Monday, February 1, 2021

Hellooooowww...Can we please call an election sooon and get rid of this MINORITY Government... Before we're all told to stay in our bedroom closets Indefinitely!? PLUS more on the March.

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Cdn. Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre wants to
 "follow the money" Hmmm...
Where have we Heard about "SNC-Lavalin"
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Good morning everyone.  Rainy "Inside Day" Again...but I'm still tired from my exciting weekend, so it's all good.  Yesterday, Sunday, I went to visit my brother Paul at his residence.  We sat outside on the semi-covered deck and froze as we drank our Tim Horton's coffee and ate our bagels and cream cheese.  One of Paul's caregivers, a beautiful young woman from The Netherlands who I have mentioned before, stayed out on the balcony with us.  She had to keep her mask on...but felt comfortable enough around me that she kept it below her nose so was able to properly breathe.  She told me something amazing.  She said that her boyfriend had marched with me and the other Truthers in the Vancouver rally the day before!  Of course I do not know her boyfriend and so had no idea.  It was a stunning piece of good news--that our movement is so deep that I would run into another connection so soon.  She told me she will never take the vaccine and that she knows many other workers at the Organization that cares for Paul who will also not be taking the vaccine.  She told me: "People are waking up!"

Paul, as usual, was fine and as long as he gets his coffee and his snack he will sit...all bundled up against the cold...and quietly listen to others talking.  But I have learned over the years that Paul picks up a lot more than he lets on.  I know that my Brother is actually a Savant!  Not only did the care worker stay out on the cold balcony to talk with us...but two of the other disabled residents [both middle aged women] insisted on coming out into the cold and talking with us as well!  They were not properly dressed for the weather...but wanted to socialize with us so bad that they insisted.  When the caregiver tried to get them to go inside where it was warm...they resisted and insisted on standing in the open doorway...letting the cold into the home!  These are my Peeps!!! ; )  So I had to leave before they all caught their deaths of cold.

Meanwhile...back in Satanically occupied Ottawa...Trudeau is ramping up the lockdown...based on absolutely NOTHING!  It occurred to me yesterday when I posted the above Tweet by opposition Member of Parliament Pierre Poilevre that Trudeau won't be able to get away with much more illegal measures without at least calling an election.  After all, he does only run a "minority government".  Surely he will not be able to bring in mandatory vaccinations or dragging us all off the gulags without a MANDATE!  Or, has it already become too Orwellian for that.  Speaking of is a very interesting and educational snippet I received yesterday from regular contributor Simon Hicks:


Simon Hicks

"Hypnotherapists have been noticing blatant hypnosis and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) techniques being used by the government and state-controlled media. Listen to this:



You get them to do something not once, but again and again, increasing the level of intensity each time. Usually you do it 3 times. (At the first lockdown I said - watch out, there'll be a 2nd and a 3rd!)  This increases compliance - you're much more likely to get them to do whatever you want.


 A 'Yes' set:

Get them to say 'Yes' to something small at first (just two weeks to "flatten the curve") then gradually increase (months of lockdown, Christmas cancelled, socially/economically coerced into vaccines). In this way they're much more likely to keep saying yes. (There would've been riots if they'd said in March lockdowns will carry on through Christmas.)



Keep them in a constant state of uncertainty. The conscious mind responds to this by 'going offline' as it searches for the appropriate response for something it has no precedent for. Then it's much easier for the manipulator to gain access to the unconscious mind and change belief systems. For example, lockdown rules are changing onpractically a day-to-day basis; we're living in a world we've never lived in before, everyone's stumbling about with no idea how to behave. We've no energy left to fight our oppressors.



Repeat the same information over and over (see any newspaper/TV news for evidence of this!)


Illusion of Choice

Make them believe they're in control by giving them 2 choices, both of which lead to the same result. For example, 'Do you want the Pfeizer or the Oxford?' or 'You can choose to be good or bad. Bad = more lockdown. Good = more lockdown.'


"Social Proof"

"Look, all these great celebrities are backing it!"



"You'll have to wait your turn for the vaccine... we might be running out!"

And so many more... All classic psychological control techniques. Once you see it, you can't un-see it!

Check out the book 'Influence', The Power of Persuasion' by Robert Cialdini - all the methods he talks about are being used daily in the news and other media."



Greencrow continues:  Thanks for that Simon!  Yes, I'm sure my readers have detected all of the above in the relentless brainwashing humanity has been subjected to.  The good news is, as Simon says: "Once you see it, you can't un-see it!" so, by readers are immune!

Just a few follow-up notes on the Rally on Saturday.  I have not YET seen any of the photos or videos of the march.  I am keeping an eye on this website: which is run by Odessa Orlewicz and her husband Norbert.  I recommend readers keep checking this website and even join I have.  Odessa and Norbert are fearless warriors.  You have to love their approach to this battle....they're ALL IN.

I also want to make a correction which I put on the post I did about the march.  Here it is:  

"[NOTE:  Important Correction here.  I believe the other woman who spoke in front of the CTV building was Organizer Susan Stanfield and NOT video journalist Laura Lynn Tyler-Thompson who may or may not have been at the rally...I sometimes confuse the two women.]"

My spideys woke me up in the middle of the night and told me to make the correction ASAP ; )  I might make a mistake [and often do] but my spideys never make mistakes, lol.

So now this existential battle for humanity is, IMO, boiling down to a race between the criminal mass murdering perpZ and the law [judicial process] which is operating at a snail's pace.  The only unknown in this battle are the Sheeple.  Will they wake up in time?!  Will they EVER wake up?!!!

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

M.R. here …

I'm so happy that Paul has an in-house guardian angel who probably sees the covid "vaccines" for what they really are -- experimental biological agents (Dr. Simone Gold's description). I hope this Dutch darling will be working at the residence for a long time to come.

It seems the "perpZ" are predicting an even bigger 3rd wave (what GateZ wants, GateZ gets). So Turdeau will then have to dictate new mandates to pile on top of his old mandates. How about this? All dutifully, triple-masked citizens will be required, when in the presence of others (either indoors or outdoors), to put their thumbs in their armpits and rhythmically raise and lower their elbows. This will alert the others of their presence so everyone can maintain their anti-social distance which will be increased to the length of a 10 foot pole. It will also serve to remind the masked flappers to take deep breaths in and out, thereby at least slightly reducing their inevitable hypoxia and hypercapnia (if they even know what those terms mean). You can best picture this new mandate if you remember back to when weddings had receptions which often found the joyful guests doing "The Chicken Dance". For the 4th wave Turdeau can add hopping on one foot. I can't think of a good purpose for this but then I can't think of a good purpose for any of his mandates so far.

FreakedOut said...

Thanks for sharing your report on the success of the Rally Greencrow! I also really enjoyed hearing about your brother Paul and his caregivers. Glad word is getting out amongst the Care Home workers about the toxic Vaxx. Maybe the Universe, via meditation and prayer,as Jeff Berwick mentions, is nudging the sheeple out of their trance before they go over the cliff. We can only hope.

greencrow said...

Hi M.R.

Thanks for your humoUr. 'Lil Turd Jr. has been ordered to go to ridiculous lengths by his handlers. All in Lockstep with the Agenda 21 plan. If you read the "Tweet" put out by MP Poilievre...he's still tucked in bed with SNC Lavalin and gave them 150 million of our Tax dollars to build "CovID clinics. Now...where ARE these clinics? Are they "clinics" or gulags? Stay tuned.

greencrow said...

Hi FreakedOut:

Jeff Berwick has been explaining how those "Gamestop" short selling Shenanigans on the Stock Market work. A bit too complex for me...but I'm thinking this is going to provide the cover/pretext for the crash of the market...and the banks...and the resultant disappearance of all our money. Then they'll bring in the UBI and Social Credit System.

All blamed on the rogue investors...dontchaknow.