Monday, March 8, 2021

UPDATED: March 9, 2021: More Evidence that Pfizer [who the hell owns this company Anyway???!!!] is demanding nations forfeit their military assets!

UPDATED:  March 9, 2021:  RFK Jr's Website just reported the issue I discuss below.  This is the astounding information that Pfizer is demanding sovereign nations put up their national military installations as "collateral for the mRNA Gene Altering injections!
Greencrow's Video on Her
Hunch regarding the Military

Good morning folks.  As I say in the video of my rare videos...I'm keeping an eye on the "tempest in a teapot" MZM co-ordinated "cancel culture" scandal going on in the Canadian military upper brass/Lil Turd Jr. Liberal "government". Here is a link to my earlier post on the matter.

So, I've been saving various related links which are pasted at the bottom of this update/breaking news post.  In a nutshell...Two of the Top Canadian Generals are being hounded out of their positions and their lengthy careers.  They're being vilified in the press and while they have denied the usual standby cancel culture charges of "sexual misconduct" they are unable to properly defend themselves due to "ongoing investigations"...the usual shit.

In my earlier post linked above I actually broke the story with a video sent to me by an anonymous commenter...that certain other third world nations are being blackmailed by Pfizer into giving up their military installations, etc. as "security" for the vaccines provided.  I can't see the logic in this trade off myself...but then...I haven't been able to see the logic in any of the Plandemic/Scamdemic HOAX agenda. The transparent Fraud boggles the mind!   Today, Rocco Galati tweeted the following:

Rocco Galati Tweets: "Pfizer demands that governments sign over government assets, bank reserves, military installations, etc , from governments to indemnify Pfizer in the event of lawsuits from from vaccine injury. I tried posting link but twitter blocks it as "harmful". Go to Mercola website."


So, folks, I re-state my original thesis...which is backed up by my spideys.  The entire Canadian military scandal bullshit is to distract from the criminal coercion going on behind the scenes...where the Criminal Lil' Turd government is going along with the Big Pharma demands to forfeit military installations...and the Canadian military brass are balking.  So, under cover of a "sexual scandal" successive Generals have been removed one-by-one, until a "compliant" General is found.  Now the criminal Liberal government have just installed an "interim" general named "General Wayne Eyre".  Will he roll over for Pfizer [and the other Big Pharma operations]?  Or, will some female asset come forward and spill the beans that Eyre groped her say, 10 years ago, at the Christmas Party? 

There are huge ramifications emanating out of this High Treason.  Most notably...ALL THE PARTIES, CONSERVATIVE AND NDP are in on it.  They are also doing distracting dances all their own to keep the public from even sniffing at what's going on.  They should ALL be hung!  

And now there's MZM talk about a snap (s)election.  More distraction...more Lockstep Plandemic Treason! No one to vote for!  They're all sell-outs and the most diabolical crooks imaginable...every single one of them except for Randy Hillier and his small resistance group.  Stay tuned.


41% of Americans not willing to get vaccinated for Covid, poll shows (

Greencrow opines:  Could be young recruits will quit the military rather than submit to becoming "mRNA Operating Systems" instead of human beings.  Could be senior military are refusing to follow "Globalist Orders" to subordinate their constitutional role and become an army of Death and Quarantining in a Police State.

Younger Military Personnel Reject Vaccine, in Warning for Commanders and the Nation - The New York Times (

FreakedOut Says: "I want to believe the Canadian military makes its way to blogs like yours and others to get the real deal on what’s going on. Good intelligence is key in ANY battle, I’ve read books about General Patton and I know he had his own Intel/security network. I don’t believe the top brass believes much of what’s tossed out by the lying MZM. I doubt very much they want to be involved in a global genocide. I think the thing in Texas with the Texas NG is a nothing burger, no forced Vax, just checking in with the elderly population to see if they want the vax and to help getting it to them."



Anonymous said...

Hi GC!
Thanks again for your dedication to human cause.
I did watch your vid briefing and it is good that you bring events such as Kay's testimony that happen in past into Equation.
What we are vitnessing is military purge adjusted for canadian theatre. Obama's regime also conducted intense purge as much as Stalin and many others.
All I can say is that our predicament is beyond serious. The establishment holds all cards. Bigest problem is ignorance and passivity of population.

greencrow said...

Hi S75p:

Kay Griggs opened up my eyes and the eyes of many of the first "tinfoil hat" conspiracy theorists back in the 80's, 90's and early 2000's. Now I am proud to call myself a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist--because we've been right so often. One rule of thumb. NEVER underestimate or put anything past them. I'll bet a lot of readers of this post will say...Ahhhh, that's going on in Brazil and Argentina...but it would NEVER go on with the Canadian military in Canada!

That's a rookie mistake. Whatever is going on anywhere, is going on everywhere. It's GLOBALISM...dontchaknow.

FreakedOut said...

"...the Big Pharma demands to forfeit military installations."

Does this include all military Bunker(Big Pharma building)Buster Bombs?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

Seems THE latest buzz word is " PRIONS" and how COVID vaxx will set us up to literally become brain dead zombies.

greencrow said...

Hang on Anonymous [X]

I have an excellent post on Prions but it was pre-empted by Breaking News.

You must be channeling me and FreakedOut.

Anonymous said...

M.R. here ...
This is one that got away (thankfully). In May of 2019 Vice Admiral Mark Norman escaped Turdeau's harpoon. He must be both honourable and lucky. The PMO's office made it as difficult as possible for his lawyer to get documents to support his defence. The Vice Admiral's legal fees came to $500,000 which the Crown (as in Canadian taxpayers) had to pay.

Here is a brief summary of his case:
"The dropped charge comes after prosecutors alleged he was the leak of sensitive information in late 2015 about Liberal plans to freeze a deal to buy the navy an interim supply ship after both of its remaining vessels rusted out and caught fire, forcing their early retirement.
Not signing that deal, which was negotiated under the former Conservative government with Quebec’s Davie Shipyard, would have left taxpayers on the hook for millions of dollars worth of penalty fees to compensate the shipyard for having already bought the ship."

greencrow said...

Hi M.E,

Thanks for reminding me of that case. I followed and blogged on it at the time. Kay really did humanity a service by alerting us to what is really a military/government cesspool of corruption...the sky's the limit!

Anonymous said...

"[who the hell owns this company Anyway???!!!]"

I know it's really bad form to correct the blogmistress but I believe the
corrected version should read:

"(((who the hell owns this company Anyway???!!!)))"

Please accept my profound apologies for bringing this to your attention.

Anonymous #6

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous #6

Your task for such impudence is you must now answer the your Google search engine, Puleeeze!

Anonymous said...

Last time I tried to post this boogle locked me out.

Duckduck yielded this first result:

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Pfizer. Mikael Dolsten, M.D

That name looked curious so I searched the name and got this
result: (edit mine)

Mikael Dolsten, the (((youwish))) immigrant leading Pfizer

Due to clodflare censorship (no typo there) I can't follow the links.

But 5 seconds on DDG will suffice. If the (((CEO))) is of that persusasion, I doubt the ownership is presbyterians.

Therefore I stand behind my original remarks.

Anonymous #6