Tuesday, May 12, 2020

UPDATED: A Solution They Do Not Want You To Know?

UPDATED:  May 16, 2020:  My source for this video and the comments, FreakedOut, has contacted me again with some further thoughts.  I have posted them below.  NOTE: as I said to FreakedOut, I had my own concerns about Terral, but the basic concept of Nanobots is real and I wanted my readers to at least have a heads up about their existence and their potential for harm.
FreakedOut:  "Found something in Dana’s video with Terral that’s interesting. She talks about him as having a “genius MENSA brain”(@5:20) yet he doesn’t know his basic chemistry. At 29:30 he talks about apple cider vinegar of having a pH of around 9.3!? That would make it very ALKALINE! He says: “the higher the pH the better”. Your bodies pH is around 7.3-7.4(slightly alkaline) and closely maintained at that range by complex biological processes so eating/drinking alkaline or acidic is NOT going to effect your overall body pH because of the control mechanisms in place. This is the way I understand this biological process.
Geeez, having a full time job and trying to research sooo much is difficult. With you having to keep everyone well informed, I would imagine, it is also time/energy consuming!
I checked out Terral’s website and he’s of the belief of our sun having a twin “Blackstar” (collapsed star) that’s menacing our solar system/galaxy and he believes may cause the earth to suffer another magnetic pole shift?! He also makes no mention of the hazardous EMF’s in our lives, although I didn’t read too much of his info at his site. Too much to research and not enough time!!
Enjoying the book “The Invisible Rainbow”! It’s a bit technical and a slow reader but I really like the historical data he presents!    Hope this email finds you well and keep up the great posts!" 

Dana Ashlie's Video August 16th, 2019
Please Read the Notes Below
Prior to Viewing

Folks, the first thing I want you to note about this post is that Dana Ashlie's video was made on August 16th, 2019.  That's before the plandemic/scamdemic hit the fan.  The reason the contents are pertinent at this time is because of the threats made by Dr. Fauci and others that there will be a "Second Wave" of the Pandemic, likely in the fall.  I believe, along with others such as "Amazing Polly", as expressed in her most recent video, that the perpZ are blackmailing and extorting the World's Leaders with this Covid-19 threat.  Remember what Polly says in her video:  All the leaders who pledged millions towards the Pandemic in the "telethon" sounded like hostages reading off the same scriptWhat kind of covert threats could coerce over 200 world leaders into crashing their economies and putting their citizens at risk--of even greater harm than the rather weak Covid-19 virus?  This was the question that I kept turning over and over in my mind over the past weeks...until I watched the above video.  Then I had a clue.  The ideas and concepts Dana Ashlie discusses with her guest interviewee in the above video are very disturbing.  As my source, FreakedOut, says...you need to watch the video several times to really understand what is being said.  This is because these concepts have never before entered the minds of the average soul.  So read the exchange between myself and FreakedOut as kind of a warm-up to watching the video.  I will have a few more comments at the end and then you can decide if you want to go further.


FreakedOut: I’ve been watching one of Dana Ashlies videos and taking notes.
Here: https://youtu.be/9V1U_hnxEjo
Tough to wrap one’s mind around what she presents in this video but it makes sense and I think you’ll see why.

GC: Very compelling stuff. A few missing puZZle pieces there for sure. Going to have to think about that video for a while.

FreakedOut: I know what you mean. I envision them ending the lockdown and then come fall activating the A.I. to kick-in the “Flu/pneumonia” and have people dropping like flies and filling hospitals making us “anti-lockdown..ers” look like….well, you know. I’m sure the Perpz all have the simple antidote and they won’t be selected by A.I. for termination anyway. The part about HAARP going to a DIGITAL modulation scheme (like most wireless broadband tech) in 2013 was a big key to controlling the immense information flow. Also, 200 HAARP facilities around the World! I always thought there was only one in Alaska! Whether you have guns or not won’t matter if you don’t have the simple antidote. Try getting the sheeple to swallow this info!!

GC: Do you accept what Dana’s source said? Are we all going to suddenly die of “heart attacks” based on nanobots in our stomachs? Now, I do believe that HAARP went digital and that there are likely hundreds of installations all over the world BUT I believe Russia and China also have HAARP-like installations and they have “dueling” weather events all the time. That I’d already surmised. But I never connected the dots between Chemtrails [which I knew were somehow harmful] and Morgellons/nanobots. I’d need to see another source, or back up before I could print this. Also, what is this doing to wildlife and birds?

FreakedOut: I recommend listening to it several times. I had to dissect it and carefully consider what was presented. I looked up the Carnicom Institute. I think I can see the agenda planned from the info presented. It does make sense. I’m using the medical advice and incorporating it into my life. I have slight arthritis, but it seems to be getting better after about a month on the antidote protocol.
From what I understand the AI/HAARP/Nanobots system can selectively target individuals. Terral’s family members were targeted with “13” casualties?! I also remember a comment from Putin about A.I. being where everything is heading. The present high levels of wireless tech (EMF’s) already have an adverse effect on wildlife, IMO. I like the saying: “The number of times you go over some data/material the greater certainty you’ll have of the material.”

These “nanobots” talked about in the video seem like a technology that is other worldly. Thinking about them communicating back to a network, like a cell phone does on the cellular system, they need to transmit host biodata but be heard by a receiver close by because of the very low-level signal. People with their smartphones in pockets and such could be the receiving point for the minute signal coming from nanobots, which then gets transmitted back through the 5G/4G broadband network (think A.I.). Nanobot technology is so advanced it is crazy! They can transmit/receive duplexed data? How such a simple entity can do this is amazing! Too many questions come up!

Can we trust this guy Terral? Is this crazy disinfo? So many questions to ask. Being a 40-year radio technician, I could spend hours asking questions about this nanobot tech stuff.

Either way, I believe the mish mash of 5G/4G levels increasing is going to turn on viruses already in our bodies full bore and start killing people left and right. I have pictures of the 4G DAS(Distributed Antenna System) units, that are being installed on top of telephone poles wherever erecting a cell tower is out of the question, and it makes me wonder if these 4G units can be easily transitioned over to 5G with just the addition of a few network elements? I got out of cellular tech work about 11 years ago so I’m behind on the tech.

GC: I’m considering posting the Dana Ashlie video on the chemtrails/nanobots and would like to amalgamate your comments in these e-mails as an introduction/addendum...without any identification of course. Would that be okay? I can’t see just posting the video without context. Can you please review the attached transcript of our exchange and make comments re any corrections or additions you may have to the information you’ve already provided? Receipt of your response will be consent to publish as approved by you. Thx.

Gosh, I’m not sure of what to think about this nanobot stuff!?! I’m honored you want to post my words/thoughts on this seemingly crazy subject. Do you think the readers/followers can handle it? Too “tin foil hat” type stuff? Pass it by Northerntruthseeker? I think your smartphone is going to be key in this A.I. network, everyone seems to have one! Amazing Polly video:”You Are Being Groomed” As I said, nice and close to your body. Biodata fed to the 5G system? From nanobots? Injected nanobots or chemtrail nanobots? As you just said in your latest article “ Will the substances that are injected be responsive to outside stimuli?” You have a sharp mind! Can the nanobots use the bodies own generated electricity to power up and transfer data? Yikes! How far ahead in technology are the PerpZ? Top Secret stuff for sure! Just don’t know what to think of this crazy subject and where to go with it! Thoughts?

GC: do want to publish it...but only accompanied with our correspondence . It needs context and it needs our personal responses to the horrific implications. The reason I want to publish it is because of something that Trump said recently about people taking “bleach”. Bleach is Borox, isn’t it? Wasn’t Trump trying to get the remedy out surreptitiously? Well. I’ve always believed that knowledge is power and people need power right now. I’m going to post it tomorrow, unless you have some compelling reason not to.

FreakedOut: Borax is just a simple mineral…Boron… which inhibits the replication of the nanobots, along with consuming Apple Cider Vinegar to raise Ph levels to further stop these silicon parasites in their tracks. Another thought: what about those “Fitbit” watches? Another biodata transfer node? I‘ll leave it your call. Remember what happens when you’re right over the target? Catch the most flack.

Greencrow says:  I don't know whether the above material described by Dana Ashlie's interviewee is authentic or even whether it has a relationship with the Covid-19 crisis.  Everyone needs to make up their own mind.  The greencrow flies high and connects dots that are sometimes quite distant from one another.  The dots in this case are: 1) Dana Ashlie's video, and 2) Trump's weird statement about people taking bleach to cure the effects of the pandemic.

I didn't listen to Trump make that statement--nor have I even read a transcript of the statement.  All I note is that the concept of taking borax [considered a bleach] to deal with the effects described in the video above and Trump's recommending people take bleach for Covid-19, which was met at the time with universal/MZM derision...are a little bit too much of a coincidence.  So that's why I'm drawing people's attention to it.  That's all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Greencrow. It's Scott from Chicago. I was unaware of borax/bleach etc. But when it comes to viruses, back in the 60's Dr. Linus Pauling discovered that viruses thrive when your body is acidic. PH out of whack. He killed the cold virus(a coronavirus)by causing patients PH to become alkaline. The virus died quickly. 100 years ago the same idea, going alkaline was used to cure the Spanish flu and TB. The easiest way to accomplish this is baking soda. It's an alkaloid. I've used it for decades to kill colds in myself and our five kids. In January my Better Half (who has asthma)came down with a bad respiratory infection. Fever, cough, couldn't breath. Wet to doctor, then hospital. Many tests, many prescriptions...nothing worked. Doctors said "We don't know". I suggested she do a baking soda regimen to change her PH. In three days cough was gone. Breathing was fine. Over and done with. Just a personal account. We need to share knowledge and ideas. As always, post this if you wish. Be well and always seek knowledge.

Cloud said...

Hi GC...

I had a lengthy 2 part comment full of info and blogger ditched it. I need to go for now but will try and respond later (after trying to remember it all).

Cloud said...

I'm back and I'll try to make this short. There is a warning label on the 'Muleteem' Laundry Booster Borax Box. I use this in my laundry. It has a detergent smell and I would definitely not use it. I have been a natural/holistic lifestyle for about 40 years...self taught through many studies, books etc. In fact I was on my way to become a Homeopathic Practitioner before coming back home. When the body is acidic a plethora of illness to include cancer can form. We can stop that by eating a more alkaline diet which includes most all vegetables (raw) and highly recommend leafy dark greens. The more processed the food, the more toxic/acidic, the more suppressed immune system, plaque in arteries and a toxic digestive system. Parasites dwell in the intestinal tract if not ejected. Meat eaters will carry an abundance of these parasites. Some do colonics and others do different detox methods to rid of them. Candida can be limited by having mercury fillings taken out and diet changed. Here is a book that is simplistic and easy to understand:
FOODS THAT HEAL by Dr. Bernard Jensen [based upon the Original works of Hippocrates, V.G. Rocine, and Bernard Jensen. Chock full of information to start with. What Scott said above is good too. If I were you, I would take down that picture of the Muleteem Borax box because even my Health Practitioner that I know has never heard of it! Be very careful. I would seek a Homeopathic/Naturalpathic Practitioner about it. In fact I would email Dr. Judy Mikovits to get her views. Just know that 'diet' is key to keeping the body in PH balance according to the foods ingested. I hope this is helpful.

Cloud said...

Here is what the book looks like:


greencrow said...

Hi Wallflower

Thanks for the link to the book and for your views. Boron taken 1/8 tsb per 1 litre of water over the course of a day [five days on 2 days off] would not, IMO, be as harmful as many other substances that we eat on a daily basis. I will not take the photo down because it gives readers an idea of how common this remedy is. They can make up their own minds.

As you can see from my last two posts...we're entering uncharted territory with nanobot technology. We have to look outside the box.

Cloud said...

oops and I forgot. Here is what Trump said and was taken out of context:


FreakedOut said...

With regards to the comments on the body needing to be alkaline and not acidic, I believe this is a big misconception. I used to also think this way but when I heard this info from Mark and Joseph Grenon it made a lot of sense to me:


Fast forward to the 47 minute mark for the start of talk on the acidity/alkalinity equation. Apparently blood cancers exist ONLY in an alkaline environment. Apple cider vinegar has been around a long time and has always been known to be a health aid if used correctly.
On another note, this post is mainly about A.I./HAARP/5G,4G/Nanobot technology and how it can possibly harm us and what we might be able to do to stop it. Any ideas, in addition to the use of boron/Borax, would be great! Thanks!

greencrow said...

Hi FreakedOut.

You're correct...we cannot forget the HAARP and chemtrail connection to emerging nanobot technology. This type of warfare is totally new and needs totally new eyes on the problem.

Anonymous said...

Hi GC. Scott from Chicago. I read FreakedOuts comment. I DO NOT advocate either an acidic or alkaline body. Neutral is optimal. I merely mentioned going alkaline kills viruses. It's been known to do so for 100 years. Once you're ok? Back to neutral. The use of either baking soda or apple cider vinegar as needed would be useful. As for the AI/nanos/5G/4G/HAARP? we need information, tests, research and knowledge. That's why we share what we find. If it is truly some diabolically evil pot to control and cull mankind...I doubt it's us Americans doing it. Our STEM students are not very good. We can no longer make a plane that flies safely, a naval vessel that sails well, a tool that works properly...or lasts. We can't even maintain our roads, bridges and railroads any more. So, I doubt it's us. But who knows? Maybe I underestimate my countrymen. I KNOW I don't underestimate my government. It's a clown show run by misfits, nitwits and fools.

Joseph A said...

Borax is not bleach. (Bleach is sodium hypochlorite. It is strongly alkaline, so much so that its vapors can damage the respiratory tract.) Borax does make laundry detergent more effective. As I recall, borax is about 13% boron by weight. It is perfectly safe to consume in the quantities suggested by Terral. When dissolved in water in high enough concentrations, it does have a "washing powder" taste. I have calculated that by mixing 1/4 teaspoon of borax in one quart of water and drinking 8 ounces of the solution per day, one would consume about 28 milligrams of boron per day. The doctor who treated the rheumatoid arthritis patients with boron administered 10 milligrams per day. So if one were experiencing symptoms such as those described by Terral, one could begin with 1/4 teaspoon dissolved in one quart of water and keep increasing the amount until the symptoms subside.

Joseph A said...

Also, in regard to the anonymous poster who stated that going alkaline kills viruses, viruses are not alive to begin with. A virus does not have mitochondria. It's just a segment of ribonucleic acid (RNA). Because viruses are exosomes - nano-sized particles of organic matter expelled by a cell through its membrane - I believe it's likely that viruses are merely a symptom of cellular injury, not the cause. I've also yet to witness any cogent explanation of how a virus can replicate without mitochondria.

greencrow said...

Thanks for your comments Joseph A. You have added information to this important post.

FreakedOut and I are proud that we were the very first alternate bloggers to post about nanobots during this Plandemic, Scamdemic HOAX. Now, everyone accepts that there are likely nanobots in the "vaccines" "they're" coming up with to "treat" "CovID-19". I'm running out of quotation marks, lol.