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UPDATED: First: Australian Health Minister Critical One day After mRNA Injection THEN: BS Bonnie Caught in Web of her own lies PLUS: More thoughts on Yesterday's Bombshell CJD Revelation

UPDATED:  March 10, 2021 - It's now being reported that Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt is out of danger but still in hospital.  His sudden illness is unrelated to his having taken the mRNA vaccine a day earlier [folks, do you really believe they would ever say otherwise?]  Apparently several other members of the Australian Federal cabinet are having health issues as well. 

Folks, it's hard to feel sorry for the nincompoop in the photo above.  He arrogantly and foolishly allowed himself to be injected with the mRNA Experimental Gene Altering "vaccine".  If he thinks he's sick now...wait until the CJD [aka Mad Cow Disease] kicks in.  But the good news is that, due to his high profile in the Australian Government,...perhaps lives will ultimately be saved if the Sheeple wake up, take off their rose-colured sunglasses and read the evidence about this deadly toxin that's lying out everywhere on the Internet in plain sight!

Australian Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt Hospitalized After Receiving Experimental COVID Vaccine

Australian Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt Hospitalized After Receiving Experimental COVID Vaccine (healthimpactnews.com)

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Australian Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has been admitted to a hospital just after receiving the AstraZeneca experimental COVID vaccine.

ABC Australia mentioned twice in their coverage that Mr. Hunt’s condition is “not believed” to be related to the vaccine.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has been admitted to hospital with a suspected infection.

Mr Hunt received the AstraZeneca vaccine on the weekend but his office said his condition was not believed to be related to the vaccination.

A statement from the minister’s office says he will be kept overnight for observation and is being given antibiotics and fluid.

“The minister is expected to make a full recovery,” it reads.

“His condition is not considered to be related to the vaccine.” (Source.)

I am sure that Health Impact News subscribers in Australia, who forwarded this news to me, will watch this situation carefully and report back if anything further develops."


And below we have a classic reason why I call the Bullshitter "the Bullshitter". Read the sentences in the story I have bolded in "baby shit brown" for esthetic reasons.  I rest my case.

This link was just sent to me by regular contributor Dennis.


COVID Outbreak Confirmed At Nursing Home Despite Staff, Patients Being Vaccinated

COVID Outbreak Confirmed At Nursing Home Despite Staff, Patients Being Vaccinated | ZeroHedge

H/T Dennis

As new COVID cases tumble across North America, sleepy British Columbia has just reported a new outbreak of the virus at a nursing home in the province where both staff members and patients had already been vaccinated.

According to the CBC, a new outbreak of COVID-19 has been declared at the Cottonwoods Care Center, located in the Interior Health region. BC's provincial health officer first acknowledged the outbreak yesterday.

During a live news conference about the outbreak, Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry emphasized being vaccinated doesn't mean transmission will be stopped and that precautions must remain in place for seniors and care homes. Dr. Henry said two staff members and 10 residents have tested positive at the Cottonwoods facility, which is a long-term care home with 221 publicly-funded beds. Henry said that all staff and residents at the home were offered immunizations and that there was very high uptake of the vaccine. She said some of the cases were among people who had received two doses of the vaccine.

"You can have transmission even when people are fully vaccinated," she said. "The illness seems to be milder and doesn't transmit as much [and we] won't see rapid explosive outbreaks."

Despite the outbreak, Dr. Henry said the province will offer new guidance by the end of month that will allow for increased visitation at  long-term care homes like this.

Increasingly, people around the world are questioning how and why outbreaks can still occur among populations with high vaccination rates. In Israel, where a spate of post-vaccination reactions and deaths were documented and reported as the tiny Mediterranean Country scrambled to be the world leader, the Jerusalem Post has just published an explainer piece entitled "Why would someone fully vaccinated still catch corona?"

In the article, the writer identifies four reasons why an individual might test positive and/or be severely sickened.

Here's more from the JPost.

There are several reasons why one might develop COVID-19 after vaccination, according to Prof. Jonathan Gershoni of the Shmunis School of Biomedicine and Cancer Research at Tel Aviv University.

The first reason is that the clinical trials for Moderna and Pfizer indicate that the vaccine is 95% efficient in protecting against the disease meaning, according to Johns Hopkins University, that about one out of 20 vaccinated people may not be protected and could still get sick.

The efficacy of protection is calculated based on the number of people who were actually infected in the clinical trials, not on the total number of those that were vaccinated.

It should also be noted that 95% efficacy does not mean that 5% of the people in the Pfizer clinical trial caught coronavirus. According to an article published by Live Science, the percentage was much less - around 0.04%.

The second reason is variants.

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were developed based on the original coronavirus strain as discovered and genetically sequenced in Wuhan, China. Since then, the virus has replicated and mutated into thousands of different variants, some of which might render the vaccine less effective.

"We know in Israel that now, the majority of infections are from the UK variant," Gershoni said.

While these vaccines have already proven to be highly effective against the UK variant, they are not as effective against the South African strain, Gershoni said. Furthermore, he added, there could be other variants that are even more vaccine resistant.

The third reason is that immunity is “a numbers game,” the scientist explained.

The disease - or the vaccine - causes our bodies to develop antibodies against the virus. But if someone has an extremely high viral load and sheds that potent load, it is possible that this large amount of virus could break through the existing protection and infect the person. In this case though, it would likely only cause a mild disease.

The fourth and final reason, each person is unique and has her or his own molecular immunological makeup.

"We know some people have a tendency to be very robust and stand up to infections, and other people can be a bit more sensitive," Gershoni said. “When talking in terms of vaccinating five million people in Israel, you are seeing the full spectrum of people with various levels of immune competence.”

But he cautioned that when we talk about “breakthrough infections,” sometimes people were infected before they got their second dose or even their first.

As more older Americans receive the vaccine (the US is now doling out more than 2MM doses per day of the three approved jabs from Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech and JNJ), it appears many are already booking trips to see family and friends, or take a brief vacation, after being essentially stuck in their own homes for a year. A recent BofA survey found that older Americans' spending on airline tickets has surged 4x since June:."


Greencrow concludes:  The Bullshitter and her ilk are already starting to cover their tracks regarding the early onset of the soon-to-be-catastrophic "Adverse Events".  Gotta get as many sheeple infected with Mad Cow Disease--before the general population catches on.

Folks, since yesterday when I earned about the probability that 100% of the vaccinated will come down with Prion Disease aka Madcow Disease aka Cruetzfeldt-Jakob Disease/CJD...I have been thinking back to what we all learned about CJD a few decades ago...when it was first identified and written about.  Here is what I remember:

a)  It is supposed to have occurred in humans who ate beef from herbivore animals who were fed ground up offal matter from rendered mammals...in other words..."cannibalism".

b)  In humans, CJD was first identified in native tribes in the remote jungles of South Seas Islands who were...wait for it...cannibals.

c)  So, taking into consideration a) and b) above...when it begins to occur in humans as a result of the mRNA vaccinations...it will logically be because humans were injected with mammal tissue...aka their bodies received a "cannabalistic" dose of human matter.

Lesson learned?  Humans/mammals are NOT supposed to eat their own kind...or...wait for it...be injected with mammal tissue/DNA/RNA!!!  Didn't humanity learn that back in the days of the Cavemen???

Or, more recently, didn't the so-called scientists learn this lesson several decades ago during the Mad Cow Disease episode, where hundreds of thousands of potentially infected cattle were slaughtered to prevent the spread?

The only logical conclusion that can be drawn is the one that Dr. J. Bart Classen ominously drew in his Research Paper linked in yesterday's landmark post--the "vaccine"--is really a "bioweapon".

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