Saturday, May 23, 2020

Lockdown Suicides - Doctors now calling it a "mass casualty event"...Meanwhile governments say nothing and LIHOP*

Manufactured False Flag Pandemic Leads to 
Mass Casualty Event - Doctors

*LIHOP - "Let it Happen On Purpose"

Trudeau, the faux leader is a serial killer monster.  He and Bullshit Bonnie and their ilk across the land are allowing a covert suicide epidemic rage across the land and are staying silent while doctors sound the alarm in despair and frustration.  Please read the following report from RT.


"Deadlier than Covid? Medics sound alarm as lockdown suicides SOAR in US – and health officials knew it would happen

By Helen Buyniski

After two months of devastating lockdown, doctors at one California clinic say they’ve seen more suicides than Covid-19 deaths – and they’re not alone. But warning signs were there since day one. Why have they been ignored?

“We’ve seen a year’s worth of suicide attempts in the last four weeks,” Dr Mike deBoisblanc, lead trauma surgeon at the John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, California, told local media on Thursday, confirming the center had seen more deaths from suicide over the two-month lockdown period than deaths from coronavirus.

Not only are the numbers of attempts “unprecedented” but so is their seriousness, according to a trauma nurse at the clinic. “I have never seen so much intentional injury,” nurse Kacey Hansen attested, adding the deaths are mostly young adults who are clearly not making “cry for help” suicidal gestures. “They intend to die.”

That’s just one clinic, of course, and it might be dismissed as an anomaly if not for the fact that doctors across the country are sounding the alarms, warning Americans’ health – mental and physical – is deteriorating rapidly under lockdown, and not because of Covid-19. Over 500 physicians signed a letter to President Donald Trump earlier this week pleading with him to end the economic shutdown, which they called a “mass casualty incident.”

The signatories warned that as every last medical resource is devoted to the pandemic, not only are cancerous tumors going undetected and risk factors for heart disease and stroke multiplying, but suicide hotline call volume is up a shocking 600 percent. With these factors plus economic depression and stress feeding on each other, hundreds of millions of Americans are in very real danger of losing their lives over the next several months. This secondary pandemic unfolding in the long shadow of the Covid-19 shutdowns will be significantly more deadly than the virus itself.

This shouldn’t be news for the public health officials who crafted the lockdown policy. The warning signs were there from the very beginning. Suicide hotlines were already being flooded with calls just two weeks into the shutdown. In one 48-hour span in March, Knox County, Tennessee, saw nine suicides – more than the entire number of virus deaths in the entire state at that point. Portland, Oregon police said suicide threats and attempts had jumped 41 percent from the previous year, while one national suicide hotline reported a 300 percent increase in calls – again, in the first two weeks of lockdown. Trump himself warned back in March that the lockdown would cause “suicide by the thousands,” only to be pooh-poohed by his own CDC and mocked by the media. And even the World Economic Forum was sounding the alarm back in early April about a coming mental health epidemic, deeming the massive global lockdowns the “world’s biggest psychological experiment.”

Instead of heeding these red flags, public health officials pushed along with their draconian plans, doing their best to maintain toxic levels of fear and stress. While they predicted millions (and later hundreds of thousands) of deaths, tens of millions of Americans lost their jobs and livelihoods, while being told – in a turn of phrase that seemed almost designed to encourage suicidal thoughts – that they were “non-essential.” Kept from their friends and families by the same policies that robbed them of their income, it’s no surprise that so many turned to self-destructive behaviors.

The US suicide rate has already been on the rise, soaring 40 percent since 1999 among people of working age. But that rise has been especially pronounced in areas where the “social fabric” has unraveled, leaving people mired in a toxic psychological brew of poverty, unemployment and alienation. Sound familiar? Meanwhile, a January report from the CDC notes that workers in industries like mining, construction, agriculture, arts, and entertainment were among the worst-affected by suicide plague. Workers in these industries were largely sent home once Covid-19 showed up.

Prolonged isolation is profoundly unhealthy in and of itself. A study published on Thursday found isolation increases all-cause mortality by 50 percent, with an additional cardiovascular risk caused by lack of financial support – and that’s saying nothing of the mental health risk, which has long been known to scientists. Many countries have banned solitary confinement as too cruel and inhumane even for their worst prisoners. Interviewing inmates in solitary confinement at Pelican Bay Prison in 2018, Dr Craig Haney found they were 50 percent more likely to suffer from chronic depression than maximum-security prisoners. Suicides among solitary inmates in Texas are five times as common as in general population. Imposing the civilian equivalent of such a mentally and physically destructive punishment on an entire country as a protective measure is like setting one’s house on fire to protect it from termites.

For the architects of the US’ lockdown policy to ignore their own data showing the country was already up to its waist in a suicide epidemic killing 48,000 annually even before coronavirus and the accompanying shutdowns was negligent at best. For them to compound that suffering by discounting decades of solid scientific data warning of the dangers posed to mental and physical health by prolonged isolation is, quite frankly, criminal.

Social media cheered on Friday when, after a tense hour or two, New York City police rescued a man who’d climbed to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge with the intention of jumping off. They may have saved his life that day, but his problems haven’t gone anywhere, and the city remains under lockdown with no end in sight. More importantly, there are millions more where he came from."


Greencrow says:  In my last post on this topic yesterday I used some very strong language to express my anger at governments in general and the Canadian Minority government in particular.  Now, after reading the above...the first really comprehensive article on the topic to appear in the Mainstream Media, albeit Russia Today...I think my language wasn't strong enough.

The fuckers in all three Federal Parties in Ottawa are now bellying up to the taxpayer-funded pig's trough and putting their snouts in cash in on the-hot-off-the printing press "easy money" they've approved for themselves as part of the government response to the Manufactured Pandemic Crisis.  Apparently, all political party donations are now so low that they have to take Federal tax dollars to pay their staff salaries. This is no longer democracy, folks.  This is totalitarianism.  The truth of the matter is that the donations are so low to all parties because all parties have been MIA during this crisis.  Not one member of parliament speaks for the people.  Every single one of them is protecting their @$$ and their cushy job.  All of them just mouth and blabber the official lines about "vaccinations" "social distancing" and all the other oppressive measures that are driving people to suicidal ideation.  I know this for a fact personally because every single time I read about an official threatening mandatory vaccinations in order for crisis to end...I think about killing myself.  I cannot and will not live in the Orwellian world they portray for our future and that they are trying to shove down our throats. 

So when I write these posts, I am amongst all the other reasons for geopolitical blogging, trying to save my own life.  Justin Trudeau and Bullshit Bonnie [and the others] have threatened my life and I'm demanding they immediately resign in disgrace and allow our nation to heal from their horrific tenure in office.  We want to live.


Northerntruthseeker said...

Crow... I almost cried when I read that report... And I did post the RT report at my blog and gave kudos to you once again for this information..

You talk about BC, but the rates are also tragic right here in Manitoba...In fact I did some research and found that the Manitoba Health care industry will not post the numbers of suicides and I wonder why????? No secret that they do not give a damn about the welfare of those who have swallowed this pandemic horse shit and are sitting in isolation in deep depression!

I am like you in trying to get this message out.... But I am so badly blacklisted by some sites and I have been shadow banned by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, etc, that I do feel that my efforts are not reaching anyone! I will keep trying though, as we both must do...

greencrow said...

Hi North:

Check your gmail.

FreakedOut said...

Gosh GC, this is such devastating news and very depressing.:(
I don't know what to say about the politicians except for that maybe the proverbial "gun being held to their heads"(EMP attack, nanobot attack) is keeping them on their destructive path? Or maybe they're just truly Satanic,which I believe,in the end,will destroy them.

Reading between the lines said...

Like you ,Green Crow ,I am starting to feel sick in my stomach ,especially when I think that we are approaching a 1984 scenario .The intention to herd us around like sheep and all of us happy to actually do it , gives me a desperation I have never encountered before .If this is actually in the cards , I don't want to stay here to watch it all become hell on earth.It is indeed the feeling of total helplessness when you see that train coming straight at you and you can't move out of it's way .It is a nightmare in broad daylight.
We simply do not have any political leadership anymore .From ANY political party so politics will not save us .We save ourselves or we perish .

greencrow said...


Thanks for your understanding. This is a War on Humanity but, more specifically, it is a War on Sentient Humanity...those of us who have not become brainwashed or, are genetically and constitutionally "not brainwashable". Throughout history it was always our 1/3 of the population that led the fight for freedom against oppression. But now they've got us virtually surrounded in their digital panopticon. We only have each other...the sheeple are gladly parading up the circular ramp where they can never see more than a few feet in front of them.

We do have leaders: Dr. Ron Paul, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Amazing Polly, Dana Ashlie, Dr. Judy Mikovits and many foot soldiers, including little moi. Sometimes I fall into the last couple of days when I read about the wave of suicides that is being totally ignored by the criminally complicit media. But sometimes I see the fear in their eyes and think we have them on the run. We have no choice but to fight.