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WATCH THE AWAKENING: Robert F Kennedy Jr Speech Against Medical Totalitarianism To One Million Europeans – Full Transcript

ER Editor: We’ve transcribed Robert F. Kennedy Jr‘s speech below (broadcast through RT Deutsch), punctuated as it is with German translation, made to hundreds of thousands [correction – over 1 million – ed FRN, Flores ] of Germans assembled in Berlin yesterday, Saturday, August 29, 2020, to protest the anti-democratic measures of the COVID scare. Below that is a short video of the Brandenburg Gate area as yesterday’s crowd was assembling, with a short video of Kennedy speaking to a reporter.
Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defense has also issued its own video recorded from the back of the stage, along with the transcript of Senta Depuydt‘s speech and some photos. Senta is an Officer of the new European chapter of CHD. See this post on Children’s Health Defense for Friday’s CHD press conference in Berlin: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Holds a Press Conference in Berlin After Launching CHD’s Europe Chapter.

"Governments LOVE pandemics. They love pandemics for the same reason they love war. Because it gives them the ability to impose controls on the population that the population would otherwise NEVER accept."


‘Thank you everybody. (applause)

Back at home in the United States, the newspapers are saying that I came here today to speak to about 5,000 Nazis. And tomorrow they’re gonna report that, yes, I was here and spoke to maybe 3-5,000 Nazis. And I look at this crowd and I see the opposite of Nazism. I see people who love democracy, people who want open government, people who want leaders that aren’t gonna lie to them, people who want leaders who won’t make up arbitrary rules and regulations to orchestrate obedience in the population.

We want health officials who don’t have financial entanglements with the pharmaceutical industry, who are working for us and not Big Pharma. We want officials who care about our children’s health and not about pharmaceutical profits or government control. I look at this crowd – I see all the flags of Europe, I see people of every colour.  I see people from every nation, every religion all caring about human dignity, about children’s health, about political freedom — this is the opposite of Nazism! (applause). 

Governments LOVE pandemics. They love pandemics for the same reason they love war. Because it gives them the ability to impose controls on the population that the population would otherwise NEVER accept – the great institutions and mechanisms for orchestrating and imposing obedience. Now, I’ll tell you something – it’s a mystery to me that all of these big important people like Bill Gates and Tony Fauci have been planning and thinking about this pandemic for decades, planning it so that we would all be safe when the pandemic finally came. And yet, now that it’s here, they don’t seem to know what they’re talking about.

They seem to be making it up as they go along. They’re inventing numbers. They cannot tell you what the Case Fatality Rate for Covid is – that’s basic. They cannot give us a PCR test that actually works. They don’t have… They have to change the definition of Covid on the death certificates constantly to make it look more and more dangerous. But one thing that they’re good at is pumping up FEAR.

75 years ago, Hermann Goering testified at the Nuremberg Trials and he was asked ‘how did you make the German people go along with all this?’ He said it’s an easy thing. It’s not anything to do with Nazism. It has to do with human nature. You can do this in a Nazi regime, you can do it in a socialist regime, you can do it in a communist regime, you can do it in a monarchy and a democracy. The only thing that a government needs to make people into slaves is fear. And if you can figure out something to make them scared, you can get them to do anything that you want.

50 years ago, my uncle John Kennedy came to this city – he came here to Berlin because Berlin was the frontline against global totalitarianism.  And today, again, Berlin is the frontline against global totalitarianism. My uncle came here – he proudly said to the people of Germany, Ich bin ein Berliner. And today, all those of us who are here today can proudly say once again, Ich bin ein Berliner. Because you are the frontline against totalitarianism.

I’m going to say one more thing. They haven’t done a very good job about protecting public health. But they’ve done a very good job at using the quarantine to bring 5G into all of our communities. And to begin the process of shifting us all to a digital currency, which is the beginning of slavery. Because if they control your bank account, they control your behaviour. And we all see these advertisements on television saying 5G is coming to your community. It’s gonna be a great thing for all of you, it’s gonna change your lives, it’s gonna make all of your lives so much better.

And it’s very convincing I have to say because I look at those ads and I think it’s great, I can hardly wait til it gets here. And because I’m going to be able to download a video game in 6 seconds instead of 16 seconds. And is that why they’re spending 5 trillion dollars on 5G? No. The reason is, for surveillance and data-harvesting. It’s not for you and me. It’s for Bill Gates, it’s for Mark Zuckerberg and Jeffrey Bezos. And all of the other billionaires. Bill Gates says that his satellite fleet will be able to look at every square inch of the planet 24 hours a day. But that’s only the beginning. He’ll also be able to follow you on all of your smart devices, through biometric facial recognition, through your GPS. You think that Alexa is working for you? She isn’t working for you. She’s working for Bill Gates spying on you.

And the pandemic is a crisis of convenience for the elites who are dictating these policies. It gives them the ability to obliterate the middle class, to destroy the institutions of democracy, to shift all of our wealth from all of us to a handful of billionaires to make themselves rich by impoverishing the rest of us. And the only thing between them and our children is this crowd that has come to Berlin! We’re telling them today you are not going to take away our freedom, you are not going to poison our children, we are going to demand our democracy back

Thank you all very much for fighting!’ (applause)

UPDATED: Monday Morning Coming Down-after the Weekend of protests in London and Berlin - The PerpZ RAMP up the construction of the vaccine spider web

UPDATED:  August 31, 2020 CTV has now put their vaccine threat on the back pages and have updated it, adding the factoid that "Johnson & Johnson" are partnering with Novavax.  Excuse me, but is that the SAME Johnson & Johnson that is paying billions to victims of their "Cancer-causing asbestos in the baby talcum powder" scamola???

Spider Web Construction - Metaphor for
what the PerpZ are doing with vaccines

Feds sign deal with Novavax to secure up to 76M doses of vaccine candidate

Hundreds of thousands of humans gathered in London and Berlin last weekend to tell the perpZ in no uncertain terms what WE thought of their CovID HOAX and their Vaccine trap.  What was their response?  Look at the headline above that appeared in the Bronfman-owned CTV this morning and see how they've ramped up the timetable to force the vaccine on us Canadians.

This was always the scam...hatched decades ago.  Compulsory vaccination with a biometric health passport.  The spider is setting up the web trap at lightning speed.  Do you know what happens to the flies after they get caught in the spiders web?  They get all the fluids sucked out of their bodies and they are rendered just shells of their former selves.

Read what Wikipedia says about Novavax:

In June 2013, Novavax acquired the Matrix-MTM adjuvant platform with the purchase of Swedish company Isconova AB and renamed its new subsidiary Novavax AB.[3]
In 2015 the company received an $89 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support the development of a vaccine against human respiratory syncytial virus for infants via maternal immunization.[4][5][6][7]
In March 2015 the company completed a Phase I trial for its Ebola vaccine candidate,[8] as well as a phase II study in adults for its RSV vaccine, which would become ResVax.[9] The ResVax trial was encouraging as it showed significant efficacy against RSV infection.[9]
2016 saw the company's first phase III trial, the 12,000 adult Resolve trial,[9] for its respiratory syncytial virus vaccine, which would come to be known as ResVax, fail in September.[2] This triggered an eighty-five percent dive in the company's stock price.[2] Phase II adult trial results also released in 2016 showed a stimulation of antigencity, but failure in efficacy.[9] Evaluation of these results suggested that an alternative dosing strategy might lead to success, leading to plans to run new phase II trials.[2] The company's difficulties in 2016 led to a three part strategy for 2017: cost reduction through restructuring and the firing of 30% of their workforce; pouring more effort into getting ResVax to market; and beginning clinical trials on a Zika virus vaccine.[2]
Alongside the adult studies of ResVax, the vaccine was also in 2016 being tested against infant RSV infection through the route of maternal immunization.[9]
In 2019, late-stage clinical testing of ResVax, failed for a second time, which resulted in a major downturn in investor confidence and a seventy percent reduction in capital value for the firm.[10][11] As a secondary result, the company was forced to conduct a reverse stock split in order to maintain Nasdaq minimum qualification, meaning it was in risk of being delisted.[11]
The company positions NanoFlu for the unmet need for a more effective vaccine against influenza, particularly in the elderly who often experience serious and sometimes life-threatening complications. In January 2020, it was granted fast track status by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for NanoFlu..."


Gawd!!! I don't have enough font type sizes or bright reds to sound the alarm over this spider web, Folks. How could CTV print the garbage in the above "report' without mentioning all the concerns about the company Novavax. Instead, this is what CTV says about the development:

"...Infectious disease specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch says the candidate still has a variety of regulatory hurdles to overcome before it gets the green light but this step indicates Canada is well positioned in the global race to find a COVID-19 vaccine.

"It’s wonderful to see that the federal government is looking at vaccine candidates, looking at which ones could be successful. We appreciate that some of these might not be successful and we’re sort of hedging our bets and we’ll have access to vaccines when they become available," he told CTV News Channel on Monday..."

The Ziofascist ghouls who own/operate CTV have shown conclusively that they hate humanity and want us all SLAVES or DEAD! Would YOU allow anything that Novavax puts out injected into your or your children's arms? Of course if they give the vaccine at your children's school, then they won't need YOUR consent---just your minor child's consent....GOD HELP US!!!!

Johnny Cash - "Sunday Morning Coming Down"

Sunday, August 30, 2020

War on Humanity SITREP: Home Schooling via Internet to become "New ABnormal" + Normalize sending audio messages instead of text messages = The Dumbing Down Of Humanity

Can you imagine subjecting your children to THIS!!!!???
Schools have become Tools of Child Abuse

As usual, in any war, the group of humanity most victimized and made to suffer by the conflict are the children, the elderly and the disabled.  In recent past posts I've brought to light how the disabled and the elderly are being forced to suffer under the reign of the Globalist CovID HOAXERS.  In this post, I hope to use the British Columbia example to show how children are being victimized/tortured by the so-called "education system".

One of the few benefits of growing old is that, if you had children, they've graduated from the education system, and you don't have to deal with it anymore.  In the best of times, which these certainly are not, the modern education system is a nightmare for a [sentient] parent to endure.  To see your child missing out on the fundamentals of knowledge while being subjected to useless propaganda is a mental torture.  When my children were in grade school they were each subjected to that atrocious, inane, propaganda movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" several times.  I will give only one of dozens of examples of what I'm talking about.

When my oldest son was in about grade 3 or 4, I went up to the school on some errand and was walking through the halls.  I noticed one of my son's examples of writing/penmanship displayed on a hall bulletin board.  My son had ADD [due to the MMR vaccine] and consequently his writing was full of spelling and penmanship mistakes of the grossest kind.  The work should never have been put up as an example of anything.  I took it down and brought it to the principal's office and asked to speak with him about it.  He looked at the piece of writing, chuckled and responded:  "Mrs...... "We don't teach the children to spell anymore.  It's not going to be necessary when they become adults...machines will correct the spelling...we just want them to feel good."  Or words to that effect.  THAT was one of the first exposures I had to the "new ABnormal" when it came to edumication.  Believe me, it went downhill from there.  The happiest day in my life was the day my youngest son graduated from high school.  I no longer had to deal with "them" anymore.

So, flash forward 30 years--and here we are with the children NOT even being trained to "feel good"  anymore under the "new ABnormal".  Not only are they not teaching them the fundamentals of 'reading, 'writing and 'rithmatic...but they're subjecting them to psychological torture of the worst kind. Forced social distancing, the wearing of masks.  Listening to a teacher speak through a mask...watching her hidden face and getting programmed to respond to faceless robots in the future.  Here are some links from the local newZ to illustrate what I'm talking about.  Please read and I will have concluding comments to follow:

BC Gov’t should increase physical distancing to help safely reopen schools: COVID-19 model

From Global News

‘Unrealistic’: Critics slam B.C. back-to-school COVID-19 ad featuring Dr. Bonnie 
["Bullshit"] Henry

From the National Post
School "CovID outbreaks" will be a Fact of Life

Why Smart Phone Corporations want to train every user to use voice instead of texting.

This last strategy is interesting and goes back to the example I gave from my own experience as a parent.  The PTB want to get humanity used to responding and giving voice messages rather than texting or writing e-mails.  My hunch is that texting and writing [and particularly script penmanship] requires a higher level of cognitive function.  Learning to spell and write will be discouraged in the general population. Only the children of the PerpZ will learn to write.  This is absolutely NOT new.  It's an age old strategy that goes back centuries in Europe.  When the British took over Ireland, the first thing they did was get rid of the education system.  My Irish ancestors were illiterate and signed their names with an "X".  Illiteracy is one of the most important tools of oppression and, conversely, literacy is a key to human freedom and independence.  Get it???

Max Igan from The Crowhouse describes
Agenda 2020/21 and what they're up to

IDIOCRACY: Gen Z snowflakes are intimidated by complete sentences, full stops while texting

The editors of Natural News certainly "get it".  Here is a report on how even texting is being "dumbed down" and the younger generations are now "intimidated by complete sentences".  The period (.) after a sentence is regarded by them as a sign of oppression...can you believe it?  Now I know why the younger generations tend to raise their voice in a question all the time, even after making a declarative statement.  I'm so glad I was educated [in a small brick school house in the Northern Ontario Bush] before the dumbing down started.  My wonderful classic [3 "R"s] education [and the influence of parents who were classically educated] has been a lifelong gift/tool for personal freedom and enjoyment as well as a way to earn my daily bread and, now, finally, try to save humanity with my blog!


As this report from The Vancouver Sun indicates, many parents are poised to keep their kids out of school when it opens in September [IF it opens].  If I had school-aged children, I would definitely take them OUT of the system and home school them.  In retrospect, I have long regretted not doing that in the first place.  They would have had a much better education had I taught them what I learned in school.  Unfortunately, I did not have the patience to teach and additionally, had to work myself to keep our living standard where it was.  Those, I realize, are very cheap excuses.

The Irish, under the heel of the Cromwellian British, taught their children in secret schools in their homes.  This is what modern parents should do.  What I would do is get together with other like-minded parents, get a curriculum from the 1940's or 1950's, complete with the reading, writing and penmanship books we learned from.  I would find a basement somewhere in somebody's home and, together with the other parents, we would share the duties of educating our children...according to our own talents.  Parents with aptitude in math would teach math [NOT using calculators] and Parents who are talented readers and writers would teach those subjects.  Penmanship would be mandatory, as would Spelling Bees and Oratorical contestsNO MASKS [or Vaccinations] WOULD BE ALLOWED!  Children would have their own separate desks in rows...with the teacher at the front of the class with a black/white board to write on.  No INTERNET or movies would be allowed--with rare exceptions.

I would never subject my children to what passes for education today.  It's a form of torture and oppression and will lead to the end of humanity as we know it!

BREAKING NEWS: Richie From Boston's YouTube Channel Taken Down - Here's Why

Richie From Boston's YouTube Channel
 Taken Down - And Here's Why

FreakedOut said...
On the subject of using food as a weapon to kill the populace, here's a new video from Christian@ "Ice Age Farmer" talking about US food production being decimated by COVID BS and attempts at testing migrant workers who say "no thanks" to the crappy inaccurate tests.

Also, FYI, RichieFromBoston's main Youtube channel, "RFB"...with 430k subscribers,was just deleted by YouTube. He was doing a lot of warnings on the disruption of the food supply. "RFBII", one of his back-up channels, has been locked from use. His third channel "TheBannedOne911" is still up...for now:
Richie comments:
"Shutting down Grocery Stores to remodel, Yeah!"

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Speech in Berlin Tears a Bloody Hole in the PerpZ Agenda

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Speech in Berlin
 Tears a Bloody Hole in the PerpZ Agenda

So many little time.  Folks, I highly recommend you watch the above speech that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gave in Berlin today, August 29, 2020.  The first 10 minutes of it are good but expected.  After about the 10 minute mark, however, RFK Jr. goes on a courageous full tilt rant against 5G and Bill Gates that was totally unexpected at that point in his speech because he appeared to be wrapping up.  It was highly controversial.  He says directly that Bill Gates planned the "pandemic of convenience" to further his long planned goals of 5G and surveillance/data mining on all humanity.

I said in a post a few months ago that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was "the greatest Kennedy of them all".  This speech in Berlin is full circle from JFK's and seals the deal.  "Excalibur" sliced at Baal GateZ until he looked like the Monty Python's "Black Knight".  Stay tuned for even more astonishing looks as if humanity is finally beginning to fight back!

FreakedOut UPDATE: GC Can Hardly Keep Up With the Outpouring of Resistance to this CovID HOAX Caper!

With my Heart in London and Berlin
Claudia says that the suicide rate has doubled
in Vermont where she videoblogs from
since the lockdown began
H/T again to FreakedOut

“They are going after our homes!!!
 WOW!! What an awesome rant by Claudia of  “Cabin Talk”

FreakedOut UPDATE

FreakedOut says:  10 minutes of hard hitting TRUTH! This is one smart lady! Must be that German heritage. 😊 I got emotional on this one!

On the subject of going after our homes,  Israeli News Live posted a video which contains vital info on some of the attacks on our homes/communities using DEW weapons(?) to start forest fires and other potential perps evil toys like, get this….Smart Meters?!….Yes, those new fangled electric meters they are putting on our homes to replace the old analog meters. They’re prone to starting house fires! An example of a DEW weapon called “Dragonfire” is shown…  😲  Here’s the Israeli News Live video talking about the recent assaults on our homes/communities, please note the important comments from Deborah Tavares starting around 4 minutes:

“Are Space Weapons Used to Start California Fires”

 Lots more info HERE on Perp potential toys to destroy our homes and communities that Claudia hints at(geoengineering….etc) in her rant. 

From the above linked article:

Super Energy Weapons Triggering Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Other Earth Movements”

Some pictures of things like the HAARP system, sink holes and some speculation charts on possible causes of the disasters using advanced technologies. Think Tesla!

Seems like the Perps are trying to keep us off balance as we fight this Scamdemic crap they’ve thrown at us!

John Denver’s  great song Claudia talks about:

“John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads

Greencrow comments:  Thanks, FreakedOut.  Claudia tells it like it is! I can hardly keep up with all the outpouring of resistance I'm receiving.  People ARE waking up.  Here's a new contributor, Rose Fox who is responding to a comment to an earlier post about the Elderly and the Disabled being targeted for death by the HOAXERS/Murderers:

Rose Fox says:

I'm disabled and I'm well aware that we will be next on the chopping block. First they murder the lowest hanging fruit, elderly people on their death beds. This scamdemic has been planned for years, this includes neglecting the "care" homes and their prisoners. I downloaded the Canadian military report on the "care" homes and it contains shocking and disgusting revelations of long term neglect. The very term "care home" reminds me of Orwell's 1984 in which everything is named the opposite of what it actually is. "War is peace, hate is love, freedom is slavery" and now "care is murder, home is being tied to your bed and made to lie in your own waste until you die".

I've seen plenty of hints that their next wave of murders will be via starvation, denial of health care and denial of aid or benefits. The monsters want most of humanity dead and the rest miserable slaves. They'll do it to the disabled first, then the poor. And it will happen worldwide. Canadian disabled people have been forced to live well below the poverty line for decades. We haven't received a dime in covid aid except in BC. Now we're being told "sometime in the fall" but I'm not holding my breath. They will call an election first, the conservatives will win and they'll promptly block our benefit just like they did in July. They don't give money to people who are already under a secret death sentence.

I did some checking and found that almost every developed country has also refused to aid the disabled during the scamdemic. What's more, every developed country has secret triage orders for the disabled who need health care - we are being "deprioritized" or sent to the back of the line. These orders have been in place for years. I wonder how many disabled people have already died from being refused care? I've already had two near death experiences in the ER while overhearing them treating people with skinned knees and constipation first.

I may sound paranoid but it pays to be paranoid these days, especially if you know you're among the "useless eaters" category. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. Food prices are already going up. We've already read the news of food processing plants and farms being shut down due to faked positive covid tests, and produce rotting in the fields or being thrown out. If you think they aren't capable of manufacturing a famine to murder people, pick a communist country and look up how it got that way. Or just look up Holodomor.

In six months to a year it's going to be bad. In North Korea pets are being confiscated for food and this could happen to us. I'm stocking up on canned goods. I'm also starting to gather equipment to flee to the wilderness, because I fully expect that sometime next year they'll be at my door waving a needle around, and the needles disabled people get will be for the purpose of murdering us"


Greencrow concludes:  Excellent comment, Rose. And thanks FreakedOut for sending the link to Claudia's rant on "Cabin Talk". At the time of the California fires two years ago I wrote several posts presenting clear evidence that they were deliberately set, most likely by way of Direct Energy Weaponry [DEW].

Is THIS the weekend that people FINALLY wake up???!!!

UPDATED: UK Demonstrates + Peter Koenig Says Masks are Obedience Training...for the Vaccinations to Come?

David Icke - Speaks in Trafalgar
 Square August 29, 2020

"...Rise, like lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number!
Shake your chains to earth, like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you:
Ye are many—they are few!"[4]

UPDATED:  UK demonstrates against the CovID hoax.  Check out the photos of the Crowd in Travalgar Square today  NO MORE MASQUERADES!!! Icke quotes British Poet Shelly's poem "The Masque of Anarchy" to great effect!  Please spread the video far and wide.

Mask-Wearing Zombies show Compliance
 to New World Order

Is the UN Preparing for the “Second CovID Lockdown”? Oppressive Measures Worldwide, Obedience and Acceptance…
Globalized fearmongering. It fits an agenda, a huge sinister agenda
By Peter Koenig

Global Research, August 26, 2020

Driven by WHO, the Geneva UN Medical Directors (UNMD) group has just issued a CONSENSUS STATEMENT for UN staff in Geneva that is essentially warning UN staff of stricter measures to be taken, such as mask wearing in the office when 2-meter distances could not be respected, as well as increased working from home again, when as recently as in June these conditions were relaxed. Working from home means separating colleagues from each other, connecting them by Zoom, but NO HUMAN CONTACT. That’s the name of the game.

The UNMD refers to the Canton of Geneva’s new regulations, based on Switzerland’s claim of a steady increase in Covid-19 “infections”. Since the beginning of July new “cases” have surpassed 100 a day and reached even way beyond 200 at the end of July and above 250 in mid-August. The testing positive has allegedly steadily increased and often by close to 10% per day. Now, surprisingly – they say – 40% of the “cases” concern people between 20 and 40 years of age. But who checks? – Is it a mandate by WHO to diversify the statistics, so as to better justify universal vaccination and another total lockdown?

We know by now that nothing of this, masks, “cases / infections”, quarantine, lockdown, vaccination, or any other repressive measure have anything to do with covid. They are means and instruments for the New World Order (NWO) to “train” the population for total obedience and control by the invisible super power, or deep dark state. WHO plays a key role in this nefarious plans, as it still is regarded by most people and governments as an authority, as far as world health is concerned which sadly, it has ceased to be decades ago.

The Canton of Geneva, where, incidentally, WHO and the UN are located, is the “worst” Canton of Switzerland, counting for about a third of all “infections”. So, say the Swiss authorities. A spokesperson of the Swiss Ministry of Health remarked, “if Geneva were a separate country, anybody coming from Geneva to the rest of Switzerland would have to go into quarantine.”

How scary!

That’s the level of fearmongering going on – justifying obliging face masks in public places and shops and closed areas. Never mind that there is a strong protest of small shop keepers and retail corporations, since they are losing rapidly customers. People do not want to shop with masks. They also find it useless. So, they migrate to online shopping, much of it abroad. Retail losses are estimated at least at 30%. There is already talk of forcing a masquerade also in the streets. Likewise, new emphasis is put on ‘social distancing’. People are to be trained and reminded at every corner to stay away from each other. A masquerade with people walking – in lockstep – or standing two meters apart.

If a Martian would see the human race, no backbone, no self-esteem, just following orders for what most serious scientists consider human history’s worst hoax – he or she, the Martian, would think “the human race has gone mad, let them lockstepping themselves into oblivion. Let’s the hell get out of this lovely blue but crazy planet.”

And the population zombies along because the authorities order them to do so, under threat of fines – against all common sense. But zombies have been deprived of any common sense to resist in masses. Such restrictions and more are now in place until at least 1 October 2020. That’s about the beginning of the 2020 / 2021 flu season which will be conveniently mixed up with covid-19 – and justifies another lockdown – not to forget – with mass vaccination, for covid and flu. Quarantine, livelihood destruction – an economic skyfall into more poverty, more misery, more deprivation, more famine – more death. Not covid- death, but socioeconomic death. That’s exactly what the eugenics fanatics are dreaming of. A decimation of the world population.

WHO is part and parcel of the party, recommending these steps, if and when they are told to do so. By the invisible monsters, of course. The UN is going along. Or, is it the UN who has forced these increasing covid figures in Geneva, so they may prepare first their staff, then the population in general – worldwide – for a new lockdown in October-November? – All is possible.

We are in for the long haul; the UN paper suggests. And so do authorities (sic-sic), not only in Switzerland, but all around the world. Look at the tyrannical oppressive measures of Melbourne, the Department of Victoria in Australia; similar in New Zealand; South Africa; Thailand has hermetically closed all her borders – Germany is preparing for a new lockdown, though they say the contrary (not withstanding a strong popular resistance), so is France – and the US, State by sorry State, as they are battling racial unrest, Woke protests, Black Lives Matter (BLM) movements, and anti-police riots. All organized and paid for by the Soroses, Rockefellers, Fords, Gates and more oligarchic “philanthropic” humanitarian foundations. The mainstream cannot even keep up anymore with covering the US city chaos.

All this talk, predictions, projections, threats, contradictions, anarchy in the cities – is fabricated on purpose not only to confuse, but also to repress and depress people. Hopelessness is an effective weapon. It’s a weaponized narrative.

The “Consensus Statement of the Geneva UN Medical Directors network” starts by saying – “The recent surge in new cases” – without ever describing what NEW CASES entail.

New infections? Newly tested positive, but no symptoms? Sick people? Hospitalized people? People who died? – In fact, the death rate has not gone up whatsoever. Nobody has died from these “new cases” or “new infections”. But nobody reports on this important fact.

It sounds dramatic: a case, an infection — but nobody dares ask the so-called pathetic and corrupted authorities such crucial questions. Nobody asks for an explanation what these “increased figures” really mean? – Are they increased as a function of increased testing? How is testing performed? Does anybody ever ask how the infamous and controversial polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests are performed and analyzed, and the results reported into the annals of statistics, so as to produce ever more “virus-cases”?

The website “Virology Down Under” reports a comment of Professor Martin Haditsch, writing in ProMed-mail:

As to my knowledge “infection” is defined as the proof of an infectious agent AND the proof of multiplication of this agent inside the body (OR associated inflammatory response that can be linked to this agent). Therefore, my question is: where was the specimen taken from the “asymptomatic” nurses? PCR, as we all know, just detects nucleic acids. So, if multiplication cannot be proven and no local or systemic inflammatory response is given, how was “contamination” (no matter whether due to inactivated parts of MERS-CoV or even complete virus particles) ruled out? This is not a semantic question only but should impact the reported number of “cases”.

Does the surge in “new cases” coincide with a surge of new tests?

Who makes the tests?

Is there an independent entity that controls the tests, monitors the tests, as to who is tested and when and with what frequency tests are carried out – and the results reported? For example, are people who are tested several times, also reported several times?

The UNMD CONSENSUS STATEMENT is nothing but a support to the globalized fearmongering. It fits an agenda, a huge sinister agenda. The compulsory mask wearing is the most detested measure imposed by the deep dark state – the invisible masters that are pressuring us into a NWO scheme. They know it. They love it. They are psychopaths. And mask-wearing is dangerous, dangerous for one’s health and well-being.

In most places in Europe, the new school year just began. Students in many places are forced to wear masks, where “social distancing” in class rooms cannot be respected. Many students have been interviewed throughout Europe – and probably on other Continents too. Their response is almost unanimous – masks are uncomfortable, concentration is faltering after about two hours, we are exhausted in the evening and often have headaches. No wonder, breathing your own CO2 instead of oxygen cannot be very healthy.

The forced mask-wearing is an important agenda in the Great Transformation or the Great Reset, predicted by both the IMF and the WEF (World Economic Forum), to be officially “rolled out” in Davos, Switzerland in January 2021. It is an agenda of re-education by rituals. The mask wearing is a ritual on behavioral acceptance. It’s a ritual of initiation towards obedience. The faster and easier you accept the mask, the faster you are accepted – accepted in society. Most people want to be accepted. It makes them comfortable, no matter how much this acceptance is uncomfortable and based on lies.

Watch the first 4 min. of this video.

Then there are the few who will resist, who don’t care about acceptance. They fiercely resist. The system of tyranny makes sure they are socially discriminated and excluded from “society” they are social no-goes. They are looked at as if they were monsters, spreaders of disease, discriminated against, excluded. It is the old “divide to conquer”. Your friend for years has suddenly become your enemy. Families, groups, clubs, entire societies are divided and made to despise each other – division along the ‘ritual line’.

Amazing how it works for masks. Wait until you see how it works for vaccination – another ritual being prepared, as we are oblivious to what’s awaiting us in the next 5 to 10 years. Think Agenda ID2020 and Agenda 2030 – under the UN disguise of Sustainable Development Goals.

We are not doomed yet. But we have to act fast and decisively and in unison – in solidarity. Let’s reinvent solidarity.

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a water resources and environmental specialist. He worked for over 30 years with the World Bank and the World Health Organization around the world in the fields of environment and water. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for Global Research; ICH; New Eastern Outlook (NEO); RT; Countercurrents, Sputnik; PressTV; The 21st Century; Greanville Post; Defend Democracy Press; The Saker Blog, the and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization.
The original source of this article is Global Research

Friday, August 28, 2020

Sad Stories about the Government Lockdown Victims

Greencrow with my brother Paul showing off new tablet
for him to Skype family members - photo taken
before the lockdown - when I was allowed to sit close
to him

I’m getting increasingly frustrated regarding my mentally handicapped brother Paul, aged 62, who has been under lockdown in his residential group home in a nearby community since March, 2020. Since the lockdown started, I have not been able to hug Paul or hold his hand. I cannot take him out for a hamburger or to my place for dinner. Paul is unable to attend his workshop, go to Church (which he really misses) or go on his yearly vacation, which he used to do.  He can go for short walks in the neighbourhood or to visit other residences in the L'Arche organization of which he is a member.  When I visit Paul which I will do again this Sunday, I have to sit outside on the porch 6 feet away from him.  This situation seems to have no end in sight.  I asked the staff at Paul's home when the rules will be relaxed and they said that the rules might actually be stiffened up--because of the recent rise in CovID "cases" in BC.

I believe, like RAH who gives some more sad stories in his post below, that this is intentional.  The perpZ want to kill off the old and the disabled.  It's an economic decision and was made perhaps more than a decade ago when they were planning this plandemic/scandemic HOAX.


Here is what regular contributor RAH has to say:

"My Mother- in- Law's good friend, in her 80's, is now in a Seniors care home.

She has had four 14-day quarantines so far as follows:

(i) She came FROM her condo TO seniors home = 14 day ( QUARANTINE #1 )....... I assume this is to be "safe" as she is a new resident?

(ii) Alleged COVID 19 outbreak in seniors home = 14 days ( QUARANTINE #2 ),,,,, I assume this is again due to possible "contact"?

(iii) Hospital stay = 14 days ( QUARANTINE #3 )....I assume this is because she came from another facility that had an alleged COVID outbreak?

(iv) Back to seniors home = 14 days ( QUARANTINE #4 ) .....again in case she brought "something" back from the hospital?

SO...she has NOT been tested positive, yet has been almost 2 months total in quarantine.  This is the torture they put these people through over this scamdemic.

She is also a cancer patient, and a low income i.e subsidized seniors home, so may be a prime candidate to be "dosed" [MAID] etc.?


Another sad this planned MURDER of the elderly and how much of this is going on?

"J's" story

--- A family friend had another friend "J" in her 80's

--- "J" was hospitalized for a couple of weeks over something COVID-related.

--- The MD's told "J" she would NOT recover from the COVID.

----"J" "believed" the MD's, then decided to take the" Fatal Injection" (which I presume the MDs suggested as an option re their "bad" COVID diagnosis/prognosis for "J")

----"J" called our family friend and said "goodbye"...the family friend was totally in shock. "J" was DEAD 2 hours later.


I didn't delve into details, but what stood out was our family friend being ambushed by the news from their friend "J".

How ill was "J" really ?

The story seems extremely fishy when the "COVID factor" is exposed., given we have seen COVID's low mortality rates/high recovery in all age groups. Ultimately, are vulnerable seniors being lied to and coerced by MD's over this COVID scam and outright deceived into taking a lethal dose?  Potentially, these seniors could recover and live out their remaining years with reasonable quality of life.  Are seniors' futures being stolen and are seniors being murdered?

Based on this COVID scam and quarantines etc., we really have NO idea what's actually going on in seniors' homes and hospitals.

Are they becoming euthanasia chambers and murder mills under our very noses? Such absolute power can and will corrupt absolutely.



Greencrow concludes: First of all.  It was criminal for the MD's in the last case mentioned to allow the patient to call her friend and tell them that she would be dead in a few moments.  That's disgusting!  The MD should have counselled the patient/victim to meet with the friend instead and tell her/him personally.  The kind of shock the individual receiving that information was so intense it might have affected his/her mental health and well-being.  The MD's were very unprofessional and broke their oath to "Do No Harm".

Secondly, does anyone wonder anymore why I have such disgust for "the Bullshitter?"  As the recovered drug addict said at the press conference last week, when the BC government admitted that provincial Overdose Death numbers were again record-breaking for July:  "Some deaths are more important than others."  It is hypocritical in the extreme for Bullshit Bonnie and her ilk to make a big deal, wring their hands and cry crocodile tears about so-called CovID "cases" [which are dubiously diagnosed and, by the "medical professions" own admission, generally recover] all the while sweeping the shameful, deliberate mis-treatment of the disabled and elderly under the rug.  Some fates are worse than death...and denying the elderly and the disabled the support of their families is truly a "fate worse than death".

NOTE:  Please check the comments to this post as they are very illuminating.


Amazing Polly Says the PerpZ are in full on Panic

Amazing Polly Says the PerpZ are in full on Panic

I have a big problem with QAnon [I am totally against matter WHO is wearing them] but Polly's videos are always thought-provoking.  In this video Polly examines the panic being exhibited by the child-trafficking perpZ.  Panic which she contends has been caused by the Trump Administration reining in the endemic child traffickers and their multi-billion industry in the United States.  She supports Qanon's efforts in revealing the corruption that has gone on in Arizona and Haiti, amongst other places. Of course, all roads lead back to The Clinton Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  It is good to know about this extremely distasteful topic [i.e., harvesting the blood of children] because it's just one aspect of the perversion of the entities who now govern humanity under the Pseudo-"medical" CovID Coup.

One question I have for Polly.  How does she explain all the trips that Donald Trump made on Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express?

Thursday, August 27, 2020

"CHILDREN OF MEN" - THE REALITY SHOW: The New CovID Vaccine has already been made and will lead to Infertility in Human Males and Females

Whistleblower from UK says Vaccine has Already
been prepared and contains adjuvants that will
create sterility in human males and females
H/T Paul Craig Roberts

Greencrow comments:  I've always known that the vaccine has been prepared and stored "ready for action" for quite a long time.  According to the spokesperson in the interview the desired results of infertility in humanity will not show up in the global population for seven years.  After that time, if the vaccination scheme is successful, no more humans will be born.

Children of Men (2006)

Wow!  Folks the above whistleblower revelations about the vaccine reminded me of a movie I didn't see one time.  Fact is, I rarely go to movies because of Jewlywood permeation--as NTS calls it.  But I did see a trailer of a movie years ago that had the SAME PLOT.  Here it is, copied BELOW right from the movie site.  Note the eerie gonnection of dots between what the guy in the video above says and the movie screenplay:

Movie Summary

In 2027, in a chaotic world in which women have become somehow infertile, a former activist agrees to help transport a miraculously pregnant woman to a sanctuary at sea.

Anonymous and Brian McInnis

London, 2027 [NOTE:  Exactly seven years after the "mass innoculation" Baal GateZ wants to take place in 2021] In this dystopian world, humans have been incapable of reproducing for eighteen years for an unknown reason, meaning the imminent extinction of the species. Britain is the one remaining civilized society on the planet, which has resulted in people wanting to immigrate there. As such, it has become a police state in order to handle the immigrants, who are placed into refugee camps. Lowly government bureaucrat Theo Faron, once an activist, is approached by the Fishes, deemed a terrorist group, led by his ex-wife Julian Taylor, who he has not seen in close to twenty years, their marriage which disintegrated following the death of their infant son Dylan during the 2008 flu pandemic. Although the Fishes did use terrorist means in their on-going revolution against the state in the fight for immigrant rights, Julian vows that they now garner support solely by speaking to the people. What she wants is for Theo to use his connections to get transit papers for a young immigrant woman named Kee who needs to get to the coast. Although initially reluctant to do it because of the difficulty, Theo is able to grant Julian this favor, however with the change that he now needs to accompany Kee on her journey. As Theo and Kee progress on that journey, Theo learns more and more about what's going on, including the reason that Kee needs to get to the coast, the fact that no one in the group knows if their end destination even exists, and that his and Kee's lives are in greater danger than he believed when they started the journey. But Theo's sole mission becomes to help Kee at any cost for the survival of the species.—Huggo

Children of Men (2006) Trailer

Greencrow comments:  It's obvious that this shit has been in the hopper for decades!

“Virus Test Revelations” – with David Icke and Dr. Andrew Kaufman M.D.

Dr Andrew Kaufman and David Icke discuss the recent Bombshell Revelation about the PCR test...

“Virus Test Revelations” – with David Icke and Dr. Andrew Kaufman M.D.

Must Watch Bitchute Video wherein Dr. Andrew Kaufman confirms that the PCR test is actually testing for our own chromosome 8.  

Dr. Kaufman credits the French Pasteur Institute with coming up with this bombshell revelation and not the Canadian naturopath Amandha Vollmer who broke the story via The Crowhouse blog We still need to hear from a lot more alternative experts on this revelation.  I'm waiting to hear from Jon Rappoport.  I would like to learn why they chose chromosome 8.  Was it just random...or were there more sinister motivations?

The Playbook Revealed! CHD’s ‘The Jab’ Delivers Inside Scoop on COVID Pandemic

"They" have done it all before. Watch this short
 video describing the modus operandi of the
thugs behind the CovID Plandemic/Scamdemic Hoax

UPDATED: "Soul of a Rose"--in a Global Atmosphere of Sulphurous-Smelling Oppression

UPDATED:  August 27, 2020 Tonights NHL Hockey Game has been cancelled/or postponed????  The totalitarian bullies have won.  Professional Sports no longer belong to humanity...they are now the SOLE property of the PerpZ and will henceforward be treated like candy given to a child by a grooming pedophile.

"Soul of a Rose"
by John William Waterhouse 1849-1917

Good morning, readers,  The above is the Avatar designed and chosen by regular contributor Wallflower.  "Soul of a Rose" is a balm of a title in this day and age.  To return to the simple ecstasy of smelling a rose on a warm summers day...instead of the overwhelming smell of Sulphur...rising from the demons who have imprisoned humanity and are lining the somnolent sheeple up for the Fall cull.

Last night I was watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs on the Canadian Sports Channel.  Before the game began, two announcers...standing the requisite six feet's a wonder they weren't wearing masks...began to berate the NHL for not cancelling the game!!!  They said, because of BLM and the recent killing of a black man in Wisconsin, the hockey game they were about to present should have been cancelled.  I was shocked.  What right did they have to make such an announcement? Waaaay beyond their pay grade.  Weren't announcers summarily fired for making such outrageous statements in the past?  They must have been ordered to make the announcement by their employers....who are, of course, owned and operated by the usual Ziofascists. So-called journalists NEVER step out of the box anymore.

After thinking about it for a couple of minutes I figured out what the caper was...they were trying to concoct a distraction from the Republican convention which was being shown on other channels at the time. Or at least, they were trying to infer that the racial strife in the US was the fault of the Republicans and Americans and Canadian hockey fans had to suffer--due to the Republicans allowing racism to accelerate during Trumps tenure...or some shit like that...whatever. 

Longtime readers might remember that I have written extensively about endemic racism in the US and North America on this blog through the years.  I do believe that persons of colour are discriminated against.  BUT in the recent events...racism is being deliberately stirred up and is being used as a tool by the elites to further divide and conquer society.  SoroZ and his pals have funded Antifa and BLM demonstrations.  If Jews as an ethnicity would own up to their major role in the African Slave Trade...instead of hiding under a "white" blanket throughout centuries...THAT would be a major step in the right direction of not blaming all whites for what happened.  The Irish were also the time of the transatlantic slave trade.  Are blacks aware of that?!

Here is a snippet from the News1130 Web Article from the MZM on the NHL's "duty" to shut down its games.  Please read and I will have final comments to follow:


A moment of reflection was held ahead of the Boston Bruins
 and Tampa Bay Lightning matchup on Wednesday
 following the shooting of a Jacob Blake,
 a Black man, by police in Wisconsin. 
The shooting sparked more protests speaking
 out against racial injustice. (Sportsnet)

TORONTO (NEWS 1130) – The National Hockey League is being accused by many of doing the bare minimum as it’s called out for failing to cancel games in solidarity with Black Lives Matter protests.
As a number of sports leagues, including the NBA, MLS, and MLB, went dark on Wednesday night, the NHL proceeded with its scheduled games.
Hockey’s decision to instead hold a “moment of reflection” at two of the games didn’t go over well with many players, athletes, fans, and analysts.
 Former player and current Sportsnet broadcaster Kelly Hrudey said the league was offside in its decision. “I don’t think we should be here. I think the NHL should postpone the games. I really feel that we should be more supportive of Black Lives Matter,” he said.

“I’d prefer to be having this conversation with my family. I’ve said, many months ago, when I made my video about Black Lives Matter, it means something to me,” Hrudey said while speaking to his Sportsnet panel.
His comments came as a number of sports stars continue to protest racial inequality, the latest catalyst being the shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin, over the weekend.

Players disappointed

NHL players were also among those disappointed with the lack of action.
In an appearance on Sportsnet 650 on Wednesday, Minnesota Wild defenceman Matt Dumba — who raised a fist to highlight social and racial justice issues during the anthems of his qualifying-series game against the Vancouver Canucks earlier this month — said the league’s decision to hold playoff games Wednesday, despite cancellations across other leagues, is “disheartening,” but expected.
“I know what’s going to happen, and I don’t think much is going to happen from that standpoint. But it’s just back to it, I don’t know, the NHL we’re always late to the party, especially on these topics, so it’s sorta sad and disheartening for me and other members of the HDA, and I’m sure other guys across the league,” said Dumba.
He and San Jose left winger Evander Kane are faces of the Hockey Diversity Alliance and are some of hockey’s strongest proponents for the need to address anti-Black racism in the sport..."


Greencrow concludes:  Hey, if the Elites and their puppet governments didn't hire the Israeli Defense Force STAZI to train and equip all North American Police forces...then the North American Police wouldn't be treating Americans like Palestinians.  That is the bald truth...which you will never hear from them.

The real modus operendi here is to put professional team sports in the category of "candy" that is going to be hoarded and meted out by the elite--awarded to the plebs for compliant behaviour [i.e. submit to RFID/GMO vaccines]...just like travel and community gatherings and school and shopping are now.

I suspect the reason the NHL didn't go along with the humiliating bullying by the Media-Owning PerpZ is because the players are likely on the edge of outright rebellion at having their careers wantonly destroyed.  That makes common, logical sense.  Something which has flown out the windows during this Global Plandemic/Scamdemic Communist coup that is now underway.