Monday, November 30, 2020

Odessa Orlewicz Update + Some Deaths Definitely more Important than Others - 85-year-old in care home with co-morbidities?--Way more important than 30-something drug addict

Odessa Orlewicz on BitChute

I was thinking of attending the rally in downtown Vancouver yesterday, Sunday afternoon, but decided against it for several reasons.  First of doing any activist anti-CovID activities creates a lot of domestic tension and I need to "pick my battles".  So, I decided to attend the upcoming one Next Saturday instead...December 5, 2020 (see poster at end of this post).  

After watching Odessa's update see BitChute video above...I'm kind of glad I didn't go to the last rally.  Apparently, Odessa got into a heated argument with some teenaged female provocateurs and one even punched her in the face!  Having been to four rallies so far, I can attest to the fact that there are [probably paid] provocateurs stationed at the meeting place and along the route and even infested within the marchers as well.  You have to have your spideys really on the alert for who is disinfo and who is not.  So I'm glad I didn't get to see Odessa being punched in the face.  That would be very upsetting, as having briefly met her at the previous rally I attended I was shocked at how absolutely tiny this woman is.  She looks like a 12 year old.  But as you can see from her videos..lololol...she is a very feisty woman and a true warrior.

Speaking of feisty British Columbians...Another one who hails from the interior BC hamlet of Quesnel, was given a very unusual sentence for activism the other day.  Arthur Topham was sentenced to being forbidden to utter the word "Jew" for three years...even though his wife is Jewish. 


B.C. man faces strict conditions after breaching sentence for anti-Semitic hate crimes | CBC News

B.C. man faces strict conditions after breaching sentence for anti-Semitic hate crimes

"...For the next three years, Topham is forbidden from publishing or printing publicly any reference to or information about the Talmud, Zionism, Israel, and the Jewish religion, ethnicity or people.

Topham is also forbidden from publicly posting the names of people he knows to be of Jewish origin.

According to court documents, he will still be allowed to publicly name his wife and her family, but not to mention their ethnicity or origin. During his original trial, Topham told the court his wife is Jewish..."


Greencrow says:  Contrary to what people might suppose, the greencrow is fully in support of this kind of legal sentence.  I just think it's misplaced on Arthur Topham.  These kinds of strict conditions should be imposed on the Mainstream Media rather than individuals.  I am thinking of a restriction on the MZM from uttering or printing the word "vaccine" for three years...or, the word "CovID-19" or any of the several other words the MZM has been bashing the public over the head with 24/7/365 for the past year.  Can you imagine the possibility of being able to watch a newscast for just 10 minutes! without hearing the word "Vaccine" uttered about a dozen times and the words "CovID-19" and "death" uttered over and over like some kind of perverted Rosary?!

But Noooooooo. Instead we have the brainwashing mantra without cease.  Today we have the vaccine maker that was ALWAYS going to be the "go-to" because it's owned by GateZ and because it has the special letters ModeRNA at the end of its name asking "regulators" [now who would these be...entities paid off by Baal GateZ?] to okay "emergency" use of the vaccine.  Please see the link and headline below and I will have more comments to follow:


ModeRNA to ask U.S., European regulators to OK emergency use of COVID-19 vaccine

Now, just what kind of "emergency" are they thinking might happen?  Might there be some kind of "war footing" like a USraeli attack on Iran that causes fear of an EMP retaliation from Iran? A kind of "Lights out" shut-down of the electrical grid and door-to-door check up by the military...bringing the testing kits and/or the vaccine with them?  Or, perhaps some catastrophic escalation of deaths say, from people wearing masks all the time and developing untreated bacterial pneumonia? 

Or, perhaps some care homes being subjected to 5G radiation on top of the mass "flu" immunizations that they're forcing on the vitamin "D" depleted old folks and their "flu-vaccinated" masked "care" givers?  Who knows what kind of emergency?...they're never asked to spell that out by the criminally complicit media.

Nooooooo....the censorship only works one way...citizens can be censored but NOT the Mainstream Media...It rules supreme in the surveillance/oppression of the plebs.  You will remember, if you watched Odessa's video above, she spoke about being "banned for a week" by YouCan'tWatchTube.  She recommended all her viewers switch to watching her on BitChute.  Well, I was going to talk about the massive purge of the Internet that is only just getting started.  Perhaps a total shut down of the Internet is in the cards--and could form part of the "emergency" that ModeRNA is citing. 

Coincidentally with Odessa's "temporary" ban from YouCan'tWatchTube, blog contributor RAH recently informed me that fellow BC videoblogger Laura Lynn Tyler-Thompson's YouTube account was permanently "terminated".  No reason needs to be given and no warning.  No packing up and taking of possessions--which is normally allowed by law--even in the most draconian of evictions.  No.  That is the way it's done these days...This intellectual pillaging, looting and vandalism is like, as James Corbett recently said...the Burning of the Ancient Library of Alexandria, Egypt.

There's still debate, after all these thousands of years over who was responsible for the destruction of all the known learning that was contained in the Alexandrian Library.  But modern day geopolitical observers can make an educated guess who it was....the forerunners of the same types who are destroying the intellectual property of the videobloggers today...and who will shortly be taking down all the alternative blogs...such as this one.  They are, more than anything else, obsessive control freaks and controlling what people are allowed to know is the oldest trick in the book.

But their desperation is forcing them to cut off their own noses to spite their faces.  Nobody is going to trust the Internet as a receptacle for their intellectual work anymore.  Hard copies will be thenceforward hidden...just as copies of the works of the great ancient philosophers and scientists were secreted away to Ireland and kept safe there for centuries in the remote monasteries.  IMO, if there is a law or ANY justice in this land...the owners of YouTube, Facebook and the other pillagers and vandals of human intellectual property should be brought to trial and convicted and heavily fined for the value of the properties destroyed...just like any other criminals would be.  That is the only thing that will restore the confidence of the the properties now going up in smoke and flames.

And all of this is ostensibly to preserve the Official version of the CovID-19 Scamdemic/Plandemic/HOAX.  The Dikes of deception are now being breached by the finger leaks of truth on a daily basis.  That is why Odessa is overall very positive in her video above as she lists case after case where the statistics and the videos and the whistleblowers are cutting the lies down to size.  Here are just a couple of small examples:


"...Speaking of irrational paranoia, how about the “war on COVID” and all the hysteria surrounding this virus? If you examine the actual deaths in the USA during 2020 as compared to previous years, you’ll notice something interesting. In 2018, there were 2,839,000 deaths. In 2019, there were 2,855,000 deaths. And through November 22, 2020 there were 2,533,214 deaths. If we extrapolate the deaths at year’s end, we get 2,818,000 deaths in the USA, which is 37K fewer deaths than last year! In other words, there is no pandemic. .."

Japan is one of the very few countries, which releases timely data on suicide, aiding other nations to devise policies on mental health. As per the latest government data, suicide has claimed more lives in October alone than coronavirus in the entire 2020. As per Japan’s National Police Agency, a total of 2,153 people killed themselves last month, while the number of COVID-19 related fatalities totalled to 2,087. 

Speaking of suicides...the local papers are still pretending that the upsurge of  Vancouver area "death parties" is not related to the Plandemic:

IMO, these drug death parties will continue to increase in number, amount of participants and dangerousness of the drugs being ingested.  But, still, the MZM won't acknowledge the gonnection.  After all...the deaths can't be actually added to the CovID-19 stats, can they?  Hmmmmm....perhaps there's some way of getting around that....hmmmm.

Here's an American "doctor" telling folks to "assume they're infected with CovID-19 if they get together"....

Dr. Birx says Americans who gathered at Thanksgiving need to assume they're infected with COVID-19, get tested this week. 'We know people may have made mistakes over the Thanksgiving time period'


Greencrow exclaims:  Hey!  THAT'S THE TICKET!  If people get together for ANY reason and, if they then die afterwards...whether it be by car accident, long festering cancer or even suicide...say in a party of 7 drug takers...they can call it CovID, based on the fact that they were in a group, not social distancing...and therefore it can be ASSUMED THAT THEY HAD THE COVAIDS WHEN THEY DIED!

Eureka!  And forgodsakes...don't let the sheeple know about this:

Gangsters Out Blog: Covid test produces 97% false positive results

Corman Drosten Review is reporting that "This paper will show numerous serious flaws in the Corman-Drosten paper, the significance of which has led to worldwide misdiagnosis of infections attributed to SARS-CoV-2 and associated with the disease COVID-19. We are confronted with stringent lockdowns which have destroyed many people’s lives and livelihoods, limited access to education and these imposed restrictions by governments around the world are a direct attack on people’s basic rights and their personal freedoms, resulting in collateral damage for entire economies on a global scale." It's time to follow the real science not the fake science.

Dr Kulvinder Kaur mentioned this on her Twitter but I didn't understand it at first. Basically, not only are Covid cases irrelevant if they have no symptoms, the current Covid test produces 97% false positive results. I guess that's why kiwi fruit tested positive. We've been had.


Greencrow concludes on a Happier Note: It looks like we might be winning this folks...the desperation of the PerpZ is always the most accurate barometer. The more desperate they become, the more we're winning. The fact that they want to get the vaccine approved for "emergency" use is a sign of desperation. But we need to keep up the fight. We need to hit them on so many levels. One of the best is by going out into the community where you live without a mask on and simply be normal. That infuriates them. Also, If you live in the Vancouver Area....come and attend the rally next weekend at the Vancouver Art Gallery on Saturday. It should be a blast.  There are going to be some great speakers including...wait for it...BC's latest hero doctor:  Dr. Stephen Malthouse!!!  All the Way from Denman Island. It's going to be a family affair so, as Odessa says, "No "F" bombs....and try to avoid getting into fisticuffs with paid, teenaged, female provocateurs lolololol.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

All Out Vaccine Panic by Perpz - Class Action Law Suits and Popular Resistance Forcing their Hand? + Paul Update

Sometimes Life Feels like this
in CovID Times

Good morning everyone.  It's a bright and sunny but cold Sunday here in the Pacific North West.  I am feeling torn about putting up more Christmas Decorations, including the artificial Christmas tree.  It is so hard to get into the mood when there will be nobody coming over to enjoy all my hard work...but, hey, that was the Government's plan for this last Pre-CovID vaccine Christmas 2020...wasn't it?  Make it such a miserable time that we'll just about "Do Anything[TM]" to avoid it next year...i.e., begin the "schedule" of never-ending, increasingly toxic and ultimately lethal, biometric jabs.

Some folks have inquired...and so here is what my brother Paul looked and sounded like during my visit with him yesterday.

Paul and I outside for our visit yesterday

He's doing well and thankfully is oblivious to most of the turmoil in the world around him.  The staff at his home need to wear masks all day that is a concern, considering what Dr. Fauci found out and reported in his study years ago.  I posted this yesterday but it bears repeating:

The Mask-Wearing Collaborators Are Going to Kill Us All
Here is what Dr. Vernon Coleman "Old Man in a Chair" has to say about it:  The Mask-Wearing Collaborators Are Going to Kill Us All | The Truthseeker

Pneumonia bacteria can spread through touch and so, hopefully, Paul won't catch pneumonia from one of his forced masked staff!  Or, perhaps that's also the plan.  Prior to the general forced-masking of the population...which will no doubt up the number of "CovID deaths" was the astoundingly LOW "CovID" figures for Canada as reported by the Satanically possessed CTV:

Numbers of CovID Deaths in Canada according to CTV

Northerntruthseeker also reported on this shocking figure this morning.  So, under 200 "regular" Canadians [not elderly living in care homes] died of "something" they called Covid-19.  That the CTV would throw these figures in our faces--while also inundating us with a steady diet of the most horrific fear porn in media history--is an example of hubris to the extreme.  But people are waking up, and people are fighting back...especially in Jolly Olde where the lockdown has been diabolical...the PerpZ have had the perfidy to close the pubs.

Brits fight back and force Cops to watch
the PerpZ order in the tanks like Tiananmen Square
How to Call Martial Law on a Population and Get Away
With It - Say it's for "The Good Of Their Health"

Belated H/T to FreakedOut

I noticed that women made up quite a portion of the front line cops in the video above.  Meanwhile the real "men cops", no doubt, sat with their feet up back at the barracks...that's always the way.  But no matter where you are, or what branch of the security forces you're is not easy times for the persons in uniform:

NINE Aussie soldiers take their own lives as a war crimes scandal morphs into shambles, with top brass shielded & squaddies blamed — RT Op-ed

Someone who never wore a uniform...and nor did his PM father....Justin Turdeau, is still fear-porning Canadians on a daily basis with his bad actor schtick.  Here 'Lil Turd Jr. is "expecting" that most Canadians will be vaccinated by September, 2021.  Canadians are going to have to start following the example of the British demonstrators in London, as shown above or we're friggin toast!

Trudeau expects most Canadians could be vaccinated by September 2021 (

No, no no.  "We won't force" you to have a vaccine, say the puppet leaders [who have, no doubt, been promised placebo vaccines for themselves and their kin from the PerpZ] but this is what will happen to YOU if you don't submit your body to our experimental horror show:

'We won't force vaccine; but here's what we will do' | From the Trenches World Report

"Messenger" RNA human genetic protein
will be injected into YOU

The British Military has been enlisted in an on-line propaganda war against "anti-vaxxers"...can you believe that they're going to turn our own military against us?  I am virtually positive this is either already happening or going to happen in Canada as well.

NOTE:  I have to copy and paste the entire link into the post now because Blogger has been systematically deleting my embedded links.

What the Hey...might as well copy and past this entire list of links just received from Ed(itor):

H/T Ed(itor)
Read our growing archive of material on nanoparticles loaded into vaccines (injectables): 

How Do Nanoparticles Harm – The Nano Blenders Thesis

Introduction of Nanotechnology Into Vaccines as an Adjuvant (Babylon Is Collapsing)

Coronavirus Global Operation: Advancing Transhumanism; Robotics; Nanotechnology

U.S. agrees to pay Pfizer and BioNTech $2 billion for 100 million doses of coronavirus vaccine

Michigan Under Whitmer Advertises For Pfizer - Michigan: Strictest Lockdown - Vaccine Agreement With HHS and the Department of Defense - December Delivery: 100 Million Vaccines (Injectables) - 120 Million COVID Vaccines to Japan from Pfizer - COVID Vaccines: "Vision Into Reality"

Covid Roundup: AstraZeneca's Vaccine Data; Moderna's New Deal

Count Down to the Ejaculation - The Rush to Approval - Powering Up mRNA COVID Injectables With Nanoparticles - Neurotechnology: Hacking the Brain - "Prussian-Turk" Backed by Germany's Top Entrepreneurs - The Return of the Prussians - COVID Vaccine: None of the Usual Markers


Greencrow says:  Finally, here is an edited version of the e-mail I sent today to the PIC [Person in Charge} of my brother Paul's staffed resource:

Hi *****:

As discussed with you during my visit with Paul yesterday, this is my written advice that I will not be giving permission for Paul to receive the Covid-19 experimental vaccine when it becomes available within the next several months.  I realize that [Organization name] can solicit and receive permission from my older sister *****, but it has not yet been established whether this vaccine is either necessary or healthy to have injected into the human body.  Here is what Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says about it.  A vaccine containing RNA from aborted fetal tissue…and/or other toxic matter is not what I want injected into my brother…or indeed into anyone, including you, *****.  Please share this with my brother Paul’s health professionals.  Thank you.



Saturday, November 28, 2020

Visiting Paul under a Nine Month (so far and counting) Lockdown + BBQ Arrest Update - Dollar Vigilante + Spideys Tell Me about the Iranian Assassination

 (From Snippits and Snappits)
H/T Ed(itor)

Good Saturday Morning, folks.  It's a brisk Fall day here on the temporarily dry Coast.  No rain at the moment but it has been raining steadily all week.  I'm going over to Burnaby today to visit my brother Paul.  As regular readers will remember, Paul is a 63 year old developmentally disabled [Down Syndrome] man who lives in a staffed home with three other developmentally challenged residents.  Paul and his fellow residents have been under lockdown for nine months now.  They cannot go anywhere except places that are allowed like restaurants and parks.  They cannot go to their usual "day programs" where they met all their friends.  They cannot go to the homes of their family members...including for Christmas.  They cannot have any friends or family members into their residence...which is like a regular home.  When I go there, I must sit out on a cold and exposed balcony.  Paul is 63 and I am 73...we don't take the chill too well. Today, I'm going to bring my own small space heater and an outdoors electric cord and get them to plug it in through the sliding doors to the balcony.

That way, Paul and I can visit without freezing and possibly catching a chill which could lead to....wait for it.....The CovAIDs!  As we all know, there is no end in sight to this calculated [by the Globalists], inhumane and totally unnecessary treatment.  It is being done solely to beat us down mentally in preparation for the main purpose of the whole exercise...The Vaccine.  That is all it has ever been about--which I went into at length in my last post.  I left that post up for a day or so to give it maximum exposure to readers.  It is my go-to-source for information about the Vaccine from now on...and please refer to it, if you haven't read it all by now as it was a very lengthy read.  When I visit Paul today I have two goals:  One, to find out from him what he wants for Christmas...this is a yearly discussion.  Also, to tell the staff that I will not give my permission for him to get any CovID vaccine.  Of course, this won't mean much, as they will just go to my older sister for permission...and she is totally under the thrall of the "CovID HOAX"...and will URGE them to vaccinate my brother...with the aborted fetal RNA, luciferase, nanobot, biometric, vaccine.  There's really nothing I can do to stop it.

Before I sign off, here are a few NewZ items.  First the latest video from Dollar Vigilante...who does provide a good update on the Toronto area arrest of the BBQ restaurant owner and shut down of this father of a young family's livelihood.  This young man is IMO a hero to us he said in an interview I watched a day or so ago "Somebody has to do it."  Somebody has to put themselves out there and get arrested--so that this Scam can be subjected to the rigourous disinfectant of an Open Courtroom.  So far, $180,000 has been raised in a go-fund-me to pay his legal costs.


 ‘This is Canada, not North Korea!’ WATCH Toronto BBQ owner dragged away in handcuffs for breaching Covid-19 rules — RT World News

The final item I want to bring to readers' attention is the recent assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist.  This happened just a couple of days ago and my blogging colleague, Penny for your thoughts has been all over it...bless her soul.  Well, my spideys told me early this morning whilst I was having my tea in bed...that the reason the Israelis offed the Iranian scientist at this point in history is because they wanted a casus belli to start a war between the US and Iran...which they've been wanting to do anyway...for many years.  But why at this time?  Well, the Israelis as we all know NEVER LET A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE.  I am sure if we look even closer at the following theory...we will also find some stock market windfall to go somewhere....

The United States is particularly vulnerable at the moment having been plunged into the concocted selectoral crisis where two puppets are claiming the throne of  (non-existent) power.  This crisis will likely drag on for many more months.  It was planned to go along with the Plandemic and...wait for it...this other upcoming crisis...The EMP blackout.  That's coming in the next weeks folks,  just in time for Christmas...unless the forces of God prevail over the forces of Satan in the meantime to pre-empt it.

So what is going to happen now is that there will be a series of False Flags where Iran will "retaliate" against Israel...drawing the US into a War against Iran and then [as we will be told by the MZM] the Iranians will "launch an EMP attack on the United States"...this will cause a north-American-wide power outage which will be falsely blamed on Iran.

This widespread power outage will be the pretext for bringing Martial Law into the Streets...and there will be many military assaults on the people including Internet Shutdowns and the permanent disappearance of Free Speech Blogs, summary arrests and imprisonments, forced vaccination, economic collapse [blamed on the Iranians, dontchaknow] a Dollar/Currency collapse...and widespread starvation.  At the end of this catastrophic caper of biblical proportions The Great Reset will be fully "Reset".

This is what the spideys told me don't put too much faith in it...after all...they're only "inclinations".

Well off to the freezing cold balcony for a visit with my brother. Stay Tuned.

Anti-Lockdown Protestors Fight Back
in UK - Watch the Brutality of the Cops

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Where's Willie? [Baal GateZ] + IT WAS ALWAYS ABOUT THE VACCINE + Marlon Brando's "Horror" Speech from "Apocalypse Now"

Where's Willie?[Baal GateZ]
He seems to have recently disappeared.
"What's coming Next" ...a hindrance to
the Globalist Agenda Roll-Out????

Good morning folks.  Finally, I get down to the post I've been promising about vaccines.  It has been held up for a week or so because of  a series of "breaking news" posts. Yesterday my Blogger "compose" feature was all discombobulated and I didn't want to do a complicated post.  Now that seems to have rectified itself.

But it seems that every time I put the vaccine post to one side, I received a very important link to add to the Draft I was working make it a quantum better than it was it was all good.  Today was no exception.  My blogging war correspondent FreakedOut sent me the BitChute link to the latest Max Igan video...which was like the cherry on top of the Vaccine Post Sundae.

First of all, I have to make this statement...which has been made before by me and many other truthers.  The most important thing everyone needs to know about the lockstep CovID-19 Plandemic/Scamdemic lockdown is this:  IT'S ALL ABOUT THE VACCINE!  The CovID Pandemic HOAX has been falling apart like a cheap suit for months.  Everything about it has been proven to be, as Pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson said recently "...the greatest HOAX ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public..."  I hate to say this but it must be said:  Anyone who still believes there is any such thing as CovID-19 Pandemic is so utterly stupid that they deserve to die and humanity would be far better off without them.  But, folks, sadly, it doesn't work that way.  Sentients are forced to drag the Sheeple along behind a humongous ball and chain as we crawl out of this pit of psychopathology that we've all been thrown in together.

The first video that needs to be watched is the latest BitChute video by Max Igan of The Crowhouse below.  In it he talks about the vaccine, the fraudulent PCR test and the Mind Control that all the political puppets pushing the Vaccine are likely under.  So, take the time to watch this:

Max Igan - The Crow House

Then watch this brave emergency room nurse talk about what it's like to be "boots on the ground" dealing with the fall out from the Fraudulent Plandemic/Scamdemic and the toll it's taking on society...and try to imagine what it will be like once they start rolling out the vaccine in January 2021..."with the assistance of the Military...going door to door to vaccinate all the "inmates" of each household prison cell.

This video should be saved as evidence
in the Class Action Lawsuit Against the PerpZ
H/T FreakedOut

TED talks:  Bill Gates "Innovating to Zero"
H/T Ed(itor)

Oh!  Here's Baal GateZ above, telling us exactly what he plans for us via the vaccines...he's going to use them to corrupt our DNA to the point where we're sterilized and then die slow, agonizing and expensive [but very profitable for Big Pharma] deaths from cancer and/or other diseases transmitted via vaccines.  Baal is actually PROUD of what he's doing.  His daddy taught him all about eugenics.

OTOH, here's another man who had a very different daddy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who wants an investigation into the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and their Globally catastrophic vaccine programs:

Bill Gates and the Depopulation Agenda. Robert F. Kennedy Junior Calls for an Investigation

By Peter Koenig
Global Research, November 19, 2020

For over twenty years Bill Gates and his Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) have been vaccinating foremost children by the millions in remote areas of poor countries, mostly Africa and Asia. Most of their vaccination program had disastrous results, causing the very illness (polio, for example in India) and sterilizing young women (Kenya, with modified tetanus vaccines). Many of the children died. Many of the programs were carried out with the backing of the WHO and – yes – the UN Agency responsible for the Protection of Children, UNICEF. 

Most of these vaccination campaigns were implemented without the informed-consent of the children, parents, guardians or teachers, nor with the informed-consent, or with forged consent, of the respective government authorities. In the aftermath, The Gates Foundation was sued by governments around the world, Kenya, India, the Philippines – and more.

Bill Gates has a strange image of himself. He sees himself as The Messiah who saves the world through vaccination – and through population reduction.

Around the time, when the 2010 Rockefeller Report was issued, with its even more infamous “Lock Step” Scenario, precisely the scenario of which we are living the beginning right now, Bill Gates talked on a TED show in California, “Innovating to Zero” about the use of energy.

He used this TED presentation to promote his vaccination programs, literally saying, “If we are doing a real good job vaccinating children, we can reduce the world population by 10% to 15%”.

This sounds very much like eugenics.

The video, the first 6’45”, “The Truth about Bill Gates and his Disastrous Vaccination Program”, will tell you all about it.

Read also Gates’ Globalist Vaccine Agenda: a Win-Win for Pharma and Mandatory Vaccination by Robert F Kennedy Jr

Robert F Kennedy Jr, an avid Defender of Children’s Rights and anti-vaccination activist, has launched a petition sent to the White House, calling for “Investigations into the ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’ for Medical Malpractice & Crimes Against Humanity


Greencrow says:  Max Igan got into Mind Control in his latest video linked above.  We cannot separate the attack on humanity with the goal of universal vaccination from the Mind Control that is going on via one of the most criminal of all perpetrators...the Mass Media.  It goes back decades...probably to the beginning of the TV era itself.  Here is a BrandNewTube link to the strangely predictive programming that went along with the 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony.  It is an excellent example of how it works:

It is now essential to comment that the Olympics were delayed last year to 2021.  Now isn't that it is also, coinkadynkally, the year that the "Warp Speed" vaccine is to be rolled out.  Truth Blogger James Corbett, who blogs from Japan, recently told us that he's afraid that they will use the coming 2021 Olympics as a "showcase" for the vaccine rollout and the massive surveillance operation that will go along with it.

Now here's someone I unaffectionately refer to as 'Lil Turd Jr." who acts absolutely robotically as he uses all the buzz words associated with The Great Reset.  Thinking back to what Max Igan said about all the puppet politicians having been subjected to Mind Control acts of Criminality so as to later blackmail them...I'm wondering what hideous crime the 'Lil Turd Jr" committed.
"Robot Turdeau Repeats Programing"

Yes, it was revealing how programmed the 'lil Turd Jr." is and how phony he sounds as Turdeau robotically repeats the poison that has been poured into his ear like Hamlet's father in Shakespeare's tragedy.

How Corona Vaccine Will Affect Human DNA:
Anthony Patch Interview (Recorded in 2013)
H/T The TruthSeeker

Criminal 'Lil Turd Jr. is repeating lie after programmed lie...instead of telling Canadians the how the Corona Vaccine will affect our DNA like is explained in the 2013 video above.  Or how being vaccinated even with the "innocent" Flu vaccine affects numbers of subsequent visits to the doctor as is shown in the graphs and story linked below:

Vaxxed vs. Unvaxxed
One picture says it all… this compares doctor visits of those who were vaccinated VS those unvaccinated.

But, still the Talmudvision channels all pour out the same lies and fear porn terror 24/7/365. It seems to be all they can do anymore. But why not? when most of their ad revenue comes from Big Pharma...the major evil force behind the Vaccine Attack on Humanity.  Here we have RT telling us that even if we do submit our bodies to the health violation of the vaccine...things still won't return to  The vaccine is like the regular Windows Updates.  You will need to re-submit your body to them...over and over...whenever they want long as you live...which will become totally up to THEIR discretion.  Just like if Windows wanted to crash your could do so in a heartbeat...AND WHO OWNS WINDOWS?  AND WHO IS PUSHING THE VACCINE?  

Baal GateZ...that's WHO!

From RT

Creator of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine says jab needs time to make impact & life won’t return to normal until NEXT winter


Watch This - Disturbing Information you may not believe!

Doctor Rashid Buttar tell us the truth about the Vaccine.  From BrandNewTube

Greencrow says:  They are going to use Christmas as a Battle Axe or as a Scourge against us to beat us down so we'll take the vaccine in the New Year 2021.  This is disclosed in the leaked e-mail of the "Liberal Party Meeting" of a month or so ago...which most people have heard about.  But it bears repeating because nothing predicted has so far been false.  This e-mail mentions The World Debt Reset return for total debt forgiveness the individual would have to partake in the CovID vaccination schedule AND FORFEIT OWNERSHIP of all their belongings FOREVER!  Anyone who refuses to take part in the program would live under the lockdown provisions indefinitely and would later be deemed a public safety risk and moved to an isolation facility and then have all their assets seized! mainstream media so-called "Journalist" has ever asked the 'lil Turd" about this e-mail or its contents!  THAT IS CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE ON THE PART OF THE MZM.


‘We HAVE TO get people to take the vaccine,’ Fauci tells CNN, adding no return to ‘normal’ until next summer

More about the Pfizer’s Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine—What You’re Not Being Told - Business Game Changers with Sarah Westall

They've laced vaccines with anti-fertility drugs in the past H/T Seemorerocks: Tetanus vaccine may be laced with anti-fertility drug (


CORONAVIRUS Head of WHO Suggests COVID Restrictions Will Continue Even After Vaccine

Head of WHO Suggests COVID Restrictions Will Continue Even After Vaccine – Summit News


Greencrow says:  Meanwhile, like a prophet, crying in the wilderness...Robert F. Kennedy Jr. repeats that the ‘New COVID Vaccine Should Be Avoided At All Cost’.  Here is what he has to say:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr: ‘New COVID Vaccine Should Be Avoided At All Cost’

"For the first time in the history of vaccination, the so-called last generation mRNA vaccines intervene directly in the genetic material of the patient and therefore alter the individual genetic material, which represents the genetic manipulation, something that was already forbidden and until then considered criminal.

This intervention can be compared to genetically manipulated food, which is also highly controversial. Even if the media and politicians currently trivialize the problem and even stupidly call for a new type of vaccine to return to normality, this vaccination is problematic in terms of health, morality and ethics, and also in terms of genetic damage that, unlike the damage caused by previous vaccines, will be irreversible and irreparable.

Dear patients, after an unprecedented mRNA vaccine, you will no longer be able to treat the vaccine symptoms in a complementary way. They will have to live with the consequences, because they can no longer be cured simply by removing toxins from the human body, just as a person with a genetic defect like Down syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, genetic cardiac arrest, hemophilia, cystic fibrosis, Rett syndrome, etc.), because the genetic defect is forever!

This means clearly: if a vaccination symptom develops after an mRNA vaccination, neither I nor any other therapist can help you, because the damage caused by the vaccination will be genetically irreversible. In my opinion, these new vaccines represent a crime against humanity that has never been committed in such a big way in history. As Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, an experienced doctor, said: In fact, this “promising vaccine” for the vast majority of people should be FORBIDDEN, because it is genetic manipulation! ”

The vaccine, developed and endorsed by Anthony Fauci and funded by Bill Gates, uses experimental mRNA technology. Three of the 15 human guinea pigs (20%) experienced a “serious adverse event”.

Note: messenger RNA or mRNA is the ribonucleic acid that transfers the genetic code of the DNA of the cell nucleus to a ribosome in the cytoplasm, that is, the one that determines the order in which the amino acids of a protein bind and act as a mold or pattern for the synthesis of that protein."


Greencrow concludes:  Readers working their way down to this point will join in me in exclaiming:

The Horror!...The Horror!

The other morning, greencrow's spideys kept telling me to re-watch the "Horror Scene" from the movie "Apocalypse Now" for clues as to how strong humanity would have to be to defeat the anti-Humanity forces of evil arrayed against us.  Please watch this scene from the movie and you will understand how strong humanity's warriors will NEED TO BE IN THE YEAR AHEAD.

Marlon Brando - The "Horror"Speech from
 "Apocalyse Now" Tells us about the mentality
 of the Vietnamese resistance...the only
mentality that can defeat the Vaccination PerpZ

Considering what Baal GateZ did to the children of the third world with his Polio Vaccine...recent history has given Brando's Speech an entirely new layer of Horror....more even than the Movie's script writers intended.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Emergency updates from War Correspondents RAH and FreakedOut


This  "Emergency Alert" test due to go off around 2 PM today (Wed. Nov. 25).  I don't have a cell phone, (my wife does)..but had no idea this existed.  

I'll bet thousands of people will freak out today. If you study history "The War Of The Worlds"  broadcast by Orson was no was a designed test how they can terrify the public. (Jan Irvin did the research).



Greencrow says:  This has happened before.  It's supposed to be SOP but in these craZy times...who knows anymore?



FreakedOut reports:  
Doctors and nurses letting people who refuse the bogus “COVAIDS” test suffer when they’ve been injured in a car accident?!?!

A big Thank You to Claudia for staying on this medical tyranny BS. Way to go with the lawyer on standby!! 

"Medical Tyranny in the hospital here in Vermont"

This crap MUST STOP!



Greencrow says:  More and more our hospitals are becoming alien to our society and its needs.  They are now full of liars and greedy "almighty buck" collaborators...they are becoming places of neglect, political/financial exploitation and gross malpractice.  This is because of the complete corruption and co-option of the health and science professions in Western Society. All Health personnel are now under the direction of the  WHO Globalist/Eugenicists.  If we are to survive this all-out war on humanity, whistleblowers will need to stand up in every hospital in the West.

Test: Warrior Quotes: We will need to learn "The Art of War" and Learn it Quickly!

This is a test. All my Posts and Drafts have been corrupted on Blogger. Is anyone else having this problem? I will Boot out and Boot back and see if that helps. gc

UPDATE:  I have reported the problem twice and it seems to be slowly getting back to normal.

War on Humanity Sitrep: - Netherlands Update - War Correspondent JM tells what the Education System is doing to the Dutch children + James Corbett "No More Mr. Nice Guy"

🌷JM from The Netherlands🌷
is a regular contributor

Good morning greencrow: 

I hope you are doing well in this crazy times. As promised, some crazy things from here.

Every evening we have a news broadcast on tv. the so called eight o'clock news (Het acht-uur journaal) presented by the NOS, the "N" stands for Nederland. For the majority of the people, the NOS brings serious and truthful news.  The NOS pretends to be independent, but actually they are a mouthpiece for the government and full of propaganda. I never watched it because I am sick and tired of the whole you-know-what.

Every evening the NOS has also a news broadcast on tv especially for children. My daughter has two children, the eldest is a boy who is 10 years old and the other is a girl who is 7 years. My grandson visits a "normal mainstream" school. A while ago my daughter told me that the school my grandson attends were showing the NOS news for children during lunchtime.

I don't think that's okay in itself and told her so. She agrees with me, but you know after all it is not of my business. My daughter lives in Rotterdam by the way. A short while ago, by "coincidence", I saw an episode of this newsreel that makes me very very😡😡 So, I took a closer look to some other episodes and what I found was rather disturbing, to say the least.  Propaganda about the FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION.

There were others just as serious, but I send you these 2 videos so you can see for yourself how bad things are.

The first one is titled; "How your life looks like over 20 years". In this episode they show inventions that are part of the fourth industrial revolution.  They show the chip in your head, how "cool" that is, now you can download a language or a sport right into your brain. They show the vaccine by a plaster with dots, 'It doesn't hurt, it just tickles a little' and so on, frightening isn't it?

In the end, they ask 'which invention do you find is the best and let us know' (NOS). 

Hoe ziet jouw leven er over 20 jaar uit? | UITGEZOCHT #20

Voor de 20e aflevering van Uitgezocht gaan we twintig jaar terug én vooruit in de tijd. Hoe ziet ons leven er dan uit? Wij hebben het gevraagd aan de knapste...

The other episode is about conspiracy-theories and is titled:  "Why do people believe in conspiracy-theories?" 

It comes to this; "Don't believe the stories about chemtrails, corona, vaccines etc., trust the government and the msm."  So young children from 9 -10 years of age are already heavily indoctrinated.

Well, that makes me think that, while we were focusing on masks, in the meantime they slipped through the backdoor and attacked our children, wouldn't you say?

Also, recently I saw a report in which Queen Maxima in a classroom full of young children was promoting the benefits of the latest techniques, ' so cool'😳

The Nederland's are becoming more and more a totalitarian state, it never was a democracy, it always has been a constitutional monarchy. More and more I get the feeling that the state is heavenly involved in the NWO. As you probably know, the father of our former Queen Beatrix was co-founder of the Bilderberg-group, he was host of the very first meeting. It was held here in the Netherlands in a place called Arnhem in a hotel called the Bilderberg. Beatrix is a knight in the order of the maltezer [Maltese] Cross and a member of the Bilderberg-group.  So is her son King Alexander. Beatrix's daughter in law, Mabel, worked, or still is, that I don't know, for years for George Soros.

The emergency-law which makes all the shit "legal" was recently signed. All the fun is sucked out of our lives, no cheering, no singing, no gathering, 4 or more people together is a crowd therefore forbidden, pubs and restaurants are closed. Going to the city is no fun anymore, you can't even go to the toilet. it is all very depressing.

We as a nation, have already been extradited to the NWO, IMO. For now, I will leave it at that. I am now going to enjoy my cup of coffee when I still can.  

Hopefully you can make sense of my writing. 😳

Kind regards, 🌷




What NO ONE is Saying About The Lockdowns

November 24th, 2020 

Via: Corbett Report:


"...If you are advocating for lockdowns, you are complicit in tearing families apart. You are complicit in inflicting untold suffering on millions of people around the world..."  James Corbett

Greencrow says: James Corbett is not pulling any punches anymore. It's time to stand up and fight the tyranny! Folks I am posting this "As is". When I logged in this Drafts on Blogger were all corrupted. Looks like they're beginning to lock down the Internet. I will see if this works.  I have reported the problem to Blogger twice and it seems to be slowly coming back to normal.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Buffalo, New York Business Owners Stand Up to UnElected Health STAZI - Shout: "Take Your Commie Shit Elsewhere!!!"

Buffalo Citizen Heroes
 Stand Up For Humanity!
BC Patriot RAH

Buffalo Business Owners Stand Up to Cuomo Lockdown Orders; Chase Out Sheriff & Health Dept.

"A group of Buffalo business owners were meeting at a CrossFit gym outside the city to discuss how to deal with the new policies when the Erie County Sheriff’s department was called in to disperse the “illegal” gathering.

The business owners yelled at the cops and health workers to get out, which is exactly what they did.

Does law enforcement actually have the authority to break up such gatherings and arrest people for gathering indoors in a group of more than 10, not wearing masks, and not socially distancing? It would seem that they realize they are on shaky ground enforcing such orders and would prefer if people just comply without question.

We need to see more and more of this kind of thing happening. We must not submit to this enslavement, or else it will only get worse and worse as time goes by."


Greencrow says:  Just found out from FreakedOut that the above video...and many more videos just as shocking...are in the latest edition of Jeff Berwick's The Dollar Vigilante.

Toronto Ontario, Adamson Barbeque
"We are ALL essential and We ALL need
to Stand Up.  We are all adults.