Saturday, May 30, 2020

Minneapolice Murder - False Flag Distraction from Covid-19 - Wheels coming off Pandemic Bus?

Derek Chauvin - False Flag Distraction from

"Fired Minneapolis police officer charged with 3rd-degree murder in George Floyd's death"

Many in the alternative news community are now saying that the Minneapolice murder, the cause of the  unleashing the now formulaic black/white race riots in USrael, was yet another in the never-ending series of False Flags.  The clues are absolutely the same as in countless other episodes:  The public spectacle/terror, the coinkydynks--the two men--murdered and murderer--knew each other.  In fact they both worked at the same nightclub forgawdsake.  Please watch the video and read the post in the two links above for the evidence so far collected that the Minneapolice murder was a planned event.  Another clue, IMO was the time it took to arrest the police officer and the paltry charge of 3rd degree murder laid against him when everyone in the world has seen the deliberate, first degree murder that took place.  Deliberately incendiary--and as provocative as the provocateurs who were sent in to fan the flames of the riots.  The Police Officer, like an endless string of other police officers will get off lightly or be found guilty and then pardoned a short while later after the heat has died down.  This is the way it always goes.

But the clearest indication that the incident is a False Flag is, of course, the timing.  It is neatly timed to distract completely from the Scamdemic/Plandemic.  Revelations and analysis during the past week or two have been brutal against the Globalist/Eugenicist/Fascist Perps.  Chief Perp Bill Gates has been himself put under the microscope of the alternative investigative journalists and came up stinking like a week-old corpse.  Please watch the video below for just one example of the Vaccine Industry being on the ropes.

Del Bigtree - Flu Vaccine more Dangerous
than Covid-19

According to the statistics provided by the vaccine companies themselves, people who get the annual flu shot are dying at rates higher than the Covid-19 death rates YET there's no lockdown for the flu!  Are the Covid-19 death stats being beefed up by the deaths resulting from TAKING THE ANNUAL FLU SHOT?!!!

This is supported by the empirical evidence I provided in my previous post where a front-line worker in a care home disclosed she and her co-workers frequently came down with the flu after having been given the flu shot.  All this evidence was putting the eighteen-month set-in-stone deadline for the mandatory flu vaccine in jeopardy.  The GEF [Globalist/Eugenicist/Fascists] were in desperate need to buy time for a review of strategies and a re-set.  In war [which this 'War on Humanity' is] it's called a "strategic retreat".

Folks.  You know the vaccine plandemic caper would not be happening at all without the support and connivance of the Usual Suspects in the MosCIAd/FBI.  I would like to know if Mr Chauvin had any prior gonnections with the CIA/FBI/military.  That's what I would like to know.

Oh, and one other necessary component of the False Flag formula is present in this Minneapolice murder.  The police in many large cities are now involved in de facto "drills", controlling demonstrators/rioters.  Won't this recent 'real time' police training come in handy when the anti-vaxxers take to the streets a year from now?  It's a Drill, folks.

It's a Drill, It's a False Flag, It's a Distraction and finally, like ALL false flags, it's a pre-text for something else.


Anonymous said...

Ed(itor) says: Ed Davis was the police commissioner in the same city where Tsarnaev worked out as a boxing wanna-be. Tsarnaev ended up in the US Federal psych prison; his brother ended up dead; Ed Davis went on to WBZ-TV as an expert on terror and the Boston Marathon bombings and as a fellow at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Davis is the founder and CEO of Edward Davis, LLC Security and Management Consulting.

Wait; the truth will out.

Anonymous said...

I meant to note, too, that this year there is no Marathon. They didn't have to explode a bomb. They made a bioweapon.

Anonymous said...

When I stop to consider that Donald McRonald is the most Khazar friendly president ever, and has given that group more than any other one in that office, it baffles me why elements of that same group seem to want to embarass and humiliate him at every turn.
Then again I am only a human with human feelings and it is impossible for me to emulate the me me me mindset to the degree these Khazar non humans practice.