Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Baal GateZ is Destroying World Climate as Part of "Agenda 21"? PLUS March 20, 2021 Worldwide Freedom Rally...and other News

Screen Shot from Max Igan's video on Weather
Modification and the Current Flooding in Australia

Weather modification on Max Igan. Blow your mind with what they're doing to kill this planet! Weather Wars and Covid Crimes (

Good morning readers.  Yesterday evening, I watched the latest Max Igan video report [link above] where he discussed the current unprecedented [in his long lifetime] flooding in Australia.  Max said "they" were engineering the weather to destroy outlying regions...forcing flooded-out Australians into the cities.  He said they were also destroying the crops in order to facilitate a future mass starvation project.

Max showed a couple of clips from several weather modification news reports, including one about the "rain making machine" financed by Baal GateZ that creates rain clouds out of ocean water and then directs the rain clouds, via barium and lazer technology, to anywhere in the world where they want to produce what the talking head called "timely rain in a general soaking manner to agricultural targets".  Presumably, they would also be able to direct clouds AWAY from agricultural targets, to produce drought/fires...which Australia has also suffered in the very recent past.

Again, as always, whose name is associated with this atrocity against our natural world?  Baal GateZ, of course.  I highly recommend readers watch the entirety of this landmark Max Igan video, particularly the short movie at the end, made in 2016 but which closely foretells the vaccine mass-casualty event we are now on the precipice of as I type.
This morning I heard from regular war correspondent RAH who has the strong stomach necessary to watch the MZM news.  Here is what he had to say:

Watched the Fed Presser, too many issues at once, but looks like military will now take on vaccination of Northern First Nations starting next week.

Locally...[lower Vancouver Mainland] Surrey school district...a "hotspot" ..9000 staff will start getting vaccines starting opposed to April."

Here is my response to RAH:


We’ll see if the military actually do take it on. I’ve been writing about the smear campaign being waged by the MZM and the federal government against the military leadership. They’ve said this kind of thing before but nothing has materialized. 
Same thing about the 9000 [School] staff [being vaccinated]. How many will “Just say No”? We’ll never know."



Greencrow says:  My experience watching the MZM for over 50 years now, is that they report things that have not necessarily been approved or are going to happen, but that they WANT to happen.  It's a version of their one-trick-pony trick---"fake it, till you make it". 

This strategy, sadly, works with the sheeple at least 90% of the time. Which is basically why I stopped watching the newZ years ago.  I can honestly boast that I have never listened to one Bullshit Bonnie speach.  The most I have heard of her voice is about 5 words that I was forced to listen to while I switched channels.  So I know the whining "funeral director" sound of her voice...that's all.

So we'll all be watching closely to see whether the federal criminal government of Lil' Turd Jr. will actually be able to put "boots on the ground" in the north with first nations.  Or, whether the bulldozer vaccination campaign in the Surrey School District will produce much rotting vaccinated fruit.

Speaking of the Experimental Gene Therapy injections, RAH also sent me this:

Was sent this by a colleague..she couldn't sleep the nite she saw it, I can see why. If what Ms Solum says is true..its much worse than we thought. As I had suspected...age cohorts get different vaccines.

Many vaccines do NOT list any ingredients. Unfolding horror story once we allow these vaccines into our bodies.etc. etc. Let me know what you think...

BC Patriot

"Must-watch: What’s REALLY in the fake ‘vaccines’ – former FEMA employee Celeste Solum talks with David Icke"


Greencrow concludes: I responded to RAH's "age cohorts related to vaccines" info as follows;

"They’ve been tailoring vaccines to age and race cohorts for decades.

Youngsters get autism and ADD
Women get sterilized
Everybody gets cancer
Blacks and minorities get killed
Elderly get killed."

So, as I was saying, I stopped watching the NewZ decades ago and stopped listening to politicians around the same time.  This morning it struck me that, no matter what the outcome of this CovID HOAX nightmare, my basic trust in most of humanity has been forever totally shattered.  I will never trust anyone except a handful of humans again. 

I doubt that I am the only one who has no faith in anyone anymore.  What does THAT bode for humanity?

As an example, the only politician I trust in Canada is Ontario MLA Randy Hillier.  And I just saw on Twitter that some deep-pocketed perpZ are waging a smear campaign against him in his own riding.  A Town Council passed a motion against him.  This is SOP in the Perp-controlled arena of politics.  If you can't own a politician...then destroy him/her...and install someone you can control.

One of the handful of people I trust is social media personality/activist Chris Sky.  He earned my trust and the trust of thousands of other sentients by standing up to the police last weekend when they tried to kidnap him.  If Chris tells us something...which he did in the interview I posted yesterday...then I would absolutely believe him.

Chris Sky has become the chief Canadian Resistance General in this War on Humanity and I await his further orders!

Finally, to leave this post on a positive note...please watch the short video collage of the Rallies all over the world last March 20, 2021. The rallies are our main form of combat...we need to step them up and intensify them.  On your march!!!


While the world marches and speaks volumes for freedom, the corporate media tyrannically censors, blacks out coverage on behalf of globalists. Watch short video by WHM (Whole Hearted Media).


CanadianNotCommunist said...

Scientists are working on edible vaccines. A while ago I saw a couple of articles that indicated that genetically modified tomatoes might be able to replace the needle before long.
Covid, cancer, and a host of other diseases were listed as possible uses for these edible vaccines.

Imagine having to go to the doctor to get a prescription for tomatoes !

greencrow said...

Hi CanadianNotCommunist:

"... genetically modified tomatoes might be able to replace the needle before long."

I am now so untrusting of Big Pharma that...if they say they're going to do it in the future...that means they've already been doing it for a couple of decades at least! : 0

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

CanadianNotCommunist said...
Scientists are working on edible vaccines.

IMHO...terms of reference is one's body is THE terms of reference...THE END.

The PerpZ are trying to manipulate/manouvre each of us to allow "Trojan Horse" of Big Pharma vaccines to be imbedded in each of us via "Mob Rule" meets "Junk Science".

My colleague states it succinctly and decisively:

" Mankind is FAILING the IQ test."

Stan Sylvester said...

The best site I know on weather warfare, weather modification is with Dane Wigington. He just released "The Dimming." Years in the making it is a great video proving the gubmint has been doing this for decades. LBJ bragged in a 1962 commencement speech about controlling the weather. It's available on youtube. TX is the lastest example of weather warfare. The sociopaths in D.C. don't like the word "secession." They froze TX with chemical ice nucleation which they have a government patent for. All the guns in TX didn't do much good when the gubmint unleashed weather warfare. It is the crown jewel of the military industrial complex. They can attack a city, state or country and no one knows about it. Pretty hard to secede when your frozen pipes are exploding. If I can be of any help,

greencrow said...

Hi Stan Sylvester:

Thanks for this insight into the weather warfare. I received many tips and links re what went down in Texas. All this manipulation was going on at the very outset of the vaccine roll we were distracted from it.

greencrow said...

Anonymous [X] says:

My colleague states it succinctly and decisively:

" Mankind is FAILING the IQ test."

Absolutely! I had no idea how absolutely stupid most humans are...but THEY certainly DO...and it's their Ace in the Hole.