Monday, July 13, 2020

Dr. Carrie Madej shares IMPORTANT information on CV19 Vaccine

Dr Carrie Madej shares

 IMPORTANT information

 on CV19 Vaccine

How close to the edge of the abyss does humanity have to walk before some "saviour" comes along and pulls us back?  In the "must watch/must share" video at the link above, Dr. Carrie Madej tells us that the planned Covid-19 vaccine will be much worse than even our most terrifying nightmares.

Yet another doctor has put her career on the line to warn humanity that the perpZ want humanity--as it has evolved over millions of years, dead.  They want to replace us with something like us--but much more like the Artificial Intelligence that they will force humanity to genetically interface with.  Reading our thoughts---and uploading their thoughts into our brains ["writing on our brains"]is just the tip of the iceberg.

What they've already done to humanity...what they've got planned to do in the near future...and their ultimate goals are not science fiction.  Unfortunately, it's all very real and very terrifying.  What will make the sheeple wake up before it's too late????

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