Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The New "Normal"

The New "Normal"

Canadians should have known that something was afoot when Trudeau came back from Christmas holidays sporting a "playoff" beard.  Now he's dressing like an old time travelling preacher and hectoring us on a nightly basis from his TV pulpit.  The guy loves a good costume.

Old time Travelling Preacher - Just like Justin

Now we have Prince Charles testing positive for Covid-19.  Read what Jon Rappoport says about the CDC test for Covid-19 at the top right of this page.  THERE'S NO DEFINITIVE TEST FOR COVID-19! But, as long as they keep that tiny detail from the sheeple, they can continue to lock the planet down.  Prince Charles testing positive for the virus--like his mother walking through the bombed-out streets of London during WWII.  It's a psy-op folks! Trudeau's wife testing positive. Greta Thunberg also bleating that she has the virus.  Sounds like EVERYONE is getting the virus.  Here, OTOH, are the statistics:

Total Cases
Data as of 25 Mar 2020

Only 28 deaths in Canada so far and they've locked down the country?!  More Canadians have died during the same period as a result of choking on chicken bones.

The Pland-emic is Staged.  The celebrities who have "tested" positive have been specifically selected, tagged and assigned to show the masses that "everyone is equal".  Meanwhile the banksters move the money with lightning speed---50% for the unwashed masses and...wait for it... 50% for the 1%...or so they tell us.

Meanwhile, as the Government is distracting us with the Pland-emic - Coastal GasLink Continues to dig its pipeline through stolen territory.


"Coastal Gas Link Continues Work Despite COVID 19

by UnistotenCamp / March 23rd, 2020

As people around the world are taking social distancing measures to keep their communities safe Coastal Gas Link and the RCMP continue to bring in workers from all over Canada during a pandemic putting both workers and entire northern communities with limited medical staff at grave risk.

At the same time the oil and gas industry are mobilizing to get government bailouts as the crash in oil prices has made much of their production unprofitable and made the economics of projects like LNG Canada even more dubious.

Many investors have already pulled away from CGL, but KKR an American investment firm has stated plans to buy 65% of the Coastal GasLink pipeline.

Today Rising Tide North America has organized a digital communications blockade to flood KKR executives with calls, emails, and tweets, and demand they back away from financing such a destructive and risky project.


Over the past five years, TC Energy (formally Trans Canada) has tried to build the Coastal GasLink pipeline on Wet’suwet’en land, defiantly ignoring assertions from the hereditary chiefs of their rights and title and their lack of consent for the project.

The Coastal GasLink pipeline threatens Wet’suwet’en land, water, air, and people.

KKR has plans to purchase 65% of the Coastal GasLink pipeline with Alberta Investment Management Corp (AIMCo). It’s is a US-based private equity firm with an atrocious record of putting profits over employees, people, and the environment.

UnistotenCamp / March 23rd, 2020"


Greencrow says:  The beat goes on. This is all a gynormous shell game folks.  Keep your eye on the pea.  The "pea" is your tax dollars and your future.  It's moving around quickly behind the fog of this Pland-emic.

The old Shell Game - Best played while
 the Suckers are distracted by surrounding chaos

NOTE:  Readers may wonder why, If I think the Covid 9-11 is such a hoax, such a False Flag, why I continue to "shelter in place" and follow "social distancing".  My husband underwent a kidney transplant operation in 2016 where I gave him one of my kidneys.  He takes immune-suppressing medication. I am honouring his health concerns and the directives of our adult children. You have to pick your battles.  Besides, the PTB's shut the entire community down!  Even the swings in the nearby children's park are tied up and locked.  No swinging!!!!  


Northerntruthseeker said...

Crow...Read my article today.... I was sent some interesting information that points to that idiot savant just attempting a massive "power grab" yesterday and luckily failed.... It was an attempt by that moron to take away our freedoms and turn this nation into a possible dictatorship!

Anonymous said...

“… the media renewed their sacred vows of revenge.

These vows also include NEVER doubting: the discovery of a new virus; the accuracy of diagnostic tests for the virus; the case numbers; the need for declaring a pandemic; the unchanging wisdom of the CDC and the World Health Organization.

Trump had dared to put the economy back on the front page. People thrown out of work, hanging on by a thread, small businesses going down, people unable to pay rent and mortgages—the press had managed to push those matters behind the COV hysteria—but now, Trump was pulling a fast one, implying that the wounds of major corporations and his deplorables had to be stitched up.

Above all, he was failing to bow down abjectly before THE VIRUS.
The public, of course, and probably Trump, are unaware that the CDC is…

The medical CIA.
CDC agents run global covert ops.….”

Anonymous said...

1.) Whether this is a psychedlic op or not, you must assume and prepare for the worst possible personal outcome. That is just common sense. No apologies required. The sick minds who unleashed this on the population are quite capable of causing new mini outbreaks just to make sure no area is underserved.

2.) No matter how much the MZM tries to hide it, the simple fact is that if you put a goatee on a jackass, you still have a jackass. Justin Competent would be much more credible if he appeared in "brownface" and that way I would know he was being himself instead of a pastiche of cliches delivered from scriptwriters of the LPC and edited by PMO butthead.

3.) I do feel sorry for the SJW's and unWoke individuals who are falling for this social engineering. If they thought things needed fixing now, wait until they have to start cleaning up the mess created for them by the current group of politicos.

greencrow said...

I must have struck a chord with this post. Above are some very astute comments. Things are moving quickly. As I said yesterday...the bloodhounds of truth are chasing and gaining on the liars. They're going to have to escalate and distract exponentially...quicker than a bioweapons lab concocted virus can spread!

Anonymous said...

Ed(itor) wonders aloud that there might be something being added to the tea served during Satanic meetings, or that shades of mass insanity are side-effects of adrenochrome.