and no one else, then when it's 'election' time *Cough I use that word loosely Cough*, they all try to pretend like they have been giving a damn just to sway votes their way (assuming votes even matter, anymore, given how it's all just one big uniparty). Until money is surgically removed from politics, they won't stop until every one of us is DEAD, DEAD, DEAD! End of discussion...

And from what I have read, the rig in already completely in for the next 'election': A Liberaltopia majority, again. They are already rigging the polls and opinion pieces.