Friday, March 19, 2021

UPDATED: Canadian de facto leader of the Covidian Extermination Event Resistance takes on 30 Cops--and Wins! Watch the Video

UPDATED:  March 19, 2021 - RT is reporting on Canadians leading the world in resistance to the Covidian Mass Extinction Project.  Please read HERE.  And this came out BEFORE Chris Sky went to the mattresses for Canadians!  Read and watch the video about THAT below.  Thank you Chris!
and Wins -- For now
H/T FreakedOut

"York regional police have become a militant pain in the ass. There's not much more that we can say other than they are continuing to break the law by using laws that mean nothing just to get people into custody and hurt them."


Greencrow says:  As the old legal maxim goes "Res Ipsa Loquitur"...the thing speaks for itself.  Anyone who doesn't think we're in a communist occupied Tyranny...please watch the above BitChute video and disabuse yourself of that erroneous notion.  

IMO, Chris Sky's life is now in mortal danger.  He is at extreme risk of being "Magafulied" in the near future.  Please share this video as widely as possible.

NOTE:  What DID happen to Tanzania President Dr. [Chemistry] John Magafuli?  We'll probably never know.

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FreakedOut said...

No doubt Greencrow, Chris Sky needs to watch his back closely from now on.He's going to need eyes around his head. This weekend Rebel News will be reaching out to him for an interview on this insane "policing" event(read: police harassment), should be good!