Wednesday, August 19, 2020

ABSOLUTELY MUST WATCH!!!! - Doctor Carrie Madej - Makes an Alarm Call to the World about Vaccines made by ModeRNA

Carrie Madej Makes an Alarm Call to the World
"Technologies being introduced with the vaccine
that will change who we are as humans."
We will become "Genetically Modified"
H/T Ed(itor)

Folks...this is truly one of the most important videos I've ever put up on this blog.

Dr. Carrie Madej, an internal medicine specialist from Georgia, warns about the micro-needle DNA-altering vaccine that will deliver the luciferase enzyme (aptly named, eh?) with DARPA-developed nanotechnology.

Remember some months back when FreakedOut and I made our two posts about nanotechnology?  When we posted back then, we felt we were skating on very thin ice.  There was nothing "out there" to back up what we were speculating that they were possibly up to.  Well, Dr. Carrie has done her research and the nanotechnology thing is true and it's here and it's going to be in their CovID vaccine!

According to Dr. Carrie, they are going to make the vaccine so easy to administer that we will be able to order it from Amazon and apply it like a band aid ourselves.  BUT it will contain three "transhumanizing" elements:  First, it will contain a digital code like a bar code which will give us a unique number..."The mark of the beast".  Then, it will contain RNA which could replicate inside our bodies and render us "Genetically modified".  Lastly, it will contain a certain "gel" which will contain nanobots that will be able to communicate with smart phones and other devices...send and receive messages into our bodies.  Dr. Carrie says these nanobots will be able to collect such information as our menstrual cycles and what drugs we've taken. WHO will protect our privacy".  WHO will store all this information????

According to Dr. Carrie, after we get these vaccines...we will no longer be humans but we will be humans 2.0.  There are patents on all this technology...owned by ModeRNA, Bill and Melinda Gates, DARPA [US Department of Defense] and others.  Someone owns it.  After we are vaccinated...Dr. Carrie asks...Will they own our bodies????  


FreakedOut said...

WHOA! This really creeps me out! :-O
Awesome find!
Thanks GC and Ed(itor)!....VERY interesting. "Human 1.0" to "Human 2.0"...How about "Human 3.0"? I just came across this post at Darkmoon.Me:

"Artificial Intelligence: Humanoid Robots to Replace Human Beings"

I wonder if I'll get a better night sleep as a "Human 2.0"?! :(

greencrow said...

Hi FreakedOut:

Remember the sick feeling we both had at the time we posted about nanobots? We both wondered whether we even had the right to make such a terrifying speculation. But I'm glad I went with my "gut instincts". And this needs to be spread far and wide. People need to be absolutely aware of what their plans are. Just think about how often Microsoft is "updated"...and we never know what the "updates" are about. Well, that will soon be happening to our own bodies!!!

Anonymous said...

Its very simple:

Vaccines manufacturers are IMMUNE from liability....this creates the blank slate = blank cheque.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. stated that VACCINES are $50 BILLION per year industry...BUT these satanic scammers make $500 BILLION per year in post- vaccine damage health care.

IMHO..these new vaccine/s are used as weapons re: the long overdue and final economic collapse ...the COVID scam was used as distraction..then majority will beg for these new UNtested bogus VACCINES...which effectively will be their demise.

Those that do survive the vaccines will have numerous health problems which Big Pharma and rest of corrupt modern medicine will milk till they drop.

Vast majority will never figure it out...and the Big Pharma and Oligarchs like Bill Gates will ROTFLMAO.

FreakedOut said...

"Remember the sick feeling we both had at the time we posted about nanobots?"

I certainly do GC! DANG! This is good. I see NTS posted this video too,awesome!

I hope Jon Rappoport picks this one up. Maybe John Kaminski too! Got to get this info out!

Anonymous said...

We are witnessing history repeat itself. There will be coming another giant extinction event such as the great Flood in the Bible, and such as made Atlantis sink.
The slate will be wiped clean. Bring it on!

greencrow said...

Anonymous says:

"...We are witnessing history repeat itself. There will be coming another giant extinction event..."

One way or the other...they are certainly up to no good.

Anonymous said...

My revised view is that this hi tech vaccine main objective is to outright eliminate most of us.

These satanic oligarchs are not interested in 7 billion vaccinated robo - zombies Human 2.0 roaming the earth. The amazing human body is so intricate and it amazes me people think junk science like vaccines have,or could have, any benefit.It is evil and UN natural.

These oligarchs are simply gauging the public's in New Zealand whereby they have had a few cases of COVID, yet have the most draconian lockdown on earth, whereby people who refuse to be tested can be locked up for 28 days via suspicions of infection of a virus no-one has proven exists. Of course...the agenda is to demoralize healthy people into taking a vaccine.

In addition, they are building up armies of idiots who will shame people into mask wearing and report them to police.

The table is being set to mass vaccinate, I can see many anti-vaxxers giving in. You can bet numerous health problems will arise, which they are prepared for, as psychos like Ezekiel Emmanuel are hell bent on health care rationing.

People will literally drop dead, and if they make it to hospital will be death - panelled. The epidemic of deaths in care homes and people put on respirators was simply a dry run.
Majority of MD's are showing their true colors, are not speaking up,thus are NOT your friend. They will likely have rubber stamps for DNR(Do Not Resuscitate).They have been immunized into not giving a shite.

As history has shown...vaccines are accepted by average idiot. This time around, it will be too late to investigate these new hi - tech vaccines and their effects...the damage will be done.

John F. Zahn said...

wrt nanobots, Bill Gates' vaccine, will have room in the nanobot to store and release (later by 5G): explosive, malaria, HIV, SARS, CV, etc. Rappoport has stated, do not take the CV test, or vaccine! Stay safe and Ty.

Anonymous said...

GMO = a way to boost (crop) when the soil has been completely depleted of nutrients. Must use RoundUp (encircling the seed and sprayed on crop CONTINUOUSLY) to kill any other green wild plant living around it and to keep the seed on it's USELESS ROUTE OF BECOMING A STERILE FAKE COPY OF THE WILD (HEIRLOOM) PLANT...hence the vaccine. Anything living that has become GMO absolutely CAN NOT REPRODUCE so the manufacturers can make billions. Anything living with true DNA/RNA (or wild/heirloom in this sense) that has been REPRODUCED GMO can not withstand anything extreme as in weather conditions, drought, fungus, mold, BUGS, VIRUSES...etc. Example roses. Roses have been so hybridized/gmo that they have no more smell nor can they tolerate a variety of conditions nor can they reproduce. Now they are breeding them back with the HEIRLOOMS to bring back their scent, strength, longevity and ability to WARD OFF DISEASES. There would be no difference in a human because we are the same living beings as the rest of creation. The Mark of the Beast will be a PERMANENT separation from God. Beast represents the world and its operation. That is why those who don't receive it will not be able to buy or sell (mammon) because we can't serve both. When a living being CAN NOT REPRODUCE...END OF HUMANITY AS WE KNOW IT as it is unsustainable. No one receiving this Mark will escape from it. IT'S THE LAST CALL FOLKS. Thank you Editor and GC for bringing this forward. If I remember right Dr. Judy Mikovitz touched on the RNA and vaccines...but I am not literate with all this medical lingo. I do know that once DNA/RNA is is permanent. Lastly, 5G will be the control over all.

Anonymous said...

GC...the anon comment just made was me Wallflower. For some reason I can't sign in from Google!

greencrow said...

Hi Wallflower:

Some techie friend can help you update your Google Profile. Things have got waaaay too complicated with computers. Hope you get your profile back soon.


Anonymous said...

Garuda; loving your spirit and works.

Here is something from another Canadian with a very cool head, (Albertan),
you'll love it even if it is a two sitting read.
Following the money !

Boom Brahma, Boom

FreakedOut said...

This video really helps explain vaccines and RNA:

Also good info on cleansing from metals/nanoparticles at the 16:00 MM!