Sunday, April 19, 2020

UPDATED: Mass Shooting in Nova Scota distraction from Covid-19 Hoax Meltdown?

UPDATED: April 25, 2020 Here's the latest on the Nova Scotia mass shooting from The National ComPost.  I haven't read it.  I don't read garbage if I can possibly avoid it.  I said in my last post that the entire "mystery" could be solved by looking closely and forensically at the bullets the shooter used.  If they were police bullets then it must be an inside job.  Well no sooner I posted that then a report came out in the MZM that the shooter had grabbed the female RCMP officer's gun and had used that in the shootings.  Problemo solved?  Not so quick.  The official story timeline says that the gunman had already killed some people at a party before he killed the RCMP officer.  What gun did he use in those killings?  It also said in the report that he was known to have several guns and rifles.  Can we please have a look at those?  Where did he get them?  Where did he get the bullets for those guns?  Now, thinking more about the party the gunman was at that night with his girlfriend, where the dispute started.  Was he wearing a police uniform at the party?  If not, did he go home, change into his police uniform, come back to the party and kill the people?  Or, did he kill the people, go home, change into a police uniform, get his car out of hiding because he could never get away with openly having a replica police car, and go on his spree? Thinking about his car.  He had a very authentic looking police car in a tiny town where everyone knows everyone's business.  How did that go? Where did he keep it hidden?  Like I say, now that the authorities are committed to one official story, they have to bend all the facts into grotesque pretzels of logic in order to fit the story.  It's the way it always goes...beginning with the magic JFK bullet.

April 23, 2020 It is evidence of how suspicious this entire story is that this post is gathering so many hits on the Internet.  More than any other post I've done over the last few years by far.  It's indicative of how many of the public just don't believe the "official story" and want it filtered through the cynical eyes of a "truther".  Well today I read the latest CBC report which attempts to give the "timeline" although it is a very disjointed timeline with many gaps.  Folks, it's actually quite simple.  I'm going to tell you what the key is to solve this entire "case".  Then, I want you to watch the MZM to see when, not if, but when, they offer a counter/rebuttal to what I am going to say.  

Here is the key.  The key to solving this entire case is in the bullets.  The bullets need to be analysed to see where they came from.  If they are RCMP issued bullets then the entire thing was some kind of a RCMP/CSIS [because CSIS runs the RCMP now, dontchaknow] False Flag.  If the shooter was using RCMP bullets and an RCMP gun then it was an inside job.  Now that I've told you...the bullets will never solve the case.  They will rule them out.  This is how it's done.  The corruption is so all encompassing that even if there are a few uncorrupted investigators going around gumshoeing the case...they will be overruled from above.  Move along, nothing to see here.

April 22, 2020 MSN is reporting that the RCMP shot up a firehall during the Nova Scotia mass shooting crisis but the gunman was not in the area:

Nova Scotia's police watchdog says two RCMP officers opened fire at an Onslow, N.S., fire hall while a gunman was rampaging Sunday through the province — but the suspect was not in the area at the time.

Pat Curran, the interim director of the Serious Incident Response Team (SIRT), said Wednesday it was not yet clear what the officers were firing at after they pulled up outside the Onslow Belmont Fire Hall around 10:30 a.m.

"At this point we don't know what they were shooting at," he said in an email...."

We'll never know details like the above mystery.  The "investigation" has already been short-circuited with the inexplicably hasty "announcement" that there was only one shooter.  Was it even the RCMP who were chasing the patsy?  We'll never know. Nothing to see....move along.  The age old question arises:  Qui BonoWho benefits when the RCMP look like incompetent dumbasses?  Was this an act of insurrection?  Was this yet another inexorable step towards NAU?

 The CBC is reporting that the shooter "acted alone".  Of course he did.  At this early stage in the "investigation" how can they be so sure?  Because if there had been more than one, it would have been a "conspiracy".  A hallmark of False Flags is that they are NEVER conspiracies.  A conspiracy automatically triggers a more rigourous investigation than that required by the "lone nut"[TM] scenario.

The Globe and Mail talks about the possibility of more than one shooter and the lack of activating the "alert system".  Looks like there is not public outcry or call from the parliamentarians to have a high level investigation of this tragedy.  I'm thinking that we need to look further into Gabriel Wortman's past.  Was he a dual citizen?  Did he have any foreign associates?  Did he ever come in contact with any "security agencies" such as CSIS?

 CBC is saying that Nova Scotia has an "Alert System" to warn citizens if there is danger in an area but that the RCMP "never asked" that it be activated.  Move along...nothing to see here.
"...We had staff on hand in the morning to be able to do that but it was not requested. The reason why the RCMP didn't ask is a question for them, not for us."

At a press conference Monday, the RCMP could not explain why an emergency alert wasn't sent to warn local residents about an active shooter.

"It's a good question, and I don't have an answer for you at this moment," RCMP Chief Supt. Chris Leather said. 
"We have relied on (Twitter) because of the instantaneous manner that we can communicate. We have thousands of followers in Nova Scotia and felt that it was a superior way to communicate this ongoing threat," he said...."


 April 21, 2020 CTV is now reporting that 23, including the Patsy/Shooter were killed in this rampage.  The details are highly suspicious...even just reading the CTV report itself, never mind reading between the truth bloggers are prone to do.  The report intimates that the shooter may have had co-conspirators. But they'll dismiss that in later reports so as not to have it investigated as a "conspiracy"...which is a whole other level of police investigation...they don't want to ever go THERE.  The CTV report also confirms that the shooter was wearing an authentic RCMP uniform...where did he get it?  Did he think he was involved in a "drill"?  Also said the Police cruiser was possibly legit.  I am not going to post about this any further other than to update this post.  Reason being that I think it's a trap for truth bloggers.  If they can accuse us of fostering a conspiracy in this event then they can use that to shut us up over the Covid-19 Plandemic HOAX.

Patsy has time/energy/money to get his car
painted to look like Police car

Fake RCMP Car after Crash

Standard Distraction Strategy when perpZ are cornered--as they currently are in the Plandemic Hoax--is to flood the media with a False Flag...

UPDATED:  April 20, 2020 The death toll keeps climbing.  The MZM are totally engaged in a feeding frenZy.  Perhaps people died, perhaps they didn't.  As we've learned from countless similar scenarios...there are False Flags [tragedies where people die like on 9/11] and then there are False Flag Hoaxes [where there are no proven deaths--like the Sandy Hoax school "shooting"].  Perhaps this is the former.  Whatever it is...the timing is extremely are some of the details.  Read on.

Details from RT and  More details from Aangirfan:  This scenario stinks to high heaven. From Global NewZ

...He described it as a “very quickly evolving situation and a chaotic scene.”

“Many units responded, including emergency response teams and police dog services,” Leather said. They also received assistance from other police services, including Halifax Regional Police."

The first thing you need to know is that Nova Scotia has always been a highly corrupt Province insofar as government/institutions are concerned. Just like some individuals in Canada's First Nations...they're poor and easily bribed.

Here's the biggest clue so far:

...Suspect travelled in vehicle resembling RCMP cruiser

Police said that the suspect was driving what appeared to be an RCMP vehicle and wearing an RCMP uniform -- though he is not an RCMP officer.

Leather said the fact that Wortman had an RCMP uniform and a vehicle resembling a cruiser speaks to the fact that the incident may have been planned.

“That’s an important element of the investigation,” said Leather. “The fact that this individual had a police car and a uniform at his disposal certainly speaks to it not being a random act.”...

Did the poor patsy think he was just in a "drill"???

Here we go, folks.  See if you can spot the first anomaly:

More than 10 people, including RCMP officer, killed in N.S. shooting

Canadian police detain gunman who left several victims in Nova Scotia

RCMP say at least 10 victims dead in Nova Scotia rampage

N.S. gunman dead, 1 RCMP officer killed, 2nd officer injured

Just to get back on track


Karmellis said...

Hey Greencrow!

Amazing how when the Conservatives want to start pushing for accountability from what passes for our government regarding their total incompetence in mishandling this emergency that we have this oh-so-convenient, well-timed incident (Which would have required some form of serious pre-planning and access to federal-level resources to pull off on such short notice).

This is a false flag! This was staged to push the agenda! Watch for Dictator Jr. to use this and try to make another power grab attempt! He couldn't get them through parliament (It was bad enough that Conservatives and NDP ganged up on the Lieberals TOGETHER). He couldn't get the premiers to cooperate with them (They damn well know it would mean they would be premiers in name, only). So, now he'll use a false flag that him, his PMO or his party could be involved in to try and push his emergency act through. He should be at the top of the investigation if he so much as makes any attempt to use this to his political advantage... and watch... he will use it. This is too good a planned crisis to waste.

It disgusts me to no end that such tragic incidents happen, but as difficult as it may be, it disgusts me even more to even consider the idea that this was on purpose. If I am wrong, they hey, I am wrong. I WANT to be wrong about this, but I can't shake the feeling that this is no isolated incident.

greencrow said...

Hi Karmellis:

Literally moments before this story broke I left a comment on Northerntruthseeker's site that they might pull a False Flag as a distraction from the fact that, according to two very important studies: one in Santa Clara, California and the other in Chelsea, Massachusetts, one in three people tests positive for Covid-19 [using their own government tests]. I reported on this last night. It should have brought the house of cards down.

But the studies were completely ignored in the MZM and now they don't have to report anything about the Covid Plandemic because they "need" to report on the False Flag. That's how it works.

Anonymous said...

Corona Virus is a false flag used in instilling fear and cover-up of the World Corporate Government Bankruptcy and the impending Global Currency Reset. The Governments of the Breton Woods' member countries are illegitimate corporations. (KH)
Karen Hudes: Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF announced a transition to asset-backed currencies. ...

Cloud said...

I'm with you GC....FAKE FAKE FAKE. I'll dive into the total hoax pond because there is NO PROOF of any of this. Telling people to hide in their basements lol. Of course you can't get a good picture when HIDING IN THE BASEMENT! All drama. It will snowball down the mountain to the US...IN SECONDS!!!

coonish frtz said...

the issue isnt rottenfeller rottenschild political puppets. the issue is the masses of subhuman useful idiots that waste the heros time and energy who cure the evil.

Anonymous said...

I think you meant "cui bono". Or maybe it was a hat tip?

Nice work, though!

greencrow said...

It can be spelled either qui bono or cui bono. I'm older and learned the former which is used in the Canadian legal system.

Anonymous said...

I'm 'older', too. Studied Latin for several years. Doesn't mean I am an 'authority', though. If 'qui bono' is a Canadian thing, I'll leave it at that.

Keep up the good work.

Truth Seeker said...

I live in the US, and just heard about this shooting recently (I don't generally watch television). I started looking into it, and concluded within five minutes that it was a hoax. Looks like Canada is pretty inept at the hoax business, but I guess they haven't had as much experience as the US. I Can't understand how people can't see through this BS.

greencrow said...

Hi Truth Seeker:

Most sentients see through the Nova Scotia mass killing hoax. We just don't want to get bogged down trying to parse through all the lies. One of the purposes of the hoax was to act as a distraction from the Plandemic/Scamdemic. Humanity is involved in a war to the death against the PerpZ over the effort to permanently, digitally, enslave us. We need to focus on that rather than yet another run-of-the-mill False Flag/Hoax/drill/blackmail/media distraction.