Tuesday, March 23, 2021


Chris Sky Tells a Mind Blowing Tale Of Government 
Criminal Conspiracy -- and Reveals Much
More about the "End Game" of the Vaccine Agenda!
H/T FreakedOut

Good Morning Readers. First, please first listen to newest Canadian hero, Chris Sky, explain what was going down last weekend--when 30 cop cars showed up at his house after dark and tried to detain him for shopping and buying a jar of Maple Syrup [How Canadian Can You Get] without a mask. He has a mask exemption:

CHRIS SKY & Kevin J. Johnston - LIVE - Illegal Arrests And Your Rights! (bitchute.com)

PLEASE GO TO INTERVIEW WITH CHRIS Starting @ 59:45 MM  in video:

Learn the incredible reason for why the cops showed up--it will rock your socks!!!!

The interview goes from the sublime to the ridiculous...and is very Canadian throughout.


Greencrow says:  There's a lot of nonsense in this Chris Sky interview...bantering and jokes.  But listen close because this is the crux of the HOAX they're talking about.  Every single word that comes out of Chris Sky's mouth is a pearl of wisdom.  He is truly an amazing gem of a man.  He has become our de facto leader in this existential war for humanity.  Listen particularly to what Chris says about the "end game" of the vaccines.  He puts it better than anyone else has to date.

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