Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Masks Speak -- of CIA torture - Lockdown and Social Distancing are Dangerous to Our Health

CIA Torture Technique

Many in the truth community are pleading with those who've put themselves into positions of authority or who have been placed in positions of authority by "the powers that shouldn't be"--to ease up on the torture techniques disguised as "health measures" during this fraud Plandemic/Scamdemic.  Instead of listening to reason, the perpZ have doubled down.  Even in the past week the hideous torture of making healthy people wear heavy, oxygen-depleting facemasks for hours at a time has become even more rigorously enforced.  At this moment, The Toronto city council is debating whether to force all citizens to wear masks indoors in public spaces.  This, while the statistics on the "Covid-19" show that deaths have dropped dramatically and "cases" are dependent on how much testing is being done.  I.e., "the more testing, the more cases"...which is a form of fraud in and of itself.

Here's an important article and video from The Truthseeker where the history of "social distancing" is revealed to be rooted in the CIA experiments on human torture of "enemies of the state".  Please read the concluding paragraphs of this long discussion and I will have final thoughts to follow:


Children Have 0.00% Chance of Dying from COVID

But are Harmed for Life by Social Distancing, Which has its Roots in CIA Torture techniques

We are Currently Undergoing the Single Largest Planetary-wide Social Experiment ever Conducted on Human Beings

"...And now, to wrap this letter up:  we are currently undergoing the single largest planetary-wide social experiment ever conducted on human beings.  Social distancing is social isolation.
It is a well-documented war-time technique deployed for the better part of the last century by the CIA against our worst enemies.  For the victims who have endured social isolation – to a man and to a woman – they experience it as torture:  a torture so inhumane that they refuse to endorse its use against even their own enemies.  Id; see also, New Yorker article which described a prisoner who was confined to solitary for 8 years who – upon his release and finding out his State Prison Director had been jailed – stated he would let the Prison Director “out of solitary” as he wouldn’t wish that social isolation on anyone… “not even him.”
Moreover, a plethora of studies show that social distancing and isolation can be fatal, and when not fatal, are yet still a fate from which people do not EVER fully recover.  The brain is irretrievably structurally altered, and the part that is most vulnerable and necessary to learning – not only in children but in ourselves – is gutted beyond repair.
I implore you to take heed of these studies.  And as educators yourselves, who are not doubt familiar with genocides and atrocities of yesteryear, I also implore you to not simply accept suggestions – or even orders – which are unconstitutional.
I do much work in countries where War Crimes Tribunals are active, and with lawyers who prosecute crimes against humanity, and I tell you true:  it is no defense to have taken part in even a minor human rights violation, and then attempt to justify one’s actions later on down the line with the pablum that one was “required to do so” by virtue of one’s post, one’s title, one’s uniform, or one’s orders.
I further implore you to reject – out of hand and without exception – any suggestions that would force TUSD children to have classrooms requiring large distances of physical space between students, to have schedules that would reduce attendance by 20% or 50% on a rotating basis, that would seek to carve up the student body so that only ½ or 1/3 were present at any given time, that would enforce mask wearing (a separate issue, which medical studies I won’t cite here), and I would ask you to reject as well any plans that would prohibit recess and outdoor breaks or sunlight, or physical education.
Such plans are neither required nor even logically related to containment of a virus that is less fatal that SARS, MERS and the flu, and whose mortality rate for children is non-existent.  Yet more striking, such plans will make children (or anyone) less physically healthy through immuno-suppression secondary to social isolation and lack of physical activity/sunlight.  Yet further, such plans infringe on many constitutional rights – not to mention literally tearing at the very fibers of the minds of the children whose future you hold in your hands.
I recognize that I have given you an abundance of legal, scientific, and medical information.  I did this because I firmly believe that people make better decisions when they have the relevant facts at hand.  And I did this because – at base – I know what the end of the road looks like, for those who embark on even the tiniest violations of civil liberties, with the best of intentions.  I would not wish the things I have seen in Cambodia, in Africa, in speaking to survivors of social isolation, of war, of human rights atrocities – I would not wish these ends on my worst enemy.
Because these people?  These people … do not EVER recover:  it is a harm from which there is NO ROAD BACK.
You are the guardians of our children’s minds, their hearts, their very humanity.  My child – and yours – they are not rhesus monkeys.  They are not hostages in Lebanon.  They are not POWs in Hanoi.
But if we do not do the right thing here?  They will be.
With more warmth, love and prayers than I could ever convey in words,
Leigh Dundas, Esq."


Greencrow says: Wouldn't you just know that the CIA was at the bottom of all this social experimenting, brainwashing and torture hiding behind the lie of Public Health?  The worst aspects of the torture are reserved for the sentients--who are forced to watch helplessly as it grows, morphs and evolves from week to week, rising out of the swamp like a monster from a Sci-fi horror movie.  Knowing that the entire world-wide crisis is predicated on lies--in the initial UK Modelling, lies in the hospital diagnosis ("Cash for Covid" diagnoses) of patients.  Lies predicated on falsified death certificates...and lies about the medical efficacy of wearing face masks...just to mention a few of the hundreds of lies that are balanced--like a house of cards--holding up the entire False Flag [yes, folks, it IS yet another False Flag] structure.

And, sadly, just like all the other False Flags we've been forced to watch over my lifetime...this one will also never be revealed as such to the sheeple.  No.  They steadily march, one by one, six feet apart and masked...up the circular slaughter-house ramp to the mandatory, digital ID vaccination chamber at the top.


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This petitioning the White House is an American phenomenon. Has it ever worked?


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What can I say? This IS the "worst case scenario"!! But if ordinary folks just keep believing everything they see on the idiot box, what can be done?? It is "the end". Truly, there is no place left on earth to go... There is ONLY ONE safe place, IN CHRIST.