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Israelis "Dying like Flies" after Covid-19 Vaccine.... PLUS: 501 Deaths + 10,748 Other Injuries, Latest CDC Adverse Reactions Data Show...Culling expected to last Seven to Ten Years

ToiletTube Flushed the Video But I have Replaced it
Israeli News Broadcast lists Deaths from Covid-19 

Good morning readers.  Back on the Blog after an almost two day break.  Catching up on the CovID news and I see that reports on Adverse Reactions to the mRNA Experimental Gene Therapy are starting to come in. [But, significantly, Not From Canada's Adverse Reactions Website] Who would have thought that Israel would be a hot spot for CovID-19 Vaccine-related deaths?  I guess the victimhood meme works all the time.  After this latest holocaust...they'll blame all the deaths in the above YouTube video on some enemy...lemmeethink...Germany put out the first RT PCR tests used to fraudulently diagnose the non-existent virusPerhaps they'll blame it on Germany. This could ultimately result in yet more never-ending reparations...and be much more profitable than blaming the ultimately millions of deaths on the Agenda 21 Asset, Netanyahu and all his bankster handlers--like the Rothchilds.  

Below, from the US we have the supposedly regular adverse reactions report which shows that over 500 Americans have died so far from a vaccine which does not give immunity to anything [other than perhaps getting pregnant or fathering a child] and which does not even prevent spreading the imaginary virus.  Please look at the chart and I will continue below:
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501 Deaths + 10,748 Other Injuries Reported Following COVID Vaccine, Latest CDC Data Show • Children's Health Defense

As of Jan. 29, about 35 million people in the U.S. had received one or both doses of a COVID vaccine. So far, only the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been granted Emergency Use Authorization in the U.S. by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). By the FDA’s own definition, the vaccines are still considered experimental until fully licensed.

According to the latest data, 453 of the 501 reported deaths were in the U.S. Fifty-three percent of those who died were male, 43% were female, the remaining death reports did not include the gender of the deceased. The average age of those who died was 77, the youngest reported death was of a 23-year-old. The Pfizer vaccine was taken by 59% of those who died, while the ModeRNA vaccine was taken by 41%..."

Here in the Canadian province of British Columbia we have the Bullshitter announcing that the CovID-19 restrictions have been extended indefinitely.  

Bullshit Bonnie Comes out to Announce
Restrictions will Continue Indefinitely

No more of this coming out of the cuckoo clock door every two weeks to announced another two week extension.  The Killing/Culling CovID-19 Lockdown restrictions will continue until the 90% culling of the population is seven or nine years or so.  See the reports below:

When will life return to normal? In 7 years at today's vaccine rates

In Canada it's going to take more than 10 years at this rate

The above report that appeared in the Financial Post is a very important development.  The perpZ are announcing in their criminally complicit MZM asset that they plan to keep everyone in a lockdown for seven to ten years...this is a virtual and literal death sentence for the baby boomer generation.

This is what I've said from the beginning...the big an Imperial invasion, killing, looting, pillaging and colonial occupation of a militarily vulnerable but resource-rich target.  In this case, the target is not a remote nation or continent full of primitive tribes.  In this case the target is an elderly population of retirees who have amassed personal wealth and benefits and are thus ripe for decimation and theft of possessions.  Prior to the communist invasion, the Boomers were happily enjoying their retirement years, spending their hard earned retirement income on travel and other enjoyable pursuits/occupations...BUT that was considered a waste of what the PerpZ regard as THEIR they want to use to offset all their squandering over the past several decades on other imperial wars, False Flags, and other evil plotZ.  Money they want to use to set up their total control global surveillance system with its biometric, digital monetary "social credit" currency, IMO.  The PerpZ always had it in their minds to kill off us boomers and steal our stuff.

Put simply, they plan to kill off all those over 65 in the next five years or so and steal their/our possessions...rather than have them be handed down to their/our survivors.  Their/our survivors will be of that class of "humanoids" spoken about in the Agenda 21 video: "You will Own Nothing, And You Will be Happy." 

The Face of a Sheeple...Bhaaaa Baaaaaa

Yes, kill off the elderly and steal from, enslave, sterilize and transhumanize their survivors.  That's the plan folks.  And, if the video from Israel posted above is any is proceeding apace.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

A poutpourri of comments coming....:

Jim Stone latest post is quite grounding, that USA has been subjected to a near complete Communist Coup and those that think Trump and Military etc.will soon come to rescue are seriously deluded.

A study of past events whereby Communism has taken over will show eerie similarity..the main difference is that the USA coup was relatively bloodless, but achieved via cancer of Cultural Marxism. Yuri Bezmenov warned us of this back in 1980's and he was bang on.

The irony is olde school "military" communism tended to keep the nation and culture intact, and if the gov't was overturned one had a decent rebuilding / starting point.

The USA has been infested with a socio-political cancer it will never recover from.
Further to this this was all by Freemasonic design going back hundreds of years.

Jim Stone's post while depressing, it eliminates false hope and can be used as inspiration for new starting point on what to plan next.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here again :

Watching CNN

Super Bowl tomorrow...will " something " happen?...given it would be primed for a "false flag".

25,000 in attendance....7500 are health care workers who were vaccinated(or so we are told) and entered a lottery for free tickets. Are they really "winners" . If vaccinated...will they be deemed "superspreaders" ?..."cases"?..." new variants "etc.

Major sports stadiums(like NY Yankees and LA Dodgers)and currently 7 NFL teams stadiums are being used as vaccination sites...vaccinating....err injecting Experimental Gene Therapy into human Guineau Pigs .

Some major companies are giving employees $100 gift cards to take the vaccine.

The minority groups like Blacks and Hispanics are being played for suckers, being told "more whites are getting vaxxed", the old discrimination card...which is simply bait to lure them into the culling vaxx trap.

Next in line , after elderly, will be front line Firemen, Nurses etc.

My guess is they will use this current Super Bowl euphoria to vaccinate as many sheeple as possible...then watch SHTF.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous "X" here again:

To date:

--- 39 million Americans vaccinated


"Vaccination Doses" outnumber "New Cases" 10 to 1.
(Recall the survival rate without vaccine is 99.99% )

RE: Vaccine ingredient "PEG "... 70% of population is allergic to.

The vaccines are they are going to start mixing them,ie people will be injected with different vaccines... which IMHO is a cover -up scheme to mask the impact/s.

Man...this is going to get VERY ugly..... VERY QUICKLY.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous [X]

Thanks for your comments...all crucial information for sentients to absorb.

"...Next in line , after elderly, will be front line Firemen, Nurses etc.

My guess is they will use this current Super Bowl euphoria to vaccinate as many sheeple as possible...then watch SHTF..."

Also military are being injected. As Dr. Simone Gold asked in her blockbuster video..."Isn't vaccinating all the frontline workers and military a Security Risk?"

No matter. It's only a security "Risk" For the's a security "Advantage" for the PerpZ.


Penny said...

not sure if you've noticed but clearly after the vaccination campaign started in LTC here- the old people started dying in droves
I suspect the vaccine myself.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

OMG! Just what we Truth Bloggers said would happen! And of course the MZM not saying a word about it. I'm doing a post for tomorrow about adverse reactions, If you have a link about the Southern Ontario area LTC deaths I would appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

Uh huh...more cancel culture/psych warfare
(even though Disney is a product of CIA and Military Psy- Warfare Dept.)

WaffleStaffel said...

"a vaccine which does not give immunity to anything"

How wrong you are! Immunity was most certainly conferred on the pharmaceutical companies who made the vaccines...

Anonymous said...

Your links to utub have been censored, try these on bitchuute,

Many dying in Israel Following the Experimental Pfizer COVID mRNA Injections

also on bitchute

Dr. Lee Merritt MD.on mRNA "vaccines" as Militarized Injections

Garuda Sending The Love

greencrow said...

Hi Garuda:

THANKS! You da Man!!! [or woman, as the case may be] ; )