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Masks Speak -- of CIA torture - Lockdown and Social Distancing are Dangerous to Our Health

CIA Torture Technique

Many in the truth community are pleading with those who've put themselves into positions of authority or who have been placed in positions of authority by "the powers that shouldn't be"--to ease up on the torture techniques disguised as "health measures" during this fraud Plandemic/Scamdemic.  Instead of listening to reason, the perpZ have doubled down.  Even in the past week the hideous torture of making healthy people wear heavy, oxygen-depleting facemasks for hours at a time has become even more rigorously enforced.  At this moment, The Toronto city council is debating whether to force all citizens to wear masks indoors in public spaces.  This, while the statistics on the "Covid-19" show that deaths have dropped dramatically and "cases" are dependent on how much testing is being done.  I.e., "the more testing, the more cases"...which is a form of fraud in and of itself.

Here's an important article and video from The Truthseeker where the history of "social distancing" is revealed to be rooted in the CIA experiments on human torture of "enemies of the state".  Please read the concluding paragraphs of this long discussion and I will have final thoughts to follow:


Children Have 0.00% Chance of Dying from COVID

But are Harmed for Life by Social Distancing, Which has its Roots in CIA Torture techniques

We are Currently Undergoing the Single Largest Planetary-wide Social Experiment ever Conducted on Human Beings

"...And now, to wrap this letter up:  we are currently undergoing the single largest planetary-wide social experiment ever conducted on human beings.  Social distancing is social isolation.
It is a well-documented war-time technique deployed for the better part of the last century by the CIA against our worst enemies.  For the victims who have endured social isolation – to a man and to a woman – they experience it as torture:  a torture so inhumane that they refuse to endorse its use against even their own enemies.  Id; see also, New Yorker article which described a prisoner who was confined to solitary for 8 years who – upon his release and finding out his State Prison Director had been jailed – stated he would let the Prison Director “out of solitary” as he wouldn’t wish that social isolation on anyone… “not even him.”
Moreover, a plethora of studies show that social distancing and isolation can be fatal, and when not fatal, are yet still a fate from which people do not EVER fully recover.  The brain is irretrievably structurally altered, and the part that is most vulnerable and necessary to learning – not only in children but in ourselves – is gutted beyond repair.
I implore you to take heed of these studies.  And as educators yourselves, who are not doubt familiar with genocides and atrocities of yesteryear, I also implore you to not simply accept suggestions – or even orders – which are unconstitutional.
I do much work in countries where War Crimes Tribunals are active, and with lawyers who prosecute crimes against humanity, and I tell you true:  it is no defense to have taken part in even a minor human rights violation, and then attempt to justify one’s actions later on down the line with the pablum that one was “required to do so” by virtue of one’s post, one’s title, one’s uniform, or one’s orders.
I further implore you to reject – out of hand and without exception – any suggestions that would force TUSD children to have classrooms requiring large distances of physical space between students, to have schedules that would reduce attendance by 20% or 50% on a rotating basis, that would seek to carve up the student body so that only ½ or 1/3 were present at any given time, that would enforce mask wearing (a separate issue, which medical studies I won’t cite here), and I would ask you to reject as well any plans that would prohibit recess and outdoor breaks or sunlight, or physical education.
Such plans are neither required nor even logically related to containment of a virus that is less fatal that SARS, MERS and the flu, and whose mortality rate for children is non-existent.  Yet more striking, such plans will make children (or anyone) less physically healthy through immuno-suppression secondary to social isolation and lack of physical activity/sunlight.  Yet further, such plans infringe on many constitutional rights – not to mention literally tearing at the very fibers of the minds of the children whose future you hold in your hands.
I recognize that I have given you an abundance of legal, scientific, and medical information.  I did this because I firmly believe that people make better decisions when they have the relevant facts at hand.  And I did this because – at base – I know what the end of the road looks like, for those who embark on even the tiniest violations of civil liberties, with the best of intentions.  I would not wish the things I have seen in Cambodia, in Africa, in speaking to survivors of social isolation, of war, of human rights atrocities – I would not wish these ends on my worst enemy.
Because these people?  These people … do not EVER recover:  it is a harm from which there is NO ROAD BACK.
You are the guardians of our children’s minds, their hearts, their very humanity.  My child – and yours – they are not rhesus monkeys.  They are not hostages in Lebanon.  They are not POWs in Hanoi.
But if we do not do the right thing here?  They will be.
With more warmth, love and prayers than I could ever convey in words,
Leigh Dundas, Esq."


Greencrow says: Wouldn't you just know that the CIA was at the bottom of all this social experimenting, brainwashing and torture hiding behind the lie of Public Health?  The worst aspects of the torture are reserved for the sentients--who are forced to watch helplessly as it grows, morphs and evolves from week to week, rising out of the swamp like a monster from a Sci-fi horror movie.  Knowing that the entire world-wide crisis is predicated on lies--in the initial UK Modelling, lies in the hospital diagnosis ("Cash for Covid" diagnoses) of patients.  Lies predicated on falsified death certificates...and lies about the medical efficacy of wearing face masks...just to mention a few of the hundreds of lies that are balanced--like a house of cards--holding up the entire False Flag [yes, folks, it IS yet another False Flag] structure.

And, sadly, just like all the other False Flags we've been forced to watch over my lifetime...this one will also never be revealed as such to the sheeple.  No.  They steadily march, one by one, six feet apart and masked...up the circular slaughter-house ramp to the mandatory, digital ID vaccination chamber at the top.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Dana Ashlie is BAAaaack! History has been told to all of us very selectively.

The Privilege They Erased from History
H/T to FreakedOut for the Video

I'm putting this up not because I believe everything in it...I think an entire chapter about the Jewish connection to the Slave Trade was strangely left out, but because I think it's a magnificent contribution to the discussion currently going on in the US about BLM and racism in general.  I agree with Dana that this conflict is a wedge that is deliberately and relentlessly driven between us in the old order of "Divide and Conquer".  History has been told to all of us very selectively.

The history of the Irish, of which I am a descendant, includes the history of white slavery and oppression...and Dana does mention the greatest enemy of the Irish....Oliver Cromwell.  And for that, I thank her.

Ticking the boxes in all areas of our Society by way of the Scamdemic...will lead to Brave New [Technocratic] World

Brave New World

We're now six months into the Plandemic/Scamdemic Hoax and, in one way, nothing has changed.  Since my very first post on this topic way back in late January 2020 I've maintained exactly the same POV.  It was and remains a scam and a hoax from soup to nutZ.  Every sentient knows that by now.  It's non-controversial.  Just like everyone knows 9/11 was an inside job.  But no matter how many sentients shout from the rooftop the truth about the Scamdemic [or 9/11], it makes no difference.  The agenda proceeds apace. Nothing and nobody will stop it.

After 9/11 it took a bit longer to understand the true agenda and the same goes for the Hoax/Scamdemic.  It took several months after the lies started that we began to understand the "big picture".  They want to push the planet into a "Brave New World".  Instead of the "Petrocracy" that we've been living in since WWII, they want humanity to operate under a "Technocracy".  We're moving away from asphalt highways to digital and virtual 5G highways.  It's too bad they had to lie to us and lie to us so badly.  It would have been wonderful if they had the decency and respect for humanity to discuss the project honestly with us and perhaps get us on board with our consent.  But no.  It has to be by stealth, by deception, by subversion and inversion of all we've known.  I guess that feeds their insatiable need for complete control.

So six months in, let's review how far the agenda has progressed by stealth and deception in North America and Western Europe:

Our means of tele-communication has already been digitalized and now, under cover of the lockdown, the 5G towers are being installed all over North America.

Healthcare is being revolutionized, also under cover of the Scamdemic.  Old people are being isolated, neglected and euthanized in the "care homes".  Hospices are being reorganized to accommodate accelerated "MAID" [Medical Assistance In Dying] programs.  Home Care workers are being vaccinated with "flu" germs that are then spread in the care homes.  Jacked-up numbers of dead old people are being thereafter used to support the fraud of the Plandemic.

Old people are the post WWII baby boomers like me.  We're the "gift to our economy" that keeps on giving.  When we were young, we fueled the economy as we moved through it like a mouse through the body of a snake.  A big bump moving along as we bought cars, houses [both at exorbitant rates of interest], retirement vacations...etc.  Now we're ready to be expelled, and they're wringing the last ounZe of economic benefit from our dying gasps!  They want us off the planet before we use up too much of the pensions/benefits we've earned throughout our long, healthy working lives.

But, we're a feisty lot and a large percentage of us have not been brainwashed and will not be likely candidates for their mandatory vaccines so, as Fauci recently announced:  The "'Covid-19' vaccine may not work in older people." LOL!  They just don't want to take us on and have us marching again in the streets like we did in the 60's!

"How many Coincidences Does it Take
To Make a Conspiracy?"

Speaking of feisty old people, International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, lists a number of incidents which, he believes, support the contention (shared by many) that we’re in the middle of a global conspiracy to take control of our lives.  Doctors will ultimately be replaced by clinics full of machines, wristbands that take your vital signs and Skype/Zoom-type "visits" with virtual medical professionals.  Your "private medical history" will be a thing of the past.

Before we leave the topic of health, we need to briefly address the greatest insult to the field of medicine and public health in the last several hundred years. The forced wearing of masks by young, working people. This is a blatant contravention of all the principles of medicine "Do No Harm".  Why are they forcing young people to breath toxic CO2 which their own bodies are trying to expel?  I mentioned one reason in a post a couple of weeks ago---they want the universal wearing of masks in public to provide cover for their lawless ISIS-type "demonstrators" that they're using to provoke social chaos.  So that's one reason.  But the obvious other reason is they want to degrade the health and immunity of young people so that the numbers of the "Second Wave" "Covid-19 victims" that Bill "Gates of Hell" needs for his "Last Hurdle" will be jacked-up and include young people.  Hey, if only old people die of the Plandemic, how will you get young people to take the vaccine?

My husband and I went out for dinner at our local favourite restaurant for the first time in months last Friday night.  It was quite an experience and eye-opener.  First of all the prices were a good 1/3 higher than prior to the Hoax.  It made us pause and we probably won't be going back for a while.  But the other thing was that all the young servers and hosts were wearing heavy, thick black masks.  I noted them constantly touching and adjusting the masks on their faces.  As the evening wore on and the restaurant became busier and hotter, you could hear them gasping for breath as they walked briskly past,  Their upper faces were red and sweating.  At the end of the evening as we were paying our bill I actually apologized to our server, a young man.  I said I did not believe that masks were necessary and, to my surprise, he agreed.  Perhaps that was just to be polite/diplomatic.  Then, I asked if I could see his face.  He pulled down his mask and gave me a big smile.  He was a very handsome young man and I told him so.  I said again that it was a shame he was being forced to go along with this ludicrous rule.

Moving along to briefly touch on some of the other areas of our society that are included in the Technocracy agenda.  Education still needs to be digitalized.  Teachers and professors are going to be replaced by virtual classrooms.  Children will be largely isolated in their homes during their school years being cared for by parents who are likewise forced to work from home.  If they do attend universities they will find that corporations have entirely taken over education which will be no more than intensified brainwashing.

We have already seen the beginnings of an effort to get rid of local, urban police forces.  That's what the antifa/BLM/Boogaloo is all about.  Again, they need everyone to be vaccinated [digitally imprinted] so that we can't go anywhere or do anything without them being aware.  That way, they reason...the impulse to commit crime will be offset by the knowledge that any "pre-crime" inclinations...or any crimes....will be followed up by ultimately robotized security forces.  BTW, I envision that these robots will look like humans...except will have no mouths...thus, they'll look like "masked humans" that humans will not be able to communicate [reason] with.  These robots will be programmed to conduct themselves like the USraeli-trained police already do.  The only difference will be that there will be no sentients amongst them.

Humans will not only be tracked wherever we go [they can already do that via the cell phone...but how much better will it be when we're injected with digital/nanobot GPS] but we will be circumscribed as to where we can go.  We will need permission to go "out of bounds".  Already, British Columbia premier John Horgan has announced a Phase 3 of the "opening up" where he said that we can potentially be arrested for "going out of bounds".  So, you see what they're doing here?  They're preparing us for the future when all cars are fitted with GPS systems which will shut the car down when it "goes out of bounds".

Has anyone else noticed that our entire political class/system took a holiday during this Scamdemic/Plandemic?  That's on purpose.  In the near future there will be no Parliament and no Members of Parliament.  Hey, what good were they anyway?  Might as well replace them with robots because that is the way that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM ACTED!  Not ONE of them said a single word that was off script.  So very soon the so-called representatives will start saying that they themselves are no longer needed.  Yes.  They will put themselves out of office and out of their misery.  They will all get huge "retirement incentives" to wedge their snouts out of the public trough.  There will be a huge [simulated] public up swell for "direct representation".  We will all be able to vote digitally and instantly--so why not just vote on every piece of legislation directly with our "Smart Phones"?  LOLOL.  and you thought the "hanging chads" in Florida a couple of decades ago was voter fraud.  You ain't seen nuthin' yet!

Relatively more has been written about the coming Technocratic revolution in the economy and labour than has been written about the topics previously mentioned in this post.  We all know how they want to digitalize currency ["money has germs" dontcha know] and have a basic minimum income for all, which will be deposited into our virtual accounts according to the virtual identity microchips/nanobots injected into all humans via the vaccine.  I have said many times before over the past several months that this is the ultimate end game of the entire Plandemic/Scamdemic/Hoax.  They want us all to have a virtual injected identity.  Ultimately, this will be injected automatically at birth like sheep and cattle.  It will follow us and control us throughout our lives.  Eventually it will be capable of remote "updates" just like our computer Microsoft operating system is now.  Eventually there will be no more TV's.  Instead, a virtual TV screen will be injected into your brain and will play only "government approved" movies and propaganda.  You will never be able to turn Bullshit Bonnie off or switch the channel.  Our "labour" will be comprised of watching the TV screens in our heads and reflecting our "emotions" in the "vital sign" data collectors on our "fit bit" wrist watches.

The perpZ will gather all the data collected from humanity this way...until they have enough to completely replicate humanity with robots...and...then the REAL fun will begin.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Richie From Boston says: "And the Lockdown Begins Again"

America is Lost - San Antonio Willingly Goes
under Lockdown Again...with no Pandemic
numbers to support it!
H/T to FreakedOut for the Video

Looks like America is lost.  Terminal stupidity killed it.

Homeless being set up as Vaccine Guinea Pigs?

Homeless Tent City in Oppenheimer Park
Downtown Vancouver, BC

Sunday morning and time for some musings on the current state of the Plandemic/Scamdemic.  Jesus said: "The Poor You Will Always Have With You."  Yes, we've always had poor in our society but it's only in the last several decades that they've set up Tent Communities in every major city in North America.  Some individuals have lived homeless for almost their entire lives.  For decades there was no answer, no solution to the growing blight on urban centres.  Garbage, waste, needles everywhere.

But, suddenly, with the onset of the Plandemic/Scamdemic Hoax...all of that seems about to change.  The Provincial government in British Columbia seems to have, finally and at long last, grown a heart.  According to a newZ story sent to me by regular contributor RAH, a sea change in the approach to dealing with homelessness seems on the horizon:

RAH says:  "Subject: update to 'your money at work' [BC Prime Minister John] Horgan and crew use Howard Hughes tactics to house homeless. Somebody is having a good day.  Approx 75% over market value?

"B.C. buys two Vancouver hotels for homeless

The $74.4 million in deals follows the purchase of two Victoria hotels to house people living in tent encampments in the capital city

Frank O'Brien Western Investor
June 25, 2020
Howard Johnson hotel bought for $55 million.

The B.C. government has bought a 110-room hotel on Granville Street and 63-room hotel in the Vancouver’s West End to house the homeless and others in immediate need, and provide long-term affordable housing.
The acquisitions, worth a total of nearly $75 million, follows the province’s recent purchase of two hotels in Victoria for to house homeless from two tent encampments in the capital city.
The Vancouver deals are the 110-room Howard Johnson Hotel at 1176 Granville Street, bought for $55 million, and the Buchan Hotel at 1906 Haro Street, bought for $19.4 million. The Buchan will provide housing with supports for women. The hotel is empty, and residents will begin moving into the Buchan in July.

“Housing is the foundation of people’s lives and of healthy, safe communities,” said Selina Robinson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. “We’re taking action to build more affordable rental homes in Vancouver, as we continue to provide supportive housing and health care to people right now. There’s a real need for housing for people with different incomes, from young families to seniors, and we’ll be engaging with the community on how we can use this site to deliver urgently needed homes.”

In the interim, the Howard Johnson site will operate as temporary supportive housing while long-term plans are developed. BC Housing said the hotel and adjacent parking lot can be used to tackle the housing crisis and build a mix of homes for people in Vancouver.

“The purchase of these hotels holds great short- and long-term potential for providing much-needed safe and secure housing that goes beyond four walls and a bed,” said Shane Simpson, Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction. “

Atira Women’s Resource Society will operate the housing at both hotels, which include wraparound supports where people have access to services such as meals, health care, addictions treatment and harm reduction, as well as storage for personal belongings. The sites also have 24/7 staffing to provide security to residents of the building and the surrounding neighbourhood.

BC Housing is setting up a new community dialogue group that will oversee the supportive housing’s integration within the community and will address any concerns raised by people in the neighbourhood.

Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart praised the purchases. ” I cannot thank the Government of B.C. enough for its leadership,” he said.

On May 15 the B.C. government purchased the Comfort Inn and Suites in Victoria for $18.5 million to provide temporary shelter with supports for 65 people living in homeless camps at in the city. This was followed June 2 by the province’s purchase of the 75-room Paul’s Motor Inn on Douglas Street for about $15 million to also provide temporary supportive housing for people without homes in Victoria."


Greencrow:  Ahhhhh.  It warms the cockles of my heart to see the Province of British Columbia stepping up and providing hotel rooms and "wraparound supports" to the poor.  When I read the above I shed a tear of compassion and gratitude....NOT!  No.  Immediately, I cynically asked myself:  "What's the caper here?"

Where's the catch???  Why, after decades of basically ignoring the problem...has the Provincial Government suddenly opened its wallet to the poor???  Then I gonnected the dotZ and the answer became clear...at least to me.  Here is what I said to RAH when I received his e-mail:

Re: the housing issues. IMO, ONE of the reasons they want the homeless to have housing at this point in the Plandemic is because they want a stable population of Guinea pigs ready and willing to take the vaccine when it becomes available in the next six months. They will be able to track them easily and they’ll tie the willingness to take the vaccine to their housing, which by then the homeless will be accustomed to and dependent on."

Voila!  Problem: [how to get willing guinea pigs to take/test the vaccine] Reaction:  Horrible Homeless Tent cities ruining urban living...Solution:  Put homeless in derelict, empty [due to the plandemic] hotels where they can be kept like monkeys in lab cages and then inject them with all manner of vaccines!  Nobody will object because the Tent Cities are gone!    Here's what RAH said in response:


RAH:  "Good insight....I guess your experience as social worker comes in handy. Makes sense. Of course...once vaccinated...they can be used as "spreaders"....contact tracing etc....convenient deaths to bump up numbers. As predicted in US...younger persons are now catching the bogus COVID 19...the 2nd wave.

BTW, one of my colleagues lives near the Vancouver hotel noted above the NDP bought. He says it's becoming a war zone. I refer to this as BLOCKBUSTING...inject forces that will degrade the rest of the neighbourhood and turn it into slums."


Greencrow says:  Sorry for your colleague, RAH...but the Provincial Government can only grow one heart at a time.  If the scheme of housing vaccine testers results in "blockbusting" well, so be it.  Here is a report from this morning's  Global News where it looks like the mayor of Surrey [suburb of Vancouver with huge homeless problem] has caught on to the scheme and is preparing for participation in the new, lucrative cottage industry springing up to provide hotel housing for the vaccine testers...ah...I mean homeless:


Future of Surrey homeless fund in question after mayor axes board

Advocates for Surrey’s homeless say the future of a key funding resource is in jeopardy after the city moved to dump the board of the non-profit Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society....
...No new directors have been appointed, which Locke said both leaves the society in violation of provincial regulations and freezes access to its $11 million endowment.
Global News has requested comment from the mayor, and was told he would not be commenting as “this was an item in closed council.”


Greencrow concludes:  As my mother used to say..."It's an ill wind that doesn't blow somebody some good."  In this case the "Ill wind Plandemic" seems to be blowing the 1% a lot of good...but nobody else.  Even the homeless, who are going to be housed in hotels with "wraparound supports", are going to be subjected to cocktail vaccinations and then exposed to mega doses of the "Covid"...to see if the vaccines work dontcha know.  The Plandemic/Scamdemic numbers of victims will go up and down like a yoyo...as required.

Big Pharma gets their lab rats at bargain basement prices.  Follow the money, I'll bet Big Pharma is behind the money the Province suddenly "found" to buy up the hotels.

I don't know if housing the homeless in derelict hotels is a BC phenomenon or whether it's being tried elsewhere.  Likely, British Columbia is being used as a "pilot project".  Wouldn't be the first time.

One thing we know for sure.  Big Pharma is wealthy enough to buy up each and every empty derelict hotel in North America for pennies on the dollar.  It's a small price to pay for such a valuable and, ultimately, stupendously lucrative lab project.  Thanks again to RAH for the idea/link.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

WAR ON HUMANITY SITREP: Gates implies "no choice"...and threatens "final hurdle" before global vaccination

Gates uses Fear to Push his "Vaccines".  Actually
they're not vaccines they're a digital ID to facilitate
a new "virtual" monetary system to replace the dollar

RT is reporting on the so-called "Town Hall" that Gates did on the MZM last Thursday.  Like all reporting on what Gates says...it's terrifying.  He said [again] that the only way the world will [be allowed to] "get back to normal" will be if 70 or 80 percent of the world takes his unproven vaccine.  So, I guess humanity will just have to sit back and wait for the "Pearl Harbour-type Event" that will provide the catalyst to get that 70 or 80 percent compliance.  What might that event be? NONE OF YOUR BIDNESS!!!  Please read the following and be afraid...very, very afraid:


"Bill Gates says ‘final hurdle’ to distributing a Covid-19 vaccine will be convincing people to TAKE IT

Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates lamented the US is 'not even close' to doing enough to fight the pandemic, before warning that the vaccine he wants to inject into every human on the planet does require their consent first.

Speaking to Anderson Cooper at a CNN town hall on Thursday, Gates insisted the US was “experiencing a rebound” in Covid-19 infections even accounting for the increase in testing. That increase, the software tycoon reminded his interviewers, was accomplished by local governments in spite of - not because of - the White House.

Gates seemed miffed that Washington wasn’t following his instructions more closely, complaining that “it’s possible to ramp up testing for a new pathogen very, very fast” if they’d just do as they were told. He blamed the higher infection numbers in the US, which continues to lead the world with upwards of 2.5 million confirmed cases and over 125,000 deaths, on the nation’s failure to adopt the same measures as everyone else.

“Other countries” are “restraining their behavior,” imposing restrictive lockdowns and quarantines, and adopting comprehensive contact tracing, Gates hinted, sounding impatient with the US’ “very large case spread,” which he called “embarrassing.”

Some people almost feel like [Covid-19 is] a political thing, which is unfortunate.

“Even to inconvenience themselves with masks requires maybe someone they know to not only test positive but maybe get very sick as well,” he added.

Gates, who has repeatedly expressed a desire to inoculate the world’s population with whatever vaccine emerges from the research laboratories he is funding, admitted the shot might be rolled out before it’s working perfectly. “It’s possible the vaccine will be better at protecting you individually and not stop you from transmitting…it’s not guaranteed that the vaccine will be a perfect transmission blocker.”

Boasting that “the logistics in the US are not an issue at all,” Gates bragged that “we can get this thing out there” before acknowledging that “you’ll have a ‘choice’ whether you take the vaccine or not, so there’s that final hurdle.
The billionaire seemed unconcerned by the “vaccine hesitancy” factor, however, even though over a third of Americans have professed some concern over the safety of a coronavirus vaccine, citing the politicization of the issue, the rushed timetable, the less-than-stellar reputation of some of the individuals involved, and other issues.

Some 70 to 80 percent of the world’s population will have to take the vaccine before anyone can hope to live a normal life again “with people taking vacations,” travel, and sporting events, Gates explained, implying they had no choice."


Greencrow concludes:   Read the last paragraph highlighted in red a couple of times and let it sink in.  Isn't it the worst threat you've ever read in your entire life?  Can you imagine anyone thinking they have that kind of power?!!!  And, anyone else notice that all these people--from Bill Gates, to Anthony Fauci, to Bullshit Bonnie here in BC...none of them are elected?  None of these fear-mongers are responsible to an electorate.  Yet they all assume such power.  Power like that described in my previous post about the unelected power of the entities behind the Deep State.

A catastrophic failure/subversion of the democratic system of government all over the globe...is at the root of the current crisis.  Let Bill and Tony and Bonnie run for some office...any office...and then [perhaps] we'll listen to their implied death threats. 

Uncovering The Secret Of The Deep State (Matthew Ehret on Rogue News)

Deep State History - Interview
 with Matthew Ehret

Started watching this interview with Matthew Ehret the other day and am about half way through it.  Matthew is from British Columbia, I believe.  For such a young man he seems to have a very good grasp of the history of the Deep State.  A lot of people think it started in Washington.  Not so.  The Deep State has its roots in Europe and specifically London, UK.

From Rogue News

Uncovering The Secret Of The Deep State (Matthew Ehret on Rogue News)

On June 23, the Canadian Patriot Review’s Matthew Ehret was invited onto Rogue News Radio to discuss the British pedigree of the Deep State from 1776 to the present, the battle currently underway to control the terms of the new system which will replace the bankrupt economic order now melting down, and the importance of creative reason as a fundamental principle of both science, art and economics.

The Global Reset – Unplugged. “The Deep State”

And here is another analysis of the Deep State written by Peter Koenig that I found in Global Research.  Here's a small snippet from Koenig's article:

...Take the latest case of blatant imposture. Conveniently, after the first wave of Covid-19 had passed, at least in the Global North, where the major world decisions are made, in early June 2020, the unelected WEF Chairman, Klaus Schwab, announced “The Great Reset”. Taking advantage of the economic collapse – the crisis shock, as in “The Shock Doctrine” – Mr. Schwab, one of the Beast’s frontrunners, announces openly what the WEF will discuss and decide for the world-to-come in their next Davos Forum in January 2021. For more details see this.

Friday, June 26, 2020

UPDATED: RFK Jr.'s Children's Health Defense.Org has been taken off the Internet

UPDATED: June 27, 2020 Lots of good information about computer software in the comments below.  Worth a look.  Thanks to all for the info.
June 26, 2020  Thanks to all readers to tried the websites in the two posts of today.  As I said in a comment, we need to be vigilant regarding incremental loss of Internet freedom of speech over the next while as the PerpZ move inexorably towards the mass vaccination.  IMO they will be trying some sneaky tricks to prevent citizens from accessing certain sites.  Sneaky tricks like those captured in photos in the two posts below:

You Can't Get There From Here
I've tried over and over but cannot
upload the Children's Health Defense
Website anymore

Earlier today I made the hideous discovery that the last Microsoft "upgrade" [aka degradation of my laptop's functionality] has catapulted me into the "Not secure"designation in the URL to my site.  That was bad enough...but when I checked a bit further....certain other blogs were also very recently [from my experience] re-designated as "Not secure."

Now, I've discovered that some very important websites have been functionally obliterated from The Internet...which now appears to have been taken over and silenced by Microsoft through its regular "upgrades".

One such website is the Children's Health Defense.org ...which is RFK Jr.'s website about the health issues associated with vaccinations.  I tried to google it about 10 times and got the above message.  Then, when I started doing this Breaking News Story...the website finally came up.  I recommend my readers try to access the Children's Health Website and see if you are able to or whether you get the above message.

We should have known that Bill Gates was going to fight back against those who have exposed him...and that he was going to do it by punishing his "enemies" by limiting their access to HIS Internet!

Greencrow "Not secure"

Screenprint showing new designation
of my blog as "Not secure"

Microsoft did another "downgrade" on my laptop a couple of days ago.  You always know that when your computer's functionality is being "upgraded" by Microsoft...without your request or permission...it's actually a "downgrade" or, more correctly, a "degradation" of what it has been.

If humanity wants to know what Bill Gates is up to with his mandatory universal vaccination project, all we have to do is look at what he does with microsoft "upgrades".  Tighter control, less privacy, bugs and viruses [yes, viruses!] more data selling "back doors" and finally, as can be seen in the screen shot above...subtle threats of future mayhem.  "Not secure".  What does that mean?  Does that mean that whoever clicks on my website could be infected with a virus?  Even though my blog platform is "Blogger" which is a Google product?  If a Google product is "not secure" on the Internet...what is????!

I notice that my colleague Northerntruthseeker's blogger blog is also "Not secure".  Even though our fellow truth blogger Jon Rappoport's blog "No More Fake News.com" which is NOT on the blogger platform...is "secure".  Or, at least it's not emblazoned across the URL that it is "Not secure".  Adding to the mystery, our fellow "Blogger" blogger Penny For Your Thoughts IS secure.  So, only select Blogger blogs have been "threatened" with the pejorative "Not secure".

What else was seeded into my laptop when Microsoft last "downgraded" it.  None of my bidness!  I will never know.  Bill Gates is like that.  His patents allow him to do stuff that he has the right to do but never share with the victim...ah, I mean "customer".

It could have a "land mine" "Stuxnet"-type virus in it which could be timed to go off and implode all my data a few seconds prior to the moment next Fall when the "Chinese EMP" attack cuts off all the electricity to North America--as part of the "Second Wave" of the Covid-19 crisis.  This is the crisis that Bill Gates has masterminded and engineered in order to acquire the ability to inject some substance [that he has no doubt patented] into every human on earth.  You see, he wants to be able to regularly "upgrade" our bodies...just like he now "upgrades" [aka "downgrades/degrades'] our laptops and tablets.

In the meantime, I'll just have to bear with having the words "Not secure" emblazoned in the URL to my website and never know what that means.


The Truthseeker is also "Not Secure"

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Sadly, He Thinks like Maggie

1970's  - Margaret Trudeau, newly Separated from Pierre
Went on a binge of Dancing at NYC Discos...
leaving her three young boys at home in Ottawa

There's no accounting for gene selection at the moment of conception. It is and will remain a mystery to humanity why we pick up some traits from our parents and not others. In le Dauphin we have a prime example of an offspring who could have been erudite and logical but who, in fact, is a scatterbrained amadán. Let's look at his latest pronouncement, as reported in this morning's CTV newz.

Releasing Meng to free Kovrig and Spavor would endanger Canadians abroad, Trudeau says

"...If countries around the world, including China, realize that by arbitrarily arresting random Canadians, they can get what they want out of Canada politically – well, that makes an awful lot of Canadians who travel around the world vulnerable to that kind of pressure..."
"...The idea of solving a short-term situation by creating a precedent that demonstrates to China that all they or another country has to do is randomly arrest a handful of Canadians to put political pressure on a government to do what [they] want … would endanger the millions of Canadians who live and travel overseas every single year," he said.
"We cannot allow political pressures or random arrests of Canadian citizens to influence the functioning of our justice system."

Folks, all I'm going to do to show the ridiculousness of the above is to take the above statement and copy it below...inserting "China" for "Canada" and you will see what an illogical nincompoop Trudeau is:

"...If countries around the world, including [Canada and the US FBI], realize that by arbitrarily arresting random Chinese, [like Meng Wanzhou] they can get what they want out of China politically – well, that makes an awful lot of Chinese who travel around the world vulnerable to that kind of pressure..."
"...The idea of solving a short-term situation by creating a precedent that demonstrates to Canada that all they or another country has to do is randomly arrest a handful of Chinese to put political pressure on a government to do what [they] want … would endanger the millions of Chinese who live and travel overseas every single year," he said.
"We cannot allow political pressures or random arrests of Chinese citizens to influence the functioning of our [justice] system."


Greencrow concludes:  The "next phase" of the Meng Wanzhou Extradition Hearing will prove that Canada and its handler, the MosFBI/CSIS/CIAd did exactly the above.  They arrested Meng for political reasons to put pressure on the Chinese government.  Le Dauphin is congenitally unable to make that mental logical leap?

Even worse, the fact that this "sea change" [see my post of yesterday] has taken place in the controlled Canadian "media"...and that now assets are being allowed to speak out for the release of Meng...means Trudeau has not received the memo.  He's out of the loop.  Or, perhaps he's just belatedly feigning a respect for the course of justice, Grade "B" actor that he is.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Meng Wanzhou Update - Sauce for the Goose....Or.....

Left to right: Ariana Botha, Bennett Kovrig and
Michael Kovrig are seen in a handout photo.
Families of "Two Michaels" have now been allowed
to speak out on their behalf...Why?

Folks, at long last the MZM in Canada which is totally owned and operated by the PerpZ, is calling for some kind of "deal" to be made with China regarding the arbitrary arrest and extradition proceedings of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou.  The daughter of the founder of Huawei was arrested by the RCMP on December 1, 2018 at the Vancouver Airport.  She has been held under house arrest in Vancouver ever since.

All along the "press" [aka CSIS] has taken the stance that Canada must stand up to China and protect our "judicial independence".  This, even though shortly after Meng's arrest, China retaliated by arresting two Canadian men who were probably spying in China.  These two men, one of whom is shown at right in the photo above, have been held apparently under harsh conditions in China ever since.  Recently they were both charged with spying.

As the Meng extradition case wended its way through the court system here in Vancouver the Canadian "government" held firm that no deal was going to be made to exchange Meng for "the two Michaels" as the Canadians are called. "Justice" had to take its course.  Of course Justin Trudeau and his ilk all maintained that Meng was arrested fairly while the Michaels were arrested unfairly.

Now, suddenly, we've had a sea change in the controlled press.  Now the CBC and the Globe and Mail are both printing stories about how the relatives of the Michaels are pleading with the Canadian "government" to cut a deal.  Please read the story from the CBC and then the report from the Globe and Mail and I will have further comments to follow:

From The Globe and Mail:

‘Failure to act now is tantamount to a historic betrayal’: Kovrig’s father says Ottawa must do everything in its power to free his son
Ottawa must do everything in its power to free the two Canadians detained in China, the father of Michael Kovrig says in a plea to the government to rethink an approach that has shown no sign of securing their release after more than 560 days in custody.
“I urge the government to live up to its obligations,” Bennett Kovrig, a professor emeritus of political science at the University of Toronto, told The Globe and Mail in an interview Monday.
“Failure to act now is tantamount to a historic betrayal.”
The Kovrig family has sought high-profile legal advice and argues that Canadian law allows Justice Minister David Lametti to intervene at any time to end the extradition proceedings against Meng Wanzhou, the Huawei executive arrested in Vancouver on a U.S. warrant just days before Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor were detained in China...
...But Canada’s Extradition Act gives Mr. Lametti the power to end the extradition proceedings against Ms. Meng “at any time,” according to the act, and if he does so, “the court shall discharge the person.” Several prominent Canadians, including former justice minister Allan Rock and former Supreme Court justice Louise Arbour, have argued that Ottawa must consider intervening. The law is clear “on its face,” Ms. Arbour told The Globe.
Now Michael Kovrig’s family says it’s time for Ottawa to consider using that power."

All of a sudden, Canadians learn that the Canadian Justice Minister could intervene "at any time" to end the Meng extradition proceeding!   What a shock!  Why didn't some intrepid investigative journalist find this out months or years ago!!!?

Well, folks, I'll cut to the chase.  Like every other story in the MZM, this story is a "plant", probably by CSIS.  The press doesn't print a word, from anguished relatives or anyone else...without getting the entire script from the foreign mole.

What is really happening here is that the Meng defense is moving to the "next phase" of their legal battle to free Meng.  This phase is focused on the "arrest on December 1, 2018 at Vancouver airport". The defense has stated that Meng's human and legal rights were abrogated that night when the Canadian Border Security held her for three hours without telling her why...seized her electronic devices, including their passwords, and passed same along to the FBI.  The MosFBIad directed the entire caper from behind the curtain.

THIS is what "the foreign mole" doesn't want to get out.  They don't want Meng's defense to reveal in open court all the political shenanigans the so-called "intelligence community" were indulging in the night of Meng's arrest.  They don't want Canadians to know how craven their police force and so-called "security agency" are to what I call the MosCIAd.  Some people call the intelligence agencies of the West "the Five Eyes".  I call them the MosCIA/FBI/M16/CSIS/ad.

So, in conclusion, all of a sudden the MZM and some "public figures" [aka CSIS assets] have grown a heart, and are waxing empathetic regarding the Two Michaels.  They're telling us that Justice Minister David Lametti could free the two men with a wave of his hand over the Meng Hearing--dispersing the smell of rank injustice and politics that has hung like a rotting carcass over the Huawei CFO's arrest and extradition hearing for a year and a half.  No.  What's going on is that the foreign mole doesn't want the truth of their illegal and criminal connivance to emerge in the next session of the Extradition Hearing...so they're going to get Lametti to "Shut It Down".

If the Chinese respond by freeing the Two Michaels...then so be it.  But their imprisonment is not the reason that Meng's Extradition hearing will, IMO, soon and abruptly terminate.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

UPDATED: New Russian Cathedral Opened Outside of Moscow - Dedicated to Military Heroes and History

A  Militaristic take off on Spain's 

I've updated this post with a link to Putin's Op-ed in the Kremlin Newspaper at the time of the consecration of the new Moscow Cathedral a few days ago.  Also put a new link to the La Sacrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain which I have visited.  I would love to go back to Moscow and visit the Cathedral there.  I didn't know it was even being built.  I love new cathedrals because NOTHING makes the PerpZ angrier than a new Christian Cathedral!  Do you think that's why Putin built it?

From RT

Is this huge new cathedral to war Putin’s folly, or a magnificent, unique building that tells a lot about the East-West divide?

This week saw the opening of Russia’s newest public buildings, the Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces, Moscow. It is a grand statement of Vladimir Putin’s vision of what is most important in Russia: Russian Orthodox faith, national pride and the armed services. It was consecrated on June 14 and opened to the public on Monday, June 22.
The huge cathedral (which can accommodate up to 6,000 people and has six gilded domes) is dedicated to the glory and memory of the armed services, and cost around six billion rubles ($86 million). Steps are made of steel from captured Nazi tanks. The colour schemes of stained-glass windows replicate those of military decorations.

The architecture and interior design (with its extensive use of gilding and iconography) makes the cathedral very clearly Eastern Orthodox, with no concessions to modernist taste. The height of the cross on the main dome is 95 meters above ground level. It is located in a forest on the outskirts of Moscow and contains extensive symmetrical landscape features echoing the traditional layout of a church.


Greencrow says:  Obviously Putin wants this Cathedral to be his final statement for history regarding his magnificent tenure* as Prime Minister and President of Russia. Here's his declaratory statement made at the time of its consecration:  Putin's Op-Ed in the official Kremlin newspaper.

*The link is to the annual Red Square military parade in Moscow that took place a few days ago. LOL. Nobody was wearing masks, except for one old soldier who had his own camera on him constantly.  Do you think that this Covid-19 is a joke in Russia?

Masks Speak + The Primary Law of Nature

Ben Garrison - "Masks Speak"

I'm going to be a bit tied up this morning so I'm offering a couple of eloquent commentaries on the manufactured Covid-19 Coup/Crisis. First, above an excellent political cartoon by one of the best, Ben Garrison. Below, is an op-ed by Gary D. Barnett which is right on the money in terms if what's at stake here.  As I said right back at the beginning of this Hoax, this is a species war and humanity's existence hangs in the balance.  H/T for the link below to Ed(itor) :


June 23, 2020

“If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do it. The felon does not fear the police, and he fears neither judge nor jury. Therefore what he must be taught is to fear is his victim.”
~ Jeff Cooper (2006). “Principles of Personal Defense: Revised Edition”, p.44, Paladin Press

The infamous “they” have stepped into the light, and are not fearful any longer of the consequences of their actions due to a weak and pathetic population of sheep. So who are “they?” They are the masters of the economy, of health and medicine, and the masters of banking and corporate America all around the globe. They are the evil foundations that pretend to work for good. They are large corporations that are above the law, and exempt from financial loss and criminal prosecution. They are the Federal Reserve Banks. They are the government and all its bureaucratic arms. They are the police and military who enforce the restrictive laws falsely implemented by the state and its masters.

“They” are the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, the Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, the Rothschild Foundation, the Trilateral Commission, Harvard and Yale Universities, the CDC and the WHO, and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, among others. These are the people running the world. These are the organizations responsible for the falsified and purposely manufactured fake Covid-19 pandemic. And these are the people and organizations that have organized and set loose the low life bands of rioters, looters, and marauding criminals in the BLM and Antifa movements that are terrorizing this country today.

This country is late in the process of total ruination, and heading straight toward annihilation. A new order is sought, and is gaining ground ever so quickly. If not stopped, all current systems will be replaced, including money, the entirety of the monetary system, agriculture, social behavior norms, private property, all medical care, travel and movement; all with mandated and enforced restriction of every individual. This means a complete loss of all freedom and liberty for the planned goal of unlimited worldwide societal control. If this is allowed to come to fruition, we are all doomed.

One only has to look back to March of this year to see the massive changes that have already taken place. It began with a fake pandemic meant to isolate all of us, destroying any idea of freedom. What privacy was still remaining has now been lost. Businesses across the nation closed down, not due to any legitimate reasoning, but due to unenforceable mandates by the political pawns seeking more power, all without resistance from the pathetic American herd. Now tens of millions are without any way to support themselves, and therefore have become dependent serfs awaiting instructions and checks from their masters. Considering the people at large, this was mostly all voluntary reaction due to being fooled into believing that the common flu was going to kill us all. The same is true of the isolation of all from their friends, families, and from any normal association or gatherings with people everywhere. All events where people get together were cancelled, and any place where individuals congregate for fun or pleasure were shut down. Many if not most were instructed to quarantine, social distance, or self-isolate, and did so without question. This has caused immeasurable harm to those that acquiesced to orders falsely disguised as safety measures. In fact, the opposite was the case, and this ruse helped to isolate and stress the old and sick so that many more deaths than normal for this group were evident. Healthy individuals that hid in their homes were also adversely affected, and due to this home imprisonment, their immune systems were devastated, leading to more sickness and death. This coup for control was done intentionally by the state, and the state should be considered guilty of 1st degree murder.

Once the flu season ended, as it always does, and that fake threat could no longer be perpetuated, the master class needed a stopgap measure in order to keep Americans prisoners to fear until the planned second phase of this bogus pandemic could be released on the public without resistance. Thus, the criminal “Black Lives Matter” and Antifa mobs were organized from the top to purposely cause civil unrest and to promote racial tension. Mass racism does not exist in this country, and never has at any level claimed by the agitators inciting these riots, looting, property destruction, and violence against innocents. All those participating in this ruse, whether at the top level or those rioting in the streets are nothing more than violent criminals, and should be treated as such.

Aggression and violence should never be tolerated, so any aggression and violence should always be met with self-defense to stop that threat. Force in this circumstance is easily justified so long as any and all force ceases once the threat is squelched. That is the essence of self-defense and personal protection. That is the natural right of every single individual, and none should cower and run from that responsibility. In doing so, one has voluntarily given up his freedom to live, and therefore will either be killed, or will become a slave to the system.
It is long past time to stand up to the bullies of the state and its planted minions of destruction in the idiotic BLM and Antifa movements. This is the stopgap necessary to mark time before the next flu season or the next manufactured fake wave of new cases of this false virus. Already, there is a massive push to keep the Covid stupidity alive during this stopgap measure, as many are getting tired of the violence planned, accepted, and allowed by the state and its enforcers. Do not allow these felonious and detestable thugs to get away with anything. They have been given carte blanche by the state to act as animals, so it is up to all of us to stop them by whatever means necessary.

They are beating innocents everywhere, shooting others, committing arson, and destroying homes and businesses at every turn, all without any opposition by so-called political representatives or the corrupt police. Bowing down to anyone is an abomination, but bowing down to hoodlum scum is even worse. That is what your so-called leaders are doing in your name. These rioters are cowards, and will stand down immediately with proper resistance.  The state is not going to protect you, so protect yourself. Do not be a coward. Quit taking videos of others being beaten, and do something to stop it.

Stop wearing ridiculous masks, stop idiotic social distancing, open up fully all your businesses, and tell the government officials to pound sand. Gather in large groups in order to defend yourself from not only criminal rioters, but also from the state thugs unwittingly helping to advance this new order. Weak minds and bodies will never garner respect and proper treatment, and will always attract aggression from bullies, but self-determination and defense of right will stop any threat from worthless cowardly oppressors. Get strong quickly or be prepared to be slaves to the state forever.

“[Self-defense is] justly called the primary law of nature, so it is not, neither can it be in fact, taken away by the laws of society.”

~ Sir William Blackstone, John Fletcher Hargrave, George Sweet, Sir Richard Couch, William Newland Welsby (1852). “Commentaries on the Laws of England: In Four Books : with an Analysis of the Work”, p.3