Sunday, April 26, 2020

War on Humanity: The Coming Diaspora Away from the Cities

Discarded Coronavirus Mask

Moving out and Not Coming Back

Readers, I wrote this post prior to learning about the government take-over of the hotels to house the homeless "temporarily".  Factoring in the bedlam caused to the inner cities resulting from the utilization of hotels as de facto mental hospitals...what I've written below has even more relevance...and urgency.

The above post in Zerohedge ["Moving out and Not Coming Back"] got me thinking about something that's been playing over and over in my mind as this HOAX progresses, from the NOT so sublime to the VERY ridiculous.  Yes, it is becoming ever more evident that Covid-19 is, as Dr. Ron Paul said at the outset, a "Big Hoax".  It's now official, they've been fudging the Death Certificates all along, on orders from the top health professional in the US.  This is no doubt going on in nations all over the World.  Eventually, that's got to filter down to the sheeple.

But, as we look past the inevitable media/political "walk back" from the pandemic...which will no doubt be just as scripted and diabolical as the original attack...we must consider what long term effects the "new normal" will have on mass populations.

I've read that one of the agenda items of the Plandemic HOAX is to coerce humanity into the cities and out of the urban and country regions.  Something related to Agenda2030.  I believe, in the HOAX aftermath, we'll see the opposite effect.  Of course, I'm too old to move anywhere...but young people, those who do have means and mobility...will consider moving as far away from civilization as they can.  I would.  Given the current global surveillance/oppression...they'll have to plan their escape carefully.

Not only will sentient humanity want to escape likely future lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations and/or the health hazards of 5G, but the perpZ have also threatened to destroy the food supply chains. To survive, families must gain self-sufficiency, the ability to live off the land.  To clear an acre or two, build a simple abode with a root cellar, plant some fruit trees and establish a large enough garden to sustain a family from one year to another.  That's what I'd do if I was young and had children to raise.

I'd go far enough away so nobody would be checking to see whether my children had received their 200 vaccine injections before they were 5 years old.  I'd home-school my children with my own private---and large library.  I'd teach them critical thinking so they'd not be "programmed" like my own adult children have, sadly, been.

I'd keep sheep, goats and chickens.  I'd get or build a spinning wheel and make my own yarn.  I'd knit and learn to weave.  My wood carving skills would come in handy.

Perhaps there's no such "free" [from our oppressors] land left here in Canada--beyond the long reach of the Plandemicmeisters. Perhaps I'd have to go to some remote corner's hard if not think of any such area in the Five Eyes West.  The only place I can possibly think of is Siberia, Russia.  When I visited Russia in 2014 and travelled by riverboat through the vast wildernesses...I felt a strange yearning.  A yearning to get off the boat at the next stop and run off into the landscape and never come back.  Now, during the height of this War on mind's eye travels back to those bucolic scenes of endless forests and vast freshwater lakes...that I had never before even imagined.  Surely, rural Russia is the last "Eden" on the face of this ruined planet.  And I wasn't even in Siberia.  I hear they've started up The Trans-Siberian Railway again folks.  If I were a young person--I would buy a ticket--and get the fuck out of here.  Before it's too late.

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