Friday, July 17, 2020

Watch out for those Coronavirus Tests. They could have Dual Purpose! Ever hear about the "Cribriform Plate"?

2: Mitral cells
3: Cribriform plate
4: Olfactory epithelium
5: Glomerulus
6: Olfactory receptor neurons

"In mammalian anatomy, the cribriform platehorizontal lamina or lamina cribrosa (from Latin cribrum, "sieve" + -form) of the ethmoid bone is received into the ethmoidal notch of the frontal bone and roofs in the nasal cavities.
The cribriform plate is narrow with deep grooves supporting the olfactory bulb, and is perforated by olfactory foramina allowing the passage of the olfactory nerves. The foramina in the middle of the groove are small and allows the passing of the nerves to the roof of the nasal cavity. The foramina at the medial part of the groove allow the passage of the nerves to the upper part of the nasal septum while the foramina at the lateral part transmit the nerves to the superior nasal concha.
A fractured cribriform plate can result in olfactory dysfunctionseptal hematomacerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhoea (CSF rhinorrhoea), and possibly infection which can lead to meningitis. CSF rhinorrhoea (clear fluid leaking from the nose) is very serious and considered a medical emergency. Aging can cause the openings in the cribriform plate to close, pinching olfactory nerve fibers. A reduction in olfactory receptors, loss of blood flow, and thick nasal mucus can also cause an impaired sense of smell.[1]


Recently, I received a tip from my regular contributor, RAH. Here it is:

Hi gc.  Here's a good BOOM for you: "cribriformplate". Came across a VERY interesting and troubling scenario. Those long swabs that they stick in your nose to COVID Test? BTW, I always wondered why they need a long one.

Listen till the 11:00 minute mark (WARNING: Charles SWEARS A LOT!!!) the back of our throat is the "cribriform plate" that is used to detect smell. It's very thin...thus fragile and permeable. Those long swabs can either damage the plate...injure your brain...or [be used to transfer substances]. What chemicals could be on the swab ends?

More reason to avoid what they're calling "nasal rape". Those giving gentle are they?

I recall that the Egyptians, during the mummification process, cleaned out the brain matter by going throught the, easy access. Here are some links. I'm just starting to delve into this:


Greencrow says:  [gc notes that the Reuters link given above is a "debunking" link].  Folks.  I never put anything past the perpZ.  My rule of thumb going back over a decade now is "If they CAN do something then they WILL do something."  That's why I'm so disgusted with so-called alternative bloggers like The Saker and Paul Craig Roberts.  For years, these two [amongst many others] have read and written about the heinous crimes of the PerpZ...yet they think that the PerpZ will somehow demur from something like concocting a fake pandemic for the purpose of terrorizing humanity into a global vaccination program.  The longer The Saker and Paul Craig Roberts continue to NOT see the reality of the evidence that's lying everywhere in plain sight...the more I'll consider them possible dysinfo agents.  But, I digress.

The above was just a preamble to my view that if the PerpZ can injure or/inject something in us via the Cribriform Plate...then they will definitely do it.  There are certainly a lot less invasive ways to get a mouth swab than touching that very vulnerable organ!  If a testing subject has any chance of getting a calamitous and potentially fatal disease such as meningitis...then for Gawd Sake...don't touch it.

Here is a diagram of the testing procedure:

"Testing for COVID-19 involves inserting a 6-inch long swab (like a long Q-tip) into the cavity between the nose and mouth (nasopharyngeal swab) for 15 seconds and rotating it several times. The swabbing is then repeated on the other side of the nose to make sure enough material is collected. The swab is then inserted into a container and sent to a lab for testing."


Greencrow concludes:  OMG!  Certainly looks and sounds like "nasal rape" to me!  During that 15 seconds anything could be inserted into that area so close to the brain!  Just a heads up, Folks.  These people (and their, perhaps unwitting, agents) are NOT your friends.  If they can foist a public health crisis on my Province [British Columbia, Canada] whereby the number of suicides via overdose [175 in one month] is more than the entire number of fatalities from the supposed "Pandemic" Covid-19 over six months...then NO.  They are not our friends.  Should we allow people (or their agents) who are NOT our friends access to an area within our skull that is so permeable--and so close to our brains?  These entities have declared war on us, folks. Think about it!

Thanks very much to RAH for sending me this important public health awareness bulletin.


greencrow said...

It would be interesting to find out who makes the "6 inch long 'Q-tips'". Is it a perp-run bidness?

Also, follow the trail between the manufacture and dispersion of the "Q-tips". Are there any stop-offs at biochemical laboratories? Hey, these 'Q-tips' could be potential weapons!!!

The bio-medical testing vassals who do the actual swabbing procedure are, no doubt, ignorant of any of the myriad of potential harm they might do both in the course of the swabbing procedure and what might actually be on the 'Q-tips'.

This is, indeed, the stuff of [yet more] nightmares!

Northerntruthseeker said...

I got wind of your article earlier, Crow... And someone sent me the link to another article covering much of this same issue from Jim Stone's website as well..

I incorporated BOTH articles, yours and Jim's, in an article at my site...

And I have talked to a few suckers that went for those fraud 'PCR TESTS' here in Manitoba, and they all claimed that they had horrendous headaches after the swabbing... One also said that he had sneezing fits and felt severe sinus headache as well....

And to think that these pricks would not stoop any lower in doing harm to us all?

greencrow said...

Perhaps this heinous PCR testing and the mandatory mask wearing are the straws that finally broke the camel's back. I do believe that the jig is up. Dr. Kelly Victory says she speaks on behalf of The CDC, World Health Organization and The New England Journal of Medicine in now admitting that wearing a mask can lead to severe health issues.

Severe health issues? Surely, some heads need to roll!

Cloud said...

A BIG THANKS to you GC, RAH, AND NTS for bringing this forward and keeping us informed and armed so we can help STOP THIS INSANITY. The rest of us SPREAD THE NEWS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. I couldn't help but notice the 6's involved. Staying 6' apart. 6" swab (makes me sick thinking about it)...and the number of 'man' = 666 KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK YOU ALL ARE DOING!

H/T to Jody Paulson for sharing this video from Peekay:
Heartbreaking Reality of Reopening Schools

FreakedOut said...

Great report and a big thanks to all involved!

A co-worker went for the COVID test before getting a biopsy, he described the experience as unsettling. Let's hope he wasn't injured. I'll pass this info on to him.