Friday, November 20, 2020

BREAKING NEWS: According to UK Government's own admission in a FOI request - THERE IS NO COVID-19 VIRUS!

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE:  November 20, 2020 CTV is reporting that the Canadian Military will be rolling out the vaccine, expected in early 2021.  Will they be deployed under Medical Martial Law???  Will we all be apprehended, forced to the ground and forcibly injected with the humanity-destroying vaccine? All for a virus that THE UK GOVERNMENT HAS ADMITTED DOES NOT EXIST?!  Stay tuned.  H/T to RAH for this link.

NOTICE TO READERS:  Please write a comment to the Canadian Prime Minister at this contact address: -- and advise him about the news report that the government of the UK has admitted that the Covid-19 virus does not exist.  Similar letters should be sent by readers on an urgent basis to all "leaders" and to media outlets promoting the HOAX.  Copy the link to Gemma O'Doherty's announcement and include it in your e-mail.  Send out thousands of letters folks!  This is ZERO HOUR on the HOAX!  If you are not Canadian...send the letter to your own national and state "leaders".

H/T FreakedOut

The UK government has admitted, in response to a freedom of information request...that there is no Covid-19 Virus.  Now they've admitted it in writing.  Why the escalated government lockdowns and perverted, health-destroying "health diktats"? 

Watch the video at around the 30 minute mark and see the piece about WEF CEO Klaus Schwab...IMO, this was a brilliant subliminal PR move by the Jewish Oligarchs BeZos, Zuckerberg and GateZ.  They've put as front man to their operation a German with a detestable stereotype accent like WWII Colonel Klink.  The only thing they didn't put a tiny black mustache on Schwabs' upper lip.  Schwab is just an actor hired by them and positioned to take the brunt of the hatred and the fall...if our push-back becomes too powerful and they have to temporarily retreat.  Then the real perpZ will emerge unscathed.  Just as the Banksters [who supported both sides of the conflict] did after WWII.


Northerntruthseeker said...

I love your 'Colonel Klink' analogy of that Klaus Schwab asshole, Greencrow...

I wrote in an article the other day that I see him more as Ernst Blofeld. the ultra criminal behind SPECTRE and the arch-nemesis of James Bond instead...

And NO shock that the UK has had to admit to the fraud through freedom of information inquiry... I do suspect the same would happen here in Canada if such a request was also put forward here!

greencrow said...


You are also "da man" on this Global Fraud. Keep up the excellent work on your blog. Manitoba will survive and you will be called one of the preservers of that great Province!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous(X) here:

Unless people study what actually happened during WW1 and WW2 and avoid the ad nauseum German stereotypes, they will be stuck in the matrix and their fate sealed by the (((Usual Suspects))).

They are quickly running out of time...

FreakedOut said...

" November 20, 2020 CTV is reporting that the Canadian Military will be rolling out the vaccine, expected in early 2021."

In the States it's the military rolling out the vaccine to all States in a 24 hour period!? Logistics? Will the Canadian military coordinate with the American military
on this rollout? Can't have thousands of Canadians warning the heavily armed Americans about all the death/injury caused by the shots, now can we?:

"ALL of AMERICA will Receive the Vaccine in a 24 hour WINDOW" RFB reporting.



"The USA has, by far, the highest per capita gun ownership in the world. Progressives will tell you that this is what makes America the Murder Capitol of Planet Earth. But we're not, and in this devastatingly effective Firewall, Bill Whittle shows why the center of Gun Nut Nation is in fact one of the safest places in the world."

Pj ponce said...

Always been a fan of yours greencrow. My question is the scam virus symptoms. Do you believe these symptoms are caused by 5g network radiations? Stay strong

greencrow said...

Hi everyone:

Thanks for all the very important comments above. To RAH - I agree on the German stereotypes and it's proof of their "one trick pony" mentality that they've done it again with Klaus Schwab...who, IMO is just an actor and a bad one at that.

To FreakedOut - for most of my life I was anti-gun. Since around 9/11 I have switched 180 degrees and now I want to get a gun myself and put a few bullets in the first person to show up at my door with a vaccine syringe! More power to the gun owners in the US and may they do their worst!

To Pj Ponce -I believe they're using a smorgasbord of tactics. They're diagnosing the common seasonal flu as Covid. They're ramping up the 5G and calling any victims of this murder covid. They're neglecting old folks in "care" homes and denying them Vitamin "D" to make them susceptible to Flu germs brought in by the care home workers who are forced to be innoculated with the contagious "Flu vaccine". They're even outright murdering people [young and old] with respirators in hospitals by misusing respirators to "blow out their lungs".

They probably have many more tactics...including spreading the highly deadly "bioweaponized pneumonia" around on commonly touched surfaces such as bank machines, etc. I believe this is what caused the "Wuhan" outbreak.

Thanks for asking this important question and thanks for being a regular "Greencrowian"
: )

CookingUpANewLife said...

There's also the high-dose flu vaccine specifically for people over 65, and those in care homes.

The article is from mid-Oct, and it's around when the care home deaths started in MB.

greencrow said...

Hi CookingUpANewLife:

Yes, I forgot to mention one of the most obvious ways they have of jacking up the Covid-19 numbers...injecting the old folks in "care" homes with deadly doses of "live" flu vaccine...(all the while deliberately denying them doses of "Vitamin D").

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I am italian and i spread the news there. But is it possible to get the FOI document?

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

That is a very good question. I will look into it and If I find a link I'll post it.