Sunday, May 24, 2020

BREAKING NEWS: Something Very Wierd is going on in British Columbia - "Foreknowledge"?

British Columbian Plandemic "Masterminds"
"Bullshit" Bonnie, "Turncoat" Horgan and "Dickless" Dix

Things are getting curiouser and curiouser in British Columbia as Alice in Wonderland would say.  First we have Bullshit Bonnie obstinately refusing to break down the BC Numbers.  She wants to spread the faux, manufactured terror as broadly as possible. Note that the author of the report in yesterday's Global News, a writer by the name of , seems to be dangerously bordering on sentience, as indicated by the persistent questions he's asking Bullshit Bonnie.  Doyle will probably, as they say in Hollywood, "Never work in this town again".  Please read and I'll have more important information to follow:

Coronavirus: B.C. says no, again, on releasing COVID-19 numbers for cities or regional districts

B.C. health officials are holding firm on a policy not to share data on confirmed coronavirus cases for specific communities — though say they could one day release that data.

On Saturday, as usual, provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry provided the latest daily COVID-19 statistics throughout the province.

Since the pandemic began, B.C. has issued only statistics for its five health regions: Vancouver Coastal, Fraser, Vancouver Island, Interior and Northern.

Asked weeks ago if the province would supply a smaller breakdown of numbers, the province flatly said no.

Asked again on Saturday if the province will rethink its strategy and provide numbers for smaller areas, such as cities or regional districts, the answer was again no.

This isn’t the case in Alberta or Washington state, where those governments provide more detailed statistics....

...Interior Health gets only one set of numbers, while Washington gives numbers for all its 39 counties...

...On Saturday, Henry said the decision in not releasing the equivalent numbers to B.C. residents is to prevent “a false sense of security.”

“As we’ve come through this, we have not tested everybody,” said Henry. “There have been people in communities around this province who have been exposed to the virus, who have been sick with the virus, who have been at home, who have spread it to others.

“It’s this sense that, ‘It’s those people over there that have a problem and I’m OK’, that we need to be very careful about right now and certainly in the last number of months.”

Henry said, “we are presenting the data by health authority region for that reason primarily because it gives you a sense of where in the province we’re having the force of infection and the fact that it is everywhere right now, and we are still in that place.”

The provincial health officer added: “we will continue to provide as much information as possible as we can, and more data as we move forward, and we are looking at whether there are reasonable, more smaller levels that we can look at as well.”

In an email to Global News, a communications spokesperson for Alberta Health said: “from Day 1, we committed to being as transparent with Albertans as possible, while still protecting patient confidentiality.”


Greencrow says:  "Bullshit" wants all British Columbia to be, and stay afraid...very afraid to go back in the "water" aka normal human behaviour:

Scene from the movie "Jaws"

But something else has arrived on my desk that should prompt some deep disturbed reflection on the part of all British Columbians.  Something so stunning and unsettling that it should be headlined in every single paper across the province.  But, sadly, only the Readers of Greencrow As the Crow Flies will ever read it.  Here it is:

It is an Order in Council that was brought forward by the BC Government last June 28, 2019.  It is called: Vaccination Status Reporting Regulation 376 dated June 28, 2019 and has to do with reporting policy on vaccinations in British Columbia.  Here are the links which were provided to me by my intrepid blog cub reporter RAH:



......Stumbled down this rabbit hole ....I am just digesting it...lets compare notes .

Order in Council 376 has been amended LAST JUNE 2019 to be effective Sept. 1 , 2020 ..I find it a bit difficult to decode/decipher.

.......did NDP have a crystal ball re: Scamdemic ??? 


Then came across this web site..

Wow oh WOW...?!?


Greencrow says:  What RAH "stumbled across" was a BC Government Order in Council that, when proclaimed into law next September 1st, 2020, will have the power to fine those who do not comply with the Vaccination Reporting Regulation $200,000.00! Here is the amendment dated July 1, 2019 wherein the fine [or imprisonment] for noncompliance is described:

Update July 4, 2019

Vaccination Status Reporting Regulation (pdf) under the BC Public Health Act that came into force on July 1 Schedule 1 is effective now. Schedule 2 comes into force on July 1, 2020. This is not mandatory vaccination. The regulations require a “Vaccination status report” that includes a statement from guardian “providing the reasons for non-vaccination.”

Under Section 126(8) of the Public Health Act – General powers respecting regulations – “If, in a regulation made under this Act, the Lieutenant Governor in Council provides that contravention of the regulation is an offence, the Lieutenant Governor in Council may provide that a person who commits the offence is, in addition to a penalty imposed under section 107 [alternative penalties], liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $200 000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months, or to both.”
Under schedule 2 (July 1, 2020) the regulations add the following subsection: (2) A person who contravenes section 5 (2), 6, 7 (3) or 9 (1) commits an offence.”...


Greencrow concludes:  There are so many outrageous things about this OIC that it's difficult to keep my fingers steady to type about them, much less list all of them...some are still unknown.  But the most important is the evidence of "foreknowledge" that this OIC indicates by the BC Government--knowing about the Plandemic and preparing for it beforehand.  If other provinces also have similar OIC's then that is evidence of a conspiracy.  I have alerted my blogging colleagues to make a search of their provincial government websites for such a beast.

And the absolute worst thing about it is the timing.  It is supposed to be proclaimed into law next September...right when Bullshit Bonnie has threatened British Columbians with another "plandemic wave" and of course...right when school is scheduled to open up again.

Like I will NEVER read about this shocking and disgusting coinkydynk except in the alternate news. Paging Doyle the white telephone in the lobby, please.


Northerntruthseeker said...

Wow... That is so very interesting, Crow... And shows that these pricks are indeed hiding something, and that something is the fact that there is actually NO pandemic anywhere to be found and therefore they have to resort to lying!

Here in Manitoba, at least for the moment, they have not resorted to this measure.. But with the pandemic totally collapsed here, they may have to resort to this criminality as well just to keep the scam going a bit longer.

greencrow said...

Hi North:

Just check Manitoba's Orders in Coucil for the last year or more. It is highly unlikely that BC did this all on its lonesome.

Karmellis said...

Hey Greencrow! :)

I wouldn't worry about whether or not they will try to keep this thing going. THEY WILL! The accountability factor on the federal end has been rather pathetic. One of the latest instances was our (excuse for a) Minister of health censoring someone during a question and classifying any info related to emergency public medical supplies and their related shortages.

Their shear incompetence will guarantee there will be a part 2 and it will be even worse, if only to kill more Canadians (Just like in Nova Scotia) to dodge responsibilities. From my experience, how 'corporate' of them. They didn't get what they wanted, which happened to be absolute dictatorship powers, so they are going to keep killing Canadians until they finally get them.

Why would the (excuse for a) prime minister ever want to climb out of his rabbit hole (apologies to rabbits) and actually have to do his job again, especially with the potential of him getting roasted non-stop over how grossly his (excuse for a) government has completely botched and mishandled all this. After all, it's much easier to act like you are running things if you continue to act like you run things from within your bunker (apologies to bunkers). Thus why I said, it is going to happen again and until our entire political system and Canadians rolls over and plays dead, they'll keep murdering us with biowarfare weapons, suicides, medical malpractice, false flag gun attacks, etc.

Ugh, this is part of what bugs me about all this. I can't compare that OBSCENITY to ANYTHING without offending what I am comparing it to.